Monday, 8 March 2010

7 Deadly Sins-Time to get lazy...SLOTH

What the fuck?! Sid, get outta here...

Ahem, ok todays topic is Sloth

Sloth, rhymes with both, it means lazy or idle. Gotta admit I can be pretty slothful at times. I love lazy for a while then I just get bored. But on holiday with the sun beating down being slothful is almost sinful which is why it is one of our 7 deadly sins.

Now we don't often see our guys being slothful they're usually off doing something or other especially our Robert, busy little film making bee that he is so I guess the closest we get to it is pictures of them reclining lol

We all know Jaksperpants reclining is how Mrs P likes him lol

Couldn't resist this one of dog loving Kellan

Here's one for Stan as she's feeling poop again and he actually doesn't look so cheeky chappy on this. Even I'm impressed and thats saying something!

Then of course there are the pictures of Rob reclining gracefully, there seem to be a number of those lol, I wonder why?

Mmmm my lap, put your head in my lap, me, me, me, me!

I cannot resist these manips, double trouble, I wanna be in the middle please

Why does he have to have such beautiful eyes

Even in black and white he is gorgeous

I love these two because there is just that little bit of flesh showing that makes you wanna...sigh

So who would you wanna cuddle up to ladies? Who would keep you warm do you think?


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

I was gonna do this whole other post and then something happened ands it all went pear shaped and I had to post this one which I hadn't finished properly till this morning and I was gonna do this one another day so you don't all get bored and then shit happened and anyway so you have sloth sorry xx

Stan said...

That is a fave Beacob pic of mine Nibbles, I think I'll take Rob on the sheepskin rug today though if that's ok? It's just the mood I'm in!

Quick announcement too, I know we're past the official deadline I set, but if anyone wants to get a last minute sparkle peen entry in then there's still time if you're quick. Sparkle mini-E, the prize for the winner, arrived with me this morning! Exciting!

Becky said...

@Stan are you sure you want to part with it? I was going to do one, then my eldest was home sick for ages & now hubs is off! Boo!

@Nibbles I love Ice Age lol! Anyway.. That pic of Jackson is just... well.. its just so hot! Those big eyes, lovely dark hair & that little sliver of flesh on show.. mmmmm
Its my fav pic of the day!

Anonymous said...

Hello Nibbles! I love how this post travelled from "laziness" to snuggles...a natural progression if you ask me. I would like to spend some slothiness with both Rob and Jasperpants...but I think you could have guessed that already. But...I am pretty sure that once we start snuggling then we would commit another 3 or 4 deadly sins immediately after. LOLOL!!

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Oh, my. Shit. I think I'm head over hills over Kellan... oh wait, is that how the expression goes? Shit, that autograph killed me (Imma keep rubbing it in your hos' faces like forever, LoL)

I'm a sloth too. :D

Mary said...

Nice pic of jacksper again! That boy is really floating my boat lately.

I'm definately in sloth mood this afternoon. I could quite happily crawl into bed to sleep the day away

Becky said...

@Jelena if it was mine i'd be rubbing it too, lol!!

Its 'head over heels' by the way..

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

@Stan I actually like that pic of Bea, he looks pretty cute and not in a widdle cheeks way.
@Mary I am a fucking sloth, I have decided I'm far too lazy, in actuality I'm not I'm a fucking demon but I always think I don't do enough, you know cos nothing seems to ever get done. I think that's just having kids and a large dog though. My hubtard is good, he did all the ironing for me, what a man!!!

@Jelly, can I rub that pic somewhere else please pmsl yum yum yummy Kellan pic sigh, also you were close, head over hells or arse over tit if you like LOL

@Becks I love Ice age too, Sid is such a sweetie pie! I have to go see in my ma in law is ok when I fetch children she is still in wheelchair and the pa in law is back in hospital for another op on his leg so I have to make sure she hasn't fell over or owt. Will be back later, I wanna do a fairy tale remake or another psychic nibbles, I feel the need....the need for fuckery hehe

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

I think Jaksper is floating everyones boat lately hehe I know what boat I want him to er anyway pmsl

BiteME!!! said...

Sorry, Jaksper is not floating my boat... Rob still floats my boat. Edward preferably. I know - shame on me:)

Stoney said...

Yummm...JBone. He has moved to the top spot for me. I know I know sorry Stan Jacob is still up there don't worry.

It's just his voice...and that smile...fuck me. I'm so digging his music right now its like a triple threat.

I love waking up to shit like this.

Holla ladies...catch you on the flip flop.

Dangrdafne said...

As for who would keep me warm, cuddling from the above group of guys? Well that would be Kellan as the other 3 are pretty skinny little guys :) NOT that I don't appreciate them and want them BUT the question I am answering is who would keep me warm and it would have to be Kellan and his lovely muscular body.

PS I love the dog in that Kellan photo - they way he is turned back to look at the camera - just precious.

PPS @Nibbles - any box from me yet??

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

@Dafs-not yet, I'm waiting and hoping soon, the mailing system is crap here though!

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Do you realize you wrote "head over hells" Nibbles? Was that on purpose? See, I told ya that Kellan's got me all going crazy. You gotta head over to my blog those of you who didn't to watch the newest Calvin Klein underwear promotion video.

@DD - it took over a week from my package to arrive from Stan in the UK, whereas Kellan's autograph arrived in FOUR days, from LA. Go figure.

TwiWeasel said...

Hiya ladies! I realize that I've been a bit incommunicado lately, and I'm sorry for that. I opened my mouth and said "things have slowed down lately" (actually, I typed those words, but you get what I mean) and OMFG, all hell broke loose. *sigh*

I've had a shit sucking day, I feel like crap warmed over and I just want to sleep for fucks sake. But what will I do? Suck it up, bitch to you girls for a mo, and go back to work and just get this fucking day over with, that's what.

@ Nibbles - I'm sure you don't care, but I fucking hate the Ice Age movies. But the rest of your pictures are mmmm mmmm good. *small voice* Even Beacob.

@ Jelena - Yep, it's Head over heels...I personally like the phrase ass over teakettle. And I think I'm gonna try to use Nibbles' Arse over tits! LOL

@ Becky - what exactly are you rubbing?

Hey, check it chicks made me feel better already!

Twired Jen said...

YUM...I would take a Jacksper Robward sandwich on my couch EVERYDAY. :) Thanks for the oh so lovely pics.

TooMuchCoffee said...

@ Dangrdafne - I love that dog, too. Her name is Kola. Total coincidence, I recently posted a few other pics of her & Kellan on my blog:

TooMuchCoffee said...

@ TwiWeasel - I really really hope tomorrow is better for you.

twilightcupcake said...

Sigh feel late but just got off work. I really like all the fancy dressed up sin ladies and want to be each of them taking turns through the week.
I love black and white Rob in bed. I just want to flop right next to him in his dress shirt and ask him what's wrong while rubbing the furrow in his brow.