Friday, 16 July 2010

Lady P of New York, New York summons her minions to the beyatches!

Hello ladies! Mrs. P here and I FINALLY get to pick the Friday Fun Five! Since I am a terrible "scroller", I will not get too wordy for you all. Let's get right down to business. (What not wordy...WTF...hi Nibbles here *waves to all, tecnikul diffikulties over, the doodad got comments in red as always)

Apparently this is Lady Margaret the IVX as painted by Pablo Catala....looks like Mrs P lol
Any ho on with the questions cos she doesn't wanna be wordy...pffft

1) What part of your weekly routine do you hate doing the most?

Thankfully this doesn't happen much as the Nazi checkout women fuck em off out of it! Yay!!

2) Have you ever had to tell a friend that his/her girlfriend or boyfriend was cheating on them? If so, how did it go?

I sooooooooo, would have loved to do this to my ex

3) Have you ever walked out of a store and realized you accidentally stolen something? If so, what was it...and did you bring it back in?

No comment!

4) Have you ever had to discipline a kid that was at your house to play, and have it get ugly?

Kid cages...where were they when my boys were small?

5) Is there someone in your daily/weekly life that flirts with you constantly? If tell.

Said in a Joey Tribiani voice lol....I would be a big flirty flirt with Rob, I flirt my heart out and make him blush hehe

Oh Lady P, you naughty woman, great questions, off to answer them now....looking forward to everyone else's answers too


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Hey Lady P, love these questions, hope you like the pictures?!

1)Which part of my routine do I hate-Besides getting up to get the kids up for school then i guess its like the picture I loathe food shopping, oh wait no I can top that with ironing, I really, really hate ironing. Luckily Hubward Roy finds it therapeutic! Go fucking figure that one out but I am SOOOOO relieved that he does bless him. I am very lucky and grateful!

2)Did you tell your friend that their bf/gf was cheating- I suppose in a roundabout way I did. My friend asked me if I knew if their bf was cheating would I tell her. I said I wouldn't come out and tell her without her asking me first because I didn't want to end up being hated. She thought about it then said OK, is Mick cheating and I said Yes, yes he is and cracked up laughing cos I was so nervous. She just said I knew it, fucking bastard, etc then she bought us another drink and said what can I do to get him back before I dump his ass. So we did the whole sprinkle watercress seed all over his living room and bedroom carpet, sprinkled it with water and turned the heating on as we knew he was away fishing the weekend, friday to monday, he came home to a lush carpet of cress in 2 rooms. Completely ruined them lol. Wanker! She did take him back later, silly cow and then didn't so much as drop a hint when she knew my ex was cheating. We're not really friends anymore as she befriended the ho he cheated with...

3)Accidental shoplifting-This happened a lot when my kids were real small and in push chairs, if stores will put things at kiddie level then more fool them, no I never took them back as I was usually at the car by the time I realised. I have done it twice, once I had my hands full with camera, bag, kids stuff, and my purse. I was looking round a shop and had picked up a fridge magnet, carried on looking round the shop and then realised my parking was due to run out so I left, again by the time I got home and picked up all the stuff I had dumped on the passenger seat it was too late. The other time was in WHSmiths book shop, picked up book, ooo yes I want that, carried on walking round. I can spend ages in book shops and just walked out with the book in my hand, didn't realise and carried on shopping round the mall. Got to another store, realised, ooops and went home with free book. It was the Hobbit by the way lol

4) Discipling other peoples kids-Jack had a friend called Daniel (lol Jack Daniels) who I used to call the red headed devil child, he was evil incarnate and nasty. I was on the phone and he came in screaming and yelling at me just for kicks, he sat down on the floor next to me and carried on. His mum was there and she did nothing, so I whacked him on top of the head with the phone. He was about 9 I think. He shut up and was about to cry, so I waved the phone at him again and his mum just said. "I'll have to remember that one" LMAO, he and Jack are no longer friends thank god!

5)Flirting-I am a huge, extremely confident flirt. It is just part of my nature, I have curbed it somewhat since getting married as Hubward would not understand. I flirt regularly with several blokes from the pub I used to work in that I see around. I flirt on the phone, I flirt with shop assistants (male). The main one's are Craig (local team football player, fit, cheeky), Wazza (ex fling, he works round corner from where I live, so I see him every day) and ooo my old mates Phil and Nic cos they're natually flirty too.

Great stuff Mrs P....laterz x

Anonymous said...

How beautiful my questions look!!!!! I love all the photos you used!!!!!!

Now, to answer my own questions:

1)Laundry. I swear i have thrown out piles of clothes and just bought new. I hate it.

2)I told, and it backfired. She didn't believe me and then we were no longer friends. He ended up leaving her so she learned the hard way.

3)I have brought home more items that my kids have hidden in the shopping cart than I can count. I also got a free stapler once in my shopping bag because the clerk accidentally scooped it up with my purchase.

4)I have had a few girls here who like to argue with me when i say they can't do something. Let's just say they realize REAL QUICK that they've pissed me off, and then things get very quiet while they are here.

5) the deli guy at the supermarket won't leave me alone. He complimented my scorpion neckalce last time I was there and asked "what sign is your husband"...for the sole purpose of finding out if I had a husband. I told him, and HE STILL CONTINUED TO FLIRT! He says he sees me on the road, and tells me his work hours, and all I want is my half a pound of ham.

OH, BTW, Lisa refused to post anything new so i hijacked her. Go check it out...

Musing Bella said...

Yay, Mrs P! I haven't been here in awhile, but I think I'm going to respond and come back later to read comments... yeah, that sounds like a good plan.

1) Work. I'm sure this is a surprise to anyone who reads my blog.

2) No, I haven't.

3) No, I have never accidentally stolen something.

4) Kids don't come to my house to play (at least, not since I installed the electric fence). But I have had to discipline a friend's kid when we were all hanging out at her house and the little monster wouldn't leave my husband alone. I think I scared him (the kid, not TH), because he wasn't used to being talked to firmly by another adult. He always listens to me now, though, bwahahahaha.

5) *Sigh*, no. But I work with mostly old ladies, so maybe this is a good thing.

Great questions, Mrs P! Happy Friday, all!

hisbella said...

I had to answer the questions from the Great Mrs. P...only my second time with the FFF.

1)I hate dishes. I let my hubbie do those.

2) Nope, never told a friend her bf or s/o was cheating.

3) I have left our local store with a couple twelvers of pop and claritin for my kid. I didn't see it under the reusable bags...

4) I have a cousin who is the same age as my son...he's a pain in the ass! Likes to talk back, get the last word in. I've had to have a few "conversations" with him. He's finally realized to just shut the hell up when here.

5)One of our neighbors likes to flirt with me. He does it infront of the hubster too. My man knows how I feel about this guy so we both just ignore it. He thinks he's gods gift with his harley and his beer belly. I have to laugh.

Anonymous said...

Well hello hisbella! I'm glad you played today!

twilightcupcake said...

Oh Mrs. P these questions have so much potential but left in my innocent hands they may not prove to garner much.

1) weekly routine - I really really dislike wet hair on things remember? Well all the cute lifeguards still can't make up for the hell of kids swim lessons. Enough said.

2) no thank god. I did tell a friend who had told her cheating boyfriend good riddance that I thought she was so much better off without him and how he was an asshole. I ended up singing at their wedding reception a year later. I still can't look him in the eye even though he was the cheating bastard.

3) yes all the time. The kids have such sticky fingers. The only thing that I didn't return was a sweatshirt from target. It was a good one and the kids wore it for a year after. My kids have good taste!

4) I've never had it get nasty before thank god. But I'm watching our cousins 3 kids for a few days next month so too had you're not asking me in August.

5) does phone flirting count? The guy who calls us with late night lab results at the doctors line always seems so friendly. I'm sure it's one of those situations if I saw him in real life he'd be really hairy or something. Sadly most of the men I see are patients. There are schooldads around but my hubby or their wives are always there too and nobody tempting enough for that.

Dangrdafne said...

1) What part of your weekly routine do you hate doing the most?

Getting up at 5am to feed the cats.

2) Have you ever had to tell a friend that his/her girlfriend or boyfriend was cheating on them? If so, how did it go?

No I have not but I would.

3) Have you ever walked out of a store and realized you accidentally stolen something? If so, what was it...and did you bring it back in?

I will let you guess what my answer would be for this one. LOL

4) Have you ever had to discipline a kid that was at your house to play, and have it get ugly?

Ahhh another fun thing I miss by not having children ;)

5) Is there someone in your daily/weekly life that flirts with you constantly? If tell.

My ex that I still email occassionaly and thank goodness for it because I certainly don't get attention from anyone else like that :)

Great questions and love all the pics to go with the post!! Feeling the Fun in Friday Fun Five!!

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for... well, I, at least, have been waiting for it anyway. I must admit, I've been waiting for a while to get re-chosen for FFF just so I could pick you. Sorry everyone else.
Anywhore, the answers.

1. Going to work, pmsl. Although, I'm not too fond of doing the laundry or cooking, I don't do this on every day basis, so work it is. Yup. Hate it. LoL

2. No. Even if I knew this occurred, I would never say it, because it wouldn't be up to me to tell. Messengers always get shot anyway. That's how the saying got invented. Or so I heard.

3. Nope. Everything I stole, I did so on purpose.

4. I've never had kids at my house to play, but I've had to discipline my nephew... well, I ALWAYS have to discipline him. He's three, full of energy, and always messing up. But things never got ugly. I know my way with kids. Surprisingly enough, as other people's children annoy me. A lot.

5. Oh god. We all know the answer to this question is yes. The good ole doctor. Saw him yesterday, and saw him again this morning. It's still not getting old, the flirting routine I mean. :D Currently it consists only of waves - as he's in his car, and I'm on foot, but next week I'm going back to that other dr. and there's a pretty good chance I might see the intern.

I luuuurved your questions, Margaret.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

I came back to be nosy again and to say WOW, sudden jump to 142 followers-Whooooo!

Tut Jelly watch out for that Doc LOL xx oh and pmsl at you intentionally stole, I did that as a kid but then when I got older i got so scared of being caught I stopped as a young teen!

@DD, you get up at 5am to feed your cats. Woah! Not in my house lol and I think we all need someone to flirt with its good for our ego's and esteem!!!!

@TC-my kids only took toys when they were little, although the little plastic floaty boats that Jack snaffled were worth their weight in gold at bathtime! How you doing anyway, it seems like an age!

@Hisbella-what is it with guys who think they're gods gift when they really are soooooo not. I bet if women don't respond he says they're Lesbians or something gah

@Musingbella-awwww I feel for you working with only old ladies, although I unfortunately have the hobbit to deal with ugh

@Mrs P-Deli dude, do you get free sausage? rofl

Mary said...

1) What part of your weekly routine do you hate doing the most?
Ironing. It's a shitty job but I can't have creased clothes

2) Have you ever had to tell a friend that his/her girlfriend or boyfriend was cheating on them? If so, how did it go?
Yes I did tell someone that her partner was shagging the babysitter. It ended up with the babysitter getting a good old fashioned slap lol

3) Have you ever walked out of a store and realized you accidentally stolen something? If so, what was it...and did you bring it back in?
Loads of times over the years. All small suff usually that are at child height. I look on them as a bonus ;)

4) Have you ever had to discipline a kid that was at your house to play, and have it get ugly?
I tell kids off all the time. My house, my rules. One of Jack's friends had an aversion to saying please and thank you. I lost my shit one day and he's alway very polite now

5) Is there someone in your daily/weekly life that flirts with you constantly? If tell.
I know i've told a few of you about my fruit and veg guy in the supermarket, well he was there today wearing a white short sleeved shirt and the sleeves were too tight on his big beefy arms!!! He smiled at me today, and me being the twat that I am looked behind me to see who he was smiling at

Good Q's Lady P

Dangrdafne said...

@ Nibbles - well I go back to sleep after feeding them. But yes, they are so annoying that it is just better to get up and feed them.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

PS just had to say Mrs P on the previous post about technical difficulties is a Jasper video, also a Tom Hardy one (OMG, yum) and an Eric one (double yum) One thing I just realised is that Tom Hardy's first nake is weird that I am becoming obsessed with him too, I lurrrrrrrrrve his lips! NOM!!!! Going for lie down, getting excited ;0) hehe

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

PPS- Nik we are SO going to Morrisons next time I pop over, I will be really well behaved I promise.....

@DD- well at least you go back to bed, when I had my cat, she used to run across the top of my head and go behind the curtains and claw at them or hit them to annoy me till I got up, grrrr. I do miss her though!

Anonymous said...

"everything I stole, I stole on purpose"....oh my, that may be a winning answer.....lmao!!!!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

@Mrs P I think of Lisa whenever I see whal....what? You thought I would say it ROFL, I sooooo want to but I'm not being mean I promise it just cracks me up we can't say it. Go on Lisa, say it, say it...OUT LOUD! Hehehehe
Jelly picked you to win and did the questions last week lol, it is a winning answer but give someone else a go, oh what the hell, if you wanna pick her again I don't mind LOL

Oh I also flirt with the postman at work, he loves to try embarrass me but I just out do him everytime, it was so choice when I had to discuss his impending vasectomy with him, he is also a patient hehehehehe

Anonymous said...

Ok...I will keep that in mind. Jellys answer was a good one though...damn.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

No pick her if you want, although you don't have to do it yet obviously, wait till everyone answers lol

TwiWeasel said...

Answering now...will read later, as usual!

1) Which part of my routine do I hate...Mostly just the dragging my ass out of bed part! Once I'm up, I'm good to go. It's just getting up that's the problem. That, and waking my girls up in the mornings...they take after their mother! *grimace*

2) Telling a girlfriend about the cheater...Hmmm...I don't think he was cheating, just ruining her life. She, of course, didn't believe us. Since the divorce, I have been an adult and and have not said I told you so.

3) Stolen item...Yes, I've done this. I had the stroller instead of a shopping cart, and set a pair of gloves on top of the umbrella part...but then I folded it up. I still have those gloves!

4) Discipline gone ugly...oh yeah! My niece and nephew are raging brats. The following incident actually happened between my husband and my niece, but I'll share it anyway. We were all having a glass of pop (or soda, whatever you want to call it) on the front porch. My niece was acting like she was going to pour hers out onto Mr. TW's knee. He told her to stop, repeatedly, and finally said "If you pour that on my knee, I will throw mine in your face." What do you think happened? Yep, she poured it on his knee and he threw a full glass of pop right in her face! I still can't believe it, but her mother wasn't mad. She told her daughter she deserved what she got. Of course, that moment of clarity on her part passed quickly. (Side note: Since this incident, our Niece has gotten along extremely well with my husband. Me...not so much.)

5) Constant flirting...I have two different guys that I have a continuous flirt-fest with. One is a guy I went to high school with (and of course, I had a crush on him then). He and I have a running joke that my oldest daughter is actually his (Mr. TW is aware of this joke, and so is my that weird?) Sexual innuendoes run rampant whenever we're together.

The sitch with the other guy is a little strange...he's my brother's father-in-law and I actually talked to my brother about it because it freaked me out a little in the beginning. Once I figured out he's not being serious in his flirting, I relaxed. The flirting is still mostly on his side, but I've started responding a little. I don't really want to encourage him. *grin* BTW...this guy's a real-life metal-band rocker. Check it out
here he's the one on the far right...growling! LOL

TwiWeasel said...

Shit...I don't think my link worked. I suck at making links.

Try this:

TongueTwied said...

easy questions, thanks Mrs. P--

1. Mopping the kitchen floor.

2. No because I've never known for sure, but I've suspected and then later found out I was right.

3. One day my daughter had hidden a book in the diaper bag and I had no clue, but considering that the week before the store overcharged me for something else I figured the shopping gods were gracing me with some shopping justice. ;)Otherwise, I probably would have gone back in and paid for it.

4. Does a drunk adult that acts like a kid count?

5. I've been snickering about the overfriendliness of the guy who owns the local magazine store. I think he may be misinterpreting my enthusiasm and shitfaced grin I have when I'm in his store because, ya see, I'm only ever in there to buy my

@Jella, you saw that doc yesterday? And had a dream of Kellan last night? LMAO!!! I knew they were connected!

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

DO NOT PICK ME AS THE WINNER! LoL Seriously people, I've already hosted three times, I think you just overlook my answers from now on - at least when considering who to choose for the winner. I am flattered that you all like me THAT much, pmsl. :D

@TT - Yes, you may have gotten it right. Forgot to tell you that.

Living with Edward said...

Why do I keep forgetting to play this game? It is way too fun.
Really easy questions this time, yay!

1. WORK!!! I want a fun job dammit!

2. No

3. No

4. No, no kids at my house.

5. Yes, the personal banker at work. He is unbelievably relentlessly telling me how beautiful I am and that he wants to run away with me. It gets annoying but he also helps me get my sales numbers so I do get something out of it.

Easiest FFF ever! Thanks Mrs.P!

Raitz said...

Super fun questions, Mrs. P. :) Here goes:

1)I HATE folding and putting away laundry. I don't mind the washing/drying part (I especially love it when it's sunny and I can peg-out the laundry on the line - I find it relaxing and highly therapeutic - plus saving the planet is a nice bonus!)

2) Actually, no, I've never had to do this, though I totally would have if it was a good friend.

3) Yes... I had toothpaste that somehow made it under my purse in the top of the cart. And no, didn't go back... after pondering it for a while, I thought about the 1-day-from-being-expired-that-already-had-floaties-in-it milk the store had "accidentally" sold me a few weeks prior and decided we were even.

4) No, not yet, but my husband could tell you a few tales from the home daycare he runs out of our house. There was an incident a couple months ago with a 6 year old boy, a naked Barbie doll and the cat litter-box he still won't talk about.

5) Oh yes (at least I hope he is, cuz I'm flirting with him - he's hot, ripped (natch...) and at least 10 years my junior) It's the guy who rearranges offices, installs stuff, and puts stuff up on walls at my work - oh, Nick... how I'd like to run my fingers through your dark brown curls... (no, NOT the "short and curlies" - get your mind out of the gutter! Just kidding - I totally mean those curls... tee hee)

hisbella said...

Nibbles (If I may call you that?): Unfortunately this guy doesn't get it and continues to flirt. His wife thinks he's just the best. I think she needs her head examined. But, what do I know...I think I'd rather have Mrs. P's Deli Dude than this guy. Gives me the heebeejeebies just thinking about it. I forgot to mention, he now makes homemade "fireworks".
Really just 1/4 and 1/2 sticks of dynamite that when he throws in the sewer (yes he does this!) makes the whole dagnab block shake. He's so clueless.

@Mrs. P. Hello! Thanks for having me!

mmMoxie said...

Ok. I'm going to participate on this one. Here goes nothing:

1) I detest grocery shopping. It fills me with rage. I am forced to resist the urge to run through the aisles knocking everything off the shelves and screaming at the top of my lungs things such as: "Hey fuck head...get your cart out of the middle of the fucking aisle before I crush your skull with this can of Spam!" and "Bitch..shut your ugly little inbred kid up or I will drown him in the lobster tank."

Just thinking about the grocery store is making me irritable.

2) I have never had to tell a friend that their significant other was cheating on them because usually I don't pay enough attention to notice or care.

3) I accidently stole 4 pink tumblers from Target once. They were in the back of the cart and I didn't see them to put them on the conveyer belt when I check out. I stuck them in my car and have enjoyed tasty beverages in them ever since.

4) I don't allow other children in my home. I barely tolerate the one that lives here.

5) If someone flirted with me I would literally shit my pants. I'm pretty sure that would end the flirting.

StarlitViolets said...

Answering first...

1. Weekly Routine

I must qualify this by saying, I actually am recovering from years of illness, so my version of a "weekly routine" is a bit different from everyone else's. I'd say my least favorite thing I take care of is folding the laundry. I'm FABULOUS at washing and drying it! Just not the folding.

2. Cheater Intervention

Nope - never had the displeasure of carrying that news to a friend. But I would if I needed to. :)

3. The Accidental Thief

YES! I accidentally stole the bank teller's tube! I left it on my passenger seat and had to bring it back and they ALL laughed. I felt like such a retard.

And when I was about 5, I accidentally took a pack of gum and cried because my mom made me take it back myself. LOL!

4. Corporal Punishment

I was actually a daycare worker and preschool teacher for a few years. So I guess that has helped me avoid any nasty situations. But I've had to discipline other kids or talk to them about their behavior, but it amounted to a time out or a cleaning job.

5. Flirty Fun

Yes! Mr. SV flirts with me daily! He is frickin' hilarious too! He makes me laugh every day too, actually. :) He rocks!

Okay - that's me done.

@Mrs. P - Tough questions that I didn't have very interesting answers for. Oops! Great job!

@Nibbles - Great pics!

Banshee713 said...

Uhhhhngggg that's a hot pic at the end. I'm gonna go right clicky that in a min...

1. Getting up in the morning. I'm pretty well known among family and friends for not being a morning person, and have woken up to cold sponges in the past. Fuckers.

2. Whoa, this is weird, I'm in a very similar situation right now. Since I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get an ulcer from worrying since I have no clue what to do about it, my answer would have to be I have no motherfucking clue what I would do.

3. Yep, I accidentally walked out of a toy shop with a little Sylvanian Families (that's Calico Critters to you Americans) bear from a display when I was a kid. I think I still have it somewhere.

4. I don't have kids around the house too often, but when I do they're usually pretty well-behaved. I'm a trained Montessori teacher so I know how to deal with them before things get too ugly.

5. Hmm, not at the moment :( but I used to flirt with the guy at the newsagents before he moved stores. He was a total nerd like me, so it probably wouldn't have looked like flirting to the untrained, non-nerdy eye, but it totally was, lol.

Great Qs Mrs P! Not too hard this time thank fuck.

17foreverlisa said...

Out of respect for Mrs. P's allergy to scrollitis, here goes:

1) Cooking: huge time suck

2) No: huh

3) Yes: tube of lipstick (kept it)

4) Never: favorite aunt and coolest mom according to my kids' friends; huh

5) Yes: Mrs. P



P.S.: Love the picture of Mrs. P, Nibbles!! She can flirt with me anytime wearing that ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh shit...this is going to be the hardest part. Picking a winner...

Anonymous said...


Twired Jen said...

1) What part of your weekly routine do you hate doing the most?
Reading any posts from Mrs. P that bash Robsten :) JK...I putting away laundry with a passion. I don't mind doing it or folding it, it's just the putting away.

2) Have you ever had to tell a friend that his/her girlfriend or boyfriend was cheating on them? If so, how did it go?
Yes Mrs. P....your husband flew out to SD to see me. Sorry. Such is life.

3) Have you ever walked out of a store and realized you accidentally stolen something? If so, what was it...and did you bring it back in?

Yes when I was a kid I stole a Christmas ornament...I was young though & didn't know I was stealing it. My Mom still made me return it and apologize.

4) Have you ever had to discipline a kid that was at your house to play, and have it get ugly?

No. No Kids. That is all.

5) Is there someone in your daily/weekly life that flirts with you constantly? If tell.

Um...yes. This guy that manages our valet stand out front on the weekends. He is soo ridiculously nice & very flirtatious (even though he know I'm taken.) It's never gotten uncomfortable...and I admit, it's really fun. He seems like the type that would have a "Fifty" side to him ;) Mmmm naughty naughty.

xo J

Anonymous said...

The person above jen said...

"Water is always the same, but every moment of it is new"

Yes...I translated it.

@Jen...I'm very protective of Mr. P.

Dangrdafne said...

@ Twired Jen - How many glasses of alcohol did you have when you answered this question the way you did????

"2) Have you ever had to tell a friend that his/her girlfriend or boyfriend was cheating on them? If so, how did it go? Yes Mrs. P....your husband flew out to SD to see me. Sorry. Such is life."

What were you thinking???