Saturday, 13 March 2010

The why game

 I just thought I'd post a little something to keep us going this weekend. It's a very simple game and hopefuly fun! Your questions can be as random as you like, and it will be the luck of the draw at whoever chooses to answer it before setting the next question

                                                               The Why game!

Start a question with why and let the next person answer it before they ask one of their own


Why are most of the clothes in the Twilight saga so revolting?


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Because they employ numb nuts wardrobe people who obviously have no clue about clothes...the clothes in the first film weren't bad but fuck me I think they all went blind for new moon and I'm kinda dreading that aspect of eclipse really. I could do better than that and I live in black or jeans, t shirt and ex army jackets pmsl. All they have to do is RESEARCH!!

Next question-Why, when confronted with a mountain of work whether it be tidying up or actual work do I want to throw it all in the air and go online?

Anonymous said...

Because procrastination is the work of the devil.

Why do I want to sleep later when I have to get up...but wake up early when I have nowhere to go?

Z Any Mouse said...

Because it's the switch to daylight savings time this weekend. Groan.

Why won't the fucking gopher leave our flowerbed?

Musing Bella said...

Because he's a demented little asshole whose friends have exiled him and he has nowhere else to go.

Why do I never want to shower and get dressed on the weekends?

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Because weekends make us lazy, all week we work, rush, rush, rush then weekends our bodies go awwwwww man, yeahhhhhhhhhhh, unfortuantely I do more work on a weekend than I do all fucking week in the office. Twi-ho's will vouch for this as I'm always pissing about online. I actually told stan that although I felt shit the other day and should go home I knew I wouldn't get online at home so I stayed at work, pmsl I'm so bad!

Why does my dog wolf like to go on the trampoline?

TwiWeasel said...

Because it's you mean go as in pee or go as in jump on? Either way, same answer.

Why can't I kick this fucking cold?

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Because you do too much to let yourself get over it, like all women instead of flopping out and stating I'm dying, you carry on until you drop!!!

Why do I have to have my mother over tomorrow; I know its mothers day here in blighty but am I not a mother myself, where's my relaxing day, imnstead I have to cook for everyone-grrrr. I'm not in a good mood, bath time I think!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

oh Twi , I meant he likes to jump on the trampoline, he looks so funny!

Mary said...

Because life sucks! I'm cooking tomorrow too :(

Why do teenage boys bedrooms smell so putrid?

twilightcupcake said...

Because otherwise you'd always think of them as your sweet smelling babies and wouldn't let them go.

Why do kids look so cute when they're sleeping but remind me of the devil when they're awake?

TwiWeasel said...

Oooh Oooh! My husband answered this one for me. Because they wear clothes, get them all sweaty and stinky, throw them on the floor, then put them on again the next day and do it all over again! *heave* That, and there is no bodily function least that's my opinion.

@ Mary & Nibbles - Sorry you two have to cook on your mother's day! TigerlilyRose and I are going out for a Movie and Margarita Sunday...we'll be sure to think of you while we ogle Mr. Pattinson in Remember Me.

Why won't my kids just shut up and leave each other alone? Arrrgggghhhh!

TwiWeasel said...

OOPS! Twilight Cupcake beat me to the answer...

@ TC - Er...I haven't figured that out either. Lemme change my question to that one!

Mary said...

@The Wease and TLR you lucky bitches!! have a fab day, you both deserve it xxxx

Kids have to annoy each other, it's the law!

Why oh fucking why does the hayfever season start so early?

Dangrdafne said...

This was the most awesome comment session EVER! I just read it all to my hubby because I was blow away by how this reads when you start from Mary's first question until the end. You women amaze me.

Poptarrt said...

@Mary - (Late to the party..) Because the flowers have been plotting all winter to attack your nose and couldnt wait much longer.

Why do mothers turn into teenagers when their teenagers turn into mothers?

TooMuchCoffee said...

I'm up really late drinking and baking muffins tonight. (I had a craving, ok? Get off me!) Thought I'd check out this why? game. Cool shit, Nibs!

When mothers turn into teenagers - usually coinciding with transformation into Twitards - someone needs to make dinner otherwise everyone would starve. Therefore it is a natural order of life, designed for basic survival of the human species.

Why is it ok for me to drool over RPattz but it's not ok for my hubs to drool over Sheryl Crow, Celine Dion or Jennifer Grey? (three women he secretly crushes on even though he THINKS I don't know it) *snort*

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Now TooMuch I think I know why this is, its because well we can ogle men from the stage, screen and TV, world of music, sport whatever as we need these things to distract us from our day to day stuff like cooking, cleaning, kids, blah de blah de blah whereas men go to work and come home generally don't they. They don't need to be distracted, they don't do as much as us so its not fair if they go crushing on other women. We in all our twi-ho-ish glory should be enough.

Saying that I wish my hubs would crush on someone famous it would make my life easier but he doesn't he says (and this is very sweet of him) that I am woman enough and sex goddess enough for him and he will never need anyone else. My but its high on this pedestal!!

Why is it that I can't stop eating chocolate?

Musing Bella said...

Why would you want to stop eating chocolate?? Oh, wait, that's not an answer, is it?

Ummm... because chocolate is delicious and makes everything better.

Why is my cat such an asshole this weekend?

Z Any Mouse said...

@Musing Bella - Because your cat has been hanging out with my cat who decided for some fuck-all reason to take a shit in the corner this morning instead of in her catbox! This is the 1st time it's happened and had better not become a habit, or she's going to become a trophy on TwiWeasel's wall.

Why does the laundry pile up like Mt. Everest, even when I do at least one load every day?

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Because, if you have kids then they just chuck everything in the wash whether it is dirty or not-if they tried it on and took it off and left it on floor or wherever then that goes in the wash, every single towel is used once then in the wash, stuff you just washed, dried and put on bed to be put away, if they knock it on to floor and you say tidy up, it goes in the damn wash-sigh, I have 2 boys everything is either worn to death and reeks to high heaven or goes in the wash after 5 minutes grrrr, off to do some ironing

Why did I eat the apple crumble and custard when I'm trying to be good and lose weight?

TwiWeasel said...

@ Z Any MOuse - There is no way in hell I would let a cat, dead or alive, into my house. Hope your cat (and Musing Bella's) have decided to behave.

@ Nibs - If you're anything like me, you ate it just because it was there.

No more questions, since it's Monday...I just wanted to come back and check this shit out, because as @Dangrdafne said...this have been an awesome comment session.

@ Mary - Great idea...we should do this again! And TLR and I did have a fab time...maybe I can even get a post out of our Movie and Margarita Sunday!

Z Any Mouse said...

@Everyone - Because I know this was weighing heavily on your minds, my cat is fine today. She must have been PMSing yesterday or something.