Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Edbrella Office Party or how we all went to see Eclipse together!

It was a dark and stormy night...actually it was quite a sunny, warm day and as I set off LATE, thanks to my ever punctual sis in law I thought I'd make good time, then I missed the junction on the motorway and it all went a bit pete tong from there. Becky was coping with a throwing up child and traffic, I was just coping with traffic and stupid directions....grrrr but we all made it. Me first to Mary's, then Stan and then we met Becky at Frankie and Benny's the restaurant.

Mary and Stan,see they look happy to see me (Nibbles)

The mini E's meet each other and are so glad that they can gang up on Jacob!!

While Stan reads her vamp magazine the E's pounce

However as (L-R)Chimpsten, Jacob in wolf form and the other Jacob arrive the E's decide they are on precarious ground!!

Mini E and Chimpsten re-enact a scene from Twilight for the others enjoyment

The E's were not impressed by the True Blood dvd

Oh what can I say, a rose between 2 thorns...sigh...I really only wanted Edward but yanno, I had a bag handy....

Us all at Frankie and Benny's-I look like I've been on holiday...the waitress was very kind and didn't bat an eyelid at us playing with the E's and other characters lol

Chimpsten couldn't control herself and jumped on E, but Jake got jealous phased into wolf form and jumped on chimpsten...we left hurriedly

Right so off we went to the film and what a fantastic time, I'm doing this review cobbled from emails, the actual messenger chat we had has been lost...oops, our bad

Stan: Do we want to start our discussion? (She asks, already dreading the cutting, pasting and colour changing on the blog ;o) ). Ok, how shall we do this? Best bits first?

Mary: Best bits, I'll probably forget most of them until someone reminds me

Edward - end of! He was perfect. I loved everything about him. Angry Edward is so sexy.

Bella and Edward kissing is my porn, it's all I need ;) The leg hitch was fanfuckingtastic

Jasper OMFG I fell in love with him. I never even noticed the shiteous wig! Loved him in his uniform

Emmett SCORE in the white vest, then he got wet, I nearly combusted. Cue lots of seat wiggling. Then at the end he wore something tight and black OMFG

I loved the practice fight bits, so cute when Alice dropped from the tree and kissed Jasper
The real fight scene was amazing. The wolves look even better than they did in New Moon.

The tent scene rocked cocks. I loved the dialogue between Edward and Jacob

The whole film was orgasmic and I can't wait to see it again

Nibbles: are we discussing it via email or are we gonna get together on messenger?

I always said twilight was my favourite film and always would be but I reckon eclipse is probably the best of the 3. Certainly way better than new moon. They really fucked up on that one.

Eclipse just was the dogs nuts. I loved Edward all over again! Yum angry eddie is sooo good. Jaspers southern drawl and him in uniform distracted me from the dead animal they used as his wig. He was so amazingly sexy nom nom nom!

The wolves were fucking amazing so real! Much much better than NM. Every fight scene I was going yes yes whoo lol just fantastic. Kellan was funnier in fact the humour was better, the acting was better, the whole film was just better except for wigs and wardrobe. oh and Victoria was ok but was too doe eyed and fragile looking. Not enough of an evil bitch for me. Rob was breath taking, beyond words even Tay did a lot better and the tent scene was brilliantly done. can't wait to see it again on friday whoo :)

Becky: PMSL.I think Nikki just about covered it for me!!I really need to see it again, I'm sure there are bits i've forgotten! I also love the bit in the fight scene where Esme hold the vamp for Carlisle to knock its head off! Jasper *sigh* oh that voice....Edward was just.... there are no words, lol.I also like a bit of Embry! (i dont care how old he is!)Its def my fav film so far!

Nibbles: Embry....really?? I don't get that at all lol

Stan: Ok, I had to pick a new title for this email thread, because my emails are notoriously disorganised, and searching for 'Eclipse' brought up enough emails for me to still have to search for the last one we started! So, we've talked about best bits, except for me lol. Ok my fave bits? Erm any scene with a Cullen man or Jake in I think. Does that about cover it? Oh, and Riley too! Oh, and I'm with Becky, I'd totally let Embry have a go if he asked nicely. Or just didn;t push me off, whatever. I was a bit disappointed with Bella & Jake's kiss, I didn't feel it as much as in the book, but then that could be because Nikki announced to me that she saw his tongue, and then I was swearing because I missed it, and was concentrating far too hard on trying to see it again to just be swept away in the moment ;o)

Nibbles: Yeah but did you see how his nose squished on her cheek, it was like it was made of silly putty or something....just sayin!

Mary: He deffo slipped her the tongue, cheeky little pup ;)

Right well its not quite the same banter as the messenger reviews but no matter lol, we had a great time. I think I upset Stan when I mentioned how Jacobs nose splatted across the Stewl's face when he kissed her, he really can't help that nose but the wee doggy does have a great bod. I have to give him that even though Rob as Edward was just fucking stunning and I squirmed...a lot!!!
Just have to say it was lovely meeting you all, we all got on brilliantly and I proved that I really am hyper verbal in person too. I've since been to visit Mary again as she is closest to me and we had a good natter and a giggle over True Blood another thing we have in common-Nibbles xx


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Bit lengthy, I apologise to anyone with dodgy wrists but we had quite a lot of photos, besides being hyper verbal I am a shutter bug, you should see the pics I took on holiday in Florida lol I took 4 memory cards for my camera!!!! In fact if you do wanna go look then check out my face book page its Sarah Adderley was McMullen

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

I've been waiting for these photos. Are there more? This is the first time I'd seen Becky. You are quite the bunch. It's going to be so much fun meeting you next year. Yep, I've already informed my husband that in November 2011 I will be going to England to watch Breaking Dawn with my hos. :D I.Can't.Wait!!

TwiWeasel said...

I feel so...abandoned! *wail*

*shakes it off* Annnnnnnd...I'm over it!

Awesome to see you girls together! @Becky, were you maybe a tad camera shy? LOL I'd already seen pix of you other three, but @Mary, you look different than the last pic I saw of you. Your hair's longer, I think.

Anyhoo...I totes wish I could get together with you hos...but it's probs not gonna happen. *sigh*

But at least I can get together with TigerlilyRose and Lisa this weekend! WooHoo! Joan Jett, here we come!

TwiWeasel said...

AAACK! @Jelena, I hadn't read your comment...now I'm totes jealous! *pout*

Anonymous said...

Ladies!!! I need to be there under the Edbrella...badly. God...I loved these photos and wish there were more!!!

17foreverlisa said...

Oh, girls! It's my birthday and I said fuck it. I wanted/needed to see these pictures from your get together.

Fantastic job narrating Sarah. I love the pictures and the movie commentary.

I couldn't tell if Taycob slipped in some tongue because I put my hand over my eyes during the part. Honest. Maybe I'll be brave and check it out when I go this afternoon with Travis and his girlfriend.

It's pretty ironic that you, me, and Twitarded finally got around to giving our reviews on the same day.

The mini E's hugging in greeting is priceless and I can't tell you how much fun it was seeing Chimpsten again.

Can't believe my trip with Dani and Lacey is almost here. It's going to be the Cherry Bomb ;)


17foreverlisa said...

P.S.: What's Jacob doing in your lap, Gemma? LOL!

TwiWeasel said...

What?!?! Lisa broke the rules and checked the blog? *gasp*

MAN, I can't wait for this weekend!

TigerlilyRose said...

OMG...you are all so fabulous! I have been waiting for these for like EVER! @Jelena, this was the first time I had seen Becky too. And I am TOTALLY jells that you get to see the girls Next year. SLV and I are planning a meet up for then, but I haven't informed the hub yet...wish me luck...LOL

My favorite was the "Dog Jacob" with Chimpsten...LMFAO

Dangrdafne said...

You ladies are gorgeous!! WOW!!

Thank you so much for sharing the pictures and your stories. I can't wait to meet you all...SOON I hope!!!

Becky said...

Lol, you make it sound like I was an imaginary friend and you have just seen proof that I am real!!
I am not camera shy, I just take really shitty photos! I also didn't make it to Nikki's ( due to said throwing up child!), so I missed out on all those photo opps.

Fab post Nibbs, I want to meet up again!!!

@Jelena that's awesome news!! Any other takers for November?? You know you want to.

Becky said...

mmm on second thoughts, maybe that does make me camera shy, lol.

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TwiWeasel said...

So...Mrs. P. Are ya gonna translate that ^^ one?

StarlitViolets said...

This was SO cool! You ladies are right along with my thinking about the movie.

The proposal makes me giddy and Edward in his blue button-down was NICE!