Tuesday, 6 April 2010

7 Deadly Sins-Envious Much?

I look soooo good in green and as a brunette lmao plus I really do like snakes in RL

Envy! You envious of anybody or anything? Can you envy a thing? I guess you can be envious of someone owning a thing but that reverts back to a person again. We can be envious of situations....but that's envy of a person being in a situation from this I summise that basically we just envy others either because of what they have, what they can do and sometimes even what they don't have (think stress)

Naughty naughty Roberto, 2 of them ain't worth 1 of me hunny. I'd blow your....fucking socks off.

I am envious of them, I wanna hug and hold him even if it is just for a picture. Once he gotta look at the Nibble Gazungas though, he'd wanna bury his head bwahahaha-Oh fantasy I love theee

So what else am I envious of...Not a lot really I have a nice house, 2 gorgeous, adorable if somewhat irritating at times children, a loving hubtard and a crazy dog. I'm relatively healthy and financially, well it could be better but I guess I'm getting there....pmsl quicker would be nice but what the hey. All in all I'm doing pretty good.

C'mon Nibbles there must be something....oh ok, I'm envious of youth, time, age, whatever. I've had a bit of a fucked up life until well a few year ago but on the whole I've had a fucking good time so what's my problem????


I don't like getting older, I have to behave myself somewhat and there are times I just want to go pull the bottom can out of the stack in the supermarket and watch them roll everywhere and run away lol. I want to go get puke makingly drunk and dance on the tables and NOT take 2 fucking days to get over it....sigh, I want my boobs and my ass back where they were before breast feeding and chocolate took its toll so I guess yes I'm envious of youth. Pfffft!

I bet he didn't take 2 days to get over this lol

I'd like to have 2 days with this though please lmao

I looked good in mens underwear once too, oh what the hell I still do haha

She has my ass fucking ass beyatch.....honestly I did have a tiny ass once, my hubtard loves it now though so....yes I am envious of this ass....meh..

and hell fucking yeah I am sooooooooooo envious of this, the kiss that made us all wanna be in her position....often, like c'mon who rewound and watched this over and over again especially when he moans....oh yeah, you know what I'm saying ho's

Still I guess we have time to watch him grow older gracefully and we can sit there and say oooo I remember when I used to drool over him as a young man. Although we probably will still be drooling over him as he is only going to get better with age isn't he?!

Fuck you Mr Pattinson pmsl....yes please without a doubt

So anything you ho's are envious of? Todays the day to get it off your chest. Come on, let it all go....there, there (pats backs)


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

I may be MIA today as no doubt the Hobbit will have left a mess in my office...bleurghhh

Becky said...

Morning! I think you pretty much covered everything that I am envious of, lol!!

The other thing I am envious of is that my family are all back up north and see each other regularly. I wish I could pop round either of my sisters houses for coffee and a chat, I know they do it and I am sooo jealous. It is entirely my own fault for moving so far away, but I am still envious.

17foreverlisa said...

I missed having a post yesterday. Nice to have you back, Nibbles! Great post. I do miss my youth and my cheerleader bod. I wish I could go back and tell myself to put down the damn snacks and stay in shape. Other than that, I love my life.

And damn straight I've watched that first kiss scene a billion times!



Anonymous said...

Morning all!!! Great post Nibbbles...not one time did i scroll. I'm envious of youth...and being single. I love the hubs and I love my kids, but for a few days I would like to go back to being able to flirt and have fun without it being a "sin". I want my flat stomach back...and my face before the bags settled under my eyes. I also envy people who can be thin with zero effort...I have to starve myself...and I hate it.
I'm also envious of every girl that has ever touched the precious..and of any vagina that has had the pleasure of keeping his penis comfy.
OK..that's enough!
(OK..by the way, I have right clicked and saved lip biting Jasperpants.)

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

@Mrs P I can soooooooooooooo empathise with you lol, I still flirt but do it in secret!!! I too have to starve if I want to lose any weight, conventional "eating sensibly" just doesn't work with me, I hate it..
I am also envious of any v-jay-jay that has enjoyed getting jiggy wit his penis and of any mouth that may have pleasured him. I'm sad aren't I, officially I'm a saddo but I'd fuck him senseless regardless pmslllllllllllllllll
Oh I knew you would save biting lip Jasper, he was there with you in mind and me...and my vagina LOL


@Becky-I know where you're coming from I miss having my cousins, I don't miss and never have my frickin brother who is an arsehole (think Meet the Fockers pronunciation of Ass-hooooole lol)
I also really miss my friends from back home-I'm so glad I have you guys xxxx

17foreverlisa said...

Hold up! I was supposed to have given up flirting in my old age? Damn. Totally missed that memo. Don't anyone send to me, though ;)

Musing Bella said...

LMAO, I am also envious of those who don't need two days to get over a little heavy drinking - wtf is that about? Blargh.

Let's see... I'm most envious of anyone who's doing something they love for a living - I don't like my job much, but I don't know what I'd love to do. *shrugs* And I wish my body looked like it did 10 years ago. Who doesn't? ;)

I love these seven sins posts, Nibbles!

Dangrdafne said...

I am envious that Stoney of Twi-Soup has real horses in her life.

I am envious of people who are independently wealthy and can do whatever they please every day.

I am envious of all of you that are in love with your husbands and lives.

I am envious of anyone who doesn't have any major health issues.

I am envious of many things and that is ok. It is what keeps me motivated to do and be better every day and maybe some day I can be the subject of my own envy for the items above :)

Stoney said...

@Dangrdafne: Awww...you can come play with my horses anytime. And you can clean stalls, feed them morning and night, brush them, get the mud off of his legs b/c he is ALWAYS covered in it...lmfao.

I'm envious of skinny people. I'm not huge but I have much room for improvement. Thank god I'm six feet tall or I would be MAHOOSIVE. T-Nabs, as much as I love you..you and your amazing skinny genes...grarrrrr.

I'm envious of people who have the money to travel. I want to go see @Poptarrts SO bad it hurts..but I can't afford it right now.

I am also envious of single people. I love the Leaf Blower but I am such a freakin' flirt. I miss being able to act on it.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

@Musing-we're coming to the end of them soon, we've only got gluttony to do, oh no what will I post about, the 7 wonders of the film world, ie. the incredible hanging pants of Edward?
Maybe mmm have a face off between Twilight & Trueblood, although the vamps in Twilight can come out in the day so no fair on the TB guys lol.
VILFs-Vampires I'd like to Fuck? hmmmm possibilitys in all I think lol

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

@Dafs-Don't you love your hubtard? Not pointing a finger or anything I'm just curious?
I'm sooo envious of people with money. I know they say it doesn't make you happy but I'm telling you know it would put a shit eating grin on my fucking face no problem, I'd be doing the happy dance all freakin night long! C'mon lotto, I got ho's to visit!

Dangrdafne said...

@Nibbles - Hubby and I have been going through a rough patch lately and I wish we weren't. He has changed fairly significantly (not necessairily for the bad, just for the different) and it has affected me and our life alot. Many women marry and think they will be able to change the man, well I married because I was happy with who he was and wasn't looking to change him, but he went ahead and changed anyway. It has just been stressful. We had 2 huge talks lately and that helped and he is doing more around the house and such so we will see what happens. Only time will tell. He does accept my place in Twitardia so he does get a point for that :)

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

I am envious of all these little young female characters I read about in my book collection. Oh youth... How it slips me by.

But, if I could stay this age forever, then I'd be fine with it too. Can you give me immortality? Okay or just enough money for botox? :)

Alright I'll be serious. Here's my list;

1) I'm envious of those who can control their temper. I have a bad one.
2) I'm envious of those that are energetic. I drink a lot of coffee.
3) I'm envious of those that have a degree. I'm just now going back to school.

Should I go on?

smartEpantz said...

Hey sluts! I'm late today cuz I've managed to injure myself (once again) by not paying attention and I threw my shoulder out...and probably severely pulled a muscle. I'm no doc but I know it hurts like a motherfucker and my left arm is nearly out of comission...gah. Which brings me to what I fuckin' envy:

I envy people who are naturally graceful and deft. I have zero coordination and am constantly endangering myself. Think Bella...only worse.

I envy skinny people. I'm a fatty and I'm short too, so most days I feel like I look like a weeble.

I envy my single friends with no kids who can just pick up and take off to do whatever they want, whoever they want, whenever they want without explanations, justifications, or guilt. I love my fam very much but I echo @Mrs.P....what I wouldn't give for just a few days to cut loose.

~deep sigh~

Banshee713 said...

Hmmm, I agree with Daf about being envious of people with horses in their lives. I'm also envious of people who aren't allergic to horses like I am fml. I'm envious of people who don't have asthma. I agree with anyone who's jealous of anyone who's banged the Precious, which I think is everyone here ;)

Anonymous said...

Before I spill on what I'm envious of, let me say every picture, um I mean word of the post was great.

I'm envious of people who are skinny like I used to be.

I'm envious of women who have a tight pussy like mine was before a baby's head got stuck there for two hours. Damn lazy doctor.

Mostly I'm pretty happy with my life. Just loving Mr TM & waiting to inherit when his parents pass on.

TooMuchCoffee said...

I'm envious of Kellan's dog, Kola. That bitch has the LIFE!

@Daf - I'm so sorry about your hubtard troubles. I'm having major issues there myself, too. Big changes happening right now. Just know you're not alone. I'll offer you the same support a good bloggy friend ;-) recently offered me: Email me anytime and unload. It can be really helpful.

Dangrdafne said...

@TooMuchCoffee - That is very sweet of you. I appreciate your offer. All is on a good level at the moment but we are kind of in a testing area to see where we will go next. I will definitely take you up on your offer if need be (I won't lie, I hope I won't have to as that would be the best for me and my hubby). Truly, thank you.