Monday, 12 April 2010

Smells like peen spirit hehehe

Hey Ladies and ho's you must have seen/heard about this rumour that Courtney Love wants our Precious to play Kurt Cobain? Me thinks she just wants to get into Robbies pants more is the blurb from the Sun newspaper over here.

"Courtney Love wants Robert Pattinson to play Kurt Cobain, and according to the The Sun, Robert Pattinson has been offered the role. Can Robert Pattinson play a drugged out rock star like Kurt Cobain? I think it's a stretch from the quiet romantic, Robert Pattinson to Kurt Cobain as Robert Pattinson.
Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain's wife says it's so, and she wants Scarlett to play Courtney Love. Of course, what Courtney Love wants and what will be . . . "

Eeep scarey looking or what

Now I remember Kurt as being quite a hunny when he was clean & sober, something about those blue eyes, the angst he so obviously suffered from. He was the epitomy of the troubled artist.
I loved Nirvana. Nevermind, the iconic album spoke absolute volumes to me and I still love it to this day.

As I've mentioned I used to blag tickets to gigs as I wrote a few lines here and there for a couple of fanzines, nothing fantastic but it was a brilliant time for rock music and me!! The Seattle scene was opening up, coffee shop rock as it was called was taking over; Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, MotherLove Bone, Sonic Youth and Kyuss amongst many others were making it big and I was in my element.

I saw Pearl Jam at a tiny club in Birmingam called Edwards Number 8, I eventually worked there as a bouncer...yes I said bouncer, I also took the money on the door.
I met Eddie Vedder backstage for a chat and he was quite odd lol, very poetic and very, very attractive ahem...He was extremely hard to interview as he spoke so quietly but he talked about how meaningful his music was to him and what it meant to be able to play live and there was passion in that man.

Can Rob pull it off? I want to pull it off Rob please...

Now Nirvana played the Hummingbird in Birmingham and I couldn't get me a free pass so I bought tickets...shock £7.50 a princely sum lmao and I blagged a back stage pass when I got in, I knew the staff so it was fairly easy. The gig was once of the best I had been to, the energy they played with, every ounce of emotion was rung from each note they played. The crowd was frantic, excited and blown away. Nirvana was just breaking, Nevermind was fast becoming THE album to have and Teen Spirit was an anthem for the forgotten, the down trodden, the hormone crazed teens of that moment. When they played it, the whole place went supernova, I thought rioting might start as the pit became a mass of fighting animals. Fantastic! Teen spirit was in the air and every fucker was breathing it...hell yeah!

When I got to speak to Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl, they were totally and utterly wasted, worn out and wrung out. Kurt was barely coherent, not through drugs but because they had put so much in to the gig. Krist was the most articulate and Dave was the funniest whereas Kurt was the most magnetic and said the least of anyone. He had piercing blue eyes and was definately the poster boy for the lost and bewildered. I actually felt sorry for him. He wanted to make music, he wanted to be famous but he admitted that fame wasn't all it was cracked up to be. I said that this was only the start for them and he nodded but looked very glum. I was only 5 minutes in his presence but my heart went out to him big time.

They both pull similar faces lol

Cut to 27th November 1991 The Hummingbird in Birmingham £7.70 on the door lmao soooo cheap
I was here fuck yeah!

So there you go, sorry not lots of Rob pictures but I still love this band, Dave Grohl has gone on to form Foo Fighters who I also adore...wonder if he'll remember me LMAO...I wish... and Krist Novoselic played in several other bands after the demise of Cobain but nothing really came of them and now he writes a weekly column for Seattle News Weekly on music and politics.

Do we think Rob can pull it off? I dunno, there's the accent thing....I think he has the talent for it, he's certainly got angst off pat and it would stretch his acting abilities and give him chance to play music so yeah I think I'd go with him (hehehe). I dunno about Scarlett Joho to play Love though, I think she is over estimating how her looks were pmsl.
What's you opinion girlies?

Just thought I'd leave you with this. I wanna cover all his bases...nom, nom


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Yeah the video is kinda crappy but it was 1991 lol and it was massively crowded, it sounds like me in the background talking and probably was pmsl...oh happy days

Stan said...

@Nibbles, you never cease to amaze me. I started off giggling like a school girl at the title of your post, then end up stunned by your experiences. Meeting Nirvana backstage in some club in Birmingham? !!!!

I can totally see why you were given the review writing gig, your descriptions are magic. Can't wait to meet you in real life girl, I'm gutted that, as you said, we're so near yet so far at the mo :o(.


P.S. Apparently this is just a rumour, you'll have to keep your Rob/Kurt fantasies separate for a while longer ;o)

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Oh aye I meant to say its only rumour lol.
I only met the band for like 5 minutes, i had about half hour with Eddie Vedder and I got totally wasted with Soundgarden when they played the Institute, i pissed off Kim Thayall the guitarist oops. I also met Magnum, Kyuss, Def Leppard, Faith No More, Primus, god so many others but they were only starting out then, great fun. Actually soundgarden were massive then cos they were pimping black hole sun, just before they broke up sigh, I met them around Allens Wrench time first, because my friend Ted in America used to promote local bands and he set it up, happy days...wish I had kept it up sometimes

Stoney said...

Hmmm...I have to ponder this for a bit.
I have a deep love for Kurt Cobain and although I love Patzy I dunno. I think he could do it sure, but still, I dunno.

Nibbles. Loved this post. Jealous you got to meet some kick ass bands. My ex was an autograph hound and worked security at RiverPort here in St. Louis so he often dragged me along to wait for bands outside their tour buses and although I got to meet some cool people (Marilyn Manson being the #1 awesomesauce...really really cool and sweet guy) I was always slightly embarassed and felt bad bothering them. I didn't have your balls.

Great post.

Oh, and Scarlett for Love? HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Z Any Mouse said...

They're not going to try and get Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen to play the part?

By the way, last May I went to a Chris Cornell concert. He decided to leap into the crowd, and the next thing I knew, my hands were around his waist. I died.

twilightcupcake said...

Nibbles those are awesome stories! Please regale us further with your epic rock star encounters and we will live vicariously in your past. So cool!

Dangrdafne said...

And such is the life of Nibbles - amazing and wonderful. I agree with Stan that your posts about music and musicians are so entrancing. I can hear it all and feel it too. I have no idea is Rob can portray Kurt so I will leave that up to the acting gods to decide.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Aw thanks guys! I loved my time going around, writing my thoughts about the bands and their music. I was lucky to fall into it quite by accident. I got to meet some incredible people and get totally lashed with them. It was at a time in rock music when great things were happening,new sounds and new bands. I felt so alive as I loved doing that hobby I guess. When I lived up north I used to go to the baths hall an old swimming baths that became a band venue; faith no more played there before they got famous and they had the original singer chuck moseley then. I got back stage which is easy when you know people lol got to talk to them and chuck was amazing such a lovely sweet energetic man. I was so sorry to hearhe left, there were only 13 ppl there that night lol. Next time mike Patton yum had taken over and there were 200 ppl there and were just touring as the real thing was released. Gotta admit as much as I liked chuck mike was a star in waiting. Absolute dynamite on stage. He was gorgeous, he was magnetic you couldn't take your eyes of him. He joined the fans in the bar and chatted to everyone. They were still fairly new so he wasn't harrassed that much. It had only been about 9 months since they had last been there so mike bordin and toddy bottum yes that's his name remembered me. They said I looked like a punk madonna haha I had green curly hair and wore lots of lace so go figure anyway I got to meet mike and my first crush proper began pmsl.
I don't wanna sound like I'm bragging. I was just incredibly incredibly lucky. I'll leave it there and tell another tale another time like the Phoenix festival one where the wildhearts camped with us and we played pissing gameshe he

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Sorry roddy not toddy lol I'm on sons iPod again x

smartEpantz said...

Nibbles you lucky fucking cuntsack! I don't know whether to love you or hate you over the face that you talked to EDDIE FUCKING VEDDER who is the only other person of celeb status besides the Precious that I have utterly fallen in love with. ~sigh~

I love me some Kurt...I remember the day he died. He was nothing short of a musical genius and Nirvana is still one of my fave bands.

I'm not sure if Rob could do the role though.

Oh. I also fucking LURVED Mother Love Bone...I still listen to that disc.

@Stoney ~ You met Marilyn Manson?? Fucking rad!!! I know that in RL Brian is a sweet and highly intelligent person. Love him.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Stacked Like Sookie said...

OMG Nibbs, I don't know whether to love you or hate you! I decided I love you but am super envious of your experiences! Lol! Rob as Kurt? Hmmm, dunno. Apparently there was heaps of people who hated the idea of him as Edward and now we couldn't imagine any one else. What is laughable is Scarlett as Courtney! PMSL at that one!

17foreverlisa said...

I still think Rob should play John Lennon, but if he did agree to take on Kurt, I'd buy into it in a heartbeat. And the possibility of him playing a guitar and singing? Hell ya!!

And that last pic of Rob is so fucking hot, Nibbles. Hoping it gives me sweet Rob dreams tonight!


Banshee713 said...

You met Soundgarden you bitch?! Okay, so I was like nine when they broke up. Audioslave were more my time. Still gutted about them breaking up. Rage are waaaay overrated - I hate Zach de la Rocha. But Tom Morello (guitar) is a legend, Tim Cummerford (bass) is a ride and Chris Cornell's voice makes my panties melt. Seriously the perfect combo. Rant over. And I still hate you Nibbles. In the nicest possible way, natch :)

@Z Any Mouse: I still hate you too for touching my other precious.

Rob as Kurt? I'm not sure how I feel about that right now. I think he could pull off the angsty stuff, but I don't know. And Courtney is definitely dreaming if she thinks she looks like Scarlett Johannsen, lmao.

Banshee713 said...

Oops, just realized I spelled Commerford with a u instead of an about a Freudian slip. Mmmm Tim Cummerford...totally intentional that time ;D

that's Mr. Pantz to you said...
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that's Mr. Pantz to you said...

damn, sis. where do i start? *deep breath*

ok. so first off i want to say thank you for what has to be the single handed greatest post that i have yet read in my time in the twidistrict of (blog). your post made me reflect, first off, to the day he died. don't know why i remember it so clearly, but i do. my friends and i had gotten completely wasted the night before and were up early and functioning on about 3 hours of sleep. we were driving one of the guys home in the rain and as we sat outside his house to make sure he got in ok, the news came over the radio. shocking and surreal moment. we of course were duty bound to smoke all day and listen to his entire catalog. even the crappy stuff off incesticide. (calm down! yeah sliver and molly's lips are kick ass. but there was some crap on that record. admit it!)

i think rob could do it. maybe that's just me. weird though... i'm more than sure you've heard him (rob) sing and i think he would do a great job. since i've never heard him scratch his vocals in kurdt's screaming style, i can't really picture that. i DO know that when i hear him singing classics like "come as you are" and "lithium" in my head, it totally fits. imho.

i love this post obviously because it is about many bands that were influential in my first metamorphosis from a youngin' to a much more whole and individual being. i remember seeing mike patton with faith no more on saturday night live the first time in '88 and wanting my hair to look like his immediately. long on top, shaved on the sides and back, pulled into a ponytail. the height of late '80s cool. (interesting post-script to the hair story, i keep that doo for 3 years.)

time would fail me if i went into detail about pearl jam, soundgarden, and the rest. so instead i'll leave off here with a question.

have you ever seen the movie Hype! ?

and yes, sis, this post does officially make you a name dropping whore... don't think i didn't notice. what are brothers for? :)

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Whacks younger bro up side head ho indeed.....damn I've only just been adopted into the family and you know me so well. Not seen hype but I loved the film singles at that time and the soundtrack totally loved that waterfall was in there by jimmy Hendrix and seasons by chris cornell who was another total crush. I was gutted that kurt died I think I spent the day in the costermonger in Birmingham and the pen and wig pubs wasted. It had to be done pints of black velvet with jack chasers! Also agree about incesticide. My days of blagging backstage Are gone I can still do the talk but the youth and bod that went with it are long gone. Does my love of grunge rock and metal shine in this post lol I really buffed it up. Along with the shit I had going on there were a lot of shining moments that sustained me. I really should write a book but I think the wildhearts would sue me pmsl I know Ginger would have a major epi spaz on me hehe. Done now till next time. Not the usual rob post but hope it was enjoyable x lovin my adopted family too :0)

smartEpantz said...

@Nibbles & @Mr. Pantz I feel so warm and cozy right now...happy festivus!!

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Damn Nibbs.

I'm still struggling to find words to comment. I don't know where to begin. Pearl Jam? I think I would die if I was in Eddie's presence, more so than if I were in Rob's, for sho. Mike Patton? MIKE PATTON? Thud! There's no person in this world who could've restrained me from trying to hop him. Seriously.

And then, Kurt. What can one say to that except that I am honoured to be your twin, LoL.

I often think about that time when grundge was just starting to reach us. What a super creative era, inspirational and so different from everything that has come after it. I haven't seen Hype either. Must get a hold of it.

And finally, I agree with Mr.Pantz, Rob could so play Kurt. I think he'd be perfect for the role actually, but I won't put my hand in fire until after I've seen Remember Me and saw for myself whether indeed our boy is capable of acting.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

I'm kind of embarrassed now lol that I've told everyone about one of my other lives. It was all so easy back in the late 80's and 90's when grunge came about the bands were laid back and as young as the fans and were into meeting them, the fans weren't as rabid about touching them etc. Well there may have been a few but I spent alot of that time in a haze. I went to see a band called the Atomseed, now defunct they played the Sanctuary in Brum and I was upstairs in the vip bar, another blag, getting absolutely pissed on free alcohol hehe yeah man! When it came to writing about them, I had pen, pad to do track listing but I was so wankered I couldn't read what I'd written. I had to ring a fellow that wrote for a proper mag called Kerrang, the journo was called Morat and was pretty up there in his own right/write lol as Kerrang was a bible. He told me either take it seriously, work at it and continue or give it up cos no one wants to read a pissed up review...very true I thought but by then things were pretty shit with the ex and it was getting time to leave so I never carried on the dream blah. No regrets I had a fucking good time hehe. Also I only chatted to Eddie for like 30 minutes and about 5 or so with Nirvana although I totally was in Nirvana at that time. Charismatic ain't the word dude and dudettes

Z Any Mouse said...

@Banshee17 - Hey, I can make it up to you. The next time I get my hands around his waist, I'm not letting go, but I'll tell him "Banshee says hi!". I love Audioslave too. Did you hear that Soundgarden is getting back together? It's posted on Chris Cornell's website, and maybe his Facebook page.