Friday, 30 April 2010

Friday Fun Five!

Hi Ho's!  Bloody hell, Friday again?  Doesn't time fly?! 

Quick update on our Nibs, she's been sick, which, as she says, isn't good after abdominal surgery.  Get well soon Nibs, we're all thinking of you.

Last week Mr Pantz chose Poptarrts as the winner of FFF, so over to her for this week's questions :o)

Hey all! I'm so stoked to finally get my hands all over this bloggy wogg!
That's right! You have OFFICIALLY been taken over by poptarrts... The great and all mighty!

*waves* hi stoney! Look no hands!!!

Ok..on with the show...

1. Who and where was your first kiss? Was it just a kiss or did you let it go further you little slut..?

2. So I realise that most of you probably can't see past November 2008, for obvious reasons but... What is your very very very never had one before (at least I don't remember it) first memory?

"It was the day my mum dressed me as Rob for the first time, doctor."

3. Have you ever dreamt in colour? Yes COLOUR! You filthly yanks won't tame me! I will use U when and however I like dammit!!!

Who needs colour? *sigh*

4. What's your favourite word? No seriously..I'm curious.

5. And finally... I wanted to end on a happy note. Kstew in a meat mincer! :D Kidding... We all have a secret pleasure... Whether it be gilmore girls or something else..hehe! Something you enjoy doing, watching or eating but you never tell anyone. And no.. You can't answer twilight! Tell me yours... You might win a prize! ..then again.. You might not!

"You want to do WHAT to me??"


Thank you.. Thank you! You're just too kind...

Poptarrts x

Thanks Poptarrts, good questions!  I'm looking forward to everyone's answers.  Answer away ho's!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Community FanFic Thursday - Time for Something Major!

Happy Thursday Ho's!  You know that can only mean one thing, it's Community FanFic day.  And while our good friend Nibbles bravely faces her surgery today, I think the bestway that we can show we're thinking of her is to give her a bloody good CFF for her to read while she recovers.  Good luck Nibs & wishing you a very speedy recovery :o).

Ok, so last week we started a character them with Jake - although I'm disappointed that I still didn't get to find out why his peen is called Janice *sigh*.  Anyway, this week I've decided that I'm going to dedicate our CFF to a character who doesn't always get to play a big part, so to speak, in fics.  I'm talking of course about...

 Jasper!  And not just any Jasper either, I'm talking Major Jasper Whitlock, the Civil War version.  So, let's go..

My ears pricked up as I thought I heard the sound of running water nearby.  I pulled on the reins to bring my horse, Vincent, to a halt, as I listened harder.  Yep, my ears weren't deceiving me, at long last!  I dug my feet into his sides to urge him on again, steering him toward the trees at the bottom of the slope on which we stood.

When we reached the bottom, we picked a path through the undergrowth, until it cleared and we found ourselves next to a wide, natural pool that had formed in the river.  Thankfully the opposite bank was under cover of trees too, the last thing I needed now was to be spotted when I'd done so well at getting away.

I dismounted Vincent and tethered him to the nearest tree, close enough to the water that he could drink.  Anticipation was building in me now as I watched the sweet, clear flowing water, suddenly extra aware of the grime and sweat that coated my skin.  I peeled off the thick layers of the top half of my uniform, discarding them in a heap on the floor, in too much of a hurry to get into the inviting water to fold them.  I sat to unlace my boots.  The action of pulling them off alone, was enough to make me sigh in ecstatic relief, so when I was finally naked and stepped into the cool water I was feling as though I'd died and one to heaven.  I slowly immersed myself in the water.  It was cold, but not unpleasantly so and I felt my body becoming quickly acclimatised to the temperature.  Floating gently on my back I was silent, listening to the sounds of nature all around, when suddenly I heard the crack of a branch snapping beneath somebody's foot on the opposite bank. 

I froze, then a figure came into view....

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Nibbles last post....If I came with a warning label what would it say?

Heeeeeellllllooo ladies and gentlepantz well this will be the last post from me for probably a good few days. Can't blog from bed in hospital but I can get on facebook and my email. So am hoping that I can sort of participate. Stan can email me the FFF and I can mail it back and she can post it...can't you Stan?....can't you? Please say you can Stan....hehehe. I'll either text Stan or Mary and they can let you know how I'm doing tomorrow if I'm able, see you on the other side...

Anyway I was messing about in the drawer in my dresser that holds receipts and hair ties and the general crap I don't leave on my dresser and I came across a little book called 100 Best Ever Sex Tips To Satisfy Him....well needless to say I dunno where this little gem came from but as it said HIM in capitals on it I can only assume that the Precious has somehow slipped this into my drawers (hehe) so as I can deal with him all the more effectively...that right Robert?

No it wasn't this book but I wish it was...this looks far more interesting! Is that the sound of tiny ho's googling I hear? LMAO....

Ok I googled it, you can buy it for $9.95

I think I better warn you, there may be spontaneous combustion of the pants (not you Mr Pantz) the ladies pants (still not you dude)

No, no dear, I'm doing you this time...role reversal you know instead of you being lost and I help you find your way, we're swapping...yes just like the pony girl and the cowboy...shhh

So one of these tips was called "by the window shag". It recommends that you do this at someone else's house otherwise the neighbours won't speak to you again. The idea is that you're naked from the waist down, the window is at just above waist height and basically you fuck whilst watching the world go by and no one knows unless you shout OMG Robert Pattinson is fucking the life out of me really loudly!!

I can't take Rob to my friends house, all my female friends wanna jump him so I thought in car blow job mayhap?

Or maybe on the balcony blow job...mmhmm sounds like a plan...what you think Robert?

Well that smile says it all...balcony here we come!

Tip number 16 says Caress his lips...(oh yes please) "try brushing your lips over his but not kissing him. Or use your fingers to stroke this area softly then slowly insert a finger into his mouth and let him do the rest...

Ooo, um is it hot in here...ahem..I can see that going over pretty well

Um yeah like that really....

is that pants I smell combusting (not you bro, you're safe)

Last tip for today.. favourite. Actually I'm a biter too, but nibbling is good and yes I would nibble Mr Pattinson wherever his little heart desired

Oh my yes, I really enjoyed starting there, wow this should come with a health warning...ok the attics calling. Any ho's up there clear out I need some private time... ROBERT...attic now!

I think Rob definately should come with a warning label lol...something like Proceed with caution large object up ahead hehe. I put this as my status on Facebook today "If I came with a warning label what would it say" friends brother said "Beware! May cause laughter, confusion and heartbreak" Bless him!

So what warning would you give Rob and I?

Monday, 26 April 2010

Seriously deluded people

I was innocently searching for pictures of the precious one a while ago when I found an imposter!! So I searched for more and there's loads of the smarmy fuckers out there who seriously think they look like our beloved.
 I thought i'd share a few with you




Hi, this is Stan, I have no idea WTF is going on.  According to certain pages then there are comments that have been left (I know there is because one was mine), but when I try to view them it says 0 comments.  Sorry!  If you want to leave a comment, please do,hopefully it will still land in my email inbox now I've subscribed to the comments *sigh*.                                                                    

Friday, 23 April 2010

Friday Fun Five-Mr Pantz gets Nibbled

Hello, watcher, alright, nar-then, wor-row folks just to name but a few ways us Brits say Hi...oo another one. Well this weeks Friday Fun Five is a special one because its Mr Pantz; you know SmartEpantz other half and my adopted brother. The problem is that wordiness runs in the Nibbles family and apparently in the adopted one too so bear with us girls, hoist your britches up and hang in there!

rofl bro, dude, you're gameboy game!

Anyway without further ado and too many other words its over to Mr comments are in red from now on (like there aren't enough words already...hehe)

Stoney? They made a stamp of you? Cool!

First off I would like to say what an honor this is. I want to thank you Stoney, for taking a chance on me. You're going to get what you wanted - questions from a man! So understand this might not be your normal FFF.

I am obviously not fully accustomed to the ins-and-outs of your community yet. So if I'm making any faux pas here, I apologize. Hopefully one of these good ladies (LMFAO-good ladies)can see fit to edit them out. :)

I will try to live up to the name and regal heritage that has become: The Friday Fun Five. When I fascilitate I like the atmosphere to be like a party. And by the end of the festivities I have planned for you today your fingers should be thoroughly exhausted. Nice, right? :)
(I know whose fingers I wanna exhaust me-sorry bro)

So in honor of the occasion I have brought a keg of Guinness for any who want. I thought about bringing some wine, since I know so many of you love it, but I don't know the first thing about it. So I thought I would leave it on you to go into the cellar and grab a bottle of whatever your heart desires and bring it back to share with all of us. Great thing about the Twitardia cellar is that it is always full and it has whatever you're looking for... (I did not remove your wine glasses picture I swear to Rob, one minute they were there then poof gone-just like at a party really)

Oh Robbie...I so hope you dit-unt...drinking is bad...sometimes

There are #2 pencils on the table in the corner next to the booklets. Wait until everybody is seated before you break the seals on your booklets. Everyone ready? Alright, let's begin!

1. Name a song that you haven't heard in ten years, yet as soon as you hear the first five notes would still be sick of it.

Oh Ice, Ice baby I really fucking hate you

2. Name a non-twilight movie that changed your life the first time you saw it.

If this is a touching moment still from a movie I'm sorry if I spoil it but it creeps me the fuck out, like its shouting PAEDOPHILE...I apologise if I'm wrong lol...wait...a non twilight movie. Are there other movies out there, I forget

3. A female celebrity that you would totally fuck

She's gonna have to do something about the massive pink beaver patch...I mean pulease

4. Rob made you an indecent proposal and said that the only way he would stray from K is if he fucks you strictly in the ass. Absolutely no vaginal penetration. Apparently that’s one thing he hungers for that she just won’t do.

Do you oblige him?

Suuuub-question (for all those choose-your-own adventurers who said yes): After 2 minutes you can tell he has no idea what he’s doing at all. No warm up whatsoever. No lube other than the one time he smeared some spit across you. He’s just trying to stab it in. And he’s kind of being a dick about it. Yelling at you, “Relax! Fucking relax! How many times do I have to tell you, RELAX!!!! FUCKING RELAX ALREADY!!!!” Peppering the phrase with his not so gentle, blind stabs. It is FAIL!

Do you let him finish?

Someone's been playing Jenga again

AGAIN....please say this is not Jaksper in Breaking Dawn! Or Edward!!!!

There's the wine glasses, wait are they supposed to be here
(whispers to Stan, maybe I need more driving lessons)

5. What is the most memorable thing that you did for a significant man in your life, in the past three months, that took a fair amount of planning to pull off? (We had a chat about this one as I thought the time frame was a bit tight-it depends on what you call memorable I guess but I will let the question stand as is and see what comes up lol)

Is this the sort of thing you wanted hunny?

So there you have it. 5 questions from a man. Could you tell? I am sooooooo looking forward to your answers.

Laters :)

Fuuuuuuuuck, I'm exhausted already and I haven't even answered them...hehe Thank you bro dude...I'm looking forward to the answers too!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Community FanFic-Jacob's New Squeeze.....Toy

Holy Hell Robman it's CFF Thursday last CFF for a week at least as I hopefully go into hospital next Thursday...fingers crossed or should I cross my legs lmao...

Following the dabacle that is wig-gate I came across this picture and couldn't resist nibbling it into a poster hehe...anyway onto the fic...

Just thought I'd chuck a load of Taylor at you (well Stan) seeing as this one is about him...

Jacob Black has come of age (finally) and his widdle cheeks are rapidly disappearing to make him look more um manly...

After being dumped so cruelly by Bella, Jake heads off on his motorbike to burn off some of his hatred for Edward....

Jacob Blacks p.o.v

I headed off into the bright day, the wind in my face felt so good, blowing away the hurt and the disgust I felt with myself for the thoughts I was harbouring about killing Edward and just dragging Bella off to my room. Everytime I thought about her the pain sliced through me, every time I thought of Edward the rage swept over me, possessing my mind and body.

Suddenly the bike slowed, I glanced down and noticed the fuel gauge was on empty. Shit how far had I come. Luckily there was a truckstop ahead and I coasted into the parking lot trying to figure out how I could persuade them to give me enough fuel to get home.

As I put the bike on its kickstand and looked around a girl came out of the diner with a paperbag and some drinks in her hands and looked around for a while. Sighing loudly she turned to go in and spotted me. She walked over and my breath caught as she got nearer "Bella?" I whispered.

"Hey hunny, you ok there? You look like you've seen a ghost!"

My God she sounded like Bella, she looked like Bella, I tentatively sniffed the air...she smelled like Bella, WTF!

Again I spoke her name "Bella?"

"Yes hunny, do I know you?"

"Bella Swan?" I stuttered

"Yes, look are you ok?"

I stared around and realised I was still in Forks "Um Bells, where's Edward?"

"Edward who" She replied and the sun suddenly seemed to shine that much brighter and I grinned at her. "Hey that food gonna go to waste cos I'm pretty hungry"

She passed me the food and smiled back at me, twisting her long hair around her finger, she looked at me under her lashes and said ..."You know something, you're kinda beautiful"

My mouth, full of food fell open...where the fuck was I ? A parallel universe? No one in my way...the possibilities seemed endless...

Ok ladies...take it away...hehe

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Twilight Trivia Fun

Wake up your brains Ho's It's time for some trivia questions

When Bella is in the hospital after she nearly got squished by Tyler (bwahahahaha) What does Daddy C call the nurse?

Where does Bella wear her corsage for the prom?
What does Bella order at dinner with Edward?
                                         I googled fun food pics after removing my filters. I will never look at a hot dog in the same way again so I played it safe with the funky apple instead.                                          

What year did Edward become a vampire?
What is Bella's grandmas name?
How many humans has Rosalie killed?


When Bella is introduced to Jasper at the Cullens what is his response?
Ok Ho's lemme know your answers in the comments


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The post about the wobbly legs.

I was nervous as hell as I pulled into the parking lot of the playground. I'd been on a couple of dates with Bella and I really liked her. I mean really liked her, and I was pretty sure that she liked me too. In all of the previous relationships I'd had, this had been enough for us to continue seeing each other, but this time around there was another factor to consider. Bella's son.

I didn't know much about him, other than his name was Joseph and he was six years old. I climbed out of the car, locked it with the remote and turned to walk toward the play area. I quickly learned something else about him, as I approached the bench where Bella sat, watching a dark-haired little boy sitting on one of the swings: he could bring the most amazing smile to her face.

She offered a small wave as she saw me approaching, and offered another smile just for me.
"Hey," I greeted her warmly, sitting down next to her.
"Hi, Edward," she replied. "How are you doing?"
Before I could reply, a young voice rang out.
"Mom! Mom!"
We both looked up to see Joseph running awkwardly toward us. I frowned slightly as I watched him, trying to work out what was wrong with his gait.
"Slow down, honey, be..." Bella was interrupted by Joseph tripping and flying forward. "Careful," she finished quietly, getting to her feet with aa sigh.
"I'm ok," he said as he got back to his feet, but as she reached him, Bella insisted on inspecting him for injuries. She took his hand and they walked back over to the bench.
"Why don't you just rest for a while?" she said, pulling him onto her knee. He sat for a couple of minutes, long enough to be introduced to 'Mommy's friend, Edward', then he said a polite hello, slid down from her lap and set off back toward the play equipment.

"Maybe we could take a walk to the other side of the park and get an icecream after?" I suggested. Bella grimaced. "Uh, we don't have to, I mean-" I stuttered.
"No!" Bella interrupted quickly. "It's not that I don't want to, it's just that Joseph'll struggle to walk that far. He's got a neuromuscular condition. It affects his legs mostly, we say he's got 'wobbly legs', so he falls a lot and can't walk long distances."
I examined the look on Bella's face as she kept her eyes fixed on the little boy laughing and shouting as he played with another child, trying in vain to keep up as he chased after him, then stumbling and falling again. My heart went out to her.
"It must be tough," I said quietly.
She sighed and turned to look at me.
"Yeah, no-one wants to see their child struggling, or to have to comfort them when they're crying because other kids have been teasing them."
I put my hand over hers as it held gently onto the edge of the seat.

Ok, I'll stop there. Of course, it's not a real fanfic, but I had something I wanted to share this week and thought this would be one way of sharing it that hopefully held your interest a little.

This week - in the UK at least - it's CMT Awareness Week. For those of you who've been around here for a while, you'll probably already know that this is an inherited condition shared by my father-in-law, Mr Stan, and William, our eldest Stanlet. The piece I wrote above is how William and myself would be in that situation (although obviously I edited out the part where I'd take a friend along to watch my son while I disappear discreetly for a quick fumble with Edward behind some trees or in the car).

I'm not going to bore you all with the details, it's about making people more aware of the condition, and if you'd like to know a bit more then you can go here to find out more.  If you can't be bothered doing that - which is fair enough - but there is something you'd like to know then please feel free to ask here, I'm open about the condition and how it affects us.

I'd also like to point out that in no way am I moaning about it.  Yes, it makes life difficult at times and I hate seeing my little boy struggling, in pain or upset about things linked to his CMT, but especially visiting the various clinics and things that we do to see various doctors and other health professionals, you see other children and begin to realise exactly how lucky we are for all of the things that he can do.

Will having a well-earned rest at his school sports day last year, having done nearly everything the other children did and enjoying every minute!

Monday, 19 April 2010

What's your talent?

Morning Ho's

The kids are back at school wooooooohoooooooooooo here's to the blessed silence :)

We have a fantastic TV programme called Britains got Talent and it started again this weekend. Some of the acts are very talented, most make you want to puke over your own feet.

Check out the lovely Tobias from Saturdays show

Pretty good eh?

We all know that Rob is a talented musician

                                                                   Sex god alert!!
Again Jacksper is a talented musician

                                                      Looking goooooooooood!

Kellans talent?

Nuff said!

Taycob is pretty good at martial arts and shit
                                                                   and he rocks the wet shirt look

Apparently the lovely Billy Burke also sings, who knew?!

                                                                mmmmmm mmmmmmmmm

Enough about the talented beautiful people, it's getting depressing ;)

What's your talent?


I have no idea why the videos look as if they're chopped in half. They look fine in the preview, honest :(

Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Edbrella Remember Me Review (sort of!) *no spoilers*

So, here it is, our thoughts on Remember Me, as rambled by myself, Mary, Nibbles & Becky!

S: So, I'll start, initial reactions to Tyler?
I thought he was HOT! Edward who? Give me smoking, drinking, bruised and swearing Tyler over prissy Edward anyday! I'd even put up with the shit-pit he lives in!

N: I thought Tyler was gorgeous, sensitive whilst obviously being a wee bit of a playa too. He obviously was shagging around as most students do, his friend was in awe of his king foo lol.

His inner turmoil about finding his brother following his suicide, of thinking he was heading the same way as he got nearer to the fateful 22 birthday and the way his family was broken was almost too much to bear. I really felt for him. Rob played it perfectly, he was funny, he was full of angst and I thought it was way better than how he played Edward. I think he kinda has his hands tied by Summit there though. Also, when he takes his shirt off...oh ma gawd, I want to lick him all over...

B: mm he did look pretty damn good especially with his cuts & bruises (when the swelling had gone down a bit, lol).

When he pushes her up against the wall after seeing his Dad, that was just so hot, I may have squirmed a bit in my seat! I liked him as Tyler, thought his acting was pretty good.

But I do still love me a bit of Edward.

And I don't care how sexy he looks all wet *sigh*, there is no way I would step foot in that bathroom!! OMG, it had things growing!

N: OMG the bathroom, gag. I have serious issues with dirty bathrooms especially someone elses. It was fucking reisty, to say a word from the black country ugh. Oh the bit when he grabs her Becks yum I was gurgling in my pants...I definately squirmed.

S: LOL Nibbles, you think his king foo is strong?! ;o)
Ok, would I set foot in the bathroom? Hmm, it was pretty rank, I think I'd have succumbed to standing in the bath with wet Rob, but no way I'd have touched the sides of that bath with anything but my feet. The wall bit was definitely a seat-squirmer, I'm with you there Becky. Mmmmm, ok, need to think about that one a bit more....

N: Ok, I'd have stood in the bath with wet Rob, who'm I kidding, but touch anything but him...or way...yuk...yes his king foo and kung foo is strong lol

Strike the Ferris Bueller out and Robert Pattinson you're my I think I fell a little more in love with him after seeing RM, Rob is definitely here to stay in my affections!!

B: Ok, if you didn't have to touch the sides and if you could go somewhere clean immediately afterwards and have a proper shower!!! Even then I'm not sure, ugh it was nasty! When she was being sick, we all decided there was absolutely no fucking way we would have put our heads in that toilet! Can you imagine!

N: I really liked the way he was with his sister too and when he threw that fire extinguisher through the classroom door, I sooooo wanted him then-lmao I'm a saddo I know...but GAWD DAMN


B: I loved the fire ext bit (i would have jumped him there too!), I wanted to slap that blonde bitch, don't care if she was only about 11, lol.

N: I forgot about being sick, although once I was completely stoned in a snooker hall, scoring from these guys. I know, I know, it was only skunk I was getting, anyway we had this fuck off huge spliff and yeah I went off on the whites...had to go find a toilet and the only near usable one was full of shit, the place was rank beyond belief, I threw up on the floor, grabbed my skunk and my then husband and got the fuck out. The place was condemned a week later ugh, bad memories. I woke up in a park, on my own, my husband had fucked off and left me, wanker.

Aw but Robbie was holding her hair and was so sweet to her....I wanted to twat the little blonde girl at the school too, really badly lol

M: I want Tyler. He made me squirm around in my seat a few times. he's a sexy Mo fo. Fact

N: Succinct and to the point my dear lol


S: Very Trainspotting Nibbles!
Yep, I thought the same thing about the loo Becky, but he did hold her hair like a sweetie :o).

N: ugh that trainspotting scene, gag, I think the sex scenes will be way hotter than anything they fade from in Eclipse and BD, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Can't wait for Bel Ami, see more of Rob with his kit off please!!!!!!!

S: How good was that sex scene in the bed? Mmmmmm, subtle but VERY nice, I do believe Nikki said it beat a leg hitch anyday ;o)

B: God yes, much better than a leg hitch, lol!

I don't like Pierce Brosnan as a baddy though, it’s just not right! I much prefer him in Mama Mia, shit singing and all!!

N: He wasn't really a baddie deep down, just caught up but he was a twat lol

S: Having complained about Rob's accent in the clips, I actually didn't notice it in the film, Pierce's was awful though. The little girl was fabulous, I thought she came across as really natural.

What did we think of Ally? I really felt for her when she found out that he'd asked her out for a bet, especially because that wasn't even relevant any more, so frustrating!

B: Did you notice how he didn’t apologise though. When she was packing all her stuff up, he could have said "I'm sorry. It was like that at first, but now I love you". That might have gone down well?
 I liked Ally, but then again I already liked Emilie de Ravin (lucky bitch!). I want the dress she had on when they met his dad for dinner. If I was thinner and younger of course!

This dress Becky?  Apparently my RM pic folder revolves around Rob, PMSL!

Yes, the sister was fab and I agree Pierce's accent was dreadful!

I liked his room mate too, especially his S.L.U.T that he came up with, lol.

N: Yeah he really didn't think the whole it was a bet a first but I love you now thing did he

M: WTF was with pierce's beer gut? he used to be Bond FFS Bond doesn't have a gut!! The accent was shocking.

No way would a British man order a chicken tikka masala either!!

I've got a sore throat btw for anyone who cares *sniff*

N: I didn't mind Rob’s accent at all, Pierce's was really bad though lol, I kept expecting, you guys, shut up else I'll have you whacked pmsl. The little girl was brilliant and I really felt for her when they cut her hair. I'd have gone psycho bitch on them!

I thought Emilie was good, I used to like her in Roswell, I so loved that show and the theme tune sung by Dildo...

My kids have chicken tikka masala cos they’re only just getting used to curries, but no a man would have a dhansak, vindaloo, rogan josh lol.

Poor Mary, hugs, I'm sure Mr Mary will give you summat to gargle LMAO

S: Good point Becky, I was willing him to speak up for himself, but he just bloody sat there!

I still can't get over the state of the apartment, dirty dogs! Aidan was quite amusing, poor bloke having to try and pull with Tyler as his best friend too, that's got to hurt!

Nikki, you know why you have a sore throat - perving at Beacob in the Eclipse trailer again, thought you'd learnt your lesson after New Moon

"Dammit, Tay.  This post's about ME, can't you keep your bulging biceps out of here for once?  Erm, hang on, where did your biceps go???"

N: I thought the ending seemed hurried I was really shocked by the ending though.

B: I HATE sad endings! nuff said.

N: Mary hasn't gone to the doggy side has she?

S: Not really, she just perved a bit too long at Beacob when we saw New Moon, then was struck down with swine flu the next day, she thinks it was God casting his judgement ;o)

N: I agree!

M: Nooooooooooooo but if there's a buff bod to perve over it's rude not to

M: Fuck that's what did it!! They shouldn't let him go topless then, it's bad for your (my) health!

N: That's true, one cannot be rude!

If they let him have his hair long, with the buff bod and now his widdle face is looking a bit older, I could maybe, I'm saying maybe do him!

M: It's his nose that puts me off. It's fucking hugely fat! I'd double bag him though ;)

B: Nope, there's just no way. He is much to short for me, lol. I would maybe lick his abs, but thats it!

N: He has a weird nose....agrees....I couldn't do him then lol

B: If you did it doggie, you wouldn't have to look!

M: ROFL good point!!

S: With the bonus of not being able to see the neck or the fingernails...

N: Argh I forgot his lack of height, ugh, weird nose, short, widdle's a no go, I'm backing away ppl, bring me a rob stat
B: When you say "Widdle" it makes me want to pinch his cheeks, lol.

S: Arse cheeks?

N: Ok he has a fantastic bod, but he is too short I like tall, real tall, Rob and Alex Skarsgard (Eric, True Blood) tall, tall really turns me on lol

M: *high 5* for Eric

S: Beacob has been known to stand on a box, you could pretend ;o)

M: I bet he has buns of steel

Oh fuck, i'm soooooooooo gonna regret this new bout of perving

S: Yep, you'll be struck down good & proper by morning ;o)

N: He's not as buff in Eclipse, so I heard....have to wait and see

No I snogged a shortie when he stood on some steps, I couldn't stop laughing, it wouldn't work, what happened to reviewing Remember Me lol

B: No, I didnt mean arse cheels, lol. I bet they are indeed buns of steel! Just peachy

S: High 5, total fucking NOM on Eric, I'd NOM all of him any day, he is up there with Rob for me, damn what I'd give for a sandwich pmsl

errrr the neck and fingernails, it’s getting worse

S: Erm, Remember Me? Isn't Rob moley? ;o)

M: Oh Fuck here we go with mole watch pmsl

S: I put that one in just for you ;o).

B: Mole watch, lol. He does though, I did notice a few. But all his dirty sex noises took my mind off them! Not that theres anything wrong with moles I hasten to add.

S: It started when I was looking through Nikki's New Moon calendar yesterday Becky, all of the stars have moles on their faces on the pics that I've never noticed before, I said we'd have to check up on them lol!

B: I've never noticed, must have a closer inspection. I'm not in a position to pass comment anyway since I have loads, lol.

N: I have moles, moles are good unless they go bad. You don’t want a bad mole, no no not good. I’d shag Rob moles and all and Eric and Jasper and Kellan and Gerard Butler and Hugh Jackman and Angel and Damon. Ok imam slut, I don’t care, ho, slut, shag munster, cougar pffft bring it on boys… There’s definitely some VILF about!!!

Er this kinda just ended cos we all went of to cook and stuff so in summary, we all loved RM, we thought it was well acted by all, the accents were a little hokey and the Rob is hotter than Edward in this film. So there you go that’s an Edbrella opinion haha

"Thanks Ho's!  How can I repay you?"
Erm, how about a bum shot Rob?

"Oh, go on then, Stan, seeing it's you"

Thanks Rob!  It was a pleasure ;o).

Oh, and I get the feeling Mary is going to hate me for how I've done this post - she's colour blind.  Oops!