Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Some days you wonder was it worth all the trouble!

OMFG, some days shit just happens and this was one of them! Have you ever just wanted to whack one of your kids upside their head, peer in his/her ear and shout "HELLLOOOOOO, anybody in there?"

Kid, you're giving me an aneurysm!

Ok this morning I'm dropping kids off with their various friends and I end up 4 cars back from my mate Gayle who is dropping a horde of kids off at school including mine. She runs back and says Tom has left his maths book at home can you fetch it to school for him. So I head off back to home and when I get there....no maths book! I ring him and his phone goes dead. I ring Gayle "Are you still with them?" "No" she says "I've left them at the gate they're waiting for you"

Grrrrrrr, I ask her for her son's number as I can't get hold of my son and while I'm waiting for her to text me that I'm ringing my other son to tell him to find Tom and say no maths book at home. Sigh...no answer from elder son Jack, no answer from younger son Tom. No text with younger son's friends phone number on it. I'm getting a bit peeved at this point as I'm sitting on the sofa at home instead of heading to work....

Ok ring friend Gayle again, gets phone number, rings son's friend, gets hold of son who says he charged his phone for 20 seconds this morning and thought it would be ok???????? What! So I ask, is your maths book in your bag, did you look? When he does look, as he hadn't looked before, guess what? Its in the freakin bag, he had it all the time GROWLLLLL!!!!!

In the meantime my eldest son is texting me, why are you ringing me? What do you want?

Oh so now you look at your phone....it makes you wonder sometimes is it all worth it lol then I look at these pictures of my favourite boys and think yes it is...

He looks such a sweetie in this one awww

Lord love us, look at those eyes and that jaw, ooo new jaw porn!

Oh man I am drowning in those baby blues...nuff said!

and this one cos just yowza he looks so cute and natural

My sentiments exactly I would take you on the floor anytime

The objects of my ranting-this was taken approx 2 years ago at my wedding but they look so angelic. Jack on the left and Tom on the right...bless em

So are they worth it in the long run lol if you have kids what drives you crazy about them, even though we love them and wouldn't want them any other way. For those of you that don't yet. Just wait lol!


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

one of those days looks like it could be turning into one of those weeks lol

Anonymous said...

Oh Nibbles...what gorgeous boys you have, beautiful. My devils are on a constant mission to drive me nuts...and listing them would make them sound trivial, because I think it is the sum of all the crazy shit that finally puts me over the edge.
My son is an intelligent disorganized slob who just can't get himslef together, doesn't want to, but has a heart of gold and is the most reliable. My daughter is a giant mind fuck most of the time and I resist throwing her down the stairs most days. Number 3 is too little to judge yet, but she's a needy little bossy boss...with a temper. God bless them all and may they all get married young...PMSL!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

PMSL Mrs P, thank God I had boys and not girls, I couldn't cope with girls honest I couldn't. I know I was such a conniving little so and so, they're devious little sods girls lol. My eldest trys pulling the wool over my eyes but I know all the moves baby lmao.
They have much longer hair now and look totally different but they look so cute on that picture... Jack is intelligent and is so under whelmed by everything its scary and Tom is like me and lives in the clouds so I guess I'm to blame for the maths book debacle LOL

Stoney said...

UHH MAH GAWD...the JBone pic. Man I have it bad for him.

Yes my child pisses me off on a daily basis. She always wants to get in my business at the most ridiculous moments. I can play with her all day and the second I want just a sliver of me time it's: Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom...grrrrarrrrr.

She's lucky she's so stinkin' cute. :)

Your boys are adorable.

I need a vacation.

Dangrdafne said...

Well my child is 41 years old and acts just like all of these kids listed above!! LOL!

I think the blogs and comments about all the children in Twitardia is the best contraceptive around! LMAO!!!!!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

@Dafs hey there *waves Yep I think sometimes the stuff we say could be a good deterrent although I would never be without my lovely lads. My 2 are so loving even at nearly 14 and 11, they still cuddle me and kiss me although not in public so much pmsl

Stan said...

Hello! Sorry I've not been about much Ho's, my Mum and Dad came up on Saturday and are here until tomorrow.

Will's 6 today. He drives me mad because he's vague, forgets everything (just like his Dad), lazy and whinges. He asks hundreds of impossible questions. He's also a mummy's boy so seeing as it's his birthday I'll let him off ;o).

Ollie's 4 and interferes in everything. He's bossy and will do things like pulling the TV unit out so he can clean under it when I had no intention of doing it that day.

Harry's 2 and is into everything and awkward. You ask if he wants something and he'll say no but will change his mind as soon as you walk away. Then he'll refuse it again when you get back to him, then protest again when you take it away again.

They all drive me mad because they're messy. They have loads of toys but just build things out of piles of them rather than actually playing with them. It's fab to see them play together though (when they're not fighting!) and they're all loving too - people tell me it's a boy thing!

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Nibbles~your boys are gorgeous and it is most definitely worth it.

Thus the need to blog and get things off your chest~Now doesn't that feel better?

BTW, my girls are slightly lazy and somewhat crazy.

smartEpantz said...

Hi Nibblebits!! Your boys are so stinkin' adorable!! Ugh.

I have a 7yr old boy who is a complete angel. Seriously, he is always full of smiles and can light up a room with just his presence! My only trouble with him is his plethora of medical issues and knowing that he will forever be completely dependent on myself and what I call "Team Zaavan (zay-ven)" to survive.
On the other end of the spectrum is my nearly 3yr old daughter who is always up to some kind of jackassery, and breaks something of mine on a daily basis. Oh, and she's one smart little biotch so I'm pretty sure the shit will hit the fan bigtime when she's a teenager.

I complain (alot) but I wouldn't trade them, and I know how fortunate I am to have children that are my own...

Hugs to all you Mommies!
While you guys are hugging I'm downing a few shots of whiskey....


Jayla said...

95.5% of the time my 5 yr old son is an angel. it's the .5% of the time that makes me want to hide in a closet with my fanfic (oh wait- i do that).. my pet peeve.. he looses more hats & gloves then i can buy in a season. i shyt you not - he's had at least 6 pairs of gloves & hats this winter alone. lets not forget the pairs of jeans & gi pants (with name on label)... mr jayla just laughs about it. wth?

Jayla said...

ahh- Nibbles- gorgeous boys!!!

Twired Jen said...

Cute boys!!! LMAO at your post!
PS...that Jackson Jaw Porn...we Twired Sista's like to call it his "MOS"...(aka, mouth of sex!) That is exactly what it is when he's on stage. It's sex, it's a mouth, it's sex..it's all mouthy sex wrapped into one.
xoxo J

Stacked Like Sookie said...

Your boys are adorable Nibbles. They look so innocent, how can they be yours?! LOL!
15 years ago I bought home the screaming monster from hell and in all this time I still havn't worked out how you can want to kill something that you love so much! He hasn't told me he loves me for about 10 years & I have to tackle him to get a cuddle out of him but he's an awsome kid, even for a teenager!
Three years later I bought home a little girl who is so opposite it's hard to believe they're siblings! So sweet loving & affectionate but a complete space cadet & a slob. Mr S & I say we have to tie a piece of rope around our ankles to find our way out of her room!
I wouldn't wish toddlers or teenagers on my worst enemy! I read somewhere that being a parent is 90% shit & 10% good but the 10% makes up for the 90% 100 times over. Think that's true.
I'm having serious lust issues with Jackson lately. Have you seen him live @Twired Jen? I'm so jealous! Yes Mouth of Sex sums it up perfectly-yum.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Thanks for the comments on my gorgoeus boys-yesa my RL gorgeous boys lol, they are lovely I am so biased, God help any girl they bring back. I generally laid back but real protective of my boys hearts so I better reign it in hehe and they says Dads are bad!

@Sookie-what you mean innocent. You should see them now, they have long hair and my eldest is taller than me and has deep voice, the youngest is so cute well they both are but you know cute as in not turned into teen yet! They both are very loving and I'm so glad they are, they'll happily hug anyone. Youngest is defo space cadet haha.

Jaksperpants is definately growing on me, turning into an itch I gotta scratch lol

Dangrdafne said...

@Sookie - Jen from So Twired has seen Jackson live. Here is a link to one of her posts about the last time she saw him... with pictures :)