Friday, 30 April 2010

Friday Fun Five!

Hi Ho's!  Bloody hell, Friday again?  Doesn't time fly?! 

Quick update on our Nibs, she's been sick, which, as she says, isn't good after abdominal surgery.  Get well soon Nibs, we're all thinking of you.

Last week Mr Pantz chose Poptarrts as the winner of FFF, so over to her for this week's questions :o)

Hey all! I'm so stoked to finally get my hands all over this bloggy wogg!
That's right! You have OFFICIALLY been taken over by poptarrts... The great and all mighty!

*waves* hi stoney! Look no hands!!!

Ok..on with the show...

1. Who and where was your first kiss? Was it just a kiss or did you let it go further you little slut..?

2. So I realise that most of you probably can't see past November 2008, for obvious reasons but... What is your very very very never had one before (at least I don't remember it) first memory?

"It was the day my mum dressed me as Rob for the first time, doctor."

3. Have you ever dreamt in colour? Yes COLOUR! You filthly yanks won't tame me! I will use U when and however I like dammit!!!

Who needs colour? *sigh*

4. What's your favourite word? No seriously..I'm curious.

5. And finally... I wanted to end on a happy note. Kstew in a meat mincer! :D Kidding... We all have a secret pleasure... Whether it be gilmore girls or something else..hehe! Something you enjoy doing, watching or eating but you never tell anyone. And no.. You can't answer twilight! Tell me yours... You might win a prize! ..then again.. You might not!

"You want to do WHAT to me??"


Thank you.. Thank you! You're just too kind...

Poptarrts x

Thanks Poptarrts, good questions!  I'm looking forward to everyone's answers.  Answer away ho's!


itsjustme1217 said...

1. My first kiss was with the preacher's son when I was 15 and it was heavenly. Yes, it was just a kiss, the first time anyway.
2. In 1st grade the boy next door (Tony) We played you show me yours and I'll show you mine.
3. I always dream in color. It's news to me that some people don't.
4. Tina and I have been laughing our asses off over the word peacock for weeks now.
5. I bought "the vamp". Best $50 I ever spent. In case you don't know what I'm talking about

Stan said...

1. Who and where was your first kiss? Was it just a kiss or did you let it go further you little slut..?

I was 16 and very naive. I was on holiday with a friend and we passed a group of other kids around our age on the playground of the campsite. One of the boys started talking to my friend and she ended up snogging him and his friend called me over and kissed me. Very unromantic and I felt very stupid because I was sure they were all just laughing at us. No idea what I was thinking! And no, it didn't go further, thank God, especially cos it was at a kids' playground in broad daylight lol

2. So I realise that most of you probably can't see past November 2008, for obvious reasons but... What is your very very very never had one before (at least I don't remember it) first memory?

When I was 3 I was running down the garden in my bright pink dressing gown with a rabbit on the pocket. I fell and hit my head on the rusty grass box for my Dad's petrol mower and had to go to hospital and have paper stitches and a tetanus jab. I've still got the scar in my left eyebrow, makes plucking them a bugger.

3. Have you ever dreamt in colour?

LOL at your 'U' rant! Yep, I think I must dream in colour because I've never thought about it. I didn;t realise not everyone did either.

4. What's your favourite word? No seriously..I'm curious.


5. Something you enjoy doing, watching or eating but you never tell anyone. And no.. You can't answer twilight! Tell me yours... You might win a prize! ..then again.. You might not!

At the moment it's eating the ice cream the kids always beg for with chocolate sauce when I'm on my own. They asked for some after school yesterday and I said it had all gone. Will asked if our ice cream comes in small tubs or something (because it runs out so quickly ;o) ) LOL!

Good questions Pops!

Musing Bella said...

Let's see if I can do this in 5 minutes before I have to go to work.

1-His name was Tyrel, it was just a kiss (although the plan had been sex... it wasn't *my* plan, but my dirty ho of a best friend at the time's plan), and I was 15 We were in a park by the swingset.

2-My third birthday party at my Grandma's house. I only remember a little bit of it, but that counts, right?

3-I usually dream in colour, is that odd? I don't usually remember my dreams, but when I do, they're colourized. (My spell check doesn't like your "u", poptarrts!)

4-Hmm... I love words, it's hard to pick just one. How about onomotopoeia? That's a good one.

5-Secret vice? Besides Twilight?? I watch The Office reruns when I'm stressed out, how's that? I've seen the Diversity Awareness episode probably a dozen times or more.

Great questions, Poptarrts! I'll be back later to read other answers! Mwah!

17foreverlisa said...

1. First kiss

Kindergarten. My mom still tells the story about how she went to a parent/teacher conference and the teacher told her that I was a joy to have in class but that I liked to kiss the boys a little too much. LOL! But to borrow a line from one of my favorite movies (That Thing You Do!), the first time I was decently kissed was the summer between 6th and 7th grade. His name was Robbie (wow – hadn’t even thought about that until I typed it), and he played baseball for the team my dad coached. He lived right by the ballpark and would ride his bike to the games. It was after the game and he was sitting on his bike. I should have been shocked that there was tongue, but I wasn't. I liked it ;) Geez, I haven’t thought about him in years. Good question!

2. First memory

I have a hard time deciding if my first memories are real or prompted by the old home movies my parents took of me and my sister, which we’ve watched a lot over the years. My dad even had quite a few of them converted into DVD format and gave them to us for Christmas a couple years ago. I am going to go with one that’s not on film that is kind of appropriate for Twilight. One night, there was a bat flying around in my bedroom. I was four. I woke my parents up by screaming and my dad came charging into the room. When he found out what was wrong, he ran and grabbed a broom. He came back, shut the door, opened the window, and proceeded to swat at the bat until it flew out the window. The entire time, he was nekkid. Apparently, my dad slept in the nude. True story. LMAO!

3. Dream in colour

I always dream in colour. I wish I could dream in black and white. I’m a huge fan of black and white images, as most of you know. Have you ever seen the movie Pleasantville? I love how it starts out in black and white and passion is the metaphor for colour in the movie. I digress, as always...

4. Favourite word

I’d love to say Rob, or a Rob-related word, but to be honest, it’s “mom.” It’s all I ever wanted to be. I feel blessed every single day to be called that by my two kids. A lot of their friends call me mom, too. I will never get tired of hearing it.

5. Secret pleasure

Poor KStew. Mrs. P will like it if you put her in a meat mincer, though, Poptarrts ;) This is a hard question. I’ve outed myself way more than I ever thought I would as a result of blogging and by answering a lot of previous FFF questions. Hmmmm... Ok. This will be dumb, but Mrs. P is going to found this out about me in Forks anyway. I cannot go anywhere without lipstick/lip gloss/chapstick. My lip gloss is within arm’s reach on my desk as I type this. I even take it into meetings with me. I’m not a girly girl at all, but I have to have it at all times. Borders on OCD, I know.

Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve participated in FFF. Feels good. Happy Friday Twi-Hos!!

@Stan – Thanks again for the update on Sarah. Please give her my love! And another fantastic job with the FFF pictures and captions!! Love that broke out the picture of your little man dressed like Rob again. XOXO


that's Mr. Pantz to you said...

what up, slutbags!!! (wait, what?... i can't say that?... how is that even the same as a white person calling a black person a nig... oh! right, right, right...sorry.)

umm, good morning, ladies! very good Q's today, let's dive right in...

1. First kiss. In my bedroom w/KM on my twin bed complete w/Garfield comforter and sheets. I think I was 12? Interesting note to that story the parents were all downstairs having a bible study. If only they knew what we got up to those nights only 2 floors away... :) Got my first BJ from same girl during same scenario, different night. She swallowed. Little did I know at the time just how precious and rare a gift that was... *wipes tear* Ha! TMI?

2. Awesome question! My first memory is of my little brother coming home from the hospital. I was 2, I remember sitting on my dad's lap, asking if I could hold my bro, my mom saying yes and placing him gently on my lap and warning, "Now don't drop him..."

3. Dreamt in colour? Yes. Yes I have.

4. Favorite word. MOIST. It describes two of my favorite things at their very best. I'll give you a hint on one of them: "Golly, I do love moist cake." ;)

5. And finally: guilty pleasure. shit. this is hard. i mean, i've just spent the better part of 4 years NOT feeling guilty anymore about my pleasure. (pastor's kid and all...) not to mention being ridiculously transparent about everything. OOOOH!!!! got one. i really enjoy listening to greatest hits compilations of 80's divas in my car and singing my ass off!!!!! Madonna, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston... yeah. Can't believe I just shared that... but when you ask for something else... you know how that overpowers me!

great questions PT!!!!! (((BIG HUGS)))

Jayla said...

Posting and then reading. Happy Friday ladies & Mr. Pantz.

1. Who and where was your first kiss? Was it just a kiss or did you let it go further you little slut..?
I think I was 15? It was in his kitchen no parents to be found. Very awkward *shuttering at the memory*. If we’re talking about first kiss w/ tongue- um, same year (different guy)- that summer at a quinceañera while dancing. (Soul 2 soul’s ‘Keep On Movin’ was playing). Very hot. And no- both instances it stopped there. I didn’t turn into a h00r until college ;-)

2. First memory?
Nursery school (2.5), my friend Abby and I are playing with wooden blocks.

3. Have you ever dreamt in color?
I always dream in color, never black & white. Mr. Jayla rarely if ever dreams in color. (Notice I didn’t use any ‘u’s- waving at Poptarrts)

4. What's your favorite word?
Woohoo! Yea- I know. It’s just a fun word (yes- it’s a word if I say it is daymit!) that can be used so many ways and in so many situations. It can express happiness, sadness and sarcasm. It can be used casually in conversation with your friend, or with your boss when he assigns you that fan-effing-tastic project.

5. Secret pleasure?
Aside from masturbation… hmmm Sitting down with a pint of super premium ice cream and watching my dvr line up which usually consists of America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway and Top Chef.

@Nibbles- Get better soon. And playing with Rob while you’re on the mend isn’t helpful. Let Mrs. P tend to The Precious for the time being.

@Poptarrts thanks for the great questions.

Jayla said...

@Stan- WTH is Squidge? I’m afraid to google it at work.

@ 17foreverlisa- LOL @ dad sleeping in the nude. Or did you interrupt something?

@MrPants- um, yea I guess you can have a ‘hood’ pass. Rare gift- LOL.. funneee.

TigerlilyRose said...

1. First Kiss...LOL...Brandon we were 14...he was Wease's step bro then. we went out off and on for two years.

2.First boring, really. I remember my mom was pouring me juice in my cookie monster cup and I knocked it over and spilled it on the floor.

3. I always dream in coloUr.

4. I say FABULOUS a lot. Though I am not sure why or if I even like it...LMAO

5. I smoke, when no one is around to catch me. I quit five years ago and though I am ultimately glad I did, I still miss it, so sometimes, I sneak one in. So out of practice though, only get through half before i get dizzy, ahhh, but so nice to have the occasional "Smokey Treat" as my hubs used to call them before he went all "No Smoking" on me...what a drag, he can be! Or should I say he isn't a "drag"...LAME jokes ARE my specialty.

*WAVES at Poptarts. Hey there, you sex goddess you! I am out of the loop and don't know whats what, since I was out of bloggy land for about a month dealing with RL. So, I don't really know what you have been dealing with. But it is irrelevant, because no matter what is going on in your RL, I got nothing but love for you and I hope you are getting it all worked out and life is returning to normal for you. Much love to you, we have missed you dearly!

TigerlilyRose said...

Amendment to number #1...or amybe I should say addition...the question was Who and Where and When. I forgot where....Movie Room at the Teen Center, I think...yep, pretty sure that was where...there's been so many since then...LMAO

Mary said...

1. Who and where was your first kiss? Was it just a kiss or did you let it go further you little slut..?
I think his name was Johnathan and we were 11. It was all going quite well until he rammed his tongue down my throat. mega gross and I cried

2. So I realise that most of you probably can't see past November 2008, for obvious reasons but... What is your very very very never had one before (at least I don't remember it) first memory?
I remember sitting in bed with my great grandma, I was about 18 months old
3. Have you ever dreamt in colour?
Always. What freak dreams in black and white????
4. What's your favourite word? No seriously..I'm curious.

The honest answer here is cunt. Bad word I know but it's been my fave for a lonnnnnnnnnnnng time. Stan will verify :)But I love the word cack, it makes me giggle all the time

5. Something you enjoy doing, watching or eating but you never tell anyone. And no.. You can't answer twilight! Tell me yours... You might win a prize! ..then again.. You might not!

I love squeezing spots. Oh the joy I get from a good spot. Anyones, i'm not fussy ;)

Becky said...

Right, posrting then reading...

1. Not sure my memory is that good,lol. I was 13 I think, with a boy called Neil Whitehouse. There may have been some over the clothes touching involved too!

2. I think I was about 2. The family dog bit me on the cheek and I had to go to A&E to have it stitched up. I remember parts of it very well.

3. I have no idea if I dream in colour or not! Might have to try and remember after tonight.

4. mmm this is a toughie Poptarrts! I love 'manips', it always makes me giggle. Oh and 'moobs' too!

5. I love Glee. I also play the CD relentlessly in the car, but I take it out if I give anyone a lift!

TigerlilyRose said...

@Mary...I a presuming spots are pimples, zits, acne, etc...I have an obsession with doing that too...drives my husband & daughter nuts! I can't stand seeing them, I have to pick'em. something satisfying about the whole thing

TigerlilyRose said...

@Lisa...the words scarred for life come to mind when I think of my dad chasing a bat around my room nekkid...*shutter

smartEpantz said...

Poptarrts!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!!
I have been looking forward to your uber excited!!!

1) As far as I can remember my first kiss was at the ripe old age of 10. I was in 4th grade and was "going out" with an older man...a 6th grader named Josh. I was at a friend's house with a bunch of other girls and Josh came over to see me. We went for a walk in friend's back yard, and he took me behind the tool shed and kissed me. I actually remember the kiss being really nice! It was sweet, no tongue (eeeeew, I was 10!) and it did not go any further. I didn't fully get my slut on til around 14.

I do remember that my friends spied on us, and razzed me relentlessly after he left! Jealous bitches...

2) Wowzers! You're really gonna test the limits of my swiss cheese memory...
I wanna say my earliest memory was when I was about 3...I had gone over to our next door neighbor's house to visit without telling my parents. They were and elderly couple and I remember the lady would always give me candy...or a peanut butter & jelly sanwich. Next thing I know, the police are at the door looking for me! My mom was hysterical...FREAKING THE FUCK OUT!!! I very clearly remember her ranting animatedly about how badly I scared her, and to NEVER EVER EVER DO THAT AGAIN!!! And then I cried.

3) I dream in colour (smirk) all the fucking time! Is that weird? In fact some of the most memorable or significant aspects of my dreams revolve around colour. I recently had a very vivid Rob dream *points at Mrs.P!!!* in which everything was a certain color, and I am very curious what Mrs.P will make of it. *points at Mrs.P again!!!* ;P

4) Fuck. That is all.

5) Hmmmmm....this is a toughie. I am pretty much an open fucking book, so coming up with an indulgence that no one knows about? Let me see *taps head*

I stalk peoples FaceBook profiles...not good enough? Fine.
I like to spy on my neighbors, and listen to their arguments. Still not good enough? Pffft. FINE!

OH! Got one. I like to pluck my facial hair. No, I mean I'm obsessed with it. I pluck my eyebrows daily, and have over plucked on more than one occasion in an attempt to create the ever elusive exact symmetry. I also have random chin, neck and cheek hairs that I obsess over plucking. If I feel one that I missed, I DROP EVERYTHING and run to the bathroom mirror with my trusty tweasers. I have been known to lose track of time in my quest for a hairless face.

There. Happy now??!!

Good query's babe.

I love you my Cheeto!

smartEpantz said...

@Lisa ~ Whooooaaaa!!! Nekkid Daddy bits and a bat in the same night?! Which was more traumatizing? ;D
I looooove the movie Pleasantville! Soooo good.
Plus, I'm also a lip gloss junkie. Truth. I have at least 6 diff shades in my purse right now. I feel nakey without it!

@ Mary ~ I am a compulsive pimple popper too! I can't keep my damn hands off them! Mr.Pantz has been tackled many times if I ever see a good one on his back. Definitely satisfying!

@ TLR ~ The Mr. and I call our cigarettes "smokey treats"...funny. :O

17foreverlisa said...

@Mary, TigerlilyRose & smartEpantz - I am more scarred/traumatized by the spot popping!!!!!!! My gag reflex is working overtime, and that's NOT a good thing. LOL!

@smartEpantz - Glad someone can relate to my lip moist(ure) problem. *waves at Mr. Pantz* I carry two shades of lipstick, one lip gloss with color, one clear lip gloss, and one Burt's Bees lip balm at all times. One time I left my tube of lipstick on a picnic table at a family gathering, and my daughter's boyfriend found it. He sent me a picture message of the lipstick sitting on the dashboard of his SUV, saying they were holding it for ransom ;)

@itsjustme1217 - I forgot to say how sweet I thought your first kiss story was.

@Stan - I feel the need to translate this paragraph. LMAO!

When I was 3 I was running down the garden in my bright pink dressing gown (dress) with a rabbit on the pocket. I fell and hit my head on the rusty grass box for my Dad's petrol mower (lawnmower) and had to go to (the) hospital and have paper (?!)stitches and a tetanus jab (shot). I've still got the scar in my left eyebrow, makes plucking them a bugger (bitch). XXXOOO (I love you!)

Stan said...

@ Lisa, LOL! Dressing gown is a bath robe. Paper stitches are like butterfly stitches, is that what you call them? No idea otherwise! The tiny strips that stick across.

I love spot-popping and blackhead squeezing too, if it's a particularly good light I just haul Mr Stan's t-shirt up and search his back for things I can squeeze.

@ E, not so much my eyebrows, but I'm always feeling for stray granny hairs on my face.

@ Jayla, squidge is the same as squish, only a better word ;o). If my youngest has filled his cheeks up with food he comes over and sticks his face out so I can press his cheek and sy 'squidge' PMSL!

17foreverlisa said...

@Stan - I hate to go a whole day without learning anything. Dressing gown = bath robe. Paper stitches = butterfly stitches (yes, that's what we call them). But again with the spots/zits!! You girls are killing me!

Musing Bella said...

I agree with Lisa, the spots/zits thing is naaaaaaasty. But my Mom used to give my Dad "back operations," which basically consisted of her picking blackheads out of his back and popping his pimples, and I'm going to vomit just typing this out. BLARGH.

@smartE - I do that with hair, too, maybe not to that extent but if I find one when I'm away from my tweezers, I try to pluck it with my fingernails, convinced everyone can see it. I have two chin hairs that drive me fucking NUTS.

Aaaaaaaa nd, my w/v is "cothair." How almost appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Hello Poptarrts...i shall tackle this shiz..

1)My first kiss was with Steven Feron (a nice irish kid) in a basement and I DID end up walking back up the stairs with my shirt on backwards. True facts.

2)I was 14 months old and my Mom was in the hospital having my sister and my Dad put me on the phone with her. I don't remember my sis coming home, or much after that until I was 3 or so, but I remember the phone call!

3)Oh man...I dream in MAJOR color, all the time.

4)Motherfucker. I use it more often than I would like admit.

5)I like to read books on witchcraft...and spells...and i have used them, and they have worked, and then I scare the shit out of myself.

Banshee713 said...

Maith an cailin, Poptarrt! Fuck, I had to do some serious thinking about these buggers...

1. Like any good Catholic girl, my first kiss was behind my school. I was 12 or 13? and it was with this really sweet guy named Mark. It didn't go any further, and we just kinda stayed friends. The worst part was I didn't really enjoy it, because we both had braces and I was terrified we'd get stuck together. Good times. Good, awwwwwkward ass times.

2. The earliest memory I have is of being in a swimming pool in Wales with my mom and I was wearing this little blue polka-dot swimsuit. The pool had a huge slide and I remember my dad catching me off it. Or it could be my aunt's 21st birthday, I'm not sure which came first. Anyhoo, I was two in both these memories.

3. Hell yeah my freaky dreams that make no fucking sense are in colour. Too much fucking colour, usually.

4. Bollocks, or as we Irish usually spell it, bollix. This has been my favourite word ever since I first started watching Father Ted. In fact, I used it just today when my fucking (fuck is a close second) car got clamped. BOLLIX!!! Try it, it's seriously satisfying.

5. Whoa, I'm kinda embarrassed to admit this but *mumbles* I'm a Pokemon fan. Games, cartoon, and a few stuffed animals, er, Pokemon. Yup. I'm such a fucking nerd...*shakes fist at bastard friend who got me hooked on it*

Banshee713 said...

@Lisa: My dad sleeps in the nude too. Your story just brought back a ton of suppressed traumatic childhood memories *shudders* Thanks bitch!

@MrsP: I read witchcraft books too, but it never works for me...:(

17foreverlisa said...

@Banshee713 - Sorry 'bout that! And I'm staying with Mrs. P in Forks. Don't encourage her with the witchcraft ;)

that's Mr. Pantz to you said...

@17foreverlisa- interesting that you mention Pleasantville. I was just thinking about it the other day and how perfect of a metaphor it is for what so many women who come here have gone through in the past year. A life of black and white changed into into exploding technicolor! Much to the chagrin of those near who would prefer things to stay the way they were...

@Mary- love the word cunt. I know how it freaks out a lot of women at the sound of it but it's just such a powerful and nasty word... LOVE IT!

@Mrs.P- ever read Drawing Down the Moon?

that's Mr. Pantz to you said...

@everyone - Happy May Day!!!

twilightcupcake said...

1) My first kiss was when I was 15 with my 17 year old first date ever. We were at the park near my house on a bench. I think I let him get to first base too but can't really remember. It's now the same park I bring my kids to and everytime I sit on the benches it's a bit surreal.

2) My first memory? Honestly I don't know how much of what I remember is me actually remembering or the power of suggestion from my family recounting stories. I recall being 3 years old and standing by the stove in the midday with my grandmother cooking lunch while my sister was a school. Not too exciting but I can still see the ugly pea green stove and smell the greasy wok.

3) I think I've only ever dreamed in black and white 2 times my whole life. Everything is always in colour like real life and occasionally I dream in cartoon, like we are in a He-Man show on TV. In fact I had a dream once that I was She-Ra and we were living in a cartoon world. Like when I looked at my hands I was a cartoon character.

4) Do I have a favourite word? I don't think so because I talk so fucking much that my brain doesn't have a go to work, just verbal diarrhea :) I say sweetie a lot though.

5) Can I confess that I like to watch porn on my iphone? Okay well if you want a cleaner answer I love eating chocolate chips straight out of the bag every time I walk by my baking drawer. It's always a shocker though when I go to bake cookies and they are all gone.

Stoney said...

Oy...I'm a bit late to the party. Work has a giant stick jammed up my ass and I have been working non stop this week. When I get a second to myself I SLEEP or talk to the author of these questions. So...the Twi-World has been on the back burner.

1. First Kiss:
His name was Duffy...yes, Duffy. Well, his real name was Michael but everyone called him Duffy I still have no idea why. He was a big hockey player boy who went to our rival High School East Grand Rapids...*cue ominous music*. Anyway, he worked at the ice rink that I spent every day at and one day we were alone in skate rental and he said, "Can I kiss you?" And I said (with butterflies threatening to make me throw up as they attacked my bowels) "Ok."
And yes Wifey, that is all it was...a kiss. THAT time...*evil laugh*.

2. First memory?
I am probably 2 maybe almost 3. My parents took me to Maine (a long ass car ride from Michigan to Maine) to see my Uncle who lives in Rockland.
I remember being in the car and I remember arriving at my Uncles. It was very muddy and he had laid boards out from the driveway to the house for us to stand on so we didn't get muddy. I distinctly remember my mom holding my hand and me teetering on the boards as they sank in the mud.

3. In living colOR:
Yes. Always in color.

4. Big words make me horny...what's my favorite?
Phenylpropanolamine...because I can pronounce it and it is awesome (nevermind that it is for incontinence...hehe). I also REALLY love the word 'puzzle' or the plural form 'puzzles'. When you combine it with 'island' for Puzzle Island...I like it even more.
This also reminds me of how much I'm falling in love with the word cupcake-day as well.

5. Pleasureful things I do in private but don't typically like to share?
Um...doritios and cottage cheese count? No? Something else?
I like to write quick one shots of my own fantasies. I don't share them with anyone...well, not usually anway.

That's it...great questions Wifey!!! Love you!

Twired Jen said...

OMG Mrs. P, do you really try those spells out? Do tell!

Anonymous said...

Thx ur share........................................

kat said...

Coming out of lurkdom to answer. Hi.
1)First kiss? I was 14 and he totally got to first base before I knew what was happening. Sigh. To be young and way stupid, huh?

2) First memory? I was walking down the hallway in my parent's home and I have no idea what I was doing or where I was going but I remember suddenly knowing what was going on. I was probablly 3 and a half. Totes boring, but true.

3)I don't really ever remember my dreams but I guess they are in color because I think I WOULD remember them if everything was black and white.

4)Clandestine. (I don't know why, I just love it and will use it whenever I possibly can)

5)My guilty pleasure is a soap opera here in the States called General Hospital. The only thing that sucks more than the actors is the storyline and for some reason I CAN'T stop watching it. I've been watching it since I was about 6 or 7, because my Mom watched it.

Musing Bella said...

Ooh - @TC - I love chocolate chips out of the bag, too. Sometimes I'll take the bag and a jar of peanut butter and a spoon and just sit down and combine the two. Yum.

Dangrdafne said...

I know I missed out but Poptarrts is my girl and I didn't want to go without answering her questions. Wow, it is time for the next FFF already!

1. Who and where was your first kiss? Was it just a kiss or did you let it go further you little slut..?

First kiss I think was on my parent's front stoop when I was a junior in high school. I didn't like the kiss at all, blech. He wasn't very good at it turns out, it wasn't me (thank goodness). Best first kiss was with a boy that kissed me to get back at some other girl... turned out he enjoyed the kiss so much (as did I) that he ended up liking me and we dated for a long time. He actually said "I regret why I kissed you but not that I kissed you." Wow my heart still flutters when I remember that.

2. What is your very very very never had one before (at least I don't remember it) first memory?

Leading the Pledge of Allegiance in Nursery School.

3. Have you ever dreamt in colour?

I will say I think I always do.

4. What's your favourite word?


5. Something you enjoy doing, watching or eating but you never tell anyone.

I hide how much chocolate I eat from my hubby.

Dangrdafne said...

@ Stoney - this is my least favorite word - Phenylpropanolamine - as I had to use it so much with my one cat Otis and for a little but with Milo. Both had crystals and then Otis has FLUD (or whatever the acronymn is).

@ Musing Bella - now I must go get my chocolate chips and peanut butter out of the cupboard - mmmmm - favorite thing to eat.