Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Clare Pattinson Day!

Yep, so in the UK today we're celebrating Mother's Day - or as I have renamed it - Clare Pattinson Day.  Why would I do such a thing?  Well, because today I think it's important to remember a special someone in Rob's life - his mum, Clare.

This lady is responsible for creating and raising the object of our affections (I'm trying to keep this clean ho's, this is about his mother after all).  We need to thank her for her half of the genes that created these looks:

And this hair:

And this smile:

We need to thank her for allowing him to go into acting so we could see him in roles like these:

And of course, our Edward:

So Happy Clare Pattinson Day, Clare, I hope your children treat you well today and that you realise how much you are loved and appreciated outside of your family too!


Stan said...

OMG, Twitter's down! Heeeeeeeeeelp!!!!

While I'm on here I'll tell you a couple of things that have made me laugh. My mum & dad are here for a few days. I mentioned something about the Twilight films and my mum said she'd seen the Eclipse trailer online (she must have chosen to watch it on purpose, right?!) and also the fact that it's the first time they've visited since I got Full Size Edward and it keep scaring the Bejesus out of them, my Dad even called it 'That bloody thing' apparently! ROFL!

Ok, off to try Twitter again (fingers crossed!)

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Ooo er no Twitter, I have itchy fingers now, why is it when you can't use something you want to lol.
PMSL@nan & grampy Stan, you know Stan if FSE ever gets too much for you then I'll um happily look after him, I mean that most sincerely hehehe...Ooo maybe Nan Stan is turning into a twi-ho? I won't let my mother near twilight, she wouldn't like it, she would rubbish it and forever ruin it for me so nu-huh, no way, its all mine!

Clare Pattinson day was no different for me apart from presents, I got up, cooked breakfast, started lunch, started washing up, started washing, went shopping, collected Avon books, delivered out law mummys present & card then came home, did a bit more to lunch and made an apple crumble with my youngest lad as a trial run for home ec tomorrow in school. Oh also hoovered and took dog out and its only half 1 already. I;m knackered and have headache lol. I must have been a very, very, very wicked girl of epic proportions in a past life-no rest for me!!!

Plus side I got Saw VI the dvd and a Grim Reaper head to go with my collection of reapers & skulls. So me don't you think. I could have had flowers I guess but it wouldn't be the same LOL

Happy Clare Pattinson day everyone, I love all of you and wish you a happy day regardless of whether you're mums or not!!

Laters babes xx

Raitz said...

How lovely! Happy Clare Pattinson to you all too! ...and THANK YOU for the reminder to call my Granny in England today!!!!! She didn't create Robert, but she did create my Mum which is also pretty cool.

Now, off to remind the the hubby and kids that while we live in Canada, I'm actually of English-blood and thus require breakfast in bed TWO times a year. Tho I expect my day will be much like Nibbles' having taken a whole day off with Twilight Mommy to go roving around in Toronto yesterday!

Becky said...

Hey ho's! I have been back up north for the weekend and have fnally been reunited with my latop *sigh*. Unfortunately I have brought back 3 ill children ( well 2 ill and one trying hard to be ill to miss school tomorrow!)

On the plus side, they are all in bed, on the down side one has just shouted the dreaded 'sick' word. Happy Mothers day me!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to my lovely mothers across the pond! XOXOXOXO Today is just a regular Sunday here...filled with rain. No pressies for me today..just daylight savings time so I actually lost an hours sleep. LOLOL!

Thank you Clare for giving us our boy...(that's all I can say and still keep it clean)

Dangrdafne said...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to some of my most favorite ladies I know. You are all awesome and I am so happy to know each and every one of you.

And Mrs. P it may not be Mother's Day here but I wish you a happy mother's day to you too anyway!

Hugs and kisses!!

twilightcupcake said...

Funny that i just got the blogger mature theme warning but in Chinese. Happy Clare Pattinson Day to all the lovely mums! It's cool that your day is different from north Americas. It almost makes me feel guilty thinking nasty thoughts about him when you bring up his sweet mother. The pics you chose today were nice and wholesome so thanks. I wonder why mothers day in hong kong is celebrated in May when they are still clearly extremely British.

StarlitViolets said...

Happy Clare Pattinson Day!

Actually, to all my Brit-mums, Happy Mother's Day! You ladies rock and deserve the extra love and attention you get today.

I puffy heart you all!

17foreverlisa said...

She definitely gets the mother of the year award right now, doesn't she?

@Stan - Too funny!

Trying to get caught up with blogging, but I'm beginning to see it's a lost cause. No way in hell I can catch up on about 10 days worth of blogging after vacation and being sick. Oh well. I've missed you all! I'll just have to start back up with FFF tomorrow.