Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The best medicine ever

Hello Ho's

I've got a stinking cold and I decided to cheer myself up in the best way possible.

Googling Rob


Helloooooo nipple!

jaw pornolicious

I wish Rob could come and look after me :( Mr Mary keeps asking if I need something warm inside me. it's not helpful, and I will hurt him

Love and snotty snogs
Mary xxx


Stacked Like Sookie said...

Oh poor @Mary. Hope you feel better soon. I don't have a cold but it's fucking cold here, I'm surrounded by snow (sunny Australia my ass)Don't you just love the way men think "that" will cure everything?! Then again, if Rob offered me something warm.... The jaw porn & happy trail helped warm me up, thanks. Take lots of zinc, drink lots of water & get lots of rest XX

Becky said...

oh i could have done with this yesterday, lol. Serves me right for not checking in!
I had really bad ear ache yesterday, it even hurt to eat, which is just torture! ( I love to eat, lol).

lol @Mr Mary. M hubs usually offers me 'something' to gargle with when i have a sore throat!

Mary said...

@stacked like sookie thank you my lovely. I'm feeling a lot worse today, oh joy
@becky I hope you're feeling better today

Becky said...

Yes I am thanks. I finally got a Doctors appointment, so naturally I feel better! lol.

Jayla said...

@Mary oh poor baby- i do hope the sickies leave you soon. mr. jayla tells me that sex makes everything feel better.. wtf?

TwiWeasel said...

Mr. TW always tells me "I've got something for that." It doesn't matter what's wrong, he sure thinks he's got what'll fix it! LOL

Feel better, Mary. (((HUGS)))