Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A step too far!!

I've been out shopping this morning to get the rest of the kids school unoforms. When I innocently wandered into a shop where I knew they stocked a lot of Twi-Merchandise

I found a lunchbox that made me wish I were back at school just so I had an excuse to waste the money on buying it :(

This isn't the same one I saw but it's what I found whilst searching online.

Then I found this!!


Surely this is a step too far??? How could anyone condone wiping their ass on The Precious ones beautuful face?????????

Friday, 27 August 2010

Friday Fun Five with TwiWeasel...Part Deux

OK, so between Nibbles and myself, you'd think we'd be able to put together a freaking post, right? Yeah, well...that was easier said than done. Luckily, we've managed to get our shit together in time for the Friday Fun Five!!! YAAAAAAAAAY!! (Bit late I know but I had a migraine yesterday so was unavailable for duty!)

Anywhore...somehow I managed to win the FFF last week. Thank you, Jayla. You are totes awesomesauce. (For the record, I'm pretty sure it was because I mentioned that porn isn't bad until you go blind...just sayin'.)

BTW, some of these questions may or may not have been pilfered from very early FFF's...

This weasel is wanted for possibly, maybe pilfering previous FFF questions!

1. Do you have a favorite line from one of the books or movies of the Twilight Saga? NOT Fan Fic, although I sometimes get the two confused...

Mmmmm, makes me think of Rob.....

2. Tell me the lamest joke you can think of. One liner, or long and drawn out...doesn't matter.

Blonde jokes...sigh...gotta love em (ahem, yes I'm blonde!)

3. Who was the star you crushed on as a tween/teen? (gotta be a pic of Corey Haim for me...)

Ah yes I loved The Lost Boys, Corey in the tub singing "Ain't got a man"...hmmm lol sorry Wease...

4. Speaking of crushes...do you have (or have you had) a crush/fantasy that your family or friends would go "WTF" if they knew? Oooh, tell me!

WTF Wease?

5. STILL speaking of crushes...at this point in time, who is your biggest Twi-guy crush, and how many times has that changed since the beginning? (surely there's a good pic of all the twiguys together...or individual ones. Whatever floats your boat.)

Could it be the Cullen Clan tickling your little man in a boat?

Or the bad vamps making your toes curl (even Rachel)

Or the Wolf pack squeaking your squeaky toy?

(Is this cheating?) If you haven't done a FFF yet, and are dying to, please let me know. OR, if you've done FFF 50 bazillion times (Ka-ching! Lisa) and just can't possibly bear do it again, let me know. That'll surely help me pick a winner. Right? Right. (Technically I guess it could be cheating but what the heck anyway, I've done it twice...hehe, but would happily do it whenever anyone wanted...I love it, can't get enough of it...are we talking about sex lol)

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Weird shit I have in my house...no I'm not talking about Monday either...

Hey my fellow followers of all things Cullenlike. I was shooting the breeze with my son Jack and his friend Jeebers (it's Jacob ((ha!)) but he had long hair so got called Jeebers, yeah I know...)the other day and apparently they had found my camera and took pictures of random weird stuff around my house.

L-R-Jack, Tom and the Hubward Roy

You ladies know I like things slightly weird and quirky. My house may look normal but its the little things that make you go Hmmmm....

Ok as you come into my house and you hang your keys up look whats welcoming you...

We found him in a fairground gift shop all lonesome..

Hey my mum came out to welcome you in too hehehe ( actually I bought these for my friend so I'm not keeping them although on second thoughts....that's why they have prices still on em lol)

It's the grim reaper smoking a doobie

Gimmee a hand...

I've never used these candles, I'd feel bad about burning them lol

one of a pair of gargoyles guarding my books

Phrenology always interested me and yes he is wearing my animal kingdom mickey ears, at Xmas he has a santa hat on, he's called Norman by the way...

This is lil chester, I got him from Gatorland, he has a twin called Bubba in the dining room

I love when people ask where the loo is and as they get up the stairs they see grim waiting to reflect their souls muahahahahaaaaa...yeah I know I'm odd

This is the bridge over Ankh-Morpork, complete with various Terry Pratchett miniatures and Death presiding over all on the tower...I wonder what Lord Vetinari would say about that...

Finally although I have loads more quirky shit around the house (no puns please not after Mondays show and tell by my dog!) I can't fit everything in, I will save more for another trip around Nibbles world...The skeletal hand glasses were an anniversary present from my husband, he is a cancer and I'm Pisces as seen on the mugs and the flowers are some of the ones from my wedding cake....you wanna see the cake (s) ok..

Altogether now....nom, nom, nom, nom, nom

Ok a little look around my strange head for you there, do any of you have weird and wonderful stuff in your houses besides your hubs of course lol

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Isn't it Amazing???

Just when you think that maybe the whole Twilight thing is losing it's excitement factor for you, and the same old Rob posters on the wall are so familiar that they no longer elicit a reaction as you look at them, you fire up your computer, see a tweet about new pics and...


Oh yeah! You hear that?  That's it, right there.  That's the reaction I'd thought was gone!  The one that causes me to actually say it.  Out loud. "Ohhhhhh."  Followed of course by a furtive glance round to make sure that the kids aren't in hearing distance, because actually it sounded a bit pornographic.  Not that they'd know that of course, but still, it seems wrong, somehow.

I'm so happy.  My online Twilight life has changed a lot during the past few months.  It went from the blogs to Twitter and FanFic, to me writing my own FanFic and then to finding a special group of friends here.  Slowly things have changed.  My kids are only young, so the challenges change all of the time.  I seem to have less time now than I had when they were younger, which I struggle to understand! 

Nibs said the other day that we'd lost our Twilight blogging mojo.  Believe me, it's not through want of trying, I spend a lot of my time still trying to think what I can write on here about, but I usually come up with a blank. 

I don't feel pressure to entertain the masses here, which I think a lot of the bigger blogs have, I see us more as a little family, or community, which is why I don't panic to post for the sake of it, even if it's been a few days.  

Oh, ok, time for another of these new pics?

Holy F...... who knew there were more of these pics knocking about that they hadn't released??!

Anyway, so although I'm still around, I usually waste spend my time on Twitter or writing for my fics.  If you haven't read them yet, you can find them over at ff.net under my profile here: GemmaH's profile

Another set of fantastic fics that I'm loving (and may have mentioned before!) at the moment are linked below.  Becky is my ff enabler, and I know I can always go to her for a decent fic to read :o).

A Pound of Flesh by Jaxon22 PunkAssWard Mmmmm!

Hide in Plain Sight by FangMom One of the first fics I reviewed for TwiFic Promotions and still one of my faves.

Dead on my Feet by Cesca Marie This is one of the most heart-wrenching Edward characters I have read.

The Secret Changes Within Bella Swan by SwedenSara This is one that I just read this week.  There are so many things to relate to in this fic for me! 

As usual, if you read, please review.  Reviews mean more readers for writers; the more reviews a fic has, the more likely people are to read it.

Aaaand...yep, another porn gasp.  Nice :o)

Ok ho's, if you want to see the rest of these pics, you can find them over at Pattinson Life, where I got these from :o).

Happy Tuesday! xxx

Friday, 20 August 2010

Hey, hey, it's the Friday Fun Five...sponsored by the Fabulous Bakin Nibbles...

As Krusty so thoughtfully supplied "Hey, Hey" ho's. Ok so I wasn't fabulously bakin but I was fabulously cookin up a storm. I did roasted veggie soup a la Mary and Spicy veggie sausage bean bake...No I'm not a vegetarian but I am trying to stick to an eating plan and I like Quorn lol well onwards and upwards. Speaking of which the most excellent Mrs P (party on Mrs P) chose the bodacious Jayla to ask the Friday Fun Five and seeing as Mrs P forgot till Thursday evening (here in Blighty) Jayla was fantastic in coming up with these questions so quickly...I tip my cap to you Jayla!

Er so here is Jayla...actually this is Jayla from America's Next Top Munters (a guilty pleasure of mine) and the other picture is of a Gelfling who apparently she resembles...anyway over to Jayla...um my comments will be in red mmkay?!

Thank you Mrs. P for choosing me – gosh I’m beyond flattered *blinks and looks around bashfully*

1. You were bumped from your flight to [fill in the blank], but the airline has promised to get you on the next flight out and upgrade your seat to first class. Low and behold you’re seated next to [fill in the blank] and s/he says [fill in the blank]??? I say fill in the Nibbles hehe

Yes that is Rob on a plane putting his pink sleeping bag in the overhead locker...I'm behind him (in disguise...obviously, so the ho's don't attack me) saying just put it over our laps, no one will know...honest...that's me!

2. Your crotchety old boss calls you into her office and tells you that an “intern” will be shadowing you for a day. You are told you have to show them the ropes. It turns out that your intern is one of the Twilight men (Rob, Jackson, Kellan or Peter) researching a role. Who's your intern? What do you do? What's the first thing you show him how to do? (Fluffer is not an answer Nibbles!) Damn you woman!

Love this so much, you can just imagine him browsing pages thinking, fuck, these women or preferably fuck this woman (sticks hand in air) I'd show him how to get on my facebook page and upload a picture of us snogging in front of my computer!

3. Our beloved Twiclock is clicking towards completion. What Twi related thing would you like to do before the Mercedes Guardian turns back into a Chevy? (Go to Forks? Meet Rob? Whatever!) And why? Aw man Jayla, you're making me sad....

Yeah, that's it, I just want Rob to pretty much lick me all over with that big mutherhubbard of a tongue...that's my goal, aim high I say, aim high..

4. What’s your astrological sign? (*bonus is your sign compatible with your Twicrush’s sign?)

This kinda gives it away and it makes me a very happy fish too

5. Bad habits- we all have them, what’s your worst?

Tee hee oh Charlie you porn stached devil you!

Actually I can see this question bringing on another hair sticking debate pmsl.

Have a great weekend ladies!

We will Jayla, great questions, I really can't wait to see some of the answers lol

Thursday, 19 August 2010

I've lost my mojo.....

Maybe that should read Margaret?

Hey folks, Nibbles here....well this morning I text Stan to say what's taken the place of the CFF on a thursday and she told me that nothing had. Then she went on to say that it made her sad that her Twilight inspiration had run dry! Now I'm not blading her up to everyone here because I gotta say it too...I feel my Twilight mojo has worn off.....is it because I haven't read the books in a while....watched the films in a while or just generally lost my mojo....hmm tis a puzzlement...

I haven't lost my Rob/Edward lust or lust for the other Cullens just I have no clue what to post about...traffic has been slow but that's our own faults because we meet up in other ways. Is this the end of Edbrella posting.....

Nah fuck it! I have been rather taken with the bunch of Twilight funnies I find on facebook. They crack me up and I'm sure none of the cast would be offended by them. So thanks to my hoor's on facefuck I bring you the lighter side of Twilight....

Jessica's dress was pretty tacky!

Even if this did happen I really still would not pick Mike lmao

Damn I hope you can read this one and the one below, I know it's small but its worth the effort...as Jake would say tee hee...

Yes I can imagine this would be the immature stuff a wolf boy would come out with LOL sorry Stanley.....

If only this were around when I was a teen, I totally would not have been so moody

PMSL....yeah she would get kind of annoying although the lottery info alone would make it worthwhile!!

These manga/cartoon drawings of the cast as animals was soooo cute I couldn't resist

Ah one of my very early obsessions...Rocky Horror Picture Show

So what were your early obsessions? Are you still as obsessed with Twi things as you were before? Did you picture the Cullens as the animals in the manga cartoon? Have you seen my mojo? Anyone? Anyone?

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Mini E goes on holiday and survives!

Hey ho ladies and ho's I have return-ed from my summer vacation/holiday/jollies or whatever the heck you wanna call it. Mini E attended, no luggage, he travels light. I like that in a man....just saying. When I went to Florida, mine and my husbands combined luggage weighed less than my Step sons!!!!!!! I know....unreal...anyhoo we had a fantabulous time, sitting on the beach, swimming in the lovely north sea (shudders at memory....actually once your body chilled enough to get used to it, it was ok) Can't wait to go to Clearwater again lol, warmer sea!

So here is a pictoral illustration of mine and Mini E's hols....

First he checked out the view

and made sure we had parked the car correctly...he's so 50 at times...sigh

The bed was adequate...I had to agree, when I got home I actually said hello to my bed!

He lay out his beach towel, we put the wind break up so he could sparkle in peace

Soaking up those rays made him extra happy

So much so we had us a little rock breaking competition.....um he won

Body boarding was fun till the big waves caused him to wipe out

But like a real trooper he got right back on, he was explaining to my boys how to surf

We did some exploring of rock pools but he insisted I not lean over too far in case I fell in. Be safe were the watch words of the day!!

He did some sand castle stomping too...I think maybe the sun had got to him

So he went off for a paddle in the sea....don't go too far I warned of the currents.........................and the raisins too :0)

I had to dive to save him from the quickly turning tide as he was distracted (me in my swimming cozzie can do that you know lol)

Edward stared moodily out to sea...he thought we were coming on holiday alone to have some speshul time! Sometimes he forgets I'm married....

So he tried to make me jealous by playing up to my also married friend Roz

Though I did win his affections back by sharing my bag of french fries with him...um these french fries aren't french fries in the american sense they are in fact a brand of crisps or chips as they're known in the USA....wow it just gets more confusing...I think I will stop there!

We also found a mermaid that reminded me of Tigerlilly lol

This was a t shirt in a zoo shop, I thought of Stan lol

and my 12 yr old Tom whose birthday it was prepared for some serious body boarding bless him

One more thing I finally received my long awaited signed Charlaine Harris Female Force comic that I won on Honolulu Girls Trueblood Twilight blog, so big shout out to her, we got there in the end huh girl! The awesome power of my email is awesomesauce indeed lmao

I don't know if you can make it out but thats Charlaines signature squeeee

and this is the front cover....I'm so happy it finally arrived!!!