Thursday, 12 August 2010

FFF with Mrs P round 2

Lisa chose Mrs P as her winner this week

Here we go..................

What sport, if any, are you deathly afraid of watching or trying?


How many times have you changed the color or your hair?
so a good look!

If you are married, what was your wedding song? If you aren't, then what song do you think is the most romantic?
Do you plan to go to your high school reunion? Why or why not? If you've gone already, how did it go?

This is how all British school girls rock it!

Tell me what part in Twilight (the original movie) that you would like to play...excluding Edward and Bella.

I'd recreate the honeymoon scenes with these two

Over to you Ho's


I_heart_Fifty said...

1. Anything to do with blades or wheels - rollerskating, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, you get the picture. Coordination is not my strong point.

2. Too many to count! I've even shaved it all off (I work for a cancer charity, great fundraising).

3. I'm not married, but the two songs I love most in the world are Romeo & Juliet by Dire Straits; and Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by John Mayer. I'm aware that neither of these have the greatest lyrics for a wedding song, given they're not overly positive, but I still love them.

4. Haven't had a reunion yet but I am totally keen! May even pay a handsome man to be my 50, if Mr Right has yet to make an appearance at that point.

5. I think i'd like to be Angela. She's kinda thoughtful, not obnoxious, always there and friendly. Quiet and observant... but I reckon she can be dirrrty when she wants to be ;)

hisbella said...

1) Luge...just wait for them to flip up that wall and slice someone's nose or hand or something off...yikes. No thank you!

2)well...does it count as actually changing it when the girl that does it changes color products and you end up a different shade? or even red? Yeah, done that...I've been blonde, dark blonde, red, blonde w/red, blonde with brown...some not on purpose.

3) "Everything I do (I do it for you)" Bryan Adams was our wedding song. That'll tell ya how long we've been together...

4) I blew off my reunion...I see everyone I'd still like to talk to. Went to the hubsters. I found out he went to a high school full of pretentious assholes who still think it's 1989!

5) I think I'd like to be all bad ass. I'd send her in to the dance studio instead of Alice. Rose doesn't get to do much be scowl in the first one.

twilightcupcake said...

Mrs P what an interesting mix of questions. None of them pervy ;)
1) anything with knives. Sword throwing. Sword swallowing. Ugh!

2) I've never died or permed my hair. Sue me for loving my stick straight Asian hair and inheriting a lack of grey.

3) A Wink and A Smile by Harry Connick Jr from the When Harry Met Sally soundtrack. So not traditional but at least my husband would try ballroom dancing to it. I sang "From this Moment" by Shania Twain for him during the reception/dance part. I know it's so cheesy when the bride sings but at least it was during the after party.

4) I went to our 10 year reunion. It sucked. They held it at a community centre gym to save costs and there were plastic cups with a keg. It was terrible and I only saw two people that I actually cared to see outside my normal group of friends.

5) for original Twilight? I wouldn't want to be any of the other characters. Maybe Jessica only so I'd know what it was like to have a great rack. But everyone else's roles sucked and no one talked to Rob for more than a line or two except Carlisle.

Alleykittty said...

1. Bungee jumping or skydiving etc. basically anything to do with heights would be a big no go. Watching: I watch all kinds of sports, kind of a sports nut only watching NO doing though

2. When I was younger I only had highlights in then with 29 I went red, with 40 I went dark brown for about 2 seconds and now I am back to red. I get lots of compliments for the color

3. Not married. I love "If you´re not the one" by Daniel Beddingfield and "Unbreakable" by Westlife. I know major "cheese".

4. There was the 20 year anniversary 2008. I didn´t go because I had a week long vacation booked in a 5 star luxury resort in Grand Canary. Would you sikp that for a meeting with about 20 bitches and no guys?? I think not. (went to a small all girl´s school)

5. I would like to be Alice because for once in my life I would like to know what it´s like to be small and dainty instead of tall and big boned *sigh*

Jayla said...

Great questions Mrs. P! Posting and then coming back to read. Happy Friday H00Rs!

1. Hockey- body checking, skate blades, sticks & a hard ass puck.. no thank you!

2. I’ve highlighted quite a few times- but one late evening my roommate in college dyed my very dark brown hair blonde (not on purpose- hmmm, at least I don’t think she did it on purpose).. it wasn’t a good look. I still shutter from the memory.

3. Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This by Rachelle Farrell and Will Downing

4. My 20th reunion is actually scheduled for this fall- and I’m still debating on whether or not to subject myself to the pettiness of small town drama. I keep in contact with my closest friends from home- not sure I want to see anyone else. It will all be one big pissing contest and I’m just not that interested… we’ll see.

5. I’d have to say Angela. She’s the quintessential steadfast friend – so much like who I am. *looking around to make sure none of my real life friends are reading this*

Anonymous said...

1. Anything requiring coordination or the ability to do two things at once. Like hitting a ball & aiming or walking & talking.

2. I've been a redhead since for quite some time now because the MR loves redheads and it covers the gray that is starting to creep in.

3. Wedding Song??? I've been married three times & haven't had one yet. Can I pick "Why don't we get drunk & screw" by Jimmy Buffett. Actually I would skip the drinking and go straight to the last part.

4. Reunion- hell no. I hated high school. Haven't kept in touch with any of those people.

5. Rosalie because she hangs out with Emmett. Since neither had much screen time in Twilight, I'm hoping she got to hang out with Kellan when on filming.

StarlitViolets said...

Answering first as always...

Mrs. P - I can always count on you for the wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am version of the FFF! I needed a quicky this week.

1. Scary Sport.

I don't think there's any sport I'm afraid of watching. But I don't like boxing.

As far as trying, I'm pretty much willing to try anything once. I REALLY can't wait to bungee jump and skydive! As soon as I'm fully recovered, look out!

2. Hair color.

Too many times to count. Since I was 15, I've only seen my natural color 2 times. I hate it. It's mousy light brown. Yuck!

3. Wedding Song.

We had a very small wedding and no reception, so no song. But I think at the time we would've picked the only country song I like, "When You Say Nothing At All" by Allison Krauss. Generally, I'm not a country fan, at all. But this song, Mr. SV introduced me to and I loved from day 1.

4. Reunion.

I moved around too much to have just one high school. And I graduated early, so I never got an invite to any. It's not like I was sad about it though - I hated high school.

Mr. SV got an invite to his, but didn't want to go. No big loss.

5. Part in Twilight

I'd be Alice!!! I'd be her over Bella anyway. Bella is weak and whiny. Just sayin.

I'm much more of an Alice. I think some of you may agree...

Off to read the answers! Great questions, Mrs. P!

And Mary - are you the one with the neverending legs in the school girl pic?

Mary said...

What sport, if any, are you deathly afraid of watching or trying?
Well I chose the bungee picture cos there's no frigging way i'd ever fling myself from a great height secured by a bit of elastic

How many times have you changed the color or your hair?
I've lost count. I've been all shades of red, brown and blonde and combos of all three over the years. Now i'm fighting to cover the grey

If you are married, what was your wedding song? If you aren't, then what song do you think is the most romantic?
We got married on the sly, then came home and told everyone so we never had a party. I can't actually think of a fave romantic song either

Do you plan to go to your high school reunion? Why or why not? If you've gone already, how did it go?
No, I keep in touch with those that I want to , the others i've no interest in whatsoever

Tell me what part in Twilight (the original movie) that you would like to play...excluding Edward and Bella.
I'd be Victoria, cos she rocks cocks majorly. And in the outtakes she gets to face rape James

Good Q's Mrs P

Mary said...

@SV Yes, that's me *nods seriously*

StarlitViolets said...

@Mary - I KNEW it!!!

Anonymous said...

Great job ladies! I'll be back tonight to put my answers in!

Anonymous said... I go!

1) Scary sport is ice skating. I cover my eyes every time they jump and I refuse to try it. I see ankles snapping..
2)Ive been a brunette, blond, and a redhead..
3)"Can I Have This Dance" by Anne Murray
4)My reunion is coming up and I WIL NOT be there..not desire to go.
5)I'd be Alice because of all the Jasper cuddle time...

Anonymous said...


TigerlilyRose said...

1. Anything to do with falling from great heights creates anxiety in me the likes of which may cause a heart attack some day. This includes bungee jumping, sky diving, cliff diving, tight rope walking, rock climbing, Platform diving, snow boarding, get the picture.

2. I have lost count. Usually some variation of red though.

3. "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain

4. Went to my 10th. YUCK. it was miserable. I hated school and I hated most of my school mates. I was still between husbands, so a single momma and felt pretty left out. And TW decided not to go so I was lonely...LOL...Still not sure about my is a few years off now.

5. I would be Alice. I love Alice. I love her personality, her ability, and her character.

TigerlilyRose said...

Just read the previous answers...LOL

@SV gee, funny we are both Alice...LOL Twin

Good clean questions Mrs P! I like them short and sweet too!

Banshee713 said...

Late as usual but I'm gonna play anyway.

1. I'm really not a sports person, but I recently developed an interest in motor sports and I've just applied for a provisional motorbike licence. I'd draw the line at bike racing because I've seen what happens when people come off those things *shudder*

2. I've never coloured my hair, I'm happy enough with black. I'll start dying it weird colours when I'm going grey, and eventually I'm gonna be one of those crazy old hippie ladies with ass-length grey hair.

3. Not married, but I think I'd go with something a little different for my wedding song like the Smashing Pumpkins' Tonight Tonight.

4. Since my high school no longer exists a reunion is pretty unlikely. I probably wouldn't bother anyway. School sucked.

5. Alice! I love Alice. She's my favourite (female ;D) character. And seeing the future would be awesome. Fuck surprises they're overrated.

Nice easy questions Mrs P, but not one smutty one? Are you feeling ok? *grabs thermometer*

17foreverlisa said...

As always, answering and then going back to read the other answers.

1. What sport, if any, are you deathly afraid of watching or trying?

If wh*le watching counts as a sport, then that is #1. If not, then it would have to be deep sea fishing. Nuff said.

2. How many times have you changed the color of your hair?

Other than old school box colors like Ash Blonde back in the day and blonde highlights these days, never.

3. If you are married, what was your wedding song? If you aren't, then what song do you think is the most romantic?

Good question and love the pic, Mary. Well, the year was 1980, and the movie and soundtrack for Urban Cowboy were very big hits. We danced to Anne Murray’s “Could I Have This Dance.”

4. Do you plan to go to your high school reunion? Why or why not? If you've gone already, how did it go?

How ironic. I got a call on Friday night from a reunion committee member asking if I was planning on going to our 30th (ugh!) on Saturday night. She was always nice in school, so I wasn’t rude when I told her no. She tried to talk me into at least coming to the after-dinner party to visit and karaoke and added that she was going to have to be sure and sit next to another girl from our class to help her identify people because, “Let’s face it. Not everyone has aged well. Some guys have lost their hair and some girls have lost their figures.” I said, “Well, maybe if I wait to go until late, everyone will be too drunk to notice that I am one of those girls.” She laughed and said, “Lisa, we’ve all seen pictures of you on facebook.” (Insert fake laughter here.) I said, “True. Well, I’ll think about it.” She said, “That sounds like a ‘No,’ and I’ll be talking to you again in five years.” (Insert more fake laughter here.) I replied, “I think you’re right. Have fun, though.” Pretty sure I won’t be talking to her in five years. Just sayin’.

5. Tell me what part in Twilight (the original movie) that you would like to play...excluding Edward and Bella.

Well, since I can’t be Bella and eventually do Edward, it has to be Alice because she does Jasper. Yes, Mrs. P, Jasperpants has grown on me, especially after seeing so many pictures of Jackson with his band 100 Monkeys sent to us by Twilove1 and Twired Jen and the way he looked in his flashback scene in Eclipse. The way he says “battlescars” in Eclipse with his crooked smile? H.O.T.

@Jayla - I already know what you're thinking, and you're right :P

17foreverlisa said...

@I heart Fifty - Very cool that you work for a cancer charity and have even shaved your head for the cause! I'm going to ignore the fact that you haven't had a class reunion yet ;)

@hisbella - Love your wedding song!

@TC - Love that you sang to your hubby. Very romantic. LOL to your answer for #5 about no one had enough lines with Edward to warrant you wanting to play their part. Good point.

@alleykitty - Love your avi! That VMan picture was on my original blog picture. As you can tell from my avi, I'm partial to that photo shoot ;)

@Jayla - Your answer for #1 sounds like dirty talk to me ;)

@TM - Sounds like you can relate to Bella with your answer for #1.

@SV - I'm not much to country any more either, but that is an awesome song. And to think we were practically neighbors years ago!

@Mary - Hello! What outtakes did I miss between Victoria and James??

@Mrs. P - ROFLMFAO! We had the same wedding song?? Not surprised you picked Alice for the same reason that I did, but I am surprised that you're cuddling and I'm doing ;)

@TL - Another great wedding song.

@Banshee - I must have been the only one who saw smutty potential in #5. LOL!!

@Gemma and DD - Hope you're both feeling better!!

Banshee713 said...

@Lisa: it might not have been my first reason for picking Alice but doing Jasperpants is a definite bonus ;D Mmmm, uniform-wearing southern-drawling Jasper *drooooool*

Anonymous said...


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Er I'll answer even though I may be too late lol
1) Sports-I'm not deathly afraid of watching any sport partaking in um anything to do with heights-not good for me, noooooooo way

2)Colour change- OMG I've been red, green, black, pink, purple, blonde, brown, auburn, um blonde with coloured streaks I can't count cos I used to change it a lot. Black really did not suit me I looked like Alice Coopers younger sister, so I tried washing (the permanent colour)it out and it went a weird green which I really liked but could never properly replicate!

3)Wedding song-I walked into Fields of Gold by Eva Cassidy, we signed the register to May it be by Enya from the Lord of the Rings and the rain song by Led Zep and I walked out to My Best Friend by Queen. While the guests were arriving the music was Better together by Jack Johnson, Classical Gas by Eric Clapton, You're the Best Thing-Style Council, Sarah-Thin Lizzy, Need your love(so bad)-Fleetwood Mac, Joe Satrinin-Always with me, always with you, Paul McCartney-Maybe I'm Amazed, Wannadies-You and Me Song, Led Zep-Bron-Yr-Aur and Songbird by Eva Cassidy oh and The Beatles-And I love her...I did not have typical wedding music at all lmao but it wasn't a tyical wedding :0)

4)High school reunion-I'd go if I had plenty of warning as I don't live anywhere near my old school

5)What part in Twilight would I play-Rosalie or Alice, as long as I get to snog a Cullen