Monday, 15 March 2010

7 Deadly Sins-Its Wrath Time Bitch

I have some issues to work out in the attic bwahahahaaaa

Ooooo I feel mean, I feel angry, I feel full of WRATH...actually no I don't, I feel pretty good today despite running around like the proverbial headless chicken taking kids to various places but I really like the Wrath picture, she's holding a like me hehehe...

See, so like me lol

So yeah Wrath, intense anger it means...have you ever felt intense anger? I have, several makes me shake, it makes me cry too and I wonder about that but I think its because I don't like feeling out of control. Intense anger can destroy things, using words when you're that angry can destroy people and often they can never, ever be taken back again.

I think I'd forgive him pretty much anything though hehe...

When I was younger my temper often got the best of me but I learnt it was best to walk away...although I did pin a guy to a wall by his throat once in a club when he pushed me was only when he managed to choke out "I can't breathe" that I bad. Nowadays I'm more laid back, the only thing that incurs my wrath, besides my ex is the computer at work (oh and the Hobbit, oh and the yeah but no girl on reception, oh and...)

Me, at work, trying to get the crappy NHS system to work at a speed greater than backwards "Go ahead sucker, make me earn my pay"

Ooo not a good look Jaksper

I think he is pretending here lol

Actually its pretty hard to find a hot picture of the guys looking angry

Watch out Billy Idol, Kellan has stolen your sneer

Heh,heh I like this one...I wonder why?

This is the only one I could find where Jacob actually looked angry, I guess he is just a happy guy unless in wolf form.

Peter Facinelli must be happy most of the time too cos I couldn't really find a good one of him even glaring lol

JaaAaammess you're pulling my shirt bitch!

This is how I always imagined he would look in CW&IA when guys were checking Bella out lol like "fuck off before I rip your fucking face off scum bag"

So really, what makes you angry?

Oh just before you go...just a little celebration on my part and to say thank you too

Just to let all you luvverly ho's know I won the win a signed copy of the Female Force bio comic about Charlaine Harris, author of True Blood. Yay me! You can also enter another competition than HG is promoting to win a signed copy of Beautiful Creatures ( I doubt I will be lucky twice but no matter) you can enter by clicking the button at the top of the sidebar, its a good book, I'm reading it at the minute...I bought it after HG recommended it and am well pleased with it!


Anonymous said...

Well Nibbles...I swear wrath could not have come on a better day...I am feeling rather pissy today, somewhat irritable...although I did have a 'pick me up' in the form of a PFACH signed photo (of me) where he called himself "Mr. P"...check TwiBite for details...
Moving on...the photos of the boys mad made me giggle...god, they can't look ugly if they tried!
What gets me mad??? Depends on the day,,,it could just be the way someone walks or talks...or how they chew their food, or their stupid voice. You never know, it's a crap shoot. Today I just felt pissy in general and then decided to review the Eclipse trailer. I find I am more honest when pissed. I walk away most of the time, but i am privy to throwing things. How many half italian half irish 5 foot women does it take to throw 3 bicycles? Just one.


Hope you had a calm Clare Pattinson Day!


Mary said...

Morning all

All sorts of stuff gets me mad, it depends on my mood. When i've got PMS then just hide. I've even told mr Mary that his breathing made me want to stab him with the fork I was holding at the time. People who get in front of me with their trolley in the supermarket make me want to punch them in the back of the head really hard.
I detest lateness and Mr Mary is always late grrrrrr But top of my list at the moment is my sis in law. She's soooo fucking ignorant it's untrue! I avoid her at all costs if my acting skills are not on par

Oooh i feel better for venting lol

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Ok, I hate rudeness in general, I hate people who are awkward for awkwards sake, I hate old people that wander in front of me when I'm out shopping then stop for no bloody reason. I hate supermarkets, I get trolley rage. I hate people that don't indicate-growl fucking diclheads, I get road rage. My step son and his I'm posh attitude when he sooooo fucking isn't posh does my head in even though I love him-little fucker, my eldest boys Kevin attitude of what, why me, my youngest son's attitude of what,where,when, who, me?, drives me insane, my husbands reasonableness makes me so mad at times lol and right now what makes me so fucking mad is the fact that the Doctor who I work for is off and is causing us major, major problems, so I may not appear again today lol.
Just a little story this is what I get like sometimes, going with the fork thing like Mary, when I was on holiday last year, my step son was being really awkward in this restaurant, on purpose, he thinks its funny-grrrr, so as he makes his last snarky comment and smirks I say (rather loudly apparently, who knew, I thought I was whispering) " if you make one more fucking comment while we're sat here eating our fucking food, so help me Mark I will gouge your eye out with my fucking fork, cover it in parmesan and eat it so keep your fucking lip buttoned NOW" Ooops and I'm so gentile normally

TwiWeasel said...

@ NIbs - I've never threatened to eat my child's eyeball, but I have told them "if you don't shut up right now, I will rip your arm of and beat you with it."

In general, stupid people piss me off. I think I've mentioned this co-worker who thinks she knows every fucking thing about "not-quite-man-enough-to-be-gay" insanely jealous (of RPattz) husband...

Oh! One of my biggest pet peves is dogs in crowded public places (like the town's Easter Egg Hunt or a softball game.) Keep your fucking dog at home, and don't tell me "Oh, he'd never bite anyone." You're not testing that fucking theory out on my kid...or me. I promise you this: if your dog bites my kid, it will be the last thing it ever does. Don't get me wrong, I don't have dogs...they just don't belong at places like those.

Grrr...I also hate that I have to fucking go to work and get my ass off the computer.

One more...I hate that this week is spring break and the kids will be home all week. That means, every fucking time I sit down at the computer, they will hover behind me, trying to read what I write. And the little fuckers can read fast, too.

TwiWeasel said...

Grrr...I meant that I don't HATE dogs. I don't have them either, but you know what I mean.

Ok, gotta go.

BiteME!!! said...

@Nibbles & TwiWeasel - Well stated ladies! Stupid people suck!

TwiWeasel said...

@ BiteME!!! - You know what else pisses me off...dragging someone's avi all over and not taking a camera! Bwahahahaha! I kid! I kid!

Dangrdafne said...

Ditto? So many things make me angry and I definitely do not vent enough of it. One thing right now is the postal service! They told me 7-10 days for TwilightCupcake's box to get to her in Canada and that THEY could track the box if need be. Well, the box is still not there and it has been 15 days AND they can't track it any further than it was accepted at my local post office! AAARRRGGG!

Not using blinkers, not being aware of others around you anywhere (stores, walking, concerts, etc), mean people, disrespectful people, etc, etc, etc...

Stan said...

Cyclists who ride two or more abreast so that you can't get past them. Mr Stan losing everything he touches. The price of petrol. Stuck up cows in the school playground who speak when it suits them and ignore you when it doesn't. The kids taking two bites out of an apple and then leaving it. Wee on the toilet seat that I don't notice until I sit in it. My mother-in-law putting everything and everyone before her family. Mr Stan's attitude towards too many things to mention.

Will that do for now? ;o)

TwiWeasel said...

Here's a must for all hos!! Visit TwitardedMom here: (Remember, I'm lazy, so I'm not going to make a link.)

Her post title is Team Threesome! I have a hunch that you'll like it.

Becky said...

I know I am late, but been busy doing crap things, lol.

@Stan, half eaten apples drive me mad too! esp when I find them hidden in bedrooms! I also hate that because my eldest things he is ill it means he has to talk in the quietest, most pathetic voice possible, so I have to strain to hear him. I hate the fact that my husband can never find things when I tell him where they are. Yet if I go look, voila, there it is! He is either stupid, lazy or fucking blind!

I also hate parents evening. They make you sit on pissy little kids chairs on talk to you like you are 5!!

I also get trolley rage, people stood chatting with their trollies blocking the way, drives me insane! And old people in general, they are just so rude!!

I feel so much better. We should do this every day, lol!

Dangrdafne said...

@Becky @Stan - the hubby not finding things is a HUGE wrath of mine, especially in the fridge. It isn't like it is a mansion in there. There are only so many places things can be BUT if it is not right up front teetering on the edge, he can't see it. Even if all he has to do is move the juice bottle over and then he could find what he needs. Nope, I have to come every time and get whatever it is he is looking for... sometimes it is even that juice bottle AAARRGGG

Anonymous said...

@BiteMe and Twiweasel---people who drag my AVI all over the country, forget the camera, then decide to torture me with the sad story of their forgetfulness...LOLOL!

TwiWeasel said...

@ Mrs. P - What about people telling you they're making you this awesome gift, giving you a teaser...then...nothing. I think that would piss me off. ;0 I gots me some work to do.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Argh sitting on wee-ified seats ack I hate it, I think it comes with living in an all male household except for me of course! Also hate the half eaten anything thing, drives me crazy. Because the rest of the family are all male even step kids are male they never find anything that I tell them to find!! Ever!
@Dafs-ugh the fridge, I know its like theres an invisibility sheild around stuff and only you can see it. I mean it's there right in front of them right?!! Grrrr, I agree with Becks-we need this therapy lol

Dangrdafne said...

LMAO - at first, Nibbles, I thought you were complaining about the small chairs at school meetings like Becky was complaining about with the wee-ified seats but then I got it once you went on about the males in your house and I swear my boss was going to come over and yell at me for laughing so loud... wee-ified!!! LOVE IT! Great new word!

Becky said...

@Dangrdafne I laughed out loud at your post and disturbed hubs & son from the footy. They wanted to know what was so funny, as if I would tell them!

Jayla said...

jasperpants: love the glasses... he's so adorable.

what makes me angry- two things STUPID people and people w/o any home training.

STUPID people: i really don't think common sense can be taught. some people just lack common sense- and its sad. i don' t know how these poor folks get on in life. My 41 yr old brother is mentally challenged and has more commons sense then the folks I have to commute with on a daily basis.

MANNERS: i taught for 3 years (in the US & in South America). teachers are not in the classroom to teach kids manners - we are there to reinforce what is taught. WTF people - if you fail to teach your kids anything do you realize how poorly their actions reflect upon you - the adult. i never blamed my kids for bad behavior.. it was just the result poor parenting (in 90% of the cases).

Becky said...

@Jayla I hope you never meet my kids, rofl!

Stoney said...

Hmmm...I'm overall a pretty happy person. However, having said that I also think I'm the type of person who internalizes everything and one day will snap like a fucking rubberband. All my pent up aggression will come out at once and I will probably end up arrested, getting beat up, running my husband over with the car, attacking a douche twat client, or all of the above.

Small things that piss me the fuck off regularly: people who drink my soda without asking, clients who don't listen, my husband, every Missouri driver, police who follow you for ten miles, when the campfire smoke follows you no matter where you move your fucking chair, skidoo/jetski riders who don't adhere to boating laws, my horse when he decides he wants to go left and I want him to go right, when Mc Donalds doesn't get my Jr. McSkillet burrito just right, did I mention my husband...

Rubber band I tell you...rubber band.


twilightcupcake said...

The angry photos of the guys scared me a little. The CW&IA one definitely gives me the chills - I don't think I've seen another pic of Rob looking that way.
What makes me angry? I tend to not get angry often but I can be loud and talk fast :) This is a work thing - what makes me incensed is when someone has been told many times what they should do to make themselves better but they don't do it and instead complain about how bad they feel. Don't complain to me if you don't want to heed my advice or at least discuss with me why you don't want to try what I suggest.
Or I have a friend of mine who always seems to be in situations where she gets victimized. I wish she would fight back but there is always a reason that she doesn't. I only get angry because she deserves so much better and want her to stand up for herself.
Oh, and slow drivers and slow walkers who take up all the space so you can't pass them.

StarlitViolets said...

Hmm - I tend to get irritated more than angry. It takes a lot for me to lose my cool. That said, I cannot stand:

*Pushy people. Anyone who feels like they have more right to life than others - ugh!

*People who complain but aren't willing to do anything to remedy their situation.

*People who ask for honesty and then get mad when you give it to them.

*Parents who let their very young children wander into the middle of our street in diapers and without shoes. I kid you not, this one toddler has been returned to his house, by me, several times.

*Drivers who refuse to merge properly. It's like a zipper people - every other car goes. If we all let one person in, we all move at a steady pace. Don't be the jackass that thinks he can speed up and push his way ahead of ten other cars.

I used to have far more irritations, but as I age, the things that used to bug me just don't hold the same significance. I let stuff go a lot more these days.