Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The women of Twilight

I thought we should give them a mention *shrugs* because lets face it most of them look pretty awful in the film. When in reality they're a bunch of babes.


Nikki Reed

Ashley Greene

Christian Serratos

Anna Kendrick looks pretty much the same

Elizabeth Reaser. Stan has a problem with her head lol

Rachelle Lefevre

A bunch of babes!
Don't even get me started on the clothes they had to wear, esp Rosalies jeans *tut*


17foreverlisa said...

Mrs. P is going to love this. The women of Twilight and no picture of the Stew.

And, yes, Nikki Reed is HOT!!!! I'll watch the slideshow over on the sidebar for my Twi-sted dose of Rob today :)


Mary said...

Hi lisa. KSew has enough coverage ;)

Are you ready for christmas?

17foreverlisa said...

Hi, Mary! And, no, I'm not ready for Christmas. And now they say we're supposed to be getting rain mixed with sleet starting tomorrow afternoon. Guess I'll have to get it done tonight. LOL!

In truth, everyone just wants money and/or gift cards which is pretty boring but pretty easy to get done in one stop.

How about you?

Mary said...

I'm all done. I went food shopping today to get the essentials i.e Baileys :) Oh I do need to get some wine still. I'll be baking mince pies and jam tarts tomorrow and I've got a huge ham to bake on Thursday for when my brothers and dad etc come for my birthday. It's become a tradition and my youngest brother reckons if I didn't do one he'd walk straight back out of the house LOL

Anonymous said...

Lisa is absolutely correct....I am very proud of this post!!! What had me laughing was the "Anna looks pretty much the same" and "STan has a problem with her head"...LMAO!!!!
Just got back from x-mas shopping. At this point, if I forgot something, I don't give a crap. Too bad.
I've got another "little P" birthday today. Princess Baby P turns 3!!!

Stan said...

You know what made me laugh? The fact that I totally missed the comment about me having a prob with Liz's head, even though when I looked at the picture when I read the post I did have to think about it. She's an attractive woman, but seriously, wtf is wrong with her head? If you haven't noticed and don't know what I'm on about then check out the baseball scene. That isn't how a cap should look.

I did have everything for Xmas but then my Mother in law hijacked me over the kids pressies and said she'd give the kids half of our presents and give me the money so it's going to look a bit poor Xmas morning because I've not had chance to go and get them anything else. Oh, and I'm depressed because I'm not going to have a single present to open on Xmas day because my Mum & Dad couldn't make it up here to bring the stuff because of the weather *sulks*.

Happy birthday Princess Baby P! If you miss having a 2yr old then I'm giving away Troll Baby Stan for his own safety, let me know.

Mary said...

Awwwww Happy Birthday Princess P xxx

*tut* Stan how can you say that about H ;) Perhaps Mr Stan will surprise you this year....you can always hope hun x

Stoney said...

I have such a HUGE girl crush on Ashley Greene...she is so effing hot...for serious.

Becky said...

@Stoney - I agree, I'd bat for the other side for her, lol!

@Stan I know exactly how you feel! I have 3 hooligans up for grabs if anyone is interested!! Today has been a long, long day. The snow disappeared far too soon, leaving in its place 3 bored and irritable monsters!

word - verif "cointe" I'd lick Ashley's cointe, just sayin....

Mary said...

@Stoney I can see why, she is very pretty

@ Becky ROFL fantastically crude ;)


TwiWeasel said...

I think I'd fight my husband for a chance at Ashley Green...I'm all fucking horned up from reading Jingle Balls and The Canvas over my lunch break! *rolls eyes*

Mary said...

Edward Wallbanger here ;)

17foreverlisa said...

@All - Started to write a comment, got pleasantly distracted by Stan's post, and had to leave a comment there. At any rate, I'm still stuck at work! There's a glitch in a project that needs to go to the printer tomorrow, so I'm missing out on all the bloggy fun today :( Will try and type this quickly before everyone across the pond goes to bed!

@Mary - I was shocked to read that you won't be making any Christmas pudding and brandy sauce. What's up with that? LOL! Happy early birthday in case I miss it. What day?

@Mrs. P - Happy birthday to little Miss P. I don't know how you moms with little kids find the time to blog. I'm VERY impressed.

@Stoney and Becky - Not that I don't think Ashley's hot, she is, but Nikki Reed has bad girl written all over her face and could probably show us a thing or two. Just sayin'.

@TwiWeasel - Horned up at work. Yikes!

Later, girls!


Stan said...

Hey tuppy-lickers!

@ Becky, how old are your 3? I've got 3 as well, it's just the 2yr old who was being the worst at that moment in time!

@ Lisa, Mary's birthday is Xmas Eve, I love that her family come to her for her birthday so she has to do the hard work, typical! Hope work improves.

Have just updated Jingle Balls too peeps. Enjoy!

Becky said...

@Stan. they are age 8(boy), 6(girl)& 3(boy)! My 3yr old is permenantly hungry!

Jingle Balls was fab as usual! Love how she shakes them balls, lol.