Saturday, 30 July 2011

Brand New CFF Blog!

That's right people, we've set up a brand new blog purely dedicated to Community Fan Fic!

Walk this way...

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Locker Room

Hey, it's the Wease here.  Welcome to The Locker Room (Note from Stan ~ I wondered what that smell was...) Edition of Community Fan Fiction. We've dusted off our "dirty thinking caps" because today we will be hosting a "Lisa-fied" version of CFF, which, of course, means ALL SLASH - ALL THE TIME!!

"What? Community Fan Fiction?" You say. "It's not Thursday!"

No, it's not, but today is 17ForeverLisa's birthday, and we've officially declared the day to be

 "Man-Love Wednesday!"

We all know how much Lisa enjoys reading a good slash pull on your jock straps, girls, and grab yourself *snicker* a "dirty thinking cap" and let's write some lemony goodness of the male variety!

Ok, if you're new to CFF, this is how it works.  We'll start you off with an opener, then everyone joins in to add whatever they like; a sentence, a paragraph - it's all good, but fill it with plenty of man-lovin' goodness in honour of Lisa's birthday!  Oh!  And keep coming back and joining in, it's definitely not a 'one-turn only' experience, the more the merrier!

There's only one rule in CFF, and we learnt this one from experience: leave a comment to say you're taking a turn before going to write your contribution, otherwise it can end up with multiple simultaneous postings and we lose our flow ;o).

Le Sigh...

If you haven't visited the other blogs involved in the celebrations, here's a full list - for clicking on while you wait between turns here of course ;o)


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The Locker Room <--- You are here!

Spring Training

Ok, Hobags, here we go!  Let's make this slashtastically epic!  (Intro by Becky)

The Locker Room

“Come on, Edward.” I think you can go get changed and join the rest of the team.

“Thanks coach.” I gingerly got up, not wanting another dizzy spell to park me back on my ass. As I straightened up, I was a little unsteady but nothing major. Getting a baseball to the head is a real bitch!

I walked slowly back to the locker room, smiling as I thought about how we'd just annihilated the other team. My pitching had been on fire, they just couldn't handle me today. Well, all but one of them anyway; Jasper Whitlock. He'd managed to hit a home run, the only one his team managed all game. I was almost certain it was because he'd distracted me when he stepped up to the plate. When he did his practice swings, I couldn't take my eyes off his muscles as they rippled under his tight uniform. His thighs were firm as they held him in position. What I wouldn't give to have them hold me in position.

I rounded the corner and stopped in my tracks. There, standing outside the guest team's changing room, was none other than Jasper Whitlock, in all his tight-assed glory. His eyes, roamed the length of my body, lingering over my crotch, before coming up to rest on my face. Fuck, he'd just been checking me out. I wondered if he was interested in playing another game with me and walked over to stand in front of him, holding out my hand for him to shake.

“"Hi, I'm Edward. I bat for the other team."

Well, techinically I pitched, but I hoped he'd get my meaning.