Wednesday, 31 March 2010

My dream analysis thanks to Mrs P

Morning ho's

I sent an a e mail to Mrs P a couple of weeks ago and she's analyzed it for me.
Here's the dream
was at home with Stan, it wasn't where I live now but I knew it was my home. Attached to my house was a tea room and cake shop that I was getting ready to open and Stan was helping me. Then I had a call to say Rob and Kristen were driving through the area and they wanted to stop by for refreshments and to use the bathroom. This made me panic as we hadn't got around to cleaning the bathroom out yet and it was full of dried old leaves and needed a good clean. We spent a long time cleaning it up and making it look really nice by putting some of my produce from the tea shop in there on the shelves!
When we'd done we went to sit in the tea room which had a hatch in the wall that we could see through to the corridor and the bathroom. I saw a group of people come into the corridor and one headed straight into the bathroom, leaving the door part way open. It was a young man who I knew to be an assistant to Rob. He was peeing and looking around him at the same time. He peed on the floor then moved to pee into a water feature in there and also onto a handtowel! I was fuming that he was making a mess in the room we'd taken such care over so I climbed through the hatch and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and started shouting at him. Rob and co from the corridor came in and he apologised to me and asked if he could have a cherry muffin to try.I then glanced through the hatch to see Stan and a load of other women just staring through at us with a WTF look on their faces.
I was then walking along talking to Kristen and Rob was behind us with the rest of the people. She said she liked the muffin but there was a bit on the bottom that was slightly burnt, I said I thought my oven was playing up because I'd made some cakes for my husband last week and they'd caught in the same place.
We all sat on a bench and chatted about I don't know what but I remember feeling happy and content.
The End
That was me keeping it brief PMSL
Here's what Mrs P said
To see a bathroom in your dream is literally a symbol of needing to "relieve yourself".  So, you are frantically cleaning the room and then Rob's assistant walks in and pisses all over everything.  The room was also neglected and full of I think this means you are looking for some sort of outlet to relieve some tensions you are having, and you are having a hard time finding it.  Muffins come in to play...and muffins (believe it or not) actually mean "The fruit of your labors".  You hand one to Kristen and it is burnt a little, or she says it you feel as if you are working hard at something and that your best isn't good enough.
Basically its a dream about being repressed, you want to find an found it in baking, but sometimes you feel as if your best still isn't good enough.
I hope this makes sense!

Hmmmmmmmm interesting stuff. I do have a lot of self doubt regarding my cake decorating, and it's taken me a long time and a lot of courage to start taking orders for them. I've had nothing but positive praise from friends and family about them for a long time, but when you're actually charging people for them that all changes.
Here's a few pics, would you genuinely be happy to pay for them?

                                                                       18th (obv)
                                                                  Handbag cake for my friends daughter

                                                        Upsy Daisy....cartoon character

                                                           Rob after seeing my cakes ;)

A self indulgent post today but I didn't know what else to do *shrugs*


Monday, 29 March 2010

Hands up if you love Fanfic!

Ok Kellan, or legs *tut*. Bloody great show off

Ok, picture the scene.  You're looking for a new fic to read and find two that you think sound quite interesting from the summaries, but you only have time to read one right now.  You see that one has 11 reviews and one has 820.  Which do you choose?

Yep, we've all done it I'm sure, choosing or avoiding stories based on the amount of reviews they have, but by doing this we're missing a whole host of fantastic fics and authors who for whatever reason, just aren't reaching the masses.

A lovely - and currently very excited! - lady called Dina over in Texas has recognised this and decided that she wants to do something about it.  She put out a request for helpers on Project Team Beta who I use for my stories, and has now been joined by myself and two others, Kelly and Rebekah, to form Twific Promotions.

We're still in the setting up stages, but there's already the basics in place.  We have a blog: Twific Promotions  Look!  We're already collecting followers in preparation, come over and follow too!

We have a Twitter account @TwificPromotion currently at 130 followers just over this weekend :o)

We also have a profile with a link to a community.  This lists favourite stories and authors.

Our aim is to find and review good, lesser known fics and then help promote them through Twitter, our blog and affiliate websites.  We're also looking for fic scouts and story recommendations.  The only thing we ask is that they are stories with less than 500 reviews.

This project will help authors and readers, I don't think there's many - if any - of us here that don't love a good fic.

So, please help in any way you can - follow us, tell people about us, RT any Tweets.

Anything else, Stan?

Well, only to say that if you know of, or are maybe involved with, any site that has a fanfic section that might be interested in being affiliated with Twific Promotions - Or Pimp My Scribe as I like to think of it ;o), then please let me or any of the other girls involved know.

Thanks for your attention on this matter, here's your reward :o)



Saturday, 27 March 2010

Mini E goes on work experience

Hey ladies and ho's but mainly ho's cos there ain't no ladies here bwahahahaaa...oh my, as you know the lovely and beauteous Dangrdafne sent me my own mini E and he has been accompanying me everywhere, in fact he lives in my handbag.

So the other day we set off to work and he insisted on driving

Bless him I had to point out you can't see over the steering wheel hunny!
So then he said he would direct me

We got to work eventually hehe and set about working

He has such a way with the patients, his voice lulls them into a calm state and makes them easier to deal with...

Break time!

Big appetite for a mini man!!

He decided all work and no play makes Nibbles very dull...well soooorrryy lol

He particularly liked spinning around on the desk tidy...after he emptied it all over my desk


Mini E decided to go look around the office some

Oops, he discovered I'm married, but he just smiled his crooked smile, shrugged and said he still loved me

Hey I know that guy, that's a good lookin guy

Hey thats me!

Soon the day was over and it was time to go home

So he chose the tunes for the drive home

So that was our first day together. I left him at work the other day over night and my camera has shown up some interesting pictures of what a bad lad he can be...stay tuned as they say.

I'm off to hospital today, hopefully out tomorrow. My hubtard will text Stan, Mary, Becky so someone will let you know if I've returned to the land of the living! Mini E is coming with me, so if they cart me off to the psych ward, no worries pmsl.

This is Stan. Nibbles has gone in for her op and asked me to post this for her. I'll let you know as soon as I hear how she is.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Friday Fun Five

Here we are Friday again YES!!! I love fridays...Anyhow last week....

Becky picked....

SmartEpantz as winner of last weeks FFF.

Smarts is a loon of the first order and I love her to bits so I was really pleased she got to pick the questions so its over to comments in red...I told you last week I have issues with it pmsl ...Psst Smarts, you're on...

Okays, so I've no fucking clue how exactly I'm supposed to go about submitting this, or what the accepted protocol is for the whole question asky thingy. That means you're just gonna have to live with the fact that I'm going to spew word vomit all over you, and then you can feel free to edit me as you see fit. Sound good??? I fucking hope so! :D (sounds fanfuckingtastic to me except the vomit part, not so much a fan of that!)

I have to start off giving a shout out to @Becky, my fellow Hairsticker and Scarlett lover! WOOT!!! **waves excitedly**
I'm glad I'm not alone in this crazy world. Although I usually just wait till the hair dries and then throw it in the trash...we all have our own methods! (um I have a confession, I realised this morning whilst in the shower that I do er something similar, I put my hair on the soap dish, we don't use the dish btw, then I throw it in the bin when I get this still gross?)

He can leave whatever the fuck he wants in my shower, preferably himself!

Right. So. On to the questions....


I am a total fucking noob so if you've done these ??'s before that's just too damn bad. Suck it the fuck up and answer them again because I wasn't around the first time, and I want to get to know you whorefaces dammit!!!
Now I feel better.
On with it.

(fuck you go girl, don't mess with the Smarts!)

1) What was your prior fixation to Twilight? Did you have something that sucked your time and energy and completely mindfucked you, that has gone the way of the fucking Dodo since you came to the Sparkly side?

Don't diss the sparkles dude, they made you what you are!

2) Tell me your most embarrassing life experience. I'm eleventy bajillion percent sure this has been asked before, but allow me to qualify...I'm not talkin' about an "oooops I tripped over the curb and faceplanted right in front of a cute bloke" kinda thing. I mean complete and utter TORTURE!!! Something that will forever be etched into the folds of your brain. I realize we all have unique experiences, so I'll just say that as far as I'm concerned there is noooooo such fucking thing as as open as you are comfortable with. I may be new, but I would bet my left tit that there is no one here that will be judgemental and self-righteous about anyone else's answers.

I would so find your sausage and make you never wonder about being a girl again....ever

3) You are part of the set crew for New Moon, and after filming wraps you get to take one thing from the set to keep for yourself. What do you choose? Actors are not considered part of the set you whores.

What d'ya mean actors don't count (harumpf) jewellry counts though yeah?

4) Define what 'True Love' means to you.

Sigh...I did this very same thing when I worked in the Wheatsheaf pub....hey I bet Rob would have been well impressed bwahahahahaaaaa. I know...its a talent *bows

5) You bump into Rob at a pub and share a few pints. You hit it off, and the flirting and sexual tension is palpable. You both step out for a smoke and suddenly find yourselves a tangled mess of tongues and hot breath and despite all the frantic groping and exploring, you can't seem to get close enough to each other. (Holy fuck, I just got myself all hot and panting) He pulls back, with a throaty voice and intense glare he tells you he wants to take you back to his flat and shag you senseless, but his girlfriend Kristen has to be in the mix. Do you accept or decline? If you accept, how does this scenario play out?

Can I get 3 Rob's and me to go please-now!!

There you have it. I hope I didn't disappoint.

I am truly honored to be involved in this fuckery!

Bear hugs and clit rubs.

Damn so there you have Smarts friday fun fuckery, hope you have fun um doing it as much as I've enjoyed doing it with you ho's. Smarts....I always enjoy doing it with you pmsl....oh dear *wipes eyes. I can't wait for these answers...

Also look out for the adventures of mini e or mini e does work experience tomorrow!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

New Moon Community FanFic!

Howdy-Doody my fave Ho's!  Hope everyone's ok.  Had a lovely night out for my birthday, the little un's better and I had a full night's sleep, apart from slipping over on the kitchen floor this morning it's all good!

Sooooo, it's Thursday, which means it's Community FanFic day.  Carrying on from last week's Twilight start, this week we'll start with a section of New Moon!

(Totally not relevant to the starting point I've chosen, but DAMN! And he's hiding his finger nails from us.  Although obviously I've remembered they're there because I just commented on them.  And  my first thought may have been that I bet Bella was thinking 'Just keep those freakin' manky nails away from my face, Beacob' just before the pic was taken.  I say before the pic was taken, because in the pic is is blatantly thinking 'Don't look at the neck.  Don't look at the neck..')

Ok, enough Jake related rambling, let's get on with it.

  "Open mine and Edward's next," Alice said, so excited her voice was a high-pitched trill.  She held a small, flat square in her hand.
  I turned to give Edward a basilisk glare.  "You promised."
  Before he could answer, Emmett bounded through the door.  "Just in time!" he crowed.  He pushed in behind Jasper, who had also drifted closer than usual to get a good look.
  "I didn't spend a dime," Edward assured me.  He brushed a strand of hair from my face, leaving my skin tingling from his touch.
  I inhaled deeply and turned to Alice.  "Give it to me," I sighed.
  Emmett chuckled with delight.
  I tok the little package, rolling my eyes at Edward while I stuck my finger under the edge of the paper and jerked it under the tape.

Ooooh! Cliffy!  Where will we go with this?  Paper cut?  No paper cut?  Orgy?  Only you Ho's can decide!

The next chapter begins, indeed!

Have fun!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Another year older *sigh*

Today's my birthday!  Yep, on this day in 1977 I made my entrance to the world :o)

Me & my Nan (RIP) at my christening.

So, had we been blogging back in 1977, what might it have been about?  Well, with films, these were in the top 10:

So, what about books?  Well, TBH the list wasn't up to much, but I did spot this, one of my childhood faves :o)

So, I thought I'd take a look at what I was doing when I was the same age as our Twi faves.

When I was 18 like Taylor, I left home to go away to study Psychology at university, 70 miles away in Stoke on Trent.

Me and my partner in drunkeness in the 1st year.  Not our room but we all had identical prison cell-esque ones.

When I was 19 like Kristen, I met Mr Stan.  It was our first weekend back in the 2nd year of uni after the summer break and we were at a barn dance at the student union bar.  Neither of us were dancing BTW!

This is us back then.  I'm 19 and Mr Stan is 20 *sigh*.  Note the plaid shirt ;o)

At 21 like Nikki Reed, I graduated from uni with an upper second class honours degree in Psychology :o)

Mortar board caps and windy days.  Not a good combo.

At 23 like Rob & Ashley Greene, my second niece was born :o)

Me and Molly.  She's playing Jesus in her school play today (equal opps gone mad?!!)

At 25 like Kellan & Jackson, Mr Stan & I got married :o)

That was in 2002, then in 2004, 2005 and 2007 we were joined by these little angels ;o)

Best of all is my birthday card from Nibbles!  I keep giggling at it and need to share :o)

The front!

The inside!

Thanks Nibbles, that made my day :oD