Monday, 29 March 2010

Hands up if you love Fanfic!

Ok Kellan, or legs *tut*. Bloody great show off

Ok, picture the scene.  You're looking for a new fic to read and find two that you think sound quite interesting from the summaries, but you only have time to read one right now.  You see that one has 11 reviews and one has 820.  Which do you choose?

Yep, we've all done it I'm sure, choosing or avoiding stories based on the amount of reviews they have, but by doing this we're missing a whole host of fantastic fics and authors who for whatever reason, just aren't reaching the masses.

A lovely - and currently very excited! - lady called Dina over in Texas has recognised this and decided that she wants to do something about it.  She put out a request for helpers on Project Team Beta who I use for my stories, and has now been joined by myself and two others, Kelly and Rebekah, to form Twific Promotions.

We're still in the setting up stages, but there's already the basics in place.  We have a blog: Twific Promotions  Look!  We're already collecting followers in preparation, come over and follow too!

We have a Twitter account @TwificPromotion currently at 130 followers just over this weekend :o)

We also have a profile with a link to a community.  This lists favourite stories and authors.

Our aim is to find and review good, lesser known fics and then help promote them through Twitter, our blog and affiliate websites.  We're also looking for fic scouts and story recommendations.  The only thing we ask is that they are stories with less than 500 reviews.

This project will help authors and readers, I don't think there's many - if any - of us here that don't love a good fic.

So, please help in any way you can - follow us, tell people about us, RT any Tweets.

Anything else, Stan?

Well, only to say that if you know of, or are maybe involved with, any site that has a fanfic section that might be interested in being affiliated with Twific Promotions - Or Pimp My Scribe as I like to think of it ;o), then please let me or any of the other girls involved know.

Thanks for your attention on this matter, here's your reward :o)




Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Stan, that is such a lovely idea. I've thoroughly enjoyed my award. :D

I think you need to add HG's Cinderella a Tale of Lust to that list of yours.

17foreverlisa said...

Done, done, and done. I've signed up for all three and look forward to your recs :)

Becky said...

afternoon! That's a great idea, I do love the odd bit of Fanfic, lol! I'm sure there are loads out there that don't get the recognition they deserve!
There are ones on Twilighted & TWCS that don't have many reviews. Are you just looking for stories on

Becky said...

Can we rec stories to you? I am reading atleast 6 that are truly awesome and are under 500 reviews!

oh what about COB? that should def be pimped out more!

Can I just say again, what a fab idea this is!!

Stan said...

Hi Becky

The story can be posted anywhere, not just, and yes, just email me with your rec's and I'll make sure we look at them.

And I agree about CoB, I'll def be putting that and Stoney's The Ascent forward :o)

Mary said...

I shall sign up asap.

Nibbles if you're reading this I hope you're ok. I'm virtually out of credit on my phone again :( I text too much lol

Mary said...

Oh and happy Birthday jelly babes :) xxxx

smartEpantz said...

On it!!! I devour fic and can't wait to show some love to deserving authors.
Signing up and putting my pimp hat on...and my hookahshoes!!!


Jayla said...

@Stan: Fabulous idea. I think I'm reading two w/ less than 500 reviews.

(My cousin asked what i was going to do when all of 'this' was over.. I had no answer...)

Nibbles: Hope you're on the mend. Thoughts & prayers to you.

Becky said...

@Stan I have just sent you about 9, lol. They all deserve a little more love though!!

Becky said...

@Jayla I hope this 'thing' never ends!! Although my house would be spotless, lol.

TwiWeasel said...

@ Stan - what a Totes Awesomesauce idea! I will sign up and I'm sure I have a rec or two...or three...or get what I'm sayin'!

Raitz said...

now following on Twitter... will have to figure but the rest, but I'm back to claim my reward *puts Jake pic tiled as desktop background* - we'll see how long that lasts when Mr. Raitz comes on to check his sports crap!

Poptarrt said...

Done. Done and Done.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Hey all, I'm doing ok, really tired though, I keep dozing off lol. Back is getting better, still sore and a bit tender in places but getting there. Been absent as I have changed my broadbad, tv, telephone provider and there was a fuck up. So I will be on tomorrow I think but definately thursday xx Thanks for all the messages and good wishes xx

17foreverlisa said...

Hey, girlie! I just emailed Gemma about 10 minutes ago asking how you were. She said you were getting a new router, etc, today. Miss you and glad you're getting a little better every day.



Dangrdafne said...

Excellent idea, I have signed up for all of it (I think). Let me know if you don't see me somewhere that you want/need me to be :)