Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Edbrella Remember Me Review (sort of!) *no spoilers*

So, here it is, our thoughts on Remember Me, as rambled by myself, Mary, Nibbles & Becky!

S: So, I'll start, initial reactions to Tyler?
I thought he was HOT! Edward who? Give me smoking, drinking, bruised and swearing Tyler over prissy Edward anyday! I'd even put up with the shit-pit he lives in!

N: I thought Tyler was gorgeous, sensitive whilst obviously being a wee bit of a playa too. He obviously was shagging around as most students do, his friend was in awe of his king foo lol.

His inner turmoil about finding his brother following his suicide, of thinking he was heading the same way as he got nearer to the fateful 22 birthday and the way his family was broken was almost too much to bear. I really felt for him. Rob played it perfectly, he was funny, he was full of angst and I thought it was way better than how he played Edward. I think he kinda has his hands tied by Summit there though. Also, when he takes his shirt off...oh ma gawd, I want to lick him all over...

B: mm he did look pretty damn good especially with his cuts & bruises (when the swelling had gone down a bit, lol).

When he pushes her up against the wall after seeing his Dad, that was just so hot, I may have squirmed a bit in my seat! I liked him as Tyler, thought his acting was pretty good.

But I do still love me a bit of Edward.

And I don't care how sexy he looks all wet *sigh*, there is no way I would step foot in that bathroom!! OMG, it had things growing!

N: OMG the bathroom, gag. I have serious issues with dirty bathrooms especially someone elses. It was fucking reisty, to say a word from the black country ugh. Oh the bit when he grabs her Becks yum I was gurgling in my pants...I definately squirmed.

S: LOL Nibbles, you think his king foo is strong?! ;o)
Ok, would I set foot in the bathroom? Hmm, it was pretty rank, I think I'd have succumbed to standing in the bath with wet Rob, but no way I'd have touched the sides of that bath with anything but my feet. The wall bit was definitely a seat-squirmer, I'm with you there Becky. Mmmmm, ok, need to think about that one a bit more....

N: Ok, I'd have stood in the bath with wet Rob, who'm I kidding, but touch anything but him...or way...yuk...yes his king foo and kung foo is strong lol

Strike the Ferris Bueller out and Robert Pattinson you're my I think I fell a little more in love with him after seeing RM, Rob is definitely here to stay in my affections!!

B: Ok, if you didn't have to touch the sides and if you could go somewhere clean immediately afterwards and have a proper shower!!! Even then I'm not sure, ugh it was nasty! When she was being sick, we all decided there was absolutely no fucking way we would have put our heads in that toilet! Can you imagine!

N: I really liked the way he was with his sister too and when he threw that fire extinguisher through the classroom door, I sooooo wanted him then-lmao I'm a saddo I know...but GAWD DAMN


B: I loved the fire ext bit (i would have jumped him there too!), I wanted to slap that blonde bitch, don't care if she was only about 11, lol.

N: I forgot about being sick, although once I was completely stoned in a snooker hall, scoring from these guys. I know, I know, it was only skunk I was getting, anyway we had this fuck off huge spliff and yeah I went off on the whites...had to go find a toilet and the only near usable one was full of shit, the place was rank beyond belief, I threw up on the floor, grabbed my skunk and my then husband and got the fuck out. The place was condemned a week later ugh, bad memories. I woke up in a park, on my own, my husband had fucked off and left me, wanker.

Aw but Robbie was holding her hair and was so sweet to her....I wanted to twat the little blonde girl at the school too, really badly lol

M: I want Tyler. He made me squirm around in my seat a few times. he's a sexy Mo fo. Fact

N: Succinct and to the point my dear lol


S: Very Trainspotting Nibbles!
Yep, I thought the same thing about the loo Becky, but he did hold her hair like a sweetie :o).

N: ugh that trainspotting scene, gag, I think the sex scenes will be way hotter than anything they fade from in Eclipse and BD, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Can't wait for Bel Ami, see more of Rob with his kit off please!!!!!!!

S: How good was that sex scene in the bed? Mmmmmm, subtle but VERY nice, I do believe Nikki said it beat a leg hitch anyday ;o)

B: God yes, much better than a leg hitch, lol!

I don't like Pierce Brosnan as a baddy though, it’s just not right! I much prefer him in Mama Mia, shit singing and all!!

N: He wasn't really a baddie deep down, just caught up but he was a twat lol

S: Having complained about Rob's accent in the clips, I actually didn't notice it in the film, Pierce's was awful though. The little girl was fabulous, I thought she came across as really natural.

What did we think of Ally? I really felt for her when she found out that he'd asked her out for a bet, especially because that wasn't even relevant any more, so frustrating!

B: Did you notice how he didn’t apologise though. When she was packing all her stuff up, he could have said "I'm sorry. It was like that at first, but now I love you". That might have gone down well?
 I liked Ally, but then again I already liked Emilie de Ravin (lucky bitch!). I want the dress she had on when they met his dad for dinner. If I was thinner and younger of course!

This dress Becky?  Apparently my RM pic folder revolves around Rob, PMSL!

Yes, the sister was fab and I agree Pierce's accent was dreadful!

I liked his room mate too, especially his S.L.U.T that he came up with, lol.

N: Yeah he really didn't think the whole it was a bet a first but I love you now thing did he

M: WTF was with pierce's beer gut? he used to be Bond FFS Bond doesn't have a gut!! The accent was shocking.

No way would a British man order a chicken tikka masala either!!

I've got a sore throat btw for anyone who cares *sniff*

N: I didn't mind Rob’s accent at all, Pierce's was really bad though lol, I kept expecting, you guys, shut up else I'll have you whacked pmsl. The little girl was brilliant and I really felt for her when they cut her hair. I'd have gone psycho bitch on them!

I thought Emilie was good, I used to like her in Roswell, I so loved that show and the theme tune sung by Dildo...

My kids have chicken tikka masala cos they’re only just getting used to curries, but no a man would have a dhansak, vindaloo, rogan josh lol.

Poor Mary, hugs, I'm sure Mr Mary will give you summat to gargle LMAO

S: Good point Becky, I was willing him to speak up for himself, but he just bloody sat there!

I still can't get over the state of the apartment, dirty dogs! Aidan was quite amusing, poor bloke having to try and pull with Tyler as his best friend too, that's got to hurt!

Nikki, you know why you have a sore throat - perving at Beacob in the Eclipse trailer again, thought you'd learnt your lesson after New Moon

"Dammit, Tay.  This post's about ME, can't you keep your bulging biceps out of here for once?  Erm, hang on, where did your biceps go???"

N: I thought the ending seemed hurried I was really shocked by the ending though.

B: I HATE sad endings! nuff said.

N: Mary hasn't gone to the doggy side has she?

S: Not really, she just perved a bit too long at Beacob when we saw New Moon, then was struck down with swine flu the next day, she thinks it was God casting his judgement ;o)

N: I agree!

M: Nooooooooooooo but if there's a buff bod to perve over it's rude not to

M: Fuck that's what did it!! They shouldn't let him go topless then, it's bad for your (my) health!

N: That's true, one cannot be rude!

If they let him have his hair long, with the buff bod and now his widdle face is looking a bit older, I could maybe, I'm saying maybe do him!

M: It's his nose that puts me off. It's fucking hugely fat! I'd double bag him though ;)

B: Nope, there's just no way. He is much to short for me, lol. I would maybe lick his abs, but thats it!

N: He has a weird nose....agrees....I couldn't do him then lol

B: If you did it doggie, you wouldn't have to look!

M: ROFL good point!!

S: With the bonus of not being able to see the neck or the fingernails...

N: Argh I forgot his lack of height, ugh, weird nose, short, widdle's a no go, I'm backing away ppl, bring me a rob stat
B: When you say "Widdle" it makes me want to pinch his cheeks, lol.

S: Arse cheeks?

N: Ok he has a fantastic bod, but he is too short I like tall, real tall, Rob and Alex Skarsgard (Eric, True Blood) tall, tall really turns me on lol

M: *high 5* for Eric

S: Beacob has been known to stand on a box, you could pretend ;o)

M: I bet he has buns of steel

Oh fuck, i'm soooooooooo gonna regret this new bout of perving

S: Yep, you'll be struck down good & proper by morning ;o)

N: He's not as buff in Eclipse, so I heard....have to wait and see

No I snogged a shortie when he stood on some steps, I couldn't stop laughing, it wouldn't work, what happened to reviewing Remember Me lol

B: No, I didnt mean arse cheels, lol. I bet they are indeed buns of steel! Just peachy

S: High 5, total fucking NOM on Eric, I'd NOM all of him any day, he is up there with Rob for me, damn what I'd give for a sandwich pmsl

errrr the neck and fingernails, it’s getting worse

S: Erm, Remember Me? Isn't Rob moley? ;o)

M: Oh Fuck here we go with mole watch pmsl

S: I put that one in just for you ;o).

B: Mole watch, lol. He does though, I did notice a few. But all his dirty sex noises took my mind off them! Not that theres anything wrong with moles I hasten to add.

S: It started when I was looking through Nikki's New Moon calendar yesterday Becky, all of the stars have moles on their faces on the pics that I've never noticed before, I said we'd have to check up on them lol!

B: I've never noticed, must have a closer inspection. I'm not in a position to pass comment anyway since I have loads, lol.

N: I have moles, moles are good unless they go bad. You don’t want a bad mole, no no not good. I’d shag Rob moles and all and Eric and Jasper and Kellan and Gerard Butler and Hugh Jackman and Angel and Damon. Ok imam slut, I don’t care, ho, slut, shag munster, cougar pffft bring it on boys… There’s definitely some VILF about!!!

Er this kinda just ended cos we all went of to cook and stuff so in summary, we all loved RM, we thought it was well acted by all, the accents were a little hokey and the Rob is hotter than Edward in this film. So there you go that’s an Edbrella opinion haha

"Thanks Ho's!  How can I repay you?"
Erm, how about a bum shot Rob?

"Oh, go on then, Stan, seeing it's you"

Thanks Rob!  It was a pleasure ;o).

Oh, and I get the feeling Mary is going to hate me for how I've done this post - she's colour blind.  Oops!


Becky said...

We do have a lot to say lol! I enjoyed doing that almost as much as watching the film! But you might want to change it to "full of spoilers" at the top, we tell everyone the ending!!

Stan said...

Oops, bloody Nibbles gave it away in her summary! Edited it now, sorry if anyone read it first, oops.

Mary said...

Fuck me we do go on! I managed ok with the colours Stan, it's the pale colours on a pale background that I struggle with on the blogs

Mary said...

Pmsl@ the no spoilers fuck up. Sounds about right for us;)

Dangrdafne said...

LMAO!!! I absolutely adore you ladies. I mean it, you make me smile and laugh all the time. I LOVE your commentary here although I got a little lost with the Jacob stuff in the middle - NOT that I am complaining ;)

My favorite scene was the birthday cake for Tyler - the look on Rob's face just before blowing out the candles wrenches my heart. I really liked this movie. Thanks for your review.

Raitz said...

I have to echo Dang ^ in that I love how Jacob and his tight buns made it into your Remember Me discussion...

Stan said...

@Raitz Yep, I managed to slip him in ;o)

@Dangrdafne, glad you enjoyed it.

Bloody quiet without Nibbles isn't it?!

Becky said...

@Stan It is quiet! Where is everybody else? Must be the sun.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

HELLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry I was absent I was at an indian baptism and then a mega fucking party after. The kid was onlt 1 years old but fuck me, that with his baptism, hell yeah party on dude! They do it in style!!! Free bar as long as it was lager, bottles of bud or mild I think, then bottles of wine, vodka & whiskey on the tables with coke, lemonade and fruit juice as mixers or for kids, a cold starter, started then a hot starter that we thought was main meal cos it had samosas, shami kebab, hot spicy potato cakes, fish balls, chick pea dahl, and I forget all the other stuff, ooops, then we had birthday cake then main meal of lamb balti, vegetable balti, tandoori chicken, lamb koftah keema, rice, chapatis, naan bread and even more stuff it was mental. Got home just before midnight, that kid has great parties. My body is aching with dancing to all th4e banghra music, fabulous disco. My neighbours are amazing, such a lovely family. Shame I've got my mum coming today to harsh my buzz lol. Be back later!!! Going to carry on reading True Blood books, on last one again till new one out in June, grrr, I can't wait I need to know. I am definately head over with Eric lol, such a man, well Vamp, think I might do a VILF post, yanno Vamps I'd like to hehehehe. Laters babys xx

TongueTwied said...

Pierce seems like a baddie but as my hubby pointed out to me after this movie not once did the Dad deny helping Tyler. His bark was worse than his bite.

I'm trying to figure out how Tayboy made it into your post. I guess because Aidan wasn't a hottie you guys filled his space with Tayboy?

I thought same thing about the toilet while she was puking. There's no way that is anywhere near a tidybowl. Then Rob just lets her fall on her face on the tile floor. ouch!

great conversation! Made me laugh right along with it!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Brilliant post, looking forward to Eclipse, we need to review it the same way for sure....I dunno how the Beac got in there, I;m not a mahoosive fan of his so Stan & Mary were perving really...they can't help it!

Stacked Like Sookie said...

Love your review, had me pissing myself & agreeing with all of it. Tyler was soo rootable & i just wanted to jump into the screen & kiss him all better. Rob's all moley too & I wanna play join the dots now. His pastey white legs made me giggle, those suckers would glow in the dark! I gasped & burst into tears when those fucking little molls cut his sisters hair off. That was too much for me. I would have loved to hit the little bitch over the head with the extinguisher.
Your christening sounds a blast @Nibbs. My engagement party was boorriinngg....we we're hme in bed by 11.00. Oh well. Indian baptism's sound the go.

17foreverlisa said...

Awesome that you girls tag-teamed the review. Very funny stuff!! So glad that you liked the movie. I can't wait to own it on DVD.