Friday, 6 November 2009

More UK Mag Scans, Rob, Kellan & Jamie C-B

I found some mags with stuff in this morning when I went out shopping.  The first is Bliss magazine.  Yes, it's for teenagers.  Yes, I bought it for me.  No, I don't care because at least I only had to get one copy this month, instead of last month's two when they were giving away either a Team Edward or Team Jacob bag with it.

This month's has interviews with Rob, Kellan & Jamie Campbell-Bower and also a free New Moon DVD, although I'm supposed to be letting my Twymen regrow so I might leave it shrink-wrapped for now.  Or I might unwrap it, but only for the 'downloads & printouts', I mean, I need to know what they are.  They're aimed at teens so should be right up my street LOL!  I'll let you know.
Update, OK I unwrapped it and the printables were completely aimed at our age group ladies - doorhangers, book covers, bagtags and bookmarks.  Oh, and I might have watched the trailer.  Oh, and then I might have gone to TwiCrack Addict and watched the 9min mash-up of all the trailers and clips.  Gah, who needs a twymen anyway.

So, here are the Bliss scans, click on the pic to enlarge:


OMG, now there's a thought!!!

Jamie Campbell-Bower:

And another Jamie piece from 'Wonderland' magazine, have to say, he doesn't do it for me in the hotness stakes, but he seems like a nice lad and I like what I've seen of his Caius (so to speak lol!):

And there you have it!

Don't forget ladies, send your fave Twilight pics (don't have to be Rob) to because I'm going to out them all in a post.  If you want to send one but don't want identifying, that's fine, just say so in your email, we'd still like to see your pics in the final post.  And spread the word, the more the merrier!



Mary said...

Why did I just click on the pic of his crotch????????? It's so wrong!
Off to stick sharp stuff in my eyes now :(

Stan said...

It's fine, panic not. The boy is nearly 21 :o). You're still a dirty bitch for doing it though, just not a pervy one.

TwiWeasel said...

Rob, you may not THINK you're sexy, but you sure KNOW you are, so cut the bullshit.

Kellan, I am willing to get dirty with you, if you'd like.

Jamie - Everyone knows you were lying about being naked. Everyone. Now, go lift some weights, and drink some protien shakes before you pose shirtless or semi-shirtless again. Thanks.

@ Mary - you clicked on his crotch because you are a dirty ho, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Please remove the sharp instruments from your eyes, it's not as if you were checking out Taylor's ass/abs/pecs/biceps/package...

Mary said...

@twiweasel you raise a good point and I shall remove the cocktail sticks from my eyes now.I can't help my hoishness... Real word fact!!!

TwiWeasel said...

@ Mary - *snort* Cocktail Sticks, figures!

Stan said...

Well, I think the new format is working well! PMSL!

ROFL at your avatar TwiWeasel!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Stan. Jamie doesn't get me hot. Oh my, those pics of Robert & Kellan.

I want a threesome with them!!!

nebilet said...

Ok I just got out of bed to write this, my God I am getting worse. Tried writing it on my mobile (mobile schmobile) but it wouldn't post. There I was checking out Mr Perfect RP on my saved pictures then I ambled along to this site to have read and giggle when I saw Rob thinks he's not sexy. Whaaaaaa???? Puh-lease I mean does he not see himself very clearly (haha) The guy is an utter wankfest (sorry crude I know-but true!!) and then Kellan wants to get dirty! Oh joy the fantasy of mud wrestling him lives, with Jackson and of course Rob as a tag team with him after that well we all gotta have a shower (hur hur) oooo I'm getting goose bumps. I'm bringing schmeksy back huh!
But then OMG who is this little boy Jamie, he is not schmeksy in the slightest, he looks like a kid my son goes to school with but with less spots). No no nooooo they need to stick to Robward and his Cullen brothers, maybe even Jacob (too baby faced for me, not enough smouldering come to bedness in his eyes)
Right think I'm going to have a shower and make believe I've been in the mud with 3 total hunks then a private session with Rob (I am such a dirty cow and its all his fault)

nebilet said...

I am aghast, awash with feelings of guilt and dilemma. I have been asked by a friend to lend her my Twilight books and film; cold sweat time here. I don't know what to do I mean she's my friend; I love her. But I can't seem to say Yes, here take my stuff, keep it as long as you want. Oh God! Another text I didn't reply to the last one. I'm still in a state of shock. I mean, I know I've read the books (lots of times) and I've watched the film so many times I know whats coming before Alice does but still...I think I'm going to have to say no. I'm actually contemplating going and buying them all for her and saying here have them, not a problem before she see's the depth of my addiction. Aw crap another text; she's gonna call me and keep bugging me. If I say no will she be pissed off with me, offended, disgruntled even that me, her best friend won't lend her a goddamn book (whimper) I can't do it, I have them here in front of me, stacked up, ready to go and I can't do it. They're like er special to me....I'm going to ring her, explain, try to explain. Fuck it I'm going to the shops to buy them again, I mean they're all battered to bits anyway.
Arrghhh she's ringing me.............I'll ignore it.....sigh. Oh ok so I've gone a littel psychotic, I answered the phone and shouted stay away from my books you evil cow, go buy your own, they're mine, I can't lend them to you, I'm still reading/watching them. Yes I know I've read/watched them before but I can't let you have them. Myabe in a year or two when I might have got over this. She thinks I'm mad.
OMG she was winding me up, I hate you I've screamed, stay away from Edward and me. Yes I did say that...its gone to far now hasn't it, this addiction lol.
But I mean under the circumstances, would you lend your books and dvd out and go cold turkey??????

TwiWeasel said...

@ Nebilet - Fuck no I wouldn't lend my books and DVD. Bitch can go buy her own, or at the very least check the fuckers out at the library!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with your reaction!!

Mama Cougar said...

Ok lovelies....I finally did the Twitarded Meme dealio - but I'm sure I royally fucked it up. Do I get effort points?

Lovin' the new Twi-Sted!

The The Twibernation Begin

Mama Cougar

Jelena said...

Well okay. After reading Kellan's interview I'm definitely turned off. His answers are really, how shall I say - shallow. Obviously I will only have to concentrate on the physical part of him - sigh, LoL.

The more articles I read, the more I would really love to have a genuine conversation with Rob. Seriously, girls, I would just like to be in a presence of a celebrity who's fucking modest.

TwiWeasel said...

Wait a minute...there's an article?!?! I was just looking at the pretty pictures.

@ Jelena - I would just like to be in the presence of