Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Psychic Nibbles Rides Again

Hey ho's Psychic Nibbles is here again....

I have felt a disturbance around the balls...the guys have been complaining...Mrs P let this be your last warning leave the balls alone (stern look) and whoever leaves the attic last make sure the door is locked else Mrs P will be on it like a ho on stiff dick! (hehe)

Much has been discussed about the peens of the Twilight crew and of course one member (bwahahaha) in particular....Robert. Now he's getting a little miffed with all this mumbling
around his peen. I keep telling him let them suck it and see as my grandma used to say (a psychic ho of the first order!) but he doesn't want his peen sucking by all and sundry (strange I know)

So for the last time he is settling this argument himself with picture proof!

See it's this big!

Anyway back to the disturbed balls. As I was diligently buffing them they cleared and a picture of Kellan came into view. As I pondered Kellans smiling face a message arrived from the collective ho-dom. A question regarding sexual positions of our boys as Mrs P had asked what us ho's us ho's wanted to know what the boys liked.

I looked back at Kellan's balls, his smile, his naked chest and there it was.... a head bobbing back and forth, I'm not sure but it may have been Jelly babes on a DNA gathering mission (maybe this is in your future Jelly babes) Kellan loves his blow jobs! It seems though that he is quite happy to reciprocate and despite it being held in popular belief he is not a lazy or selfish lover.

Hell yes ho's form an orderly queue I am ready!

Jaksper pants face appeared next...we all know deep down behind that innocent face
and shy smile he is a dirty lil fucker, Mrs P knows it, I know it and hell I'm psychic! With his wide reaching fingers and impressive hand span-chord changes can do things to a guys fingers plus all that picking and plucking at strings Jaksper will not leave you unsatisfied when it comes to strumming those special places...

You know I'm not gonna leave you hanging ladies, its all in the fingers, see one in , the thumb for the man in the boat and the others well I'll let you find that out hehe...

Carlisle is very secretive and needless to say also very erm private and faithful. Looking at his balls though he is a devoted and sensitive lover, employing all his medical knowledge to get into every nook and cranny...

The sexual positions of Robert are varied. A man of many talents as we have seen already on these pages he does not leave us wanting.

I have looked at his balls thoroughly and there is no sign of him taking it up the duffer although the odd finger when he's feeling adventurous may not go amiss. As we know his alter ego's in his many fanfics have him up to all sorts and the visions show me he is not averse to most of the antics. Although he does draw the line at some of the Little Ashes action, as I said looking at and around his crystal balls, his poop shoot remains unsullied!

Yeah I'm pretty relieved too Robbie babes.

Billy's balls were rather muddy, I tried polishing them but given as he is to his manly pursuits of hunting and fishing his balls have been rather inactive. He enjoys his man time and is often found to be swimming nekkid in the creek. His Quileute friends indulge his passion for skinny dipping but the mud wrestling and butt slapping are frowned upon. Harry remains confused!

Yeah Charlie we dig it dude!

I did try to see visions of the Volturi caught in the act unfortunately they are so old they balls are worn and so thin I daren't rub too hard in case they break.

Marcus as I've mentioned keeps his peen on a pipe rack and has the excuse its a cigar he's keeping for a special occasion if anyone asks. What he doesn't know is Demetri (warrior, pfft closet gay) often comes in for a quick puff on it whilst Marcus is otherwise bored elsewhere. (Demetri has a tiny peen and gets quite beside himself about this.) Marcus feels a curious sensation and will be seen to raise an eyebrow as Demetri puffs away. Other members of the volturi household just think Marcus is constipated at these times.

Felix with his ma-hoosive wang bullies Alex and Demetri into 3 somes hidden away in the catacombs away from Jane/John who is desperate to get in on this action. John/Jane is rather
pissy as Caius makes him perform fallatio on his teeny weeny which is a bit like sucking a cocktail sausage, some taste, a little slimy and not very fulfilling. As Alex is a eunuch he does take it up the duffer all the time which can lead to some unfortunate accidents, hence he paralyses people so he can run off and clean up without embarrassment!

If any of you ho's are having difficulty with my predictions you may have to go back to Mrs P's page and read the great penis debate. All will become clear my ho's.

Oh my the veil between my eyes and the balls is falling, blocking my psychic touch upon their surface...until next time my ho's. Psychic Nibbles is out....


Becky said...

PMSL! Theres nothing like thinking of Voturi shrivelled junk on a wednesday morning!!

Also I now have images of Rob 'taking something he shouldn't '. Thanks for that, lol! (Not sure whether I like it or not... mmm)

Nice piccies Nibbles, I would love to sample Jackson's nimble fingers!

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Had to read twice what you saw in Kellan's balls, and both times it brought me joy. :D I didn't know it was a popular belief he's a selfish lover. I boy who takes time to fill the heart can by no means be selfish. :D

I'd be more than happy to take one for the team, Nibbles, but I def wouldn't stop there. I would be adamant he explored all my holes before I decided I've fulfilled my mission.

P.S. It is strange how I look at Kellan with different eyes now, like he is my personal buddy sometimes, and now I fucking blush at the thought of being indecent with him. How Bella of me. Yuck!

Stan said...

Excellent insights Nibs. Am retching slightly at the Volturi stuff though, not good!


Anonymous said...

Nibbles!!!! PMSL!!!! I don't know where to begin...Glad to hear Kellan is not a selfish lover...also relieved about the poop chute (thank god)...and we already knew about Jackson (didn't we Nibbles).
I'm heading back to the attic now...someone left the DOOR OPEN!!!! MWAHAHAHAH!!!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Damnmit woman I need an anti Mrs P lock on that door haha.

@Stan-its not real honest, only make believe LMAO

Back from Docs again, new tablets, new other stuff, its costing me a fortune. I need to be well, I can't afford sick pmsl!!
Off to hospital again tomorrow, not looking forward to that one-Gynae again!

BiteME!!! said...

LMFAO - I really did not see your post going in this direction. I guess it's early for me - I really should know by now ;)

I'm awake now!!!

Stoney said...

Best. Wakeupcall. EVER.

I love the smell of man junk in the morning...erm...ok that made me wanna about this: I love thinking about Jaskspers balls in the morning.

That sounds better.

Love ladies.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

@Stoney-you crack me the fuck up...oh yeah what you were saying about rockabilly, when I was a teen we had these guys who were into the same stuff but they were called psychobillys, they had flat top hair do's. I gotta picture somewhere, I'll post or link it or something lol, it's kinda supposed to be like a quiff but it doesn't curl up it came out into a point in front of their heads and their heads were shaved at the back & sides. They liked rockabilly but it was sorta speeded up, also stuff like primus. You reminded me of that yesterday. so uh yeah there ya go :0)

@Biteme-Hell I dunno where my posts are gonna go somedays pmsl

Twilight Mommy said...

*Shiver* The thought of tiny weenies and shriveled balls is making me ill LOL. But the thought of Jasperpants mastering the "Two in the pink and 1 in the stink" move has me wanting to get Mr. TM home now LMAO! Great predictions Nibbles! Nice wake up for this cold winter day in Canada! Thanks for the warm up of sorts ;)

Stoney said...

@Nibbles...shiiiit. I'm glad I crack someone up and I don't just sit around here and make myself laugh.
I know a few people who are into the psycobilly stuff. I just like old school pinup look mixed with a little modern rock n' roll. My hubby is super duper into cars and we spend a lot of time at drag races and car hops and all that 50s esque stuff so it is kind of beat into me.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

@Stoney-Hey I often sit and laugh alone but then sometimes shit is just funny enough to do that HAHA.
My ex was into cars big time and bikes, he also used to hang around with some rockabilly guys, we went to a club in birmingham (england) called the Kaleidoscope that held a 50's night once a week so I had lots of friends into all that. I used to have a 1958 beach buggy, in purple glitter paint job. I loved that fucking car, I enjoy driving a lot and that was such fun to play with, real loud and funky. I had the huge aerial complete with fake coon tail on it...sigh....I miss my car but not hte ex pmsl.
When we were in Kissimmee we went to old town and they have old cars cruising around lots so I was in heaven taking photographs.
Also we have the ink and iron show here for bikes and tattoos, really great day as long as the angels & the outlaws don't kick off. Its usually kept under control for the show!
You're definately on my list of visits to twi people when I win the lottery pmsl. Stan's first along with Mary, Becky and the brits then its off to America I wish!!!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

OMG,OMG, OMG-I forgot, damn this addled brain of mine-Dangrdafne is sending me a mini E-YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I lurve Dangrdafne-you are amazing, wonder if I can do a scooby doo theme type post on here hmmmmmm....Definately visiting Daf, I hope she doesn't run away screaming from me LOL

Stoney said...

@Nibbles - Poptarrts is crossing the pond for a visit next year during Mardi Gras. I take Mardi Gras very is more important to me than Christmas. We do a float in the parade, party downtown, stay in a suite at a hotel near all the action. You should win the lottery right around that time of year. I think you'd be able to hang with the Krewe and jam out with your clam out.

TwiWeasel said...

Oh Nibbles. *sigh/shakes head* There are no words.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

@the wease-WHAT???? What I do now (hehehehehehehe)

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Oh fuck it I'm done, going home, the day has gone tits up big styley anyway pmsl, I'm going home and play 7 deadly sins with Rob or make a scooby doo post, maybe the sins wins first!

@Stoney-sounds like a plan ma (wo)man...see you on the other side!

Jayla said...

@Nibbles: absolutely effin' classic ball reading. LOVED every minute.

Mary said...

@Nibbles I too am lost for words *shakes head*

Have you finished on your sausage roll yet? Filthy bitch ;)

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

@Jayla thank you chickidee xx
@Mary-why are people shaking their heads at me pmsl....the sausage roll was olbliterated-there's a lot of arse there baby hehe

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

obliterated oh boy, fingers failing!

Dangrdafne said...

LMAO!!! Oh my I adore you Nibbles. I would never run away from you! One I don't think you would let me and two if I did manage to get away, when you caught me I would be in a heap of trouble - LOL!!

Mini-E was sent off today (3-3-10) and should arrive to you in 4-7 days according to the nice postal lady.

My phone is named Scooby ;) Don't forget Jenny Jerkface as Velma if you do a Scooby post!! lol

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Pmsl jenny would so be vella.
I'm beyond excited to meet my little eddie lol

Rob's Bitch said...

Great Balls of fire! I love Psychic Nibbles!

smartEpantz said...

Nibbles!!! Holyfuckityfuck woman!!! Your splendiferous powers of perception never fail me!
Sooooooooo I'm reading and scrolling and pmsl, doo de doo **whistling** and I'm all like "haha, nibs is buffin the balls..." scroll scroll, "hey there kellan, don't you look dashing? why yes, yes you do..." scroll scroll and thennnnn...FULL.FUCKING.STOP.




I get it now. I have never seen that pic of the Jacksperpants before. FUUUUUUUUUCK ME. He is the fucking epitome of sexy cool. Goodgawddamn, I totally fucking get it now.
I've been told by more than one person that he would own me at some point. In fact, @Jelly Babes flat out warned my ass. I was all like "Pffffftt. Not likely, but whatev."
I stand corrected.
I'll just move along now...
So relieved that Rob's brown eye is an exit ramp only! Phew.
Love you Psychic are epic!
I hope you are feeling better soon lovey.

@All, as usual the comments are just as entertaining (well, almost) as Nibbles herself!! You all make me smile.


That was me wordbarfing all over...


TigerlilyRose said...

@Nibble..I told you last week to put anti Mrs P locks on the doors! Now I have to go up there and wrestle with her and Jackson...ahhh damn! But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta back in a week!

PMSL love your crystal balls readings...the Volturi one cracked my ass up!

Anonymous said...

@SmartEPantz - my thoughts exactly. I thought he was sort of a cutie, but this pic of Jacksper puts all other to shame. I stared at it for about a minute, probably with drool running down my chin. Gah.

I've always thought the guys were hotties, but now I don't know what I'd do in marry-fuck-kill (or leave alone... def couldn't leave anyone alone)!!!

@Nibbles - great post - I am pleased with what your psychic powers have revealed... yummm....