Wednesday, 31 March 2010

My dream analysis thanks to Mrs P

Morning ho's

I sent an a e mail to Mrs P a couple of weeks ago and she's analyzed it for me.
Here's the dream
was at home with Stan, it wasn't where I live now but I knew it was my home. Attached to my house was a tea room and cake shop that I was getting ready to open and Stan was helping me. Then I had a call to say Rob and Kristen were driving through the area and they wanted to stop by for refreshments and to use the bathroom. This made me panic as we hadn't got around to cleaning the bathroom out yet and it was full of dried old leaves and needed a good clean. We spent a long time cleaning it up and making it look really nice by putting some of my produce from the tea shop in there on the shelves!
When we'd done we went to sit in the tea room which had a hatch in the wall that we could see through to the corridor and the bathroom. I saw a group of people come into the corridor and one headed straight into the bathroom, leaving the door part way open. It was a young man who I knew to be an assistant to Rob. He was peeing and looking around him at the same time. He peed on the floor then moved to pee into a water feature in there and also onto a handtowel! I was fuming that he was making a mess in the room we'd taken such care over so I climbed through the hatch and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and started shouting at him. Rob and co from the corridor came in and he apologised to me and asked if he could have a cherry muffin to try.I then glanced through the hatch to see Stan and a load of other women just staring through at us with a WTF look on their faces.
I was then walking along talking to Kristen and Rob was behind us with the rest of the people. She said she liked the muffin but there was a bit on the bottom that was slightly burnt, I said I thought my oven was playing up because I'd made some cakes for my husband last week and they'd caught in the same place.
We all sat on a bench and chatted about I don't know what but I remember feeling happy and content.
The End
That was me keeping it brief PMSL
Here's what Mrs P said
To see a bathroom in your dream is literally a symbol of needing to "relieve yourself".  So, you are frantically cleaning the room and then Rob's assistant walks in and pisses all over everything.  The room was also neglected and full of I think this means you are looking for some sort of outlet to relieve some tensions you are having, and you are having a hard time finding it.  Muffins come in to play...and muffins (believe it or not) actually mean "The fruit of your labors".  You hand one to Kristen and it is burnt a little, or she says it you feel as if you are working hard at something and that your best isn't good enough.
Basically its a dream about being repressed, you want to find an found it in baking, but sometimes you feel as if your best still isn't good enough.
I hope this makes sense!

Hmmmmmmmm interesting stuff. I do have a lot of self doubt regarding my cake decorating, and it's taken me a long time and a lot of courage to start taking orders for them. I've had nothing but positive praise from friends and family about them for a long time, but when you're actually charging people for them that all changes.
Here's a few pics, would you genuinely be happy to pay for them?

                                                                       18th (obv)
                                                                  Handbag cake for my friends daughter

                                                        Upsy Daisy....cartoon character

                                                           Rob after seeing my cakes ;)

A self indulgent post today but I didn't know what else to do *shrugs*



Becky said...

Those cakes look awesome!! Especially the fairy land one. My daughter would squeal for days if I gave her that! The handbag one with nail varnish is fab! Yes, I would happily pay for one of your cakes.

Interesting dream lol! I can never remember enough of any of mine!

Stan said...

Aww, glad you posted Mary because I'm up to my elbows in paint. Whose idea was it to paint over all the varnished woodwork in the hall?!

I love your cakes and would happily pay for one - the fact you're getting orders should be all the proof you need!

Last night I had my third dream in a week about Taylor. Apparently it was Mr Stan groping me in my sleep though. I didn't tell him it wasn't him doing it in my dream in case he throws my cutouts out.

Stan said...

A-ha, just realised it's a week since I brought the Beacob cutout into the kitchen, I must be taking more notice of it subconsciously than I realised!

Stoney said...

Your cakes are awesome!
If I were to try to decorate cakes they would end up looking like messy lumps of goo that don't resemble anything that they are supposed to and I would say that they are abstract designs and to fuck off...LMFAO.

Great dream as well.

TooMuchCoffee said...

Those cakes are gorgeous! I would totes pay for that shizzle.
(Dammit! Someone else who is more creative than me. WTF?!)
Oh God, that pic of does things to me...naughty things...

Mary said...

Awwww thanks you lot :)

@Stan how's the painting going?

Stan said...

Slowly and painfully, my hands and arms ache like mad! Still only done undercoating on woodwork, got gloss and emulsion to do *sigh*

Stan said...

Argh, my Wolfbrella just arrived and it's bloody bent!

No sarcastic anti-Beacob comments please!

Mary said...

*tut* I'm pretty sure I could have come up with a couple too

TwiWeasel said...

@ Stan - There once was a boy named Beacob, who liked to fuck around corners...what, that doesn't rhyme! Bwahahahahaha!

@ Mary - You can bet your sweet ass if you weren't half way around the friggin world, you'd have gotten a cake order from me!! Might I remind you: I am neither creative nor patient. I am willing to admit my faults and pay someone to do a better job than I can!

Hmmm...I just realized that my Twibite Challenge badge isn't on here. Not that anyone would notice with all the others! HA!

Jayla said...

@ Mary Of course I would pay for your cakes - just beautiful!

@Stan: Bent to the left or the right :-)

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

OMG your cakes are amazing and if you lived by me, hell yes, I'd ask to order a cake from you.
**I love the Black and White one!!

smartEpantz said...

Mary I can't believe how amazing your cakes look!!! OMFG. I would pay for one in a heartbeat!!!
Don't ever doubt your mad skillz...
I think you may have said something about a dream...?? I can't be sure about anything after that Rob pic...I'm gonna go die now kthnxbai.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Those cakes are AMAZING...I am in love with the pink bag with the lipstick...awesome! Don't doubt your mad skills, but doubting them is what keeps us trying to do better. So maybe doubt them just a little so you keep making incredible cakes. LOL!

StarlitViolets said...

Mary you are amazing! Those cakes are just like the ones you see on tv! My daughter's b-day is coming up and she's DIE to have a cake like the black and white one - it's gorgeous!!!

Too bad I live about 5500 miles away... :(

And if you love doing the cakes - that is all that matters. If it feels right, go with it.

Dangrdafne said...

I second all the above, if I lived near you I would definitely buy a cake from you. Do you make Twilight cakes? I have wanted one of those for ages but no one has gotten me one yet :( I was hoping for my 40th that the hubby might get the hint but alas no. I wish I had your talent.