Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I have a challenge for you

Morning lovely Twi-Ho's

Having watched Twilight a few times now *cough* and as much as I love the film, I can't help but notice the little fuck ups in the film. I'm not going to name them now, but I would like to know how many you've spotted, and what they are.

Also, just for you lot i'm going to research aka watch it again, to find out how many times Bella bites her lips!!!!

Holy fuckery, soooo not annoying when he does it

So, you have a valid excuse (as if it were needed) to watch Twilight again :)



Anonymous said...

1) Nose tube moves from shot to shot
2)Rosalie's hair changes throughout baseball scene
3)Edward sleeping on couch in hospital moves from shot to shot.
4)Emmett is eating at table in cafeteria
5)Edward's hair and Jacket buttons on his shoulder change throughout meadow scene

That's enough for now!!

Mary said...

With you on the nose tube, that one really pisses me off
ditto hair
never noticed the sleeping one, too fixated on the nose tube
got the eating one too, i think Rosalie eats too

definately the buttons and hair too

TwiWeasel said...

Without watching, one I really remember is when Edward has his hand on the salad bar in the lunchroom (when Bella is asking him to "hang out" his armpit is visibly wet. Mr. TW said it must just be condensation...

Edward also pronounces Esme differently each time he says it. And he looses the American accent...a lot...throughout.

Alrighty Hos...I'm off to work. Yippee.

TwiWeasel said...

Oh, and the buttons on the shoulders of his coat in the forest scene...are you afraid?

Mary said...

@TwiWeasel Stan showed me the armpit one but I couldn't see it. I'm colour blind and have problems distinguishing shades so I think that's why I missed that one.

One that bugs me is in the biology lesson and Edward pushes the petri dishes(?)towards bella, then in the next shot they're still together

Z Any Mouse said...

I am really bothered how often Edward has red ears because it's so fucking cold and apparently the make-up artist ran out of the white cake paint. Don't they know the meaning of the word "blend"?

Mary said...

Here's a few of mine

In the baseball scene the Cullens have the letter C on their caps except Rosalie who has a G

When Bella parks at school you can see the camera reflected in her window

The one that really is blatantly obvious is when Edward is hanging on the outside of bellas truck after she leaves home. Sooooo not Edward!! check out the hair lol

One I only noticed a couple of weeks ago is when Edward and bella are talking about being a vampire and his bloodlust for her. One minute she's wearing mittens and then she's not

When Bella tells Edwar "I know what you are" the backpack disappears, then reappears

When Edward saves bella from being squished in one shot her hair is outside of her jacket, in the next it's inside

that's all I can think of for now :)

Mary said...

@Z Any Mouse that is annoying! and his neck is a normal colour too grrrrrrrrr

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Its only the makeup lack of blending that bothers me other things I don't notice cos I'm too fixated on the Precious and I don't give a flying fuck about stew-ped, been awol again, fucking real life, fucking bollocks, fucking computers and fucking car batteries and fucking, fucking, fucking HOBBITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrowwwwwlllllllllllllllll, sigh the only thing that makes me smile at work (besides flirting with the techwards on the phones at work which is twice a day at least, Mike is getting a little too friendly now pmsl) is the giant poster of Rob on my office door, so every time I leave my office I look at him and a little phwoar leaves my lips every time, without me even realising LOL.

Roll on Remember Me, CANNOT wait!!!!

Anonymous said...

PMSL reading all of these---red ears!!! LOL!! The letter G, So "not edward" on the truck, disappearing mittens, sweaty pits...OMG. Hilarious!

I just thought of another one...When edward says "Why is my father here?" as he pulls into the police station with bella, it is soooo blatantly dubbed in and it was not said when they filmed. They also dubbed when edward said a few other things. Hard to remember now.

It also bothers me when he pushes the microscope to bella and runs over the pen on the table.

I also don't like how she says, 'no Bed?' when there's clearly a futon, which clasifies as a bed in my mind, and not a reason to ask why there is no bed. There should have been NOTHING to lay on in the room.

I also thought it was scary shit to have a window open all the way down to the floor in Edward's room. I would not have stepped near the fucker.

OH! You can totally see that Rosalie's necklace is leaving a green ring on her neck in the bowl breaking scene in the kitchen.

Ok--enough for now!

Anonymous said...

There were errors? I was busy watching Edward, Emmett & Alice.

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

@TwitardedMom - you're really finding your way to my heart quickly and with ease. :D

@All - ho's come check my blog today, and answer The Big (okay, maybe I exaggerated) question. ;D

TwiWeasel said...

One more thing that always bothers me...Edward's face is about 10 shades darker than Bella's during the prom dancing scene at the end.

Something I love...how Bella slides her hands into Edward's hair during THE KISS. (And the sound he makes.)

17foreverlisa said...

Hi all! I am racking my brain trying to think of something different to come up with, and I can't. You gals have already covered everything I noticed and then some. I even thought about cheating and looking online for some mistakes so I could look brilliant. *sigh* Like Twitarded Mom, I watch the movie differently now. But for me, all I see is Rob. It's been a little while since I've watched the entire movie (always end up watching my favorite scenes), but I'm pretty sure after all the ff I've been reading that I will be looking at Jacksper in a whole new light ;) I don't know if this counts as a mistake or not, but I am still surprised that it got left in the movie - Rob flipping Kellan off after they collide during the baseball scene. Love that!


TwiWeasel said...

@ Lisa - I thought of mentioning that too! I love that it got left in!

There are also mistakes during the baseball scene where it shows a runner take off as the ball is hit, but shows them back on the base when the ball is flying thru the air...but when I see that part, I'm usually too busy singing "Super Massive Whack-a-mole" to piss off my 6 year old. *grin* Real mature, I know.

mmMoxie said...

I hope I don't get kicked out of the Twidom for admitting this but, I fall asleep every time I watch Twilight now.

TigerlilyRose said...

@All---I am apparently not up to the grade with you all. I have only watched *hangs head in shame* Twilight---um...er...Twice. New Moon...only...ONCE.
I know I am an affront to Twi-dom, but I CAN"T STAND watching something over and over and over and over again, nor can I read a book over and over and over again. Which means that I have only read the whole series one time. Yes, I know I am shameful and you will all kick me out tonight! Damned Photographic Memory of mine makes it super duper boring for me to read or watch something too often. Then I get sick of it and I hate it, and I don't want that to happen with Twilight, so I just let it be and remember it happily.
I do watch a movie again after it has been a while since I have seen it. So, I will be watching Twilight again VERY soon, to see some of these things that my photo memory must not have picked up. Some of them I did notice the first go around, like the totally screwed up baseball scene, and the nose tube and the sweaty armpits.

Z Any Mouse said...

@TigerlilyRose - Wha?! Twilight twice and New Moon only once? Why, you're practically a delicate Twilight virgin! Normally I do not reread books, or see movies more than once, but alas I have broken so many of my own rules since Twilight came along. Including, falling madly in lust with a certain actor half my age. Sheesh.

I hope your photographic memory does not record any of my spelling or grammatical errors.

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

I posted the pic of Dick on my blog.

Btw, where's Stan?

TwiWeasel said...

Hey chicks! To find other errors in the movie Twilight, go to:

Twilove1 said...

Coincidentally, I just watched the Twilight commentary on Sunday with my fellow twatwaffles Z any Mouse and F-Kat, and Rob's adorable comments totally kept us laughing.

I'll second Mrs P's comment on the obvious dubbing issues, plus there are some real funky edits where you see someone's facial expression sudddenly change. Also, during the vampire reveal scene, the distance E is behind B is inconsistent. It's unbelievable how many errors got missed on this movie.

But, with that being said, I still ABSOLUTELY LOVE it!

Stan said...

@TigerlilyRose I'm with you in some respects. I never usually read things over and over, but I did with the Twilight books, about 4 times. I can't just sit and read them now like I did though, I tend to dip in and out. The same goes with the film, I did watch it a few times but now get bored (SORRY!) before it finishes, or I notice something that puts me off. The fastest this happened was when I got to the scene where Billy & Jake bring Bella's truck. I suddenly realised I was closer to Charlie's age than Jake's and had to turn it off in disgust.

I've only seen New Moon twice but am looking forward to seeing it again.

Not got any errors that haven't been mentioned I don't think, and I only knew the ones I did because I watched a vid of them on YouTube. I'm vacant like that. Oh, I did dpot the sweatmarks though, put me off and had to turn it off lol!

StarlitViolets said...

LOL! You ladies are SO observant! Not me. I only noticed the dubbing and make-up issues. I seriously still don't notice the nose tube thing. I just LOVE movies and get really into the story and most importantly THE MOOD of the film. Since I already know what happens, I try to tune out the little things now.

Of course, now that I've read all these comments I'm sure to notice the pit stains and a few others.