Sunday, 31 January 2010

Stan and Nibbles Go For A Ride

Ta daaaaa!!!! Sooooooooooo I got called up to serve, got elected to the board, asked to join the crazy train that is Twi-sted Edbrella. Whooo hoooo, fuck yeah !!!(major fist pump-Yay). This was after I totally wordgasmed all over the place a couple of days or so ago and then came the suggestions that I, Nibbles should start my own blog! Woah, heavy stuff.... that involves teknikul shit and creativity and responsibility surely?

Obviously I agreed else you wouldn't be reading this (please say you're reading this??!!) but on the condition that Stan taught me how to drive a blog.

Stan and Nibbles go for a test drive

Who I really wanted as my driving instructor (sorry I thought that was the gear stick Mr Pattinson)

Anyhow it was decided that the time for my lesson would be saturday afternoon after I'd finished doing all the domesticated Real Life shit I have to deal with on a weekend. Yanno like (ugh) food shopping (blah). Standing at the checkout; ok near the checkout cos the place was rammed I felt the trolley rage come over me. I texted Stan to say I had the sudden urge to kill or maim several people nearby and could she please distract me. As we had been discussing earlier in the week the possibility of taking the Tay Tay to soft play to celebrate growing up the image she gave me of lil T on the swings made me feel much better.

Jacob and mini E show they can share

Haha I bet you thought she was gonna say sexy shit to me to make me think of Rob and I'd post a fuck hawt picture of him all semi nekkid and touching himself didn't you? You did...oh...ok, one semi nekkid Rob coming up...

Fuck hawtedness by the shed load I'm sure you'll agree

Where was I, oh yeah, so the lesson began. I got in and Stan told me to familiarise myself with the controls.... "OOOOOOOOOOOO what does this button do Stan?" (Stan slaps my hand) "don't press that one Nibbles" I pouted.... "OOOOoooo Stan can I touch that?" " No Nibbles, you may not, that deletes fucking everything" (we started again, ahem) "Stan am I annoying you?"...." No Nibbles" said through clenched teeth I'll have you know "you are not annoying me but will you please, stop fiddling with the switches and knobs (I sniggered at this point) and CONCENTRATE" ( I cried in the back seat at that point)

Stan said that there'd be a blue bar (I could've used a drink about then) and something about a pink outline around pictures so I could move them and shit. But I have no pink outline, there is no blue bar....then I remembered in Nibbles world nothing ever fucking works properly. I've probably got outdated shit or updated shit or different shit to every other fucker who's ever posted or ever will post stuff on a blog type shit. This is cos I'm speshul!

She kept shouting at me clutch, clutch, Left hand down, upload, centre it, it got messy. Tears were shed, texts sent back and forth across the ethernet. Would I have to change fonts or colours. Do I have to post on a certain time or date. Did I have to get approval of what I wrote. I'm such a nube I know...

Nibbles you're such a fuckin nube (um thanks Rob)

So there you have it, my first post.....Ok hands up all of you who thought I was just gonna jump up and down and shout penis, penis, penis??! (counts 12345, 6 at the back) pretty much all you's ho's then lol. I was bloody well tempted just to throw as many Rob pics on the screen and go there, go drool, my fucking job is done.....however I decided to save the penis jumping till next time. I have an idea for a post hehe but I'm gonna have to work at that one and this is just a fucking practice ok cos I really have no fucking clue what I'm doing and all you's blogging ladies are like clever and know what buttons to press and shit. (I'm still looking for the auto-pilot or voice control that does it all for me)

So till next time ladies I bid you adieu...this is Nibbles over and out.....whispers (Stan, Stan, was that ok, do I turn the mic off now, can I take my safety harness off. Stan, you left the child locks on...Stan I can't get out....Stan? um Stan?....Mary?....Twi-weasel.....

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Rob Rubs the Unicorn's Horn ;o)

Like the post title?  Nope, I've never heard it either, but as I perused the whole page of slang terms for masturbation that I'd Googled - whilst thanking my lucky stars that I don't have a job I have to blog from - this one seemed the most apt for us, don'tcha think?  (Incidentally, a term for the girls: Buff the Weasel!  She kept that one quiet ;o))

You may have read Mama Cougar's fantabulous Cougar's Den Deflowering Day post the other day, where she was eagerly anticipating popping her Little Ashes cherry by watching the film at last.

Lemons & cherries, a potentially bitter sweet combination ;o)

But not for Mama Cougar on this occasion!  She left us a comment the following day to let us know how it was for her:

I watched Rob touch himself on Little Ashes yesterday.

It was.....well....frankly....nothing short of awe inspiring. I should have trained the video cam on my face during that scene, because I'm sure I'll never, ever be able to make that expression again. There's just something about the "first time" you see the object of your lust rub one out. I never knew true glory until that moment.

I think I had a heartgasm.

I promised that I would watch it that night, but as usual time ran away and I never got the chance, so when she announced on Twitter last night that she was watching it again I asked her for a time check on the chicken choking scene.  Purely for bloggy research purposes you understand, it's important to have a, uh, handle on what your readers are up to, right?

I also went one step further, just for you ho's.  I made some screen caps.

So here, for your viewing pleasure is Robador in action.  Enjoy!



Woooo!  Fantastic acting I think you'll all agree, give the boy a big hand.....oh.  Looks like he already did that!

And I was giggling to myself as I looked at these pics, wondering why I hadn't saved them with a number each as I tried to decided what order they should be in like one of those childrens puzzles.

I have never hoped so fervently in my life that Rob or anyone associated with him never ever comes across this blog!  I know, I said 'comes', I typed it without thinking but had to keep it in.  It's all about relevance, you know?!

Ok, so who's going to admit to licking & saving these?

Friday, 29 January 2010

Another way to enjoy Twilight

A big shout out here to Mr Mary for my fabby christmas pressie this year

A Sony reader (pink)
As you can see I have Twilight on it obv and the rest of the saga :)

Anyhoo, it made me think of a few of the ways we already get to enjoy all things Twilight

The Books (obv)

Remember the first time you saw the movie?

I need a Twilight party!

Full size vamps!

You can lay your head on this pillow

play with your dollies

my fave pic of Stan when she gets blogger block ;)
I know there's loads more merchandise available but I can't be bothered to look for any more. I'm in the middle of making French onion soup and the kids dinner.

I really just wanted to share the pic of my fantabulous Reader


Friday Fun Five!

Happy Friday Ho's!

I'm very excited this morning because I've won one of the Twitarded 1st Anniversary Giveaway prizes!

This is all thanks to Mrs. P who very kindly entered my name into the comp when things weren't good for me a couple of weeks ago (still not great but I'm getting there!).  I'll show my appreciation for Mrs. P with one of the Twitter manips that I picked up last night (sorry whoever I got it from, forgot to make a note, but step forward for your vote of thanks!)

Right, onto our FFF.  Last week Suzspetals chose Dangrdafne as her winner.  I have Dangrdafne's questions here so let's get on with it shall we?

1. Favorite quote from any of the Twilight Saga books - one quote from the entire saga only please.

If this was in the book, it would be my choice ;o)

2. Name one item on your Bucket List (In case you don't know, a bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die).

3. Top or Bottom?

4. What does your blog and/or blogger/email name mean or how did you decide on it? Examples: Why are you Stan? Why am I Dangrdafne?

(note from Stan: This my answer btw, easier to show you, will explain in the comments :o))

5.Stephanie Meyer hosts a contest and you win the grand prize – a trip to a Twilight Saga set location of your choice - movie or book (as we know they are not always the same). Which location do you pick and why?
Thanks for those Dangrdafne, answers in the comments as usual people and if you're chosen as the winner you do the questions next week!
One last thing.  This was posted on Twitter last night (really, if you don't go on Twitter you should, the benefits are....well, see for yourself!

Ok, feeling positively post-coital now!  *sigh*

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Things beginning with 'Th' Thursday!

Good morning Ho's!  Has everyone recovered from Nibbles playing psychic dicktective over at TwiBite?  Not sure I have to be honest, I think I may have injured myself laughing at it!  Mrs. P, I think it's fab that you're putting it in your hall of fame.  If you missed it yesterday you can catch up with it here: The Great TwiBite Penis Debate.

Ok, so here we go with 'Things beginning with 'Th' Thursday', and this week's theme is.....


Bless him!  Someone has very obviously once mentioned to Lush Lutz that he looks sexy when he does 'that thing' with his thumb!  And he does - although let's face it he looks sexy anyway - but when you put them together like that it just makes me laugh!

Ok, on with the thumb show!

Ooh, look at that jaw!

Trust me, this is as close as we'll be getting to the Taycob thumb.  You know why ;o).  Actually, the more I look at this pic the more I like it, he's not looking all that young here *thumbs up*!

I'm pretty sure that someone else must have been cropped out of this shot, if it was you don;t forget to let us know what was going on there ;o)

So there we have it, Thumb Thursday!  I think we can indisputedly crown Rob 'King of the Thumb Shots'!  The thumbs are very popular, Thumb Thursday part 2 will be here next week :o)

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

If I can't touch Rob then watching him touch himself will do

Most days I talk to Mary on msn.  Actually we don't do all that much talking.  Well, not much beyond the basics and then it generally descends into a series of 'Mmmmm' 'Phwaor' 'Fuck me', you get the general idea, while we post pics of our fave Twilight men.  And through this we discovered something that we both like and we thought we'd share it with you.  We like to see Rob touch himself.  No, not like that - although that would be fantastic, I don't think those pics exist sadly.

So, here's a selection :o)

Phew, as good as ever ;o). 

Now I think it's Wednesday, which means, amnesia allowing tomorrow will be 'Things beginning with 'Th' Thursday'!

Hope you ho's are all ok xx