Friday, 2 July 2010

Friday Fun Five...TwiWeasel Style, with a Dash of Nibbles Thrown in for Good Measure.

Just to be safe I'm going to put a NSFW warning up here...some of the pix are a Thank you Nibbles!! You followed my suggestions to a tee!! We make a great team!

Howdy, Hos!! I realize that I'm posting this just a tad early, but I wanted to make sure to get it done. Otherwise, I'd probably end up having Nibbles actually post it for me, and well...she did plenty already I think.
So...Did you chicks realize that we've been doing the Friday Fun Five for over six months now? And in that time, I've never been chosen to ask the questions. *pout* Of course, it couldn't have had anything to do with the fact that I'm gone more often than not. *grumble* Stupid real life job and bills and shit. (Stop grumbling woman and get on with the questions : )...hi Nibbles here *waves @ everyone)

Thank you, TigerlilyRose for choosing me for the next's about damn are totes awesomesauce and I love you!

Anywhore...lets get to the questions!

1. What is your biggest pet peeve?

I gave up smoking many, many moons ago but this man often makes me feel like having one....and a cigarette hehe I tried smoking...but I just couldn't get the hang of it.

2. Do you believe in love at first sight and/or soul mates?

It's kind of a nice image as a older brother, younger niece/sister picture. Although when I think about it, when I was 10 years old, my hubward was 18 which is kinda ew in a way lol so I guess its not unfeasible to imagine a future for them. I do actually like this picture (thanks to littletwilight who made the pic for fanpop)

3. What are the last three CDs you purchased? Now, I said CD's...not something downloaded to your iPod. I mean real CD's.

Oh yes indeedy, I had this on pre-order for donkeys yonks. No argy bargy about it it either, the hubward knows better than to diss my musical connection to Twilight lol Um, Nibbles...what the fuck is argy bargy?

4. Oral: Do you prefer to give or to receive? Well, duh...I couldn't not put a sex question in here.

Oooo the infamous clit lick manip lol, I'm only putting in what TwiWeasel asked for...honest

I coulda used this one....or.....

the amazing flexo Rob hehehe, anyone seen the film Shortbus? (PMSL)

I know there are lots of pictures here but I couldn't resist this one and I think the wease will chuckle DAMN!!!!! Now you see why I put in the warning!! The first one was exactly the one I was asking for, BTW, Nibs...The last two...not so much, but thanks!

5. If you had to re-write the ending of Breaking Dawn...oh, wait...*SPOILER ALERT* Hang on. If you haven't read Breaking Dawn just get the fuck out of here and don't come back till you've read the whole series. (Yeah, right, like anyone here hasn't read the whole series about 17 gazillion times...or maybe just 50 bazillion...ahem..KaChing!!) I was saying, if you had to re-write the ending of Breaking Dawn, so there was actually a battle and two of the main characters had to be killed, who would die and how? (And why did you choose them?)

Ooooo nooooooo.....not one of these guys....maybe the women...yeah I'm going for the gals hehe

And I have one more question that I'm really curious about, so I'm gonna go ahead and make it a bonus question. (Back to the Friday Fun Six it is then lol)

6. Have you read any Fan Fiction unrelated to Twilight? If so, what was it?

Awwww our Precious as a wee young wizard in his dress robes...bless him....can I hug him andd keep him please

Well, I guess that's it...Happy Answering!!

Oh, last thing. This is mostly for Stan, but a little for me. *gasp*

She said picture of Tay with lotsa abs...that's a lot of abs baby! *Little tiny Squeeee from TwiWeasel* Take it off, Tator Tot!! Woo!

I'd like to add a Ha-uge thank you to Nibbles...without her, this post would've been just a boring bunch of questions. I think the pictures just take the cake, no? Thanks again, Nibbs!


Dangrdafne said...

1. What is your biggest pet peeve?

People not respecting others.

2. Do you believe in love at first sight and/or soul mates?


3. What are the last three CDs you purchased?

Billy Burke Removed
Eclipse Score
Eclipse Soundtrack
hmmmm I am sensing a theme here for me

4. Oral: Do you prefer to give or to receive?


5. If you had to re-write the ending of Breaking Dawn, so there was actually a battle and two of the main characters had to be killed, who would die and how? (And why did you choose them?)

Breaking the rules - I would kill off those 2 old vampires that were creepy and scared Bella. I thought they were too uppity and snarky for me.

6. Have you read any Fan Fiction unrelated to Twilight? If so, what was it?

Nope. But I know fan fic for Buffy the Vampire Slayer exists, as a friend of mine used to write it. I never understood what it was or why... but now I do :)

Great questions!!!

kassiecullen said...

1) nail biters.. its gross
2) yes I do.. I'm a sucker
3) Maroon 5, Eminem (the first two are recent), and a long time ago Justin Timberlake
4) I plead the fifth- I know I'm wussing out.. I just can't answer.
5) If I had to kill 'Main' characters I'd choose, oh gosh, Charlie and Sam. If not 'main' characters I'd choose Peter (like Charlotte and Peter, Peter) and Vladimir or Stefan.
6) I have only read Twilight related FF. But Bella and Edward are ususally human, I prefer those.

Those pics of Taytay reminded me. I saw all three movies at the theater the other day and when he takes his shirt off my sis turns to me and says 'damn now that's an 8 pack' lol.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Hello, sorry to those who found the FFF in the wrong place, I forgot to change the date and it got posted but I've changed it so, it's all good, it's all gravy now lol.
@Wease-argy bargy is an argument or trouble or a fight whatever, so I was saying my hubs didn't give me a grief about buying another Twi soundtrack cos he knows better than that hehe.

1)Pet Peeve-I only get to choose one???? Um I hate it when ppl sing the wrong lyrics to songs, I hate rude ppl so much, I hate slow ppl in supermarkets, I hate bad spelling sorry Imma nerd. Take your pick, they're all way up there with several others lmao

2)Love at first sight/soul mates-Yes I do, although I don't believe you always get to keep them

3)Cd's I bought-Eclipse soundtrack, Devils Rejects Soundtrack-some excellant songs on there! Erm....oh yes the new Paul Weller cd Wake Up The Nation but its for my hubwards birthday not me although I will have it in my car too as we're going to see him in November YAY!

4)Give or receive-Dayum I like to do both but I guess I like the getting more so hehehehehe

5)Kill off 2 main characters in BD ending-Um probably Rosalie, then Emmett can go find solace in Jelly Babes lol and Esme...she doesn't really do a lot except be really nice to ppl and decorate

Bonus question-Have I read any non Twi FF-Yes I have I'm reading Couples Therapy which is a Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood fic by Evenflo78 and I love it lots lol

So there you have it, right I'm off to put my son's birthday presents out of the way, once it was lego and sponge bob now its No Fear t shirts & hoodies and XBOX 360 stuff, lego was cheaper...grumbles

Fabboroonie questions need to thank me, I like looking for the pics xx

Mary said...

OMG the pictures *cough*

1. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Rudeness. It bugs the shit outta me. People that don't say thank you, or please. Just basic manners.

2. Do you believe in love at first sight and/or soul mates?
Yes to both. Well I think so. It was definately lust at first sight the night I met Mr Mary. I was with my aunt at the time and I believe my words to her were "I'm having him" I'm not sure I meant to hang onto him for 20 years though ;)

3. What are the last three CDs you purchased? Now, I said CD's...not something downloaded to your iPod. I mean real CD's.
Daniel merriweather, Melanie Fiona and Justin Timberlakes first album cos I lost my copy.

4. Oral: Do you prefer to give or to receive? Well, duh...I couldn't not put a sex question in here.
Ooh I just realised why I hung onto Mr mary for 20 years ;)

5. If you had to re-write the ending of Breaking Dawn...oh, wait...*SPOILER ALERT* Hang on. If you haven't read Breaking Dawn just get the fuck out of here and don't come back till you've read the whole series. (Yeah, right, like anyone here hasn't read the whole series about 17 gazillion times...or maybe just 50 bazillion...ahem..KaChing!!) I was saying, if you had to re-write the ending of Breaking Dawn, so there was actually a battle and two of the main characters had to be killed, who would die and how? (And why did you choose them?)
Oh no, you can't do that!
I'm gonna kill Esme, she's kinda dull, right? And i'll take down Rosalie whilst i'm at it too. Just cos I can, and I hated her jeans in Twilight

6. Have you read any Fan Fiction unrelated to Twilight? If so, what was it?
No. Should I?

Good questions Wease xxx

Musing Bella said...

Lllllllaaaaaaaaadies. Nice pics! They definitely add to the great questions. Writing, then reading, but of course...

1- people chewing aloud. Even a little bit. Chewing with one's mouth open is disgusting.

2- I do, but I think it's largely a matter of timing for both parties - like, I think you might have more than one soul mate, it just depends on when you meet and how you both are at that time.

3- The New Pornographers "Together"
The New Pornographers Live album ( I think it's just called "Live")
and... um... probably something for TH - a Billy Joel collection, I think?

4- I prefer to receive, for sure. I know it makes me a greedy bitch, and I don't care. ;)

5- I don't know... it would be tempting to do like JKR did and kill at least one beloved character (Emmett, maybe? to increase the emotional impact, because if you just kill the "extra" vampires, that's kind of a cop-out. I think I'd kill Leah - she seems like she'd be likely to go down in a blaze of glory - and Caius. If you take down one of the Volturi, that seems like a good reason for them to stop fighting (and I hate that guy). I also like the way Laura Cullen has her fan fic "Our Forever" with a new type of ruling class and everything - that would have been an interesting way for things to end.

Bonus: nope. :) Twilight-only.

Thanks for great questions, Wease!

Becky said...

Can I first just say that the picture of Rob, trying to give himself a bit of oral, is one of the funniest things i've seen in a while!! I laughed so loud I had to lie to my 9yr old about what I was laughing at!!


1. My biggest pet peeve has to be littering. I can't stand it, there is absolutely no need to drop litter, ever.

2. mmm I believe in lust at first sight, but I think love comes the more you get to know someone. I definately believe in soul mates though. I think

3. I bought the Eclipse Soundtrack ( obviously), Paramore and Pink

4. errmm.. receive naturally!! Gone are the days when I'd rather give it ( if infact they ever existed, lol)

I just laughed at the pic all over again lol, he looks like he is tickling the end!!

5. Right, I would kill off Jane for sure, in a really grisly way too. And maybe Aro, yes def him. And lastly i think I would go for Paul, cos he just irritates me.

6. No, only ever read Twlight fanfic. Infact I very rarely deviate form E&B fanfic!

Awesome questions TwiWeasel!!!!

Becky said...

I clearly didn't read qu 5. properly, lol. So I will change it to

Jane - because she is a sadistic bitch who deserves to die.
Aro - because he is dangerous & insane.

there, thats better.

TigerlilyRose said...

OOOh good quesitons, Babe!

1. Biggest Pet Peeve....oh, but I have sooooooooooo many!

but I will have to go with the Grammar answer...I find myself having to squelch the desire to correct peoples language, whether verbal or written....

2. Um...I don't know if it is LOVE at first sight...but I believe in a chemical reaction where you just "know" there is something there. Love comes a bit later though...sometimes days, sometimes years. I have experienced Lust at first sight on many occasion however...LOL

3. Carrie Underwood Play On
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
John Mellencamp
I know I am old school...I shop for CDs at the second hand CD store, which is where I bought the last two on this list. But I buy new CDs EVERY week almost! Still haven't gotten the new Eclipse *palmsface* I don't know why, though....I might have to remedy that tonight!

4. I love to receive more than give, but I LOVE to give too.

5. Two Main Characters...Rosalie and didn't say they had to be Vamps!

6. No...well I read one really lame one shot on Glee, but it was short and I didn't even finish it...that is it though.

TigerlilyRose said...

Clearly I didn't read #5 well either...

Rosalie,because she is a bitch
and Sam because he annoys the shit out of me.

If i could change my answer I would go to the Volturi too. Jane and Casius. Self explanatory I think!

TwiWeasel said...

OK, I'm finally getting around to answering my own questions. It's been one helluva day...

1. I have several pet peeves...who doesn't? But something that really, REALLY pisses me off is when people bring their dogs to a crowded Softball games, or the town Easter Egg Hunt or the 4th of July Celebrations. And then they say, "Buster wouldn't hurt anyone." Yeah,'re not testing that theory on my kid. Dogs act differently around a crowd of people than they do with just a few people. A dog that might be nice as can be, may be startled or stepped on in a crowd and that leads to someone getting hurt.
Are you thinking, "Hmmm...did someone get bit by a dog as a child?" Yer darn tootin' I did, multiple times. I believe my dislike of dogs in crowded areas is well deserved.

One other thing that pisses me off is when I do get pissy about something (like the dog thing, for instance) and someone (usually my mother) tells me to "calm down." That'll get my blood to boil (not in the good way) every time.

Don't get me wrong...I have many other things that just piss me right the fuck off, but those are a couple that have been bothering me a lot lately. And you know what? I feel better for getting it off of my chest! *grin*

2. I absolutely, positively, without a doubt, believe in love at first sight. It happened to me with Mr. TW. While a soul mate is a different matter than love at first sight, I do believe in them as well. Do I think Mr. TW is my soul mate? I'd like to think so...although we're very different: He's very physical and doesn't like to sit and think, and I'm...well, a weakling, but I don't have a problem with thinking things through. He's great at Math and can add numbers in his head faster than I can punch it into a calculator. Me...not so much (good thing I work in a bank, eh?) He's about as mellow as a person can get and I tad to be a strung. But we're also very alike. We have a passion for each other that still burns hot even though we've been together for 18 years (married for 13). We have a very similar (Read: sick and twisted) sense of humor. We both love to read. Whether we're soul mates or not is irrelavant. We belong together.

3. The last three CD's I purchased would be Lady GaGa's Fame Monster, Ke$ha's Animal, and Beyonce's I am...Sasha Fierce.

4. Oral: I like to give...apparently I'm some kind of overacheiver! At least that's what Mr. TW says! LOL

5. Hmmm...this was a much harder question than I thought it would be. If I had to kill off two characters, I think it would be Jane...because she just creeps me out. I'd have Bella use her sheild to get close enough and rip her fucking head off. The second one I'd kill off would be Leah. I just don't like her whiny ass. I didn't say as much when I was asking the question, and I actually found my loophole while answering...but I MEANT who of the MAIN CHARACTERS...In that case, I think it would be Carlisle and Esme...they would want to go together. I don't hate them, but I hate the idea of losing them less than Edward/Bella, Emmett/Rosalie or Jasper/Alice. Hey, don't judge...I could've said Jacob and Renesmee.

6. I've briefly skimmed a bit of Pirates of the Carribean and Harry Potter Fan Fic, as well as Avatar and Outlander. Lemme just say...NOTHING holds a candle to Twilight Lemons.

There ya go...I'll give the rest of the ho's that haven't answered yet the rest of the weekend before I make any decisions.

To my American friends...have a FAB 4th of July Weekend!! My non-American friends can have a FAB 4th too...but it isn't quite the same. *snicker*

TwiWeasel out!

TwiWeasel said...
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TwiWeasel said...

stupid blogger posted my comment twice. *shrugs* Whatever...

twilightcupcake said...


good questions.

1) biggest pet peeve. When my clothing or other things get accidentally shrunk or broken at the cleaners.

2) hm. Awkward question. Yes I believe in it. Do you always have to be with yours? I'd vote no.
I love my husband so much but do I think he's my soulmate? I think we love each other and have learned to live and grow with each other. We've created a stable loving home and a happy marriage. But I don't think we are soul mates. Should that make me sad? I feel resigned that I've chosen my path and it's good. Loving and occasionally exciting but it's what keeps me sane. I think if I were with my true mate he'd be equally scatter brained and we'd eventually starve. I'm not team jacob but I believe in loving what is good for you.

3) CDs? I've forgotten what those are :) I think I have the new moon soundtrack on cd but I won't count that.
Sarah McLachlan Xmas cd
beatles love from the cirque show
bobs and lolo kids cd - awesome

4) oral - both preferably at the same time! But if I had to choose it would be to give. Something about having the power to make him feel that good...

5) I would kill off Jane and Alec. I hated them.

6) I've read Lois and Clark (as in Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher) fanfic. Yes it's sad but I used to love that show.

TwiWeasel said...

@ #4 EXACTLY!!

StarlitViolets said...

Late again - but what do you expect, really?

Answering first, then LMAO at your responses.

Great questions, Wease!!!

1. Pet Peeve

Pushy people. And people who don't think of others.

2. LAFS/Soul Mates

Yes - to soul mates, but I'm not too sure about insta-love. To me love is something that grows. I do believe in instant attraction and passion, though.

3. CDs

What the hell is a CD??? LMAO!!! I honestly havent' purchased a CD in years! I'm a pirate! I only buy blank CDs.

4. Oral

I actually prefer to GIVE! I know - I'm a freak. But I'm... um... really sensitive and can't handle much of that.

5. Who I'd kill off in my BD.

Hmm - good question. I'd definitely kill off Jasper and Rosalie. That way Emmett and Alice could console each other and hook up. I always wished it was those two together! Even when reading the books for the first time. I guess cuz hubs reminds me of Emmett and Alice reminds me of me! And I'm a selfish bitch!

6. FanFic

I actually don't really read ff. I can't get into it and get bummed if it blurs my perception of the real characters. Sorry - I'm a bad one to ask about ff. :(

As soon as I saw the last question I knew I'd have to go into hiding. There's no way I can win w/o fanfiction on my side! LOL!

I hope you hos all have a fantastic weekend! MWAH!

Banshee713 said...

Answering first reading later...

1. My biggest pet peeve: gross mouth noises. People chewing with their mouths open, slurping, noisy gulpy swallowing, it all squicks me the fuck out.

2. Lust at first sight sure, but I think you have to get to know a person to fall in love. I do believe in soul mates. I know a few couples who are clearly just meant to be together. Somewhere out there, my soulmate, a man who appreciates my nerdiness, likes my dogs, and knows when to leave me the fuck alone, is waiting for me to find him...

3. Last three cds: Eclipse soundtrack (natch), Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's Beat the Devil's Tattoo, and Wolfmother's Cosmic Egg. I'm one of the few people I know who still buys cds. Technology hates me, so I always like to have a hard copy for when my mp3 and/or my computer decides to commit suicide on me :/

4. Giver or receiver? Totally not ashamed to admit I prefer to get it than give it. Nothing wrong with a bit of tit for tat...and as Mama Morton would say "I deserve a lot of tat for what I've got to give" ;)

5. RENESMEE!!! I fucking wanted that kid dead as soon as I heard her fucking stupid-ass name. Also she creeps me the fuck out. She was born with TEETH for fuck sake. Aaaand just for good measure: fuckfuckfuckfuckityfuckfuck.
My second choice: Rosalie. She annoys me. Emmett could soooo do better.

5+1. Have I read non-Twi Fanfic? Yes I have. A friend got me hooked on Fruits Basket a while back, and while I was feeding my Twilight fanfic interest/obsession/addiction/whatever, I noticed there was a section at ffn for anime/manga, so I checked out the Fruits Basket fics. Some of them were pretty good for non-Twi, but I was amazed to find that there were more slash fics than hetero fics. There isn't even any slash in the original manga. WTF?!

Hehe, that pic of Rob trying to blow himself is a scream. Couldn't that gross-looking really famous porn star do that? Ron something? Fuck I can't remember. Great questions, Twiweasel!

Twi-Hearted said...

1. That's a hard one to answer since I have so many. Hhmm, I guess tupid people in general because all of my pet peeves are usually an action by a stupid person.

2. I do not believe in love at first site. I believe in lust at first site, but love is not a visual emotion. I do believe in soul mates.

3. In order of most recent: Eclipse Soundtrack, 100 Monkeys CD Grape, New Moon soundtrack.

4. Receive!

5. I would pick Rosalie since she seems to be so unhappy being a vampire. And since I picked her, I would have to also pick Emmett because I wouldn't want him to be unhappy.

6. I have not read any FF not related to Twilight. I do have two saved under favorites that I haven't read yet. One's about Art in How to Be and the other is about Cedric in HP, so they are still Rob related.

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

I was almost late to this party. I made it just in time. Phew. On with the answers, later with the reading.

1. There are so many to chose from, but basically, my MIL is a poster child for this, at least when I'm concerned. She has all the traits that piss me off in people: she's phony, pushy, whiny, never takes responsibility for her own actions (it's always someone else's fault), she speaks with her mouth full, she speaks grammatically incorrect, and worst of all, she's a hypocrite. :D

2. Yes, I do. I believe in both - love at first sight, and soul mates. You can say that all my greatest loves (and there were only a few of them) were love at first sight, and that includes my husband; who is also my soulmate. :D

3. Ugh... I don't remember the last time I bought a CD, like literally, so Imma have to leave this answer blank.

4. Honestly... I prefer to receive - I'm selfish like that. However, that doesn't mean I don't give it. Oh yes I do. In fact, I give it more than I receive it, it's just that I enjoy it more when I'm on the receiving end (JFC, how many times can one person write "receive", lol).

5. Uh, main characters? Do Volturi count as main characters? This confuses me a bit. I cannot choose any of the Cullens, sorry, no can do. Therefore, I'm gonna go with some of the wolves - Sam (because his life was miserable as it is) aaaand, Leah? Yeah, that would be a beautiful death, Sam and Leah, who couldn't live together, die together.

6. No, I've never read any non-Twilight fan fiction, nor do I plan to.

Wease, even if it wasn't written at the beginning, I'd know these questions came from you. Hm, I guess I can say I've gotten to know you quite a bit, babe. ;)

Anonymous said...
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Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Hold on, when I read some of these answers, it made me think about the whole "love at first sight" thing. Here's how I view it:

I only felt that kind of instant connection three times in my life. The only person with whom it happened the first time I laid my eyes on him, was my husband. The best way I can describe it is that, the instant we met, we both felt like we've known each other since forever. It was like we didn't need words to communicate, that's how strong it was.

Oh, and my heart got broken by someone with whom I had love at first sight.

So I speak from experience when I say yes to that question.

TwiWeasel said...

Hey chicks! I've chosen a winner and it's Jelena! *fanfare, roaring crowd*

YOu all had some freaking great answers, but what tipped the scale in Jelena's favor was was her comment that she'd have known the questions were mine, even if my name wasn't at the top of the post. Cool.

As you know, Jelena an AWESOME writer, but she's also an AWESOME friend.

Mwah, Babe!