Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Gluttony-Lets stuff ourselves silly on Manips lol

That's one manip too many young lady, you'll make yourself sick

Hehe, manip's it makes me giggle like a giggling fool hehehe

So it's the last of our 7 deadly sins...awww....I know some of you have loved them, I've enjoyed finding the pictures for them you know what a caption ho I am.

First rule about fight club Rob is fight club Rob is mine...ok?!

Right so the Collins English Dictionary says a glutton is a greedy person or a person with a great capacity for something...hmm spot on, I am a glutton for all things Vampyre then. Many of you know I have several vamps stashed in my Attic of the Damned....horny although rumour has it that Mrs P is planning a snatch and hump foray on my attic. That's kinda like a search and rescue but Mrs P style...you will have to check on her blog during her holiday....bwahahaha

I know its not his body but WOOF, yes please..

As you can see it's all about hte manipulations of Rob today, I would love to manipulate Rob very, very much. So just lay back and enjoy the manipulations of Rob...God I so wish....

Yes my dainty hoof is on his chest and we're about to partake in a massive bondage sesh

A wee bit of Bel Ami Rob

You need something rearranging sweetie?

I think the guitar is the way love

I really like this it's just nice yanno

Hehehe, sorry, this is one of mine, I couldn't resist doing it

Not one of mine but funny as fuck lol

This is one of mine and I'm sorry but I laugh everytime, its just Voldemorts face...bwahahaha

and this is what I get told by a lot of people in RL...fuckers...

So there you have it, the end of the Sins...which Sin was your favourite?


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Nom, I love me some manips, I wouldn't have to look at these if Rob would just take his clothes off more...

itsjustme1217 said...

I am a total glutton!

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Lust is always my favourite sin.

Funny thing, I was just mentioning you in the post I'm writing for today.

I love your manips. They're fucking hilarious. You're right, Valdemort's face is bwuahahaha.

I haven't seen that Fight Club manip before. Good find.

Not very inspired today, as you can see.

Becky said...

Rofl. I just love the " This is my cum face" one. It freaks me out a little but is funny as fuck!!

Manips, lol. makes me giggle too.

Stoney said...

OOO...fight club. Yummy. This is your life, good to the last drop, doesn't get any better than this. This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time. Love me some Tyler D. and if you make him into Rob that is just that much sweeter.

Loved all the sins! I can't choose! Great job.

Stacked Like Sookie said...

Love all your manips @Nibbs especially the Voldy one. I'm a total Pothead (my sons name for a person who likes Harry Potter) & I love taking the piss just as much. On the subject @Becky, how did your Oliver Wood search go? He he... Dunno which is my fave sin maybe envy. Wish the Mullet & the Precious would have a really nasty break-up & she would release all the dirty naked photo's & sex tape that we all hope she has, for our enjoyment! Lol! Me bad...

Dangrdafne said...

I would need to go back and look at your posts to recall which sin is my favorite. I don't know them by memory and I may choose something different based on your posts :)

Out of all the pictures/manips above, my favorite is... the Bel Ami pic of Rob looking at the flowers. I know he is fully dressed and all we see is his face and hands but that is enough for me. His face is so thoughtful and the lighting is interesting how it highlights his lower face. I am very intrigued by that picture.

I loved this collection of posts. Thank you for creating them Nibbles :)

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Thanks guys, where do I go now lol, what can I think of to do next...no doubt something will pop into my head...maybe another story like the Stan & Nibbles vs the evil queen of peen. I've really enjoyed doing all the Sins...Rob should have one of his own lol

Mary said...

Afternoon Ho's

Love the manips Nibbles esp the first one mmmm mmm mmmmm

I always read manips as man nips!! my confuddled brain does it to me a lot.

I've been cake baking and curry making today so my house smells of a delicious combo of both :)

Becky said...

@Stacked Like Sookie his name is Sean Biggerstaff ( rofl). He is ok looking now, but not fared as well as Rob, but then who has?

Stacked Like Sookie said...

@Becky WTF! ROFL is right! Poor darling lets hope for his sake it's not tiny! Rob does get more beautiful with age.

Anonymous said...

OK...now I'm getting really fucking pissed. I left a comment like 12 HOURS AGO...and it's not here. WTF?!?!?!?!
I LOVE MANIPS!!!!!! So, this might be my favourite (spelled it correctly for you hos) sin!!!!
Where to go from here Nibbles?!?! The 10 commandments? Patron Saints? Just some suggestions... LOL!
Love you guys!!!

17foreverlisa said...

"This is my cum face." PMSL!!!! And I'm sure there are a few people in my RL who would like to have that last one laminated and made into a flashcard they could hold up when I start talking about Twilight/Rob!

Well, given my current state of Robsanity, Lust definitely gets my vote. Just sayin'.

How is your back doing btw?



twilightcupcake said...

What a lovely set of manips - I love the one where he is brooding in the chair in the leather pants. Your sin posts have been awesome and I almost want to take the pics of the ladies in their dresses and have them as rotating wallpapers on my wall they are so pretty. It is funny that the gluttony one is more chubby than the rest.
I love LUST and SLOTH the best but they are all good to partake in.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Thanks TC-how you doing, not spoke for a while....I loved all the pictures, I found them on DeviantArt, so good! Yeah I was a bit pissed off they made gluttony chubby but I guess it goes with the territory...

@Lisa-Back is getting so much better as time goes...really pleased with it. I will have to mail you x

@Mrs P-10 Commandments-Oh yes I could Nibble-ify those couldn't I hehe

@Sooks-I looked up Mr Biggerstaff-pmsl thats such a piss take really, it has to be...he's not bad looking, but he's no Robbie...oooo another installment of Eric tomorrw, I need to do an Eric post, I know its Twilight blog but fuck it, yanno!