Friday, 30 July 2010

Holiday, holiday, holiday time...oh that's tomorrow, sorry its the FFF instead!!!

Hello, hello, luvverly ho's, it's Friday again and time for the FFF. Moxie has chosen Starlitviolets as last weeks winner so I shall hand over to her momentarily. I go off on my jollies tomorrow for 2 weeks so I will check in via the twi group on my mobile but I won't be able to do much else. Damn, won't it be quiet without me?! Anyhoore as i usually do I look for pictures that represent the winner or winners name, Starlitviolets was quite kept giving me pictures of nail polish and lip gloss lol but I persevered!


I guess cos it's all violet and emo looking I was drawn to it, it's kinda cute too, I admit it I love anime and sue me lol. Right over to SLV, my comments will be in red!

Round 3, bitches! For some odd reason, I've now been chosen for a three-peat, and I couldn't be more excited! Thanks, Mox! So gear up those dirty little minds of yours and tell me what I want to know... Yes Miss, blimey, has she been getting lessons from 50?!

Couldn't resist captioning this one for Lisa

1. Do you believe in ghosts? If yes, have you ever had any ghostly encounters? whoooOOOOooo

Ghostbusters was never like this!

2. If you could exist during a past time period, when would it be? Why? I always said I was born too late, mind you if I'd have lived as an adult in that time period I'd probably be dead now and miss all this!

3. Have you ever dreamed something that actually came true? What was it?

I think we've all had some kinda dream involving him or another Cullen lol

4. Will the world end in 2012?

I bloody hope it doesn't cos I wanna come back to Florida in 2012, I will be severely pissed off!

5. Are we the only sentient beings in our universe?

I always had a feeling about Tom!

Wow SLV, major questions!!! Thinking caps ladies, SLV can you pick the winner over the weekend and email the name to Stan please, you can also post it on the blog too if you want. I can't believe I will miss 2 FFF's, I can't stand it!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Edbrella Office Party or how we all went to see Eclipse together!

It was a dark and stormy night...actually it was quite a sunny, warm day and as I set off LATE, thanks to my ever punctual sis in law I thought I'd make good time, then I missed the junction on the motorway and it all went a bit pete tong from there. Becky was coping with a throwing up child and traffic, I was just coping with traffic and stupid directions....grrrr but we all made it. Me first to Mary's, then Stan and then we met Becky at Frankie and Benny's the restaurant.

Mary and Stan,see they look happy to see me (Nibbles)

The mini E's meet each other and are so glad that they can gang up on Jacob!!

While Stan reads her vamp magazine the E's pounce

However as (L-R)Chimpsten, Jacob in wolf form and the other Jacob arrive the E's decide they are on precarious ground!!

Mini E and Chimpsten re-enact a scene from Twilight for the others enjoyment

The E's were not impressed by the True Blood dvd

Oh what can I say, a rose between 2 thorns...sigh...I really only wanted Edward but yanno, I had a bag handy....

Us all at Frankie and Benny's-I look like I've been on holiday...the waitress was very kind and didn't bat an eyelid at us playing with the E's and other characters lol

Chimpsten couldn't control herself and jumped on E, but Jake got jealous phased into wolf form and jumped on chimpsten...we left hurriedly

Right so off we went to the film and what a fantastic time, I'm doing this review cobbled from emails, the actual messenger chat we had has been lost...oops, our bad

Stan: Do we want to start our discussion? (She asks, already dreading the cutting, pasting and colour changing on the blog ;o) ). Ok, how shall we do this? Best bits first?

Mary: Best bits, I'll probably forget most of them until someone reminds me

Edward - end of! He was perfect. I loved everything about him. Angry Edward is so sexy.

Bella and Edward kissing is my porn, it's all I need ;) The leg hitch was fanfuckingtastic

Jasper OMFG I fell in love with him. I never even noticed the shiteous wig! Loved him in his uniform

Emmett SCORE in the white vest, then he got wet, I nearly combusted. Cue lots of seat wiggling. Then at the end he wore something tight and black OMFG

I loved the practice fight bits, so cute when Alice dropped from the tree and kissed Jasper
The real fight scene was amazing. The wolves look even better than they did in New Moon.

The tent scene rocked cocks. I loved the dialogue between Edward and Jacob

The whole film was orgasmic and I can't wait to see it again

Nibbles: are we discussing it via email or are we gonna get together on messenger?

I always said twilight was my favourite film and always would be but I reckon eclipse is probably the best of the 3. Certainly way better than new moon. They really fucked up on that one.

Eclipse just was the dogs nuts. I loved Edward all over again! Yum angry eddie is sooo good. Jaspers southern drawl and him in uniform distracted me from the dead animal they used as his wig. He was so amazingly sexy nom nom nom!

The wolves were fucking amazing so real! Much much better than NM. Every fight scene I was going yes yes whoo lol just fantastic. Kellan was funnier in fact the humour was better, the acting was better, the whole film was just better except for wigs and wardrobe. oh and Victoria was ok but was too doe eyed and fragile looking. Not enough of an evil bitch for me. Rob was breath taking, beyond words even Tay did a lot better and the tent scene was brilliantly done. can't wait to see it again on friday whoo :)

Becky: PMSL.I think Nikki just about covered it for me!!I really need to see it again, I'm sure there are bits i've forgotten! I also love the bit in the fight scene where Esme hold the vamp for Carlisle to knock its head off! Jasper *sigh* oh that voice....Edward was just.... there are no words, lol.I also like a bit of Embry! (i dont care how old he is!)Its def my fav film so far!

Nibbles: Embry....really?? I don't get that at all lol

Stan: Ok, I had to pick a new title for this email thread, because my emails are notoriously disorganised, and searching for 'Eclipse' brought up enough emails for me to still have to search for the last one we started! So, we've talked about best bits, except for me lol. Ok my fave bits? Erm any scene with a Cullen man or Jake in I think. Does that about cover it? Oh, and Riley too! Oh, and I'm with Becky, I'd totally let Embry have a go if he asked nicely. Or just didn;t push me off, whatever. I was a bit disappointed with Bella & Jake's kiss, I didn't feel it as much as in the book, but then that could be because Nikki announced to me that she saw his tongue, and then I was swearing because I missed it, and was concentrating far too hard on trying to see it again to just be swept away in the moment ;o)

Nibbles: Yeah but did you see how his nose squished on her cheek, it was like it was made of silly putty or something....just sayin!

Mary: He deffo slipped her the tongue, cheeky little pup ;)

Right well its not quite the same banter as the messenger reviews but no matter lol, we had a great time. I think I upset Stan when I mentioned how Jacobs nose splatted across the Stewl's face when he kissed her, he really can't help that nose but the wee doggy does have a great bod. I have to give him that even though Rob as Edward was just fucking stunning and I squirmed...a lot!!!
Just have to say it was lovely meeting you all, we all got on brilliantly and I proved that I really am hyper verbal in person too. I've since been to visit Mary again as she is closest to me and we had a good natter and a giggle over True Blood another thing we have in common-Nibbles xx

Monday, 26 July 2010

Its just another manip monday, wish it was sunday, cos that's my fun day, no it isn't because my mum visits and we don't get on day!

Ah yes, monday, monday, again I'm late with the post but it's because Sundays are so fraught for me that Mondays have become a day of rest for me lol sooooooooo because I have no good idea's today as such I'm just throwing manips and some other stuff I like at the blog today, tomorrow hopefully will be the Edbrella Eclipse party and come back y'all...

I'd like to thank the ho's at Robmaniporn and the ho's that hang out on Facebook whose pictures I plunder regularly, thank you Black Hale, Dickmatized and you others!

Oh I wish you did young man lol

Damn cops...just won't give me a break on this lmao
Talking of cops, I would totally love a movie partnership like this hehe

I am drooling at the prospect of a Cullen Card, why can't we have a credit/debit card with Rob's/Edward's face on it. I would totally get one lol...I would be flashing it all the time...and the card...yeah, yeah, you knew that was coming!

ROFL...and so the other 3 films were never made...

Lmao I had to put this on it just tickles the hell out of me

The other E in my life...I really wish he would try that!

and finally...we will Eric, we will...

Friday, 23 July 2010

Friday Fun Five with Moxie-Somehow the thought of doing this one scared me more than anyone elses

Ok it's Friday, it's 5.15, it's time for Crackerjack (er for you damn yankees Crackerjack was a childrens tv show in the 70's I think, maybe early 80's I dunno anymore) er friday fun five. Although the woman who's asking the questions could possibly be a crackerjack I don't know, I don't care as long as she's not a crack jacker......drum roll.......

I don't have her....but if you give me money I'll tell you where she is...

Hello Ladies,

Mrs. P informed me that she chose me as winner (or last person who hasn't contributed) of the Friday Fun Five. Well, I'm pretty sure every question has already been asked in previous Friday Fun Fives, so these are all I could come up with:

1) How do you feel about abortion? Taking the 5th

2)Your thoughts on capital punishment? Do it!

3)Do you think gay marriage should be legal? Yep

4)Should women be allowed to become catholic priests Absolutely

5)Evolution or Creationism...why? Both...cos I'm like that

These questions are haaaaard!

Are these questions too controversial? Maybe these are more suited for the Friday Fun Five:

1) Do you sometimes drink beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages? Yes

2) Have you ever felt you should cut down on your drinking?!

3) Have you ever felt bad or guilty about your drinking? No

4) Have people annoyed you by criticizing your drinking? No, I like everyone when I'm drunk

5) Have you ever had a drink first thing in the morning to steady your nerves or to get rid of a hangover? You have obviously never been on a 3 day bender at a rock concert with the Wildhearts....Yes

Yae verily...

Hmmmm...the alcoholics might not appreciate those. How about these:

1) Every couple argues, but when did you last fight and how did you feel afterwards? Me and the hubs very rarely argue let alone fight...

2)You're on a girly night, he's out with the boys, your night ends first what does he do when you call him? Um he's at home with the kids lol

3) Your man sends a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your work, why did he make such a big romantic gesture? Cos he luuurves me...sorry Mox

4) Suspicious or not, have you ever read his texts or honest now. All the time lol

5) Your perfect Saturday night as a couple would be...Goin up the curry house, having a big, bostin bhuna, loads of beer then a great big shag...

Ok fine! That was a Cosmo quiz. Sheesh this is hard! is my best shot:

Oh great, I wasn't supposed to answer those...

1) Admit it, if Kristen Stewart weren't in the Twilight movies you would find her incredibly annoying.

Muahahahahahaaaaaaa....sorry Lisa

2) The person you're talking to has an enormous booger in their nose do you tell them or ignore it?

Um excuse me, there's something on your, you got it, oh no you haven't, um nevermind

3) Does size matter?

That's my t shirt....

4) Do you have any bizarre habits or rituals? like the vicar...just sayin

5) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully it won't take me 5 years yanno...

I understand my questions are rather lame so feel free to use any of the questions I have suggested and in any order for the Friday Fun Five.
Julie (mmMoxie)

Not lame at all Moxie, I really enjoyed finding the pictures and generally fucking about...I cannot WAIT to see some of these answers.....(big grin)

Thursday, 22 July 2010

CFF-I didn't forget this week!

I'd watched him at the party, girls throwing themselves at him, crowding round him, getting their pictures taken. Who knew I was only one person away from knowing Robert Pattinson....small world indeed. When my friend Rosie invited me to her party she did mention that she had asked some of the actors to come but she didn't say who.

When I'd walked in I'd frozen, completely and utterly...whispering from the side of my mouth I'd gabbled "Rosie, Robert, here, how, you bitch, I need to go, OMG he's so gorgeous, even with the scruffy beard"
My bitch friend had just laughed at me..."Kris, cool it, don't go fangirl squee on me, it's embarrassing enough with the rest of my friends doing it. He's mortified, poor guy"

So I'd been cool, I hadn't even spoken to him, just occasionally stared. The first time he looked at me I swear to god my underwear spontaneously combusted. Then he had a couple of drinks and he began to look more often. Thank God I have legs I mused otherwise I'd be leaving snail trails everywhere. Ugh I'm so gross at times.

After an hour, he was pretty wasted and very mournful looking....then he'd disappeared. I'd wandered up to the toilet trying to figure a way of telling Rosie I was going without her doing puppy eyes at me when, as I'd opened the door a very, very tall person had nearly fallen on me.
"Woah, dude, you need to watch where you're...oh it's are you ok" I'd hoped to heaven I wasn't doing the twitch, squint thing I did when I got flustered. I'd always hoped it was cute but my last boyfriend Jake said it made me look like a crack addict on withdrawal. Thanks Jake!

Robert Pattinson was as drunk as a skunk, wasted, inebriated, awash with alcohol and that was how I'd ended up with him in my car, driving around and how he'd ended up in my apartment (OMG,OMG,OMG) passed out on my sofa, snoring, with his legs dangling over the end. Man he was you know what else, Iwent to bed...alone...with a mega famous movie star in my home....and I went to sleep after writing in you dear diary...

I could hear groans and banging about and the odd "where the fuck am I?" coming from my living room, so I got up.
I stood in the middle of the room watching him enter my bathroom, the shower turned on and before I thought this is my chance to go peek at his credentials I made myself go into the kitchen and start making coffee.....the shower went off....Robert Pttinson is naked in my apartment!!!!!! The urge to text Mary, Stan and Becky was beyond overwhelming...but no! I couldn't betray his trust...OMG I was going to have to talk to him!

I peeked around the bathroom door. He was looking at himself in the mirror, clad only in one of my towels, hung low around his hips....I must have audibly swallowed as he suddenly spun round looking for all the world like a hunted animal. "Do you have a camera?" he asked...."What?" I answered. His eyes narrowed..." Do...You...Have...A...Camera?" he repeated slowly enunciating each word precisely as if I was stupid.
"I'm not stupid you know, I was just surprised at the do you want a camera?"
He sighed and gave me a look only a man can give a woman when he thinks she's asked a stupid question thus proving him right that she is indeed stupid. I huffed and turned away shouting there is a razor in the cabinet and a spare toothbrush and coffee is in the kitchen....

Sat at the breakfast bar, I realised I'd shouted at Robert Pattinson and got a case of the giggles, I was still chuckling to myself when he reappeared, shaven, well stubbled, I guess he had just trimmed it down a little....oh and unfortunately dressed.

"Better?" I asked. He had the grace to look at least sheepish and said "Yes, I'm sorry, I've been very rude, I didn't know where I was, who you were, although I saw you at the I came home with you? did we...erm I'm assuming we didn't...I woke up on the sofa...fully clothed..." He trailed off, my bitch brow arched to perfection as he fully understood that I did not take men home and just sleep with them..."No, of course very....I'm sorry"
You know that man could talk and apologise to me all he wanted, his voice, the english accent, the almost bumbling apology...I sighed, drawing another curious look from him.
I handed him his coffee saying "it's just black, I have no milk and no sugar...I'm sweet enough I don't keep it" and smiled.
He blushed....ha I made RP blush....
"Look I don't suppose you could take me back to my hotel could you, I'm surprised no one has rung me actually. He picked up his jacket and patted the pockets "oh shit, my phone, it's not here, you didn't take, no of course not, how remiss of me" The brow was back in full force, he backed down....again.
"I'll ring Rosie see if she has it" ....."Hi Rose, yeah I'm sorry I left...I'll tell you look has Robert Pattinson left his phone there...he has...hang on" I nodded to him, covered the phone and said "What do you want to do?"
"Tell her to take it to the hotel, I'll pick it up there" he whispered
"He says take it to the...oh nooooooo, Rose, Rose, ROSE! Look ok, yes he's here, no, nothing happened, slept on the sofa, I know, don't say it, ROSE!!!!!!!, just take it to the hotel and he will pick it up I'll see you later" I shut the phone off and smiled apologetically. "I'm gonna pay for this good deed you know"
He nodded and I grabbed my bag "You ready? Let's go"

He looked at my truck in disgust..."Hey, it was good enough for you last night buster, don't diss the truck"
We drove back across town, him ducking and jumping and hiding whenever we stopped at the lights in case he was spotted." Wow " I said "you have a shitty life..I couldn't be doing with this" and I drove up the road to the hotel to be swamped on all sides by screaming women, girls and camp looking guys...ha who knew he was a gay icon too I thought.
"Get into the underground garage security will fend them off, then run with me to the lift....the elevator" he said taking in my look

The next 5 minutes were the worst of my life, fearing I would kill someone I drove slowly down the ramp, with faces squished aginst the windows and deafening screams of "Bitch, I will kill you"....... WOAH!

The "Lift" was smooth and quick and opened straight into his....bedroom! WTF?!
"Thank you, thank you, you have no idea how crazy they all are" er I do I thought, I'm one of them, not good really. Then suddenly, he's hugging me, tight and thanking me again...and that's when it happened. He kissed me!...O...M....G. Sparks ain't the word...
Robert stepped back, his hand still holding my arm, his face confused.
"Um, well, yes...thank you again, look, (his hand was running through his hair-squeeeeeeeee) can I take you out to dinner to say thank you....again...but it won't be out, out, it will be my living room, here in the hotel...not the bedroom" (hand in hair again and tongue, peeking out to wet lips) I felt like I was in the middle of analyzing a picture of him...."Sure I said, when?"
"Tonight at 7" he said "I'll send a car for you"
Then all hell broke loose again as his manager and team appeared and I was pushed out of the way...I headed of towards the door and caught his helpless look again as he began to explain his absence...laters he mouthed to me, shrugging and smiling his famous lop sided smile....shit, I had a date with Robert Pattinson....

Sorry it's so long a lead in, I got carried away lol...take it away folks what happens next, you gonna do the Rose and Alice (her other friend) take her shopping for hte perfect outfitor just jump straight to when the car picks her up? Every fans dream come true eh?!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Hello, hello, is there anybody out there?

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am beyond boredom now. I have been tackling the job of going through all the paperwork files to do with every aspect of our family life, bills, and shit that you keep, bank statements etc. Arrrghhhhhhhhhh I ended up with a humungous pile to shred, a pile to file and a pile to recycle. The shredder got hot and stopped working (sounds like me looking at a certain somebody (ies)) so I'm having a bonfire mwahahahahaaaaaaaa. Its safe, we have a burning bin for the job.

Anyhoo I decided to do the same with my photographs on my computer as my hard drive is starting to get real tired under the weight of vampire photos and as I was looking through them, I'd be like, ha that's so Stan or Lisa or Mary so I thought I would share what reminded me of you guys...

Well this totally reminded me of everyone's reaction to the er "sex scene" LOL

Totally Lisa :0)

Stan and her rear cider hehe

Stan, Mary and Lisa lmao

Um Lady P rofl

Hmmmm Becky I think! Yeah definately Becky

Twilight Cupcake, this is so not really but its how I imagine her alter ego sometimes

Jelly, just cos its Kellan

Jelly and Stan, just cos its Kellan & Taylor

hahaha, so Mary, she does like a bit of Blade!

So when you're looking a pictures what reminds you, if anything, of me. Do you ever look at a picture and chuckle and think, that's so Nibs?

Friday, 16 July 2010

Lady P of New York, New York summons her minions to the beyatches!

Hello ladies! Mrs. P here and I FINALLY get to pick the Friday Fun Five! Since I am a terrible "scroller", I will not get too wordy for you all. Let's get right down to business. (What not wordy...WTF...hi Nibbles here *waves to all, tecnikul diffikulties over, the doodad got comments in red as always)

Apparently this is Lady Margaret the IVX as painted by Pablo Catala....looks like Mrs P lol
Any ho on with the questions cos she doesn't wanna be wordy...pffft

1) What part of your weekly routine do you hate doing the most?

Thankfully this doesn't happen much as the Nazi checkout women fuck em off out of it! Yay!!

2) Have you ever had to tell a friend that his/her girlfriend or boyfriend was cheating on them? If so, how did it go?

I sooooooooo, would have loved to do this to my ex

3) Have you ever walked out of a store and realized you accidentally stolen something? If so, what was it...and did you bring it back in?

No comment!

4) Have you ever had to discipline a kid that was at your house to play, and have it get ugly?

Kid cages...where were they when my boys were small?

5) Is there someone in your daily/weekly life that flirts with you constantly? If tell.

Said in a Joey Tribiani voice lol....I would be a big flirty flirt with Rob, I flirt my heart out and make him blush hehe

Oh Lady P, you naughty woman, great questions, off to answer them now....looking forward to everyone else's answers too