Wednesday, 25 November 2009

We still want your fave pics of Rob/Twilight!

Ok, so I know I said last call like, ages ago, but in the excitement of the New Moon build up and then seeing the film, then recovering from seeing the film, I've done nothing more than squirrel them away in their own folder on my computer. 

I have something lined up for them now - and you'll like it, but I thought first of all I'd put another call out because we have new followers since we last mentioned it.

So, if you have a favourite Rob or Twilight pic that you'd like included, please send it to before Friday, that's the cut-off date that I'm putting on this.  If you've already sent one, no need to send it again because I have them all saved :o).

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy these from the 4th set of Vanity Fair out-takes, I know you've probably all already seen them but I could look at these all day and not get bored *sigh*.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

"She's alive"

Evening all :)

Ooh I feel so left out *sniff* I've missed out on all the lovely post coital film stuff. I've been far too ill to revel in the gloriousness that is New Moon.

I saw that Stan posted the pic of herself  as Jacob, how I managed to stop myself from pissing all over the sofa I don't know!! Bless her, she is special ;) I loved, loved, loved the film. I know there's a few that still haven't seen it so I won't spoil anything by saying too much. And i'm still not functioning fully yet anyway.

I do believe however, that the reason I was hit with the dreaded Swine Flu is all down to me perving over Jacob! And I did perve. There was one scene, the one in the rain where all I looked at was his left nipple *hangs head* I know, it's not right, it's sooooooo bloody wrong that I was slapped with Swine Flu as judgement on me for being a raging Cougar. Stan appears to be immune as she deems him fair play. Technically she's sort of right. However I have a son the same age as him so noooooo noooooo nooooooo!! Mrs Lautner, I apologise for lusting after your son (s right nipple) I have since suffered greatly you will be glad to hear. I've lost count of the times I pissed myself from coughing too hard (3 kids = no pelvic floor) I look like shit and I'm still aching in places that shouldn't ache. My ribs are sooo tender it's agony if I sneeze or cough. Oh who am I kidding, I'm just glad to know I still have ribs under these layers of fat!!!

You have been warned. Perve at your own risk ;)
Mary xxx

Something I've recently noticed on Rob...

I've penned an ode to a certain part of Rob's anatomy that I've noticed recently.  The chorus came to me spontaneously when I was at Mary's house on Friday and now pops into my head everytime I spy this on Rob.  I apologise now for ruining this song and these pics for you all for life...

You popped up on Rob's forehead
Like you were trying to escape
You snaked up from his monobrow
A few shades lighter than grape
I didn't notice you at first
Now all I can do is gape
And all the girls dream that they are licking you
They are licking you, his

Forehead Vein
You probably think this post is about you
Forehead Vein
I'll bet you think this post is about you
Don't you? Don't you?

It's even in New Moon!  Really, I had to point it out to Mary *nudge*, "Look, forehead vein" *snigger*

Oh well.  I still would.....

Monday, 23 November 2009

Sensory Overload

OK this may be kinda, sorta, somewhat a spoiler thingy...maybe...
Woooooo! Hoooooo! Halleluiah! I have seen the light! And by the light, I mean New Moon.


Here's how the day went down... One of my very bestest friends in the whole wide world, Tigerlillyrose, and I had a Girls Day Out on Sunday, and if I do say so myself, our day ROCKED!!

We started out with some margaritas...mmmm....margaritas...oh yeah, and lunch. Feeling as if I didn't have a care in the world (I assume she felt the same), we made a brief stop at the mall to check out washing machines as mine went tits up on Saturday. At this point in time, I really didn't give a shit about looking at washers, I just wanted to get to the fucking movie already. We did have a long conversation on the benefits of the spin cycle, though. There was mention of a 2 x 4, bolts in the wall, and a strap to hold you on...but in the end we decided that the spin cycle "O" is mostly hype. *sigh* to the movie we went. I have never, ever seen that many people in the theater on a Sunday afternoon, ever. I am sooooooo glad I went ahead and bought the tickets online last week. My peace of mind was worth the extra three bucks.

I have to say, I was surprised at how many guys there were in the theater! There must have been A LOT of men getting some "Thank you for taking me to see New Moon" sex on Sunday afternoon, lemme tell ya! We sat in a little section where no one could sit by us...two seats all by themselves...because we didn't want to share our experience with anyone else. Yeah, we're selfish that way.

at the movie

TwiWeasel and Tigerlillyrose at New Moon. Really. We're in there. Betcha wish you could be such a fucking great photograper too.

I let out my first squeak when I saw the fucking Summit logo. I’m not kidding. Tigerlillyrose either didn’t hear, or chose to ignore it…not sure which. There was a lot of eye rolling on her part, directed at me throughout the movie though.

I thought they did a really good job on sticking to the book…loved how they showed showing October, November, December. Had wondered how they would do that. I really liked the idea that she emails Alice all the time, too even though they are undeliverable. Otherwise, we might have missed a lot on what she was feeling.

OK, I know…get to the half naked men…W.O.W. I have to say...Jacob is HAWT!!!!! I haven't switched sides or anything, but OMG, he is some mighty fine eye candy!!! MMMM mmmm Good! Yowza! I lost count of how many times I groaned out loud when Jake was on the screen. But I was nowhere near as loud as the Team Jacob group down in front. When he took off his shirt…it was the most noise that I’ve ever heard in a darkened theater! (Aside from laughing in an appropriate place, that is.) Even I let out a small whoop (then giggled and blushed even though no one could see me.)

The humans were kick ass funny…and Charlie stole the scene every time. I LOVED his ladies man line, and his Porn Stache looks so much better this time around! (Right, Mama C?) The fight scene at the end was awesome although not quite true to the book, but it made for a good visual. I thought Kstew did a much better job with her stammering and blinking in this one, but she needs to take screaming lessons.

Hey, Kristen…give Jamie Lee Curtis a call…really.

I know, I know…I haven’t even mentioned Edward yet…because my heart is still up in my throat!! His groan during the kiss, and those pants *moan* oh those pants…waaaaaaaaay down low…treasure trail…sparkles…and when he says “you can go to hell…” it’s too much!

Just in case you weren't sure what I was getting at.

Sensory overload!!!





So yeah, um, I really liked the movie.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Stan & Mary's mini Twi convention

Sooooo, finally we got to see New Moon and I'm still feeling post-coital-esque about it *sigh*.

I arrived at Mary's, thankfully the weather held off so I didn't have to ride a sheep - which, for the record we don't keep for kinky reasons.  Thanks for that Mary *tut* ;o).  And I only got told off by Mr Stan a few times on the journey down for my random and uncontrolled "WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOS" and involuntary handclaps.

I jumped out of the car at Mary's and we WOOOOHOOOOOO'd at each other and waved Mr Stan and the Stanlets off to my parent's house.  We were very good, got our Rob mugs out for the occasion (I use mine every day, but Mary's was yet to be christened) and settled down to watch Twilight.

Part way through I excused myself to go to the toilet and changed into a little surprise I'd prepared for Mary. Muahahahaaaa!  Her reaction was priceless, I really wished you could all have seen her when I walked back into the room as..........

Uncanny, I think you'll agree

I thought Mary was going to collapse on the floor, or at least wet herself, but thankfully she managed to get back under control.  I thought about keeping the outfit on, we hatched a plan that Mary could pose as my carer and it would keep the fangirls away, but in the end I did change back, November is a little too chilly for jorts when you're not a werewolf.  I did keep her on her toes with unexpected mask wearing throughout the rest of the day though.

Mary hadn't heard the soundtrack for New Moon, so we had a little listen while Mary cooked dinner.  Here is our review, as requested by TwiWeasel:  Not very impressed, overall mainly shit.  Skipped at least three tracks after about 20 seconds because they were especially shit, the rest were not quite as bad, although still not really our thing.

Finally, and many WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOs and handclaps later (good job her house isn't overlooked!) it was time to leave. 

Mini-E, Chimpsten & Mini-J ready to go

I gave Mary instructions that, should I get knocked down in the car park that she should still have me wheeled into the cinema to watch the film.  It was very British, we had to queue to get through the doors, then they had another queue and were taking people through in small groups.  We got seated and, due to the fact we were a good 20yrs older than most of the rest of the audience I decided not to get Mini-E and Mini-J out, although there's no holding Chimpsten back and she got herself comfy in the cupholder, which kept us giggling during the film everytime we looked down at her.

Anyway, we LOVED the film!  We won't give any spoilers yet seeing as not everybody has seen it.  Obviously there were bits that we were both disappointed to see missing, but we realise that not everything could be fitted into 2hrs 10mins (although we'd happily have sat through several hours more of it!).

Sadly Mary woke up very ill yesterday.  I've heard from her this morning and she has swine flu.  She thinks it's God passing judgement on her for perving at the man-boy (I did this without shame so escaped the judgement muahaha!) and I agree.

Get well soon Mary, you dirty swine...

To everybody still to se it, especially TwiWeasel and mmMoxie who are seeing it today, have a fantastic time, we'll swap notes soon!


Saturday, 21 November 2009

Twi-Weasel on the Edge...

OK, so I'm just a little bit on edge about this whole New Moon thing for one reason...

I STILL HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been assured that it will be worth the wait, but let me tell you, the wait is killing me. I will go and see it tomorrow afternoon. In approximately 21 hours, I will be immersed in half-naked werewolves and sparkly, blood-thirsty Vampires...Ah...New Moon.

I. Can't. Wait.

In the meantime, something yummy to look at...
"Holy Fuck, TwiWeasel! You STILL haven't seen New Moon?"
I feel a little better after getting that off my chest.
A little.
Sorry this is so short, but I had to speed type it between making supper and giving baths...Ah...the joys of motherhood to a brood of little nose-miners who can't do a dang thing for themselves. I sound disgruntled? Maybe just a little pissy?
Gee...I wonder why.

Friday, 20 November 2009

And breathe

Ok, the day has finally arrived. Be calm, and breathe.


Stan is on her way :) Minus the sheep I might add. Apparently the car was the best option in the end.

I've defumigated my 17 year old sons bedroom in preparation for her. She should be alright as long as she doesn't move anything under the bed *shudder* I've tried to get her a gas mask to sleep in but I couldn't quite manage it.

I did manage to do the birthday cake, yay me. It did take a lot longer than usual and I got a bit shaky a couple of times, but it turned out alright in the end

Love to you all
Mary xxx

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Severe weather warnings for tomorrow.....

.............Sooooooooo we have a plan for Stan (bonus little rhyme there)

As Stan is travelling approx 110 miles tomorrow so we can see New Moon together Woooooooohoooooooo and bearing in mind the awful weather conditions that have been predicted, we've come up with a well thought up plan.

The first suggestion was for her to run! But that's obviously a ridiculous idea *tut*

So, the next one had to be more practical. As Stan has access to sheep, don't ask it's a bit kinky *cough* We decided she could ride a sheep here!!

This little chap looks a bit like Stan too!

After the journey though, the sheep may look like this

Shame eh?

But no worries, we've even thought of how to deal with this

Ta dah, a lamb curry for after the movie

All bases have been covered methinks ;)
Mary xxx

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Two days to go wooooooohooooooooooooo!

I'm like a hyperactive child who's overdosed on E numbers. Soooooooooooooooo excited for NM on Friday.

I'm not sure it's helping that i've been perving over my fave pics, but it's been an enjoyable couple of days anyway. So here they are 

Sex face! obv
Just had sex face
He's definately worth perving over ;)

This one kills me. He's touching himself!!!!*faints*


Saved the best until last *sigh*

Mary xxx


Monday, 16 November 2009

The Alternative New Moon Premiere!

So, while excitment is reaching fever pitch in Westwood, a scene just as exciting is unfolding here as Mini-E and Chimpsten attended their own New Moon Premiere!

Sadly Summit had booked all the limos so transport choice was limited

As usual, Jacob just had to show off as he alighted onto the red carpet....


Mini-E kindly helped Chimpsten out of the truck


Yay!  Chimpsten looked beautiful!

Ooh, what have we here?  Maybe there was something in those airport pics...

Mini-E takes the adoration in his stride

And there we have it!  A wonderful time was had by all, let's hope the film was as good as the trailer!