Friday, 23 April 2010

Friday Fun Five-Mr Pantz gets Nibbled

Hello, watcher, alright, nar-then, wor-row folks just to name but a few ways us Brits say Hi...oo another one. Well this weeks Friday Fun Five is a special one because its Mr Pantz; you know SmartEpantz other half and my adopted brother. The problem is that wordiness runs in the Nibbles family and apparently in the adopted one too so bear with us girls, hoist your britches up and hang in there!

rofl bro, dude, you're gameboy game!

Anyway without further ado and too many other words its over to Mr comments are in red from now on (like there aren't enough words already...hehe)

Stoney? They made a stamp of you? Cool!

First off I would like to say what an honor this is. I want to thank you Stoney, for taking a chance on me. You're going to get what you wanted - questions from a man! So understand this might not be your normal FFF.

I am obviously not fully accustomed to the ins-and-outs of your community yet. So if I'm making any faux pas here, I apologize. Hopefully one of these good ladies (LMFAO-good ladies)can see fit to edit them out. :)

I will try to live up to the name and regal heritage that has become: The Friday Fun Five. When I fascilitate I like the atmosphere to be like a party. And by the end of the festivities I have planned for you today your fingers should be thoroughly exhausted. Nice, right? :)
(I know whose fingers I wanna exhaust me-sorry bro)

So in honor of the occasion I have brought a keg of Guinness for any who want. I thought about bringing some wine, since I know so many of you love it, but I don't know the first thing about it. So I thought I would leave it on you to go into the cellar and grab a bottle of whatever your heart desires and bring it back to share with all of us. Great thing about the Twitardia cellar is that it is always full and it has whatever you're looking for... (I did not remove your wine glasses picture I swear to Rob, one minute they were there then poof gone-just like at a party really)

Oh Robbie...I so hope you dit-unt...drinking is bad...sometimes

There are #2 pencils on the table in the corner next to the booklets. Wait until everybody is seated before you break the seals on your booklets. Everyone ready? Alright, let's begin!

1. Name a song that you haven't heard in ten years, yet as soon as you hear the first five notes would still be sick of it.

Oh Ice, Ice baby I really fucking hate you

2. Name a non-twilight movie that changed your life the first time you saw it.

If this is a touching moment still from a movie I'm sorry if I spoil it but it creeps me the fuck out, like its shouting PAEDOPHILE...I apologise if I'm wrong lol...wait...a non twilight movie. Are there other movies out there, I forget

3. A female celebrity that you would totally fuck

She's gonna have to do something about the massive pink beaver patch...I mean pulease

4. Rob made you an indecent proposal and said that the only way he would stray from K is if he fucks you strictly in the ass. Absolutely no vaginal penetration. Apparently that’s one thing he hungers for that she just won’t do.

Do you oblige him?

Suuuub-question (for all those choose-your-own adventurers who said yes): After 2 minutes you can tell he has no idea what he’s doing at all. No warm up whatsoever. No lube other than the one time he smeared some spit across you. He’s just trying to stab it in. And he’s kind of being a dick about it. Yelling at you, “Relax! Fucking relax! How many times do I have to tell you, RELAX!!!! FUCKING RELAX ALREADY!!!!” Peppering the phrase with his not so gentle, blind stabs. It is FAIL!

Do you let him finish?

Someone's been playing Jenga again

AGAIN....please say this is not Jaksper in Breaking Dawn! Or Edward!!!!

There's the wine glasses, wait are they supposed to be here
(whispers to Stan, maybe I need more driving lessons)

5. What is the most memorable thing that you did for a significant man in your life, in the past three months, that took a fair amount of planning to pull off? (We had a chat about this one as I thought the time frame was a bit tight-it depends on what you call memorable I guess but I will let the question stand as is and see what comes up lol)

Is this the sort of thing you wanted hunny?

So there you have it. 5 questions from a man. Could you tell? I am sooooooo looking forward to your answers.

Laters :)

Fuuuuuuuuck, I'm exhausted already and I haven't even answered them...hehe Thank you bro dude...I'm looking forward to the answers too!


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. pantz....

1) The fucking Conga song by Gloria Estefan. Still hate it.

2)Love, Actually. I never realized how much I love British men until i saw that. LOL!

3)Angelina Jolie. I don't feel like explaining why....

4)OK..I would have said yes, then for the sub question I would have totally told him to shut his stupid face and go jerk off. Not into being yelled at or hurt...

5)I was laughing so hard because as I read this I thought "only 3 months?" and then I read Nibbles commentary saying the time frame was a little tight and then I didn't feel so much like a douche bag! Anyway...the last thing I did for him that required planning was ... holy shit. I don't think I've done anything, besides shave appropriately. Does that count???

Becky said...

1. Definately without a doubt its the Macerena song. Eww, still makes me shudder!

2. Titanic with Leonardo DeCaprio! I cried so hard and for days I was just really sad! I also wanted to leave my hubs, marry Leo and have his babies!! I was young, don't judge, lol!

3. mm it used to be Angelina Jolie but she is looking a bit stressed, bless. Shockingly I can think of loads more lol! But I am going to go with Eva Mendes, she just looks hot & dirty!

4. Yes, lol! He can use those magic fingers elsewhere and I can give him a helping hand!

4a. ooh that question made me involuntarily clench!! Certainly not!! As much as I love Rob, sometimes you just have to say FUCKING STOP!!

5. mm thats a hard one! *snigger* . The only thing I can think of is going out for his birthday. I took him to see Avatar and had to arrange for a babysitter, but thats it!

Awesome questions Mr Pantz. I kinda like answering qu.'s posed by a man!

Stan said...

Bloody hell, think I need a lie-down now. Thank God there's no sound on this blog ;o). Ok, here goes...

1. Name a song that you haven't heard in ten years, yet as soon as you hear the first five notes would still be sick of it.
Aah, that would be Brian Adams, Everything I Do - it was number 1 in the charts over here for 16 fucking weeks, or something equally ridiculous. Oddly enough I never met anyone who bought it :oS

2. Name a non-twilight movie that changed your life the first time you saw it.
ET. I saw it at the cinema when I was five and was so traumatised by grief that I've never been able to watch it again since. That long, poky finger still makes me want to weep, nearly as much as Beacob's manky ones.

3. A female celebrity that you would totally fuck
Assuming this is in a parallel universe where my body could match a celebrities, right? Seeing as after the CFF parallel universes are our theme this week ;o). It would have to be the obvious devious choices of KStew or Annalynne McCord in the hope that their men are home, because nobody springs immediately to mind - apparently Heat magazine isn't the place to look for inspiration, lol!

4. Rob made you an indecent proposal and said that the only way he would stray from K is if he fucks you strictly in the ass. Do you oblige him?
There's no way I'd refuse Rob anything that I oblige my husband, so in a dramatic turnaround from my previous responses to questions on this subject, I have to say yes (Ha TwiWeasel, bet you didn't see that one coming!! Well, it was my birthday ;o). Shit, I hope RL people aren't still reading this blog. *blushes*)

Sub-question - do you let him finish?
Nope, not a chance, I don't care who it is, I'm not putting up with that!

5. What is the most memorable thing that you did for a significant man in your life, in the past three months, that took a fair amount of planning to pull off?
I reminded him incessantly when my birthday was approaching. This meant that he was able to get me a present, instead of forgetting and getting a load of grief for it. His thoughtfulness was then rewarded (see answer to Q4).

Nicely done Mr Pantz :o)

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Ok my go now-I have read the other answers, I always do just cos I prob won't get chance later and Stan!!!! You dark horse you, they always say its the quiet ones hehe.

1)Annoying Song-can I say a few? Well I fucking gonna anyway-no one's the boss of me...well I suppose the Hobbit but in name only..Ok well Come on Eileen-Dexy's Midnight Runners (ack), Eye Of the Tiger-Rocky theme can't remember who sang it-both those songs haunted me one summer and I hate them. Also the Final Countdown by Europe-gag and most of Gloria Estefans songs and that fucking Take my breath away from Top Gun-I'll fucking take her breath away you whining bitch!

2)Non Twilight movie?????? Ok it was Schindlers List-because it made me realise more than any history lesson ever in school just what man is capable of to another human being. It changed my life because I became a much more tolerant person, not of colour or religion because I'm laid back about that anyway but just of people in general. It made me think that I don't want my children to grow up in a world where that sort of treatment is deemed permissable. I cried buckets it makes me cry now and it still makes me feel good that there are people who will stand up for others in extreme circumstances.

3)Female Celeb-Oh man I've had a girl crush on Angelina Jolie for forever, those lips and she's fucking filthy so you know she's gonna be good and up for everything. Also Scarlett Joho-for the same reason cos she looks a dirty bird hehe-Can I have a 3 some please?

4)Yep-absolutely, nowt wrong with a bit of bottom action...b) would I continue-once I'd beat the boy into submission and talked him through the finer points of anal penetration which you know I would-No way would that lad get away with his nonsense with under those circumstances he would continue and he'd never want to leave. If Mr Pantz says I can't use my natiral Domme charms on him then no cos no fucker hurts my ass that way!!

5)Thing done for man-Jeebers save me-Me and Mr Pantz had a little discussion about this and why this question came about. What have I done for my man-Not a lot-I arranged for the boys to go see a movie so me and him could indulge in some handcuff, flogger, vibratory, sexy time action because we hardly ever get that sort of time anymore. Going further back in time I arranged for us to get married at his beloved Aston Villa, that did take some arranging in private before I sprung it on him. Otherwise its not because I'm always blogging or on twitter, fb, messenger etc. I'm known in the bloggyverse for my raunchy, no frills, wordy, naughty, silly, attitude...not for the amount of time I spend on here. I make time to spend with my husband, computer time very rarely eats into our time and we spend a lot of time doing stuff together. So apart from the stuff I said, not a lot but not because I neglecting him x
Mr Pantz...bro...(wipes eyes) Luv ya man!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Can I also say at the top of the page is a link to Bewitched Bookworms 100th Follower giveaway-go see, they're giving away some fantastic stuff plus a blog makeover by Mrs Vanquish!!!! Please go check it out...

Mary said...

1. Name a song that you haven't heard in ten years, yet as soon as you hear the first five notes would still be sick of it.
I dunno about 10 years but it's every christmas for me. Cliff (heave) Richards missletoe and wine. Eww I actually get a little bit sick in my own mouth just thinking about it
2. Name a non-twilight movie that changed your life the first time you saw it.
Blade! I had a very strong reaction when I first saw Wes in that outfit
3. A female celebrity that you would totally fuck
Ok, i'm gonna say Angelina, she's hot. However, i'm not gonna lick her tuppy. I really don't fancy doing that, ever.
4. Rob made you an indecent proposal and said that the only way he would stray from K is if he fucks you strictly in the ass. Do you oblige him?
I'd love to say yes but I just can't do it. It hurts too much :(
And if anyone shouted at me like that i'd rip their bollocks off
5. What is the most memorable thing that you did for a significant man in your life, in the past three months, that took a fair amount of planning to pull off?
Does cooking our anniversary dinner count? Well i'm saying it does cos I made a baked cheesecake that takes about 5 hours to cook.

Good Q's mr Pantz xx

Stoney said...

*THIS IS NOT STONEY...This is Poptarrts. I'm just posting for her b/c she is w/o internet and I am her dutiful wifey always.* Enjoy!!

1. Inspector gadget. Definitely. It used to be a recurring habit, where a girl would walk into school humming it and then I'd spend the day watching the entire school subconciously humming it until I near pulled my hair out!!
Du du doo du doo inspector gadget!!! *jazz hands*

2. Girl interrupted. I am OBSESSED with anything "crazy"..and this movie started it all. Not only that, but it also contains ALL my favourite actresses...which then leads me on to question 3.

3. Angelina jolie. Definitely mrs P... I have loved that woman since I was old enough to know what a lesbian is... But I have to admit Megan fox is also a candidate.

4. The answer is no. Noone tells me what to do when it comes to sex. Besides, if I were in talking distance to Mr pattzy... He wouldn't even get a chance to lay down conditions. Rapes not rape when you shout SURPRISE! Right?

5. This answer was a toughie. For one thing, EVERYTHING I do for my boyfriends is well thought out and take a fair amount of preparation. There's just too many times... But... Hmmm... Can I take a pass? Or maybe like I have to do something else... *winks suggestively at Mr. Pantz* *catches sight of smarte glaring* ha... Bye!! *scarpers*

Just so you all know, I wrote this all out on my phone because I love you all so much! See how much I care? Mmmmhmmmm...


Stoney said...

1)Song to which I grind my teeth and earmuff myself over:
(hehe..I actually have Vanilla Ice on my iPod. Don't dis the Vanilla one...)
Probably the Verve Pipe "Freshman" I seriously hate that song. The Verve Pipe are from Grand Rapids so they overplayed it before they were famous and then after fame it was like they played it every other song on the radio. That was a horrible summer. I'm such a music fiend though I have several more.

2)Movie that roxor'd my boxors so hard I couldn't see straight afterwards: had to ask a movie question. You do realize that I was origionally going to film school right? Ok..#1: Schindlers List for sure. I won't get into filming styles or the use of color in the movie b/c then I will start sounding like someone else we all know...hmmm...Mr. Pantz?
#2. Into the Wild - OMFG This movie was completely life altering. From the film itself to the story that twists around your heart and makes you long for that kind of freedom regardless of cost.

3)Who would I go tribbing mad over?:
LOL..well, Michelle Rodriguez first and foremost. She has a power. I like the fem-boys I can't help it. Shane on L Word? Hummina.
And then Megan Fox for shizzy. But she wouldn't be allowed to talk.

4)Patzy Ass Play:

"I have found some kind of temporary sanity in this Shit, blood, and cum on my hands.", so you said no vaginal PENETRATION. I would play Let's make a Deal and he would have to pay attention to the downtown area with his glorious mouth prior to the butt bang but yes, this would be permissable.

As for ass, not even Patzy is worth my exit door being splayed open with fleshy spear.

5)Specialness for the manboy - I don't kill him in his sleep. He should be thankful. And I work hard so he can afford to buy all his tools and buy six different cars in the past year so he can flip them and sell them b/c I know that is what he loves. Not exactly something I plan out...but sacrifice and patience takes planning. I also go with him to every car show, drag race, car cruise he wants and fetch him his soda/food/cruise passes as needed without complaint.
I am planning a surprise BD party for him for his 35th...but that is not within the time frame you alotted.

Good job Sir Pantz...mucho lurve.
As for the great Dorito Debate...I am a fan of dipping... however there are occasions where crushed is the preferred method of munch.

Musing Bella said...

Wow wow we-wow. OK, writing, then reading, as per always...

1) Hmmm... it might be a tie between The Humpty Dance and The Thong Song. Barf.

2) Changed my life? Geez. This is a really hard question. "The Man in the Moon."

3) Drew Barrymore. She's cute, I love her, and I bet she wouldn't be judgmental or anything - it would probably be a super fun time.

4) Absolutely not. My husband gets first dibs in that area, and if I won't let him, I definitely won't let some hot young (presumably inexperienced) thing. Now, if this question was about Masterward... ;)

5) In the past three months? Jesus. I feel like a wife FAIL. I am racking my brain, and I can't think of anything I have done in that period of time that required a lot of planning (this is kind of a specific question, you know?).... um... I made him carrot cupcakes for Valentines (carrot is his favorite), and I made brownies for him to take to his cast before his last show closed... all of my answers involve baking...

SHIT! I have to go to work, this took me so long... these were tough questions, but good ones, Mr Pantz! Happy Friday everyone!!

Dangrdafne said...

1. Name a song that you haven't heard in ten years, yet as soon as you hear the first five notes would still be sick of it.

I am so glad I read the comments first because I couldn't think of anything but Nibbles helped me out (thanks sweetie) - Come on Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners BLECH - I think I block it from my mind so I couldn't remember it LOL :)

2. Name a non-twilight movie that changed your life the first time you saw it.

Angie with Geena Davis - it lead me to calling my then boyfriend, now husband, and telling him I loved him and wanted to always be with him. Maybe I need to watch that again to remind myself why I felt that way. *Off to Netflix*

3. A female celebrity that you would totally f*


4. Rob made you an indecent proposal and said that the only way he would stray from K is if he f*s you strictly in the ass. Absolutely no vaginal penetration. Apparently that’s one thing he hungers for that she just won’t do. Do you oblige him? Do you let him finish?

No and No

5. What is the most memorable thing that you did for a significant man in your life, in the past three months, that took a fair amount of planning to pull off?

I guess it was memorable and planning wouldn't be the correct word for "pulling it off" but this is all I've got: we had two huge "what the hell is going on with us" talks and one of them had me telling him I wanted to leave. Ironically one of the problems in our relationship is that I plan many memorable things for my hubby and he never does for me. I have planned surprise parties for him, gotten people together to be there when he won an award, found all his jobs for him, helped him start in the local theater, and planned all our vacations. The talks helped (especially the me admitting to wanting to walk out part) and we are working on things, so we shall see. First up, we are going to finally celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary that was in February (2/9) by going to see a mouse in Florida, the site of our honeymoon - we leave next Friday and he started the planning first on this trip.

I loved the questions Mr. Pantz. I love that you have joined our cult... um... group. It is nice to have a male opinion every once in awhile.

TigerlilyRose said...

1. "Safety Dance" my number one all time FUCKING HATE that song! though you are all sure to remind me of some others.

2. Shakespeare in Love. I am a Willie S. nut, and I freaking love this movie!

3. Ashley Green...and it has nothing to do with Twilight...she is just fucking HOT!

4. Yes and fuck no. I would log him into and tell him to get some fucking lessons and then come fucking talk to me! Amateur

5.Um...three months is a seriously tight window, for real! My hubs never seems to appreciate my surprises like I think he should. Think I shaved my legs once or twice though...with three kids that def takes planning! LOL...UM, if we say in the last 18 months however, I did actually pull off a fabulous surprise party with some friends he hadn't seen in quite a while for his birthday. he loved it and proved it to me later...he is not an Amateur!

Sorry E but we all LOVE Mr a brother...a cult brother

TigerlilyRose said...

@Mr do know that we will all be pissed at you by the end of the day when our "Number one fucking hate it song" has been going through our head all day! Already want to blow my brains out! "You can dance if you want to. You can leave your friends behind..." ugh, shoot me now!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

@Dafs-Glad I could help out-I totally hate that song. I had gone for a 2 wk jaunt to Newmarket to stay with a friend and her family. I'd gone on my own, booked my ticket & everything. i was 14 lol, they played that and Eye of the frickin tiger that whole 2 wks. I was ready to kill some fucker by the end of it. Mr Pantz I have had those songs I mentioned plus some that others have mentioned that I forgot I hate running through my head all day. You pushed some buttons here brother o mine. Thank god for getting in the car and wiping them out with a bit of Disturbed and the double cd Corrosion. Sometimes some thrash helps a body lol

Stan said...

I just had to have my photo taken for the local paper with my inlaws & the kids. Trauma. Just sharing!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Mrs P, Mary, Poptarrts-Hi 5's what it is about Angie baby apart from those lips hehe, although Stoney I had forgotten about Michelle-Loved her in Resident Evil 1 the film, Hmmm I like Milla Jovovich too.

Just wanna say I will try catch up with everyones blogs, been a bit stressed and I tend to conk out and go to sleep when I get like that, just fretting over next week its no biggy. I have ALOT of work to catch up on too sigh.

@Dafs-Loving you answer to 5...remember the email lol. Think I'm gonna live by that hehe. HUGS xx

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

@STAN-CELEBRITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why what how?

Mary said...

@Musing Bella arrrgghhh I've got the Humpty dance going around in my head now, and even worse than that I can't remember what film i've heard it from! HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Stan said...

@ Nibs - Mother-in-law just finished 12mths as County President of Lady Farmers & raised £3000 for the neuromuscular physio dept at the hospital. They were coming to take one of her, but then asked why she'd chosen that charity, so she told them about Will & that it was awareness week, so then we all got bloody dragged in - apart from Mr Stan, jammy git. They're emailing them later and they'll be in the paper tomorrow. Want an autograph? ;o)

Oh, and I was dying to ask if Rob could be on it, but was too shy, lol

Stan said...

WTF is the Humpty Dance?!!

Dangrdafne said...

@ Stan - I'll take an autograph :) That is a really wonderful reason to have your photo taken.

Mary said...

Do the Humpty hump Here

Mary said...

@Stan will it be online????????????

Stan said...

You don't need to know that information ;o)

Mary said...

Holy Fuck a baby has been born in Britain weighing 13lb 15oz. It came out the sun roof though. Imagine the state of your fadge after giving birth to that!!! Giant baby

Mary said...

@Stan never mind i'm sure mr Stan will kindly forward me a copy ;) what time will he be home????? MUAHAAHAAHAHAAHAAA

Stan said...

@Mary. Evil woman. I'm pretty sure the photographer's going to have got all the manky sheds on in the background. I might let you all see, if you're nice to me.

Mary said...

Awwwwwww I'm always (nearly) nice to you :)

TigerlilyRose said...

OOOHHHHH, eeeewwww the humpty dance...ugh!

Stan, WOW good for Mom in Law...sorry for the picture, but anything to raise awareness right! People give more when they can put a face on the charity!

TigerlilyRose said...

@Stoney....ooooh yes, definitely down with the Michelle Rodriguez choice...for sure!

Stan said...

@Mary, Um, your comments about me at Remember Me? Hmmm.

Becky said...

@Stoney Shane on L word, oh good call! mmmmm

Mary said...

@Stan oh yeah I forgot about them. They were well deserved comments though you have to admit! I just found Call of Booty :)

Stan said...

I could make well-deserved comments to people all day lady, but I don;t because it would be rude :oP

CoB is the dog's!

Mary said...

@Stan you were in full spazz mode that night, admit it!
CoB rocks!

TwiWeasel said...

1. I can't stand "Rico Suave" by Gerardo. Gah!! That song just drives me up the wall!! Thanks a lot, Mr. I've got that shit stuck in my head!! (BTW @ Nibbles...I fucking LOVED "Ice, Ice, Baby.")

2. Now, I realize that this may come as somewhat of a shock, but I fell in love (?) with Jim Carrey in "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective." Not really. But I totally love that movie, and after seeing it, have loved (nearly) everything that Jim Carry has been in since. If you've met my husband, you'd understand. (Am I right or am I right, Tigerlily?)

3. Do you remember the video for "Man, I feel like a Woman" by Shania Twain? Now Shania herself doesn't really do it for me in's just that video. *groan* Mr. TW and I had lots of fantasies together over that one. Other than that, I would sooooooo do Sarah Chalke. Yum. I want to bury my face in her boobies and give her a motorboat! *wink*

4. Rob's indecent proposal...Do you oblige him?

In real life, nope. Not a chance, because I wouldn't cheat on my husband.

BUT>>>for the sake of the game and the fantasy, I'll say yes. Because I've been known to enjoy a little backdoor action on occasion.

Suuuub-question...The first time he touches me without (a) some warm up action or (b) lube, I will fucking kick him so hard his dick will come (or cum) out his own ass.

As a side note, I have to ask @Stan why she immediately thinks of me when she announces that she had (and enjoyed) a little Chocolate Starfish Wish?

5. What is the most memorable thing that you did for a significant man in your life...I will give two answers. The first thing is one I do for my husband every April. I allow a bunch of his hunting buddies to come in and take over my house/garage/livingroom/bathrooms every year and I don't bitch. (Much...They are my friends too.) I try to keep my life and the kids' lives fairly normal for the few days that they're here, but I also have to clean up after and cook for these guys. This is significant for two reasons: 1. I hate to cook and 2. I hate to clean.

The other thing I'm doing is coming up next weekend...I will uproot my organized life *snicker* and flying with my mother (that's the generous part) down to Arizona to visit my brother and his family. I only have the one brother and I haven't seen him for over a year. They had a baby in February, and I can't wait to see her. I am leaving my kids and husband to fend for themselves for a few days. I think (hope) they can survive without me. Perhaps...they will see how much I do for them while I'm gone and appreciate me. Doubt it, though.

Excellent questions, Mr. Pantz...E is very lucky to have such a man as you. You are waaaaaay cooler (at least online) than Mr. TwiWeasel is. At least about some stuff...he's pretty cool too, in his own way.

TwiWeasel said...

Here's where we differ, chicks. I personally think Angelina Jolie is bow wow chow. Ew. Gross. Not in a million years. *gag*

Just sayin'.

Stoney said...

Glad to see I'm not the only Michelle Rodriguez fan...LMFAO.

@Becky..Shane...oy. The things I would do.

@Mary - Stan - Thanks for the CoB love!!!! Much appreciated. My wifey is currently writing up the next chapter as I type. Gotta love her dedication so when it comes out make sure you show her some love.

@TwiWeasel- I was all about Angelina in FoxFire and Hackers...Angelina now, *vomit*.

Twired Jen said...

1. Easy. "I'd do anything for love" by Meatloaf.
(Mrs. P, the Gloria Estefan "Conga" song comes in a real close 2nd! Gah, that song makes my skin crawl!)

2. Clueless :) And, I have seen it probably close to 300 times in my life.

3.Scarlett Johansson. So HOT.

4. Nope. It's called the poop-shute for a reason. Not even RPattz sparkly peen gets near my ass.

5. I baked him his favorite cake (yellow w/ chocolate frosting) for his birthday. I even decorated it with icing...attempted to make a golf club & ball on a green. LMAO!

Jayla said...

Hi Mr Pantz, great questions.... posting & then reading

1. Name a song: Walk This Way (Run DMC & Aerosmith)

2. Name a non-twilight movie that changed your life the first time you saw it: Love Actually

3. A female celebrity: Angelina Jolie (Brad can jump in)

4. Anal w/ Rob – um, hell ya! Seriously- if he’s fumbling that much…. I’d go get KStew for him. I don't do amateurs.

5. What is the most memorable thing that you did for a significant man in your life: After 11 years of marriage I told him I wanted a divorce. (We’ve been separated for a whole 3 weeks)

Jayla said...

@Mrs. P. I see we have the same taste in movies :-)

@Becky: Macerena - OMG- spot on.

@TwiWeasel: PMSL at #1

Really, I did not realize Ms. Jolie was so popular :-)

Dangrdafne said...

@Jayla - we have a very similar #5 answer. I am proud of you for knowing what you need to do for yourself. We are working on ours to see where we are at. If you ever need someone to talk to please feel free to contact me.

smartEpantz said...

Nice queries Mr.P! As usual I'm answering, then reading...

1) I do not have to think about this. "Glycerine" by Bush. I will fare well if I never have to be ear raped by that song again.
One time (about 14yrs ago) Mr. P and I were driving around and that song came on the radio...we promptly changed the station only to hear it on the next one. We changed it again and it was playing on ANOTHER FUCKING STATION. At this point we laughed about how we couldn't seem to escape the song and changed the channel guessed it folks...IT WAS ON THAT FUCKING STATION TOO!!! Same song, playing on 4 mutherfuckin' stations at the same time!!! Luckily Mr. Pantz was there to witness this experience, or no one would ever believe me.

2) I would say Megan Fox...cuz she's smokin' hot. But you used her pic, so I'mma have to go with my next choice. Scarlett Johannson. I mean LOOK at her...she screams sex! Those eyes..lips...curves. Plus, maybe I could talk her into a 3 way with her husband. YUMMY!

3) The Exorcist. Yep. I was 12 when I watched it a slumber party and it seriously fucked me up! I had to sleep with my mom for like a month after I saw it, and even 22 yrs later it still scares the bejeebus out of me. I seriously get afraid that Regan is gonna jump out behind my shower curtain when I'm in the bathroom. Not kidding.

4) Well...**taps forehead** I'm thinkin'...

It didn't exactly take alot of planning, but I made Mr. Pantz's fave meal of alltime. Pork chops w/ homemade milk gravy and homemade mashed potatoes. I know how much he appreciates it when I make it for him, and he showers me with praise. :)
It should be known that I make the best fucking homemade gravy EVER!!! It is an art that I have perfected.

Before that I orchestrated a 3 day getaway for the 2 of us over his birthday. I know that was way over 2 months ago, but it was a pretty fucking big deal. To me anyway. I think Mr. Pantz had a good time too. ;D

5) Um, no. No way. Unless maybe Rob let me don a strap-on and have a go at him afterwards. I'd tell him I would be just as gentle as he was. **smirk**

Thanks for the questions love! You did good.

TigerlilyRose said...

OMG, E...I have the same affliction with Nightmare on Elm Street...watched it with a friend when I was 13 and to this day I still have nightmares about being killed in my sleep. All it take sis seeing the movie poster or jacket...and now they fucking gone and remade the fucker. I am screwed!

Banshee713 said...

1. Song that makes my ears bleed: All Saints' 'Under the Bridge' *barf* Those whores fucking MANGLED it. The rest of their songs suck royally too, but that one takes the cake.

2. Movie that changed my life: Star Wars: the movie that officially turned me into a nerd.

3. Girl-crush: Christina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil. Damn that chick's hot. If it has to be someone everyone's heard of, I'd say Katie Perry. Not sure why, I just think she's cute. Angie used to be hot, (Alexander, anyone? w-o-w), but now she just looks thin and haggard.

4. Butt-sex: If he wasn't being a complete douche I'd consider it, but he is, so I wouldn't. I don't take orders well, I'm not even crazy about Domward fics (MotU being the exception) because I have this compulsion to kick him in the nuts and tell him to fuck off. So I'd have to say no, on both counts.

5. WOOOOOOHOOOOOO for being single and not having to give a rat's ass about planning anything for anyone, which I suck at anyway. Just ask my recently-turned-fifty-mom.... :/

Great q's Mr Pantz. Nice to have a dude hangin round ;)

smartEpantz said...

HAI!!! *waves*
I'm a jumbuck who can't seem to remember the order of five tiny little questions!
Sometimes I really worry about myself.

that's Mr. Pantz to you said...

Fuck me. What a looong, looooong ass 12 hour workday. However, with kids now in bed, my customary Friday bowl of vagina steaming nicely beside me, I think we're ready to attack this fucker. Been loving the answers so far and am very glad that you seemed to enjoy them! @Nibs - my own video game? Really? Awesome! I just hope no one gets the wrong impression assuming that I like to run around dressed only in a bowler hat, a red speedo, and a fierce porno stache. And Princess Leia's gold bikini? Ahhh...... (smile) Very nice. I feel throughly Nibbled.

(I am a 34 year old man and I have the insane urge to SQUEEEE!!!!. What's happening to me?!)

So I suppose I need to answer these questions. let's see...

1. - Hands down, and I know I'm probably going to get some flack for this, it's got to be Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden. Damn I love them and am super stoked that they are reuniting and playing Lollpalooza this year, but that song. WAAAAAYYY too many times in the summer of '94. Just couldn't get away from it.

2. - Grumpy Old Men. The scene towards the end where Burgess Meredith is talking to Jack Lemmon (don't fully recall the exact quote) "I'm 94 years old. The first 70 or 80 years go by pretty fast. But now I watch the hours, minutes, and seconds tick by. And at the end of it all, do you know what you've got left? The experiences." It actually changed my approach to life and I ended up making some choices which invariably lead me to E and several years later have now lead me to all of you as well.

3. - This is a hard question because I don't know that I really have one. I mean, I tell the women in my dreams that I'm married for crying out loud! Of course I usually wake up going, "WTF is wrong with you?!" However, after deliberation, I would have to go with... Maggie Gyllenhaal.

4. - BWAHAHAHA!!! This question makes me laugh so hard I tear up a little. Glad to see you ladies actually do have limits to how far you will go to be near to/accomodating for The Precious. And my answer, were Rob ever to propose that to me would be twofold. #1. - "I always had a sneaking suspicion that you were into dudes..." (sorry sisters, that shit is funny to me.) and then of course, "No thank you. If I picture taking it up the ass, when I turn around, there's always a woman at the other end of the dick."

5. - Just had a guy move into town recently and start working with me. He is just one of those people who I feel like I've know for years even though it's only been a few months. And what do I do for someone special in my life? That's right. Make them a mix CD. I spent probably the better part of 2 weeks selecting songs with certain lyrics and moods and then fit them all together in an order that not only sounds kick ass, but takes you on a musical, emotional, and psychological journey. I'm pretty fucking proud of it. Great title, too. When I asked E what I should call it, she simply said, "Name that shit yourself." I said, "Thank you very much. It's perfect."

I had so much fun doing this! You are all so wonderful, truly, I adore you all. Thank you for the warmth and kindness and all around witty jackassery that makes this such a great experience. Much love. Laters... :)

Banshee713 said...

@Mr Pantz: In order to make Q3 fair, you should have to choose a GUY celebrity. C'moooon, we wanna knooow!

that's Mr. Pantz to you said...

@banshee713- touche. give me a moment. i'll think about it.

that's Mr. Pantz to you said...

shit, that didn't take very long. no question. eddie vedder. yeah, i'd fuck eddie. the long hair and his sensitive nature would help me "ease into" the transition...

TigerlilyRose said...

Eddie Vedder...Perfect...LMAO

WV realvecu--dont' know what it means but it strikes me as really fucking funny

Banshee713 said...

Hmm, Eddie Vedder huh? Cool. Thanks for playing. Most guys I know won't even consider that question, so good for you, man! ;D

that's Mr. Pantz to you said...

i aim to please. :) seriously, i don't know why guys freak out about it so much.

Musing Bella said...

LMAO - I finally got to come back and read everyone else's.

@Stan - The Humpty Dance is, of course, your chance to do the hump. ;)

@smartE - I thought you were offering gravy as a lube alternative. No?

Everyone's movie choices made me go, "Oh, YEAH, that was a good one." There's some life-changing shit up in here. Now, I'm off to tryst with Drew all on my lonesome. *waves* All y'all have fun with Angie and her worn out coochie!! ;) MWAH!

TigerlilyRose said...

No Angie for me....

that's Mr. Pantz to you said...


that's Mr. Pantz to you said...

@TigerlilyRose- no, if I recall it would be Ashley Green for you...

wv - mastr - I SHIT YOU NOT!!!!!!!!!!

that's Mr. Pantz to you said...

wow. just took the time to read all the responses carefully. i'm not deciding just yet, i'm going to leave room for any who may have wanted to play but not been able to yet.

what strikes me most is just the sheer transparancy that you exhibit. it is so refreshing. it's kind of weird being a lone man amongst women, but it's extremely rare tofind this type of communication amongst men. they just don't talk like this.

you are all just so clever and brilliant in your own right. it is such a pleasure to read such writing daily.

honestly, i don't know why any man in his right mind wouldn't want to be at this party... you chix fucking rawk!!!! :)

TigerlilyRose said...

AWWW...Mr Pantz, you are gonna make us blush! And BTW only a very enlightened man could hang with a bunch of crazy chix like you must be enlightened...LOL...or just equally crazy!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Oh brother you are wise!

twilightcupcake said...

Oh this is different. A guy asking us questions. I'm sure you'll figure out I'm almost always the last one to answer b/c I am too busy working on Fridays unlike these lazy bitches - okay, so kidding here, since it's easier to be at work than home with the kids.

1) U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer. Hammer pants? enough said.

2) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - the old one. I am a sugar fanatic (strange for a doctor I know) and to see the dream come alive was awesome.

3) Tough one. So many pretty girls. Angelina Jolie from Tombraider or Kate Beckinsale from Underworld or Jessica Alba whenever.

4) Yes to the first part all the way. Um, no I would finish him off another way but no lube anal stabs is a total fail.

5) How about watching the advanced oral sex video he downloaded for me to watch when I got home from Hong Kong and then obliging him by actually practising on him (and perfecting my technique btw) since then? I think that takes dedication.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

@tc advanced oral vid pmsl I wanna see that!

Mary said...

Awwwwwwww Mr Pantz we're honoured to have you here :) I know Mr Mary would sit cowering in a corner if I threw him in here with all the mad Ho's so kudos to you x

Raitz said...

Holy verbiage! Love it - read post and comments start to finish (I think my kids may have made their own lunch by now...) my retinas are almost too tired to comment, but I'll soldier on because it's Mr. Pantz I can't let this opportunity go by unanswered.

1) Makarena, hands down (...I said, get your fucking hands DOWN!! woah, don't know what came over me there...)
2) Dead Poets Society (many more since then - I'm a bit of a movie nut, but that's the first one that I couldn't stop thinking about...)
3) Hmmm... good question... Angelina seems popular, she'd do for sure. So would Charlize Theron.
4) No, not today (sorry, Rob, you missed missed the hay-day of my experimental university years...)
5) hmmm... it doesn't take much to make Mr Raitz smile - a quick shower before bed is all the planning I usually need... however I also need to plan to go to bed earlier (i.e. stop reading blogs) so that takes a fair amount of effort to pull off (tee hee... "pull off"...)

that's Mr. Pantz to you said...

Again, thank you to everyone. I had a wonderful time and you all were incredibly welcoming, incredibly sweet, and incredibly tolerant. :) I hope it was as fun for you as it was for me.

Now to the hard part. As enjoyable as everyone's answers were, there can be only one. And there is one set, for me, that stands out a little from the rest. First off, this woman went to a lot of trouble just to make sure her answers made it. Secondly, she thre in a rape joke. And while rape is not necessarily funny, I'm with George Carlin who said that its all about context and you can truly joke about anything. You pulled it off! But the one that pushed things over the cliff for me was not the offer of Quid Pro Quo, "Or maybe like I have to do something else...", but rather what was used in that offer. I'm sure it was a complete coincidence, but "something else..." (complete with elipses) was the name of my old blog. When I saw it again in print, i nearly shit for a second. I couldn't believe it.

So.... for all of those reasons Poptarrts,who was Stoney, who was not really Stoney, but Poptarrts by proxy - congratulations! You've won this week's Friday Fun Five!

Well, off to an exciting evening with E and Sia! It has been awesome. Hopefully we can do this again some time. :)

Pantz is off!

Musing Bella said...

Yay Poptarrts!!! Congrats, girl!