Friday, 23 July 2010

Friday Fun Five with Moxie-Somehow the thought of doing this one scared me more than anyone elses

Ok it's Friday, it's 5.15, it's time for Crackerjack (er for you damn yankees Crackerjack was a childrens tv show in the 70's I think, maybe early 80's I dunno anymore) er friday fun five. Although the woman who's asking the questions could possibly be a crackerjack I don't know, I don't care as long as she's not a crack jacker......drum roll.......

I don't have her....but if you give me money I'll tell you where she is...

Hello Ladies,

Mrs. P informed me that she chose me as winner (or last person who hasn't contributed) of the Friday Fun Five. Well, I'm pretty sure every question has already been asked in previous Friday Fun Fives, so these are all I could come up with:

1) How do you feel about abortion? Taking the 5th

2)Your thoughts on capital punishment? Do it!

3)Do you think gay marriage should be legal? Yep

4)Should women be allowed to become catholic priests Absolutely

5)Evolution or Creationism...why? Both...cos I'm like that

These questions are haaaaard!

Are these questions too controversial? Maybe these are more suited for the Friday Fun Five:

1) Do you sometimes drink beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages? Yes

2) Have you ever felt you should cut down on your drinking?!

3) Have you ever felt bad or guilty about your drinking? No

4) Have people annoyed you by criticizing your drinking? No, I like everyone when I'm drunk

5) Have you ever had a drink first thing in the morning to steady your nerves or to get rid of a hangover? You have obviously never been on a 3 day bender at a rock concert with the Wildhearts....Yes

Yae verily...

Hmmmm...the alcoholics might not appreciate those. How about these:

1) Every couple argues, but when did you last fight and how did you feel afterwards? Me and the hubs very rarely argue let alone fight...

2)You're on a girly night, he's out with the boys, your night ends first what does he do when you call him? Um he's at home with the kids lol

3) Your man sends a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your work, why did he make such a big romantic gesture? Cos he luuurves me...sorry Mox

4) Suspicious or not, have you ever read his texts or honest now. All the time lol

5) Your perfect Saturday night as a couple would be...Goin up the curry house, having a big, bostin bhuna, loads of beer then a great big shag...

Ok fine! That was a Cosmo quiz. Sheesh this is hard! is my best shot:

Oh great, I wasn't supposed to answer those...

1) Admit it, if Kristen Stewart weren't in the Twilight movies you would find her incredibly annoying.

Muahahahahahaaaaaaa....sorry Lisa

2) The person you're talking to has an enormous booger in their nose do you tell them or ignore it?

Um excuse me, there's something on your, you got it, oh no you haven't, um nevermind

3) Does size matter?

That's my t shirt....

4) Do you have any bizarre habits or rituals? like the vicar...just sayin

5) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully it won't take me 5 years yanno...

I understand my questions are rather lame so feel free to use any of the questions I have suggested and in any order for the Friday Fun Five.
Julie (mmMoxie)

Not lame at all Moxie, I really enjoyed finding the pictures and generally fucking about...I cannot WAIT to see some of these answers.....(big grin)


Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Personally, I like the first bunch of questions the best, so I'm gonna go with those (nothing like a good controversy to stir up the blogs, lol. Although, I won't be mentioning anyone's husband, rest assured.)

1) How do you feel about abortion?

I'm pro choice. It's a woman's body, she's got a right to choose.

2)Your thoughts on capital punishment?

I'm opposed to capital punishment, although, there are some crimes that make me rethink my stance.

3)Do you think gay marriage should be legal?


4)Should women be allowed to become catholic priests?

Yes. Although, if you ask me, I'd abolish religion altogether.

5)Evolution or Creationism...why?

Evolution. Cause the other one is too ridiculous.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Er ok, but they aren't really the proper FFF questions Jelly babes lol, I know I answered them but being the wordy beyatch I am I answered all of them, well I will answer the proper one's soon, so get yer arse back here and answer those too pmsl, bloody contraversial women, we cause too much trouble xx

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Oh yeah, hope I pictorially represented you to your liking Moxie?!

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

As per Nibbles' instructions, I'm back. The ho ran all the way to my gmail to drag my arse back here, so how I could I not answer proper, right?


1. KStew - Actually, it's BECAUSE she is in Twilight that I started to find her annoying. I never even noticed her before, and apparently. So, no, I admit to nothing here.

2. Booger - It depends who it is. If it's someone I just ran into, and if I'll be on my way again in a few minutes, then no, I say nothing. Otherwise, I tell them, and turn my head away until they get the bloody thing out. Gross.

3. I take it you didn't participate in The Great Penis debate then. My final answer: it definitely matters. As does the shape, and girth. Wait! This question was about cocks, right?

4. The one that annoys me the most, that I've no clue why I invented is that I NEVER look at myself in the mirror just before going to bed. Otherwise, I won't be able to fall asleep. Idiotic. I'm prone to such stupidities.

5. Riding Kellan's shaft. Ooops, did I really say that out loud? :D

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Awww Jelly I love you girl, you're such a good ho xxx You totally crack me up with your comments...and your controversy pmsl huuuuuuugggggggggggggggggggssssssss xxxxxxx

Mary said...

Afternoon Ho's

1) Admit it, if Kristen Stewart weren't in the Twilight movies you would find her incredibly annoying.
I prob wouldn't have even heard of her tbh

2) The person you're talking to has an enormous booger in their nose do you tell them or ignore it?
I'd have to tell them, prob right after i'd been sick all over their shoes

3) Does size matter?
Fuck yeah it does!

4) Do you have any bizarre habits or rituals?
I cannot leave my bed unmade, no way. I've even woken Mr Mary in the middle of the night to put the bottom sheet right if it's wriggled loose

5) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Living a long and happy life with Edward Cullen obv, duh! ;)

Good Q's mox xxx

kassiecullen said...

1) Admit it, if Kristen Stewart weren't in the Twilight movies you would find her incredibly annoying.
I find her annoying in her interviews so if she wasnt in Twilight I probably wouldnt think anything of her.

2) The person you're talking to has an enormous booger in their nose do you tell them or ignore it?
I'd probably walk away mid conversation, I'm rude like that.

3) Does size matter?
Hell yea it matters. I find it incredibly funny when guys think it doesnt

4) Do you have any bizarre habits or rituals?
I'm a bit OCD so I have alot but the one that really sticks out is having to wash my hands up to my elbows after doing the dishes, which is the reason I avoid doing them

5) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Having a foursome with Rob, Kellan and Jackson. Um but really since I dont actually see that happening; I will be 30 living in a bitchin condo and acting like I'm in SATC. But I dont see that happening either I would really hope I could just get my shit together by then lol

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

LMAO@Kassie BTW great to see you here and thanks for participating in CFF, you were REALLY good!!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Ok, my turn now, I've been busy doin my bloody Avon, grr but at least it gives me some extra ME money lol any hoo onwards Nibbles, onwards....

1)Would I find the Stew-ped one annoying if she weren't in Twilight-Um well yeah, if I'd have even heard of her-I have seen her in what's that horror thing, the Messengers or something, I dunno but it was a kinda scary film and she was in that but I didn't know who she was and she didn't remain in my memory for long so...who are we talking about again?

2)Booger nosegate-To tell or not to tell-Yep I'd tell em and make a huge deal of it unless it was a good friend then I'd discreetly say dude you have a hoooge bogie hangin. Ok as discreetly as one such as I can be....which is not at all...

3)Does size matter-OMG, well as Jelly pointed out earlier in the Great Peen Debate, I spoke long and hard on this subject! I have always been of the opinion that people who say size doesn't matter are either the owners of a tiny one or have got a S/O with a tiny one.! The fact is of course it fucking matters and that's that...end of OK. BTW that is so much fun to say at a party or in a pub it really kills back chat dead, just stand there and say Do you think size matters when it comes to penises (penii?) and as someone is about to say no just tack on the last bit, to see the looks on guys faces is AMAZING!! muahahahaha

4)Bizarre habits-Ummm I have a thing about even numbers although I try to control it, in that occasionally I purposely end on an even number or turn my car stereo to 34 instead of 33 which is my favourite number. Yeah I like music loud lmao. Otherwise er I throw salt over my left shoulder if I spill it and say touch wood (ROFL-that amuses me so much)if I don't want something bad to happen...(giggling at touching Rob's wood siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh)

5) 5 year plan-Er the picture says it all guys!!!! Otherwise I will be OMG 48 by then, I will still be listening to rock, wearing black, adding the odd coloured streak to my hair, vaguely embarrassing my children and hopefully having won the lottery, endlessly touring the world visiting ho's and having fucking fun YEAH! Yep I'm on a even keel then!

Love it Moxie, thanks for playing and please can you let me know the winner by sunday evening, monday at latest and I will need the winners questions by thursday at the latest cos I will be fairly busy doing las minute shit before going on HOLIDAY WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

@Nibbles - I have a thing about odd numbers, LoL. We complete each other. Or we'd argue all the time to which number we should turn the TV. I just get all twitchy if it's not on an odd number, like 19 or 21, ROFL.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mox!!!! Let me get right down to business....

1) do I even have to answer this one?

2) I would do a series of hand movements towards my nose in hopes they would mirror me and shake the bastard loose...or stop talking to them.

3) this is a tough one because everyone I have had has been a similar "size". Tiny would be yeah, size matters.

4) bazaar habits...nope. Doesn't everyone stay up until 3 am on the computer? I do. I also drink a liter of diet coke a day and probably a pot of I might have a caffeine addiction. That might contribute to the staying up late.

5) in five years I'll be twenty five, and FINALLY able to rent a car. Boy, that will be great. be five years I hope I am watching my son graduate high school and leave the house, my daughter will be in high school...and the little one will be in elementary school. Hopefully I won't have a five-year old.
I, of course, will look ravishing.

StarlitViolets said...

Answering first!

1. KStew annoying.

Okay - I still think she's annoying! Though she's grown on me and gotten less twitchy and blinky, I still think we would've been better off with Ellen Page or someone more confident in her abilities.

Now - don't send out the dogs *giggle* on me!

2. Booger Face.

It all depends on if I can or can't get them to notice themselves and how close we are. If it's someone I know well - I just give them the nose touch to let them know they need to check theirs. If it's someone I don't know, I may ask if they need a tissue or suggest a bathroom trip. I can't just let it sit there and not do anything though. That's just rude!

3. Size.

Hell yes! Size matters! The only girls who say it doesn't are with guys who have little dicks. LOL! Nah - I suppose it's a very subjective thing. For me - a perfect fit is VERY important. Not GINORMOUS, but not small. Small oogs me out!

4. Bizarre Habits/Rituals.

I'm pretty ocd about certain things. But I don't imagine that's bizarre.


Whenever I get a new book, I smell it. Bizarre enough?

5. 5 Years Later.

I see myself writing a sequel to my best-seller.

Great questions, Mox!!!

I don't know if I'll be able to respond to everyone because my visitor has kept me VERY busy, but I'll try.


StarlitViolets said...

@Jelena - In response to your "contraversy" I'll answer the Evolution vs. Creation question.

My answer:

Creation. I honestly cannot accept that all of this was a cosmic accident.

kassiecullen said...

@Nibbles- Thanks really nice of you to say so. I really didnt want to suck :)

Twired Jen said...

1) Possibly. Yes you hear that right. As much as I'm pretty much in love with KStew, I don't know how I'd have felt about her if I had never seen her in was seeing her as Bella that piqued my there.

2) *gaaag* ugh, my gag reflex is horrible...guess Fifty will have to train me ;) Ok on to my answer: It completely depends on how well I know the person..if it was my bestie of course I would tell her.

3) Does size matter? YES. He doesn't have to be huge, but if it looks like a vienna sausage, I'm out.

4) I yawn ALOT driving to work in the morning. It doesn't matter how much sleep I've got, the second I get in my car it starts..and sometimes I yawn so much it makes my eyes water and I can see the road.

5) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully married with children :) I know it sounds cliche'd but it's true. My s/o better shit or get off the pot.

MOX, these questions were great!

xo J

mmMoxie said...

@Nibbles - I didn't know you were going to post all of the questions LMAO! The pictures were great, especially Audrey saying "Fuck". I'll be lifting that one for my own use later. I will email the name of the winner to you this weekend.

I guess I have answer my own questions. eh?

1) I am very happy to see so many people voicing their dislike for KStew. I used to think I was outnumbered, now I know better.

2) Don't expect me to tell you if you have a booger in your nose. I take pleasure in other people's embarrassment so I'll let you go the whole day with a bat in the cave. I will also laugh hysterically if you fall down.

3) I was talking about tits.

4) I too have a thing for even numbers and I get very anxious if someone leaves the volume dial on an odd number. I think I'll keep the rest of my weirdness to myself.

5) In 5 years my son will be 15 and I will be even more embarrassing to him, thats my goal anyway.

P.S. I am a crack jacker so don't leave your crack unattended or I'll jack

Dangrdafne said...

1) Admit it, if Kristen Stewart weren't in the Twilight movies you would find her incredibly annoying.

I already liked her from Speak so no I would not find her annoying.

2) The person you're talking to has an enormous booger in their nose do you tell them or ignore it?

I would hand them a tissue and hope they understood what I was getting at. A co-worker of mine asked me once to be his "checker". I was to always let him know of anything out of the ordinary on his face LOL I have done it for him :)

3) Does size matter?

Without size we wouldn't know which clothes to try on in a store now would we?? ;)

4) Do you have any bizarre habits or rituals?

My whole life is a bizarre habit and ritual.

5) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Probably exactly where I am now in all ways. I just hope I have travelled a bit more at least.

17foreverlisa said...

I'm not sure I even want to play now. *pouts*

1) Admit it, if Kristen Stewart weren't in the Twilight movies you would find her incredibly annoying.

If it weren't for Twilight, she probably wouldn't even be on my radar.

2) The person you're talking to has an enormous booger in their nose do you tell them or ignore it?

Oh, geez. Ironically enough, this happened to me at work on Friday. A co-worker was talking to me at my desk, asking me what my plans were for the weekend. She was standing, and I was sitting. *gag* I couldn't do it. I couldn't tell her. I looked away, I shuffled papers while I answered her, and then instead of asking her what she had planned, I made up an excuse that I had to take some paperwork to someone.

3) Does size matter?

Absolutely. I always order a medium popcorn and Diet Pepsi at the movie theater.

4) Do you have any bizarre habits or rituals?

I am not a girly girl. At all. But I can't go anywhere without lip gloss. I swear to God that I reapply it every 10 minutes. Even I find it annoying.

5) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Holding an AARP card and maybe even a grandchild.

Great job, Mox and Nibbles. Too fun(ny)!


Musing Bella said...

Hidey, hos!

1- I don't think so. See my KStew post from last week. Sorry, Mox.

2- It depends on how well I know them. If it was a friend, I'd totally tell, but if it was a stranger I might just try to make subtle hints until I could walk away.

3- silly rabbit. Of course it matters.

4- I'm sure I do. I can be a little OCD at times.

5- Probably with kids, or at least one. Work-wise, depends on TH.

Great (and numerous) questions, Mox! Happy weekend!

Z Any Mouse said...

1. KStew - She is horribly annoying, however I can't ignore the fact that she is growing more beautiful each day.

2. Booger - If it's a good friend, I would tell them they have something the size of a groundhog hanging out of their nose. Just an acquaintance? Nah, I would continue to look up at the ceiling until the conversation was over.

3.Size - If it's not up to standards, I find myself wondering if it's even worth the effort. Just call me a penis snob.

4. Strange habits - I MUST fold my towels in 3rds. I don't know when or why this habit started. Weirdo.

5. In 5 years - I will have given birth to a very odd child named Renesme, shortly after having married the most beautiful man on the planet. Oh, and I'll also be known as an award-winning quilter.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

and the winner is Starlitviolets-Please can I have the next FFF questions by thursday as I go on holiday saturday and have a shed load of stuff to do on friday please xxx