Friday, 9 July 2010

Friday Fun Five Jelly Baby Style

Fuck me but its bloody hot here today. Its so hot I'm sticking to my chair or is it cos I'm drooling over Rob and getting ready to see Eclipse again later.....hehe (claps hands) I can't wait!!!! I have a spare ticket if anyone can make it. I'll have to try get refund if not! Ugh I have Betty Swoobs, I hate that. Anyway without much further ado I'll hand over to the Jellified one...there may be more ado as we go on, I can't help myself you KNOW this people!!!!!! (my comments in red...)

Can I stick to his chair please....with him on the chair first, can I just stick to him ok, done lol

Okay, lovelies, Dani picked me as to ask the questions this week. This is actually my third time. You know, Edbrella, I think I should get a badge or something. :P (Um I mentioned the badge to Stan and she said if you want one feel free to make one as we're all crap and haven't a clue....or is that just me?!)

Alright, on with the questions. (Yes no more ado please)

1. What was your favourite film when you were a kid/teen? Is it still?

Oh my the Fearless Vampire Killers, I loved this film, its so old but funny. I bought it on dvd again recently

2. What was the most embarrassing situation you found yourself in?

Chimpsten is remembering some of her past escapades hehe

3. Do you ever imagine someone else, instead of your partner, when you're having sex? Who?

Oh dear Rob covered in chocolate....yes please, it is a fantasy of mine NOM

4. Ever have a near death experience? Tell us about it. If not, tell us about someone else's near death experience (your family, friends, whoever).

Well the Precious did get hit by a taxi trying to escape the crazed hordes of female fans. Tut, how rude of them!

5. Do you believe in fate and karma?

I love this picture, Deviant Art is a fantastic place for this sort of thing, she has the scales of justice and the sword of fate...just gorgeous

I hope the questions are not TOO hard. I tried to make them interesting. It's a challenge coming up with things to ask, after all this time. I wonder if we're ever going to run out. Naaaaah!


Brilliant questions Jelly Babes, I loved finding the pictures to go with them, hope they're ok for you. Can't wait for the answers....laters xx


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Ok I'm gonna answer before y'all do lol
1) Favourite film-Ugh I have so many, like the pic in the post I love the Vampire Killers, so funny, well to me it is. I also love John Hughes films, Pretty in Pink, St Elmo's Fire, Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I love Ferris so much (I know you don't Jells lol), it is one of my all time favourites and I was just still a teen and yes I watch it now....Ferris Bueller you're my hero!

2)Embarrassing Situation- Just one? There have been so the getting caught shagging in a car park by a load of lorry drivers is waaaaaaaay up there. Erm, throwing up in my dates car cos I was pissed, getting caught by my brother in bed with my boyfriend. Accidentally flashing a taxi driver when my skirt blew up in the wind, getting caught graffitiing the pub ceiling in the toilet, I was standing on the loo and the land lady walked in and saw me LOL, taxi driver turning the car around at my friends and catching me pissing in the bushes cos I couldn't wait for her to open her door, we were drunk, I was desperate for a many indeed

3)Imagine someone other than my husband when having sex-I haven't with this husband lol, he fulfills my needs completely. But with my ex partner and my previous husband oh yes indeedy I did, several times. With my ex husband I fantasised about a friend of ours that was fucking lush, nom, nom indeed, think tall, slim, blonde and well endowed, we'd been camping, I saw ok lol. With ex partner it was Huge Ackman, I saw him in Swordfish and got hooked LOL

4)Near death experience- Indeedy I have, I had a lift home from a club when I was about 17 with a group of friends in a van belonging to a decorator. He had an open can of cellulose thinners in there and the van was hot, the fumes made me feel very ill and when I got out I ran to the loo in my friends house to throw up. I came round to find a friend throwing water in my face, I sat up at the same time she threw the water and cut my eye open, the glass hit me. Apparently I'd gone blue as I'd stopped breathing. All I remember was that I felt very warm and safe and that everything was gonna be ok, then I came round to screaming and shouting and ambulance men barging in. They told my mate off for throwing water in my face lol I still have the scar on my eyelid!

5)Do I believe in karma & fate-Absolutely, treat others how you want to be treated, what goes around comes around, no matter what you do in life, it impacts others somehow. That's karma!
Fate is me being on my last day on a dating website and Roy's having run out so he couldn't reply. I saw his picture liked it and commented, I also for some reason decided to include my email address in the message which I had never done before. Lucky I did because, he couldn't reply to my comment as his membership had run out. So if I hadn't put it in because it was my last day too I would never have been able to contact him or him me! That's fate to my mind!!

great questions Jells, laters xxx

Mary said...

1. What was your favourite film when you were a kid/teen? Is it still?

I don't remember having a favourite film as a kid, and not really my teens. I was too busy going out on the piss and playing with boys etc.
One of my all time faves though is One Flew Over The Cuckoos nest, and I still love it now

2. What was the most embarrassing situation you found yourself in?
Oh blimey the first one that springs to mind is the most recent when me and Mr Mary were ermmm, enjoying each other and I got my period *cringe*

3. Do you ever imagine someone else, instead of your partner, when you're having sex? Who?
I may or may not have drifted off into my own mind a few times during sex. Wesley Snipes has had a starring role over the years and more recently Tom Hardy, he's a major crush of mine lately.

4. Ever have a near death experience? Tell us about it. If not, tell us about someone else's near death experience (your family, friends, whoever).
I floated above my own body when I was in labour with Jack, I saw myself having a contraction, Mr Mary holding my hand, and I thought to myslef, bloody hell that looks painful, you better get back down there lol. Not sure it was a ND experience it was more likely the gas and air I was puffing on

5. Do you believe in fate and karma?
Yeah I do. I believe certain people in this life have been complete bastards and are now sad, lonely old fuckers

Good Q's JB xx

Jayla said...

feels great to be back on track with you ladies. i don't know how i missed two weeks of fff.

great questions jelly :-)

1.What was your favourite film when you were a kid/teen? Is it still?

the princess bride. i still find myself watching it whenever it pops up and i still quote the darn movie. i don’t think it’s still my favourite, as a certain little summit film took it’s place a couple of years ago.

2. Embarrassing situation?
oh- this just happened on monday. i decided to do a bit of trimming of the nether regions using mr jayla’s clippers. mr jayla’s cousin lives with us- but rarely comes upstairs… anyway, he caught me in the doorway of the bathroom completely butt naked. i asked if him i scarred him for life- his reply ‘yes, i think i’m gay now’ (the joke being he IS gay).. still very embarrassing for me.

3. Do you ever imagine someone else, instead of your partner, when you're having sex? Who?

i don’t think of another PERSON but I will fantasize about some of the things/positions/situations i’ve read in fanfic- just replacing the fanfic people w/ myself and mr. jayla

4. Ever have a near death experience? Tell us about it. If not, tell us about someone else's near death experience (your family, friends, whoever).

about 8 years ago mr. jayla was leaving for work in the pre dawn hours. stupid kids were drag racing on this major thoroughfare; one kid crossed the double center line and mr jalya’s car was hit head on. the policeman told me that mr. jayla saved his life by not wearing his seat belt that morning - because he was thrown onto the passenger side of the car. the driver side was the engine’s new home. mr. jayla ended up with broken ribs, elbow & arm, collapsed lung and a crushed pelvis. Several hours of surgery, months of rehab (in and out of hospital) learning how to walk again and about a year of heavy pain killers – he’s still suffering the after effects (nerve damage and diminished strength on that side of his body). oh , the kid walked away without a scratch. he didn’t have insurance and he was never charged with a crime.

5. Do you believe in fate and karma?

oh yes. the energy we put out- is what we get back. evil things happen to evil people. in the end i believe we all have to answer for what we’ve done- i just enjoy being there when the bad stuff smacks the person flat on their arse. (the kid who hit mr. jayla will surely have a shyt load of something headed his way)

kassiecullen said...

1) Favorite movie as a child/teen-Robin Hood Men in Tights w Cary Elwes. I was a strange child, oh wait I still am.

2) Most embarrassing moment-Being walked in on while making out with a boyfriend in high school.. his mom didnt really appreciate us going at it on the couch. Or the fact I left there with a huge hickey on my neck could have been more like 3 or 4 smaller ones, it was nearly the size of a tennis ball and I didnt even know it was there lol.

3) thinking of someone else in the throws of passion, who-yes recently actually.. thank God for doin it with the tv on and Eclipse commercials.. I was thinking of Kellan/Emmett ;)

4) Near death experience-I was in a really bad car accident. My bff and I were in a car being chased by her ex and his new girlfriend in their car, we may have done some really horrible things to her, my bff wasnt a very experienced driver and we were hit and spun and hit a light pole. My bff and I and the people in the other car that hit us walked away with only minor injuries.

5) Fate/Karma-I believe in fate and karma.. I dont know much about my fate but I do believe karma is a bitch and has gotten her revenge on me a few times.

Anonymous said...

1)I loved Gone With The Wind. I would watch the three hour movie OVER AND gave that much free time again.
2) I once fell out of a dressing room in a department store because I leaned on the door...not knowing it was a curtain...and rolled out into the hallway half nude.
3) ive thought of LOTS of people...lmao!
4) near death, well driving in the snow here has given me a lot of "oh shit" moments, where I swear there were angels around my car.
5) I believe in karma, definitely. Fate is more vague...I believe we are fated to be good or evil, but not fated for a certain "purpose". I think we shape that ourselves as we make our own decisions. Now my head hurts.

StarlitViolets said...

Not late this time! Yay!

Great questions JellyBaby! Definitely a challenge. I can't wait to read everyone's responses. But as usual, answering first, reading second.

Here we go:

1. Fave kid movie.

Wow - I've always LOVED movies! This is tough to narrow down. I loved Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as a kid and still love it now. That works. There are many more, but for our purposes, I'm done. :P

2. Embarrasment.

I think it was when I was 12 and went to the beach with a bunch of my popular friends. I got tumbled by a wave and stood up to find them all pointing and laughing at me. I looked down and to my horror, found that my strapless (not good for the ocean) bikini top, around my waist!

3. Fantasizing.

I have NEVER once fantasized about another man while making love to Mr. SV. He's always keeping my mind PLENTY occupied! ;)

4. Near-death experience.

I'm one of the most clumsy people EVER! If a year goes by withOUT a near-death experience, then I'm doing something wrong. LOL! I've injured myself so many ways and in varying degrees of severity, but none of them have a very cool story. I think the worst injury was either when I was 12 and got my foot run over and sat on by a Lincoln Towncar or when I was 19 and injured my neck snowboarding.

5. Fate and Karma.

Hmmm - how do I state this diplomatically? I actually believe in forces much greater than chance or luck, but my versions of fate and karma are probably slightly varied from yours. Simply put - I believe in God. But I would NEVER try to force my beliefs on others! EVER!

Once again - great questions! I'm off to read some answers now.

Dangrdafne said...

1. What was your favourite film when you were a kid/teen? Is it still?

Sixteen Candles - yes

2. What was the most embarrassing situation you found yourself in?

The first time I met my now in-laws I had to meet them without getting to take a shower, brush my hair or teeth and wearing my pajamas. My now hubby failed to mention that the only bathroom was upstairs from where we were sleeping and I would run into them before getting to said bathroom. I was mortified. But I guess they liked me enough to have me as part of the family :) LOL

3. Do you ever imagine someone else, instead of your partner, when you're having sex? Who?

Rarely but an ex of mine.

4. Ever have a near death experience?

Yes, my family (mom, dad, older sister) were in a car accident when we got hit by a bus from behind, spun around and hit another car and then ended up upside down in the grassy median. I can still see the people running up to the car to get us out but the doors were locked. I was knocked unconscience and I remember wondering if I would ever wake up. I had a messed up neck and bruises on my head and my Dad twisted his ankle under the gas pedal but other than that we were all fine. We were very lucky!! No one on the bus was hurt and the car we hit just had some damage to it.

As a child, I was able to envision what I would be like if I were an angel and floated above earth.

5. Do you believe in fate and karma?

Yes but fate can be changed by choices we make as we go along in life (which may not make sense but it works for me).

TwiWeasel said...

Just answering now...I'll have to come back and read later.

1. Fave Film...I loved The Never Ending Story and Labyrinth and I still do. I actually bought Labyrinth for my kids last Christmas and they loved it too! WIN! I actually haven't seen The Never Ending Story for years.

2. Embarrasing Sitch...I don't know if it's the MOST embarrasing, but it ranks right up there...getting caught parking on the back roads by some of my school friends. I was completely naked. He was not. *full body blush*

3. Imagine someone else...A few summers ago, my husband had a co-worker who was about 19 and he was ripped!! (Kinda like TayTay in NM...but about 6 inches taller.) Anyhoo...him...a lot. AND his wife. When I read CW&IA sometimes I'd think about what happened in the story (the lemon, not the other stuff, duh) but I didn't imagine I was WITH Tattward.

4. Near death experience...It's not exciting, but on my 8th birthday I went home sick from school. I ended up going to the hospital with appendicitis. The docs said if my parents had waited another hour, it would have burst and it would have killed me. (I've had better birthdays.)

5. Do you believe in fate and karma? For sure, absolutely, without a doubt...YES.

Have a good weekend, everyone! I'm busy at a softball tournament. My daughter's team (I'm asst coach) is in the championship...wish us luck!!

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Well, I'm late to my own party, JFC.

Answering first, and then I'm going to read all your answers.

1. I had a few that were my favourites, but I watched The Wizard of Oz and Hair on daily basis, like literally. One day I would watch Oz, the other day Hair. Exhibiting potential for fanaticism at the earliest of age.

2. I've been in A LOT of embarrassing situations, but one of them still makes me feel want to slam my head against the wall. It happened over ten years ago, during my seriously messed up phase. I was at a bar, and while exiting from the washroom, I ran into a guy from one of my classes. We never really talked before, so we started to, and then, all of a sudden, I leaned in and kissed him. He pushed me away and was like "What are you doing? I have a girlfriend." To say that I was mortified at my behaviour is an understatement. I mumbled something about "Sorry, I thought you were someone else", and ran out of there. I am still so embarrassed about this whole episode. Needless to say, we never spoke again, lol.
The truth was, he did look like someone from my past, but the extremeness of my actions tell you just how severely fucked up I had been during that time.
I am glad though, to have all those memories.

3. I try to imagine other men, but it rarely works for me. For some reason, it kills my mood, instead of doing the opposite. IDK why. But, I'd imagined everyone from a guy from the past, some random dudes, to, yes, I'm gonna go there: Kellan. LoL. Kellan is definitely the most fun. Oh, and btw, I can only get into this whole "imagination" thing even hubs is behind me.

4. I've had a few situations that could've had fatal consequences, but thanks to my quick thinking, nothing happened. However, to this day, the freakiest situation I've ever heard of happened to my brother and his girlfriend at the time.
The two of them climbed a tower of some kind in the middle of the night. At the top, the tower had circular platform that you could stand on. My brother had already started descending down via the ladder, while his gf stayed a bit longer on the top. Suddenly, he heard a noise, looked up, and saw his gf falling towards him. Apparently, she had accidentally fallen through the hole that connects the platform and ladder. Luckily, the ladder was surrounded by a fence, so my brother just held on really tight, both to the fence and the ladder, and waited for the girl to fall on top of him. That's how he stopped her fall. They were both pretty banged down when they came back home. I will never forget seeing them.
The story still makes my skin crawl.

5. I believe in fate, not sure about karma and the whole "what goes around comes around". Somehow, however, I feel like certain things are predestined to happen, but they still need us and our actions in order to come true, if that makes sense.

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