Wednesday, 7 July 2010

It's all about Jasperpants

Well I never saw that one coming.

Whilst watching Eclipse with the Ho's, I fell in lust with Jasper.

                                      Even wearing that fuckugly wig!

I think it happened when he started speaking, I really can't be sure because I think I went into shock.

I now believe they used some sort of magic! How else can I totally ignore the wig and fall for him? It just wouldn't happen. I've sat at my laptop sooo many times, mocking the wig and thinking how awful it makes him look. They must have put something in the air, and blasted it over us. Sneaky fuckers!!

It wasn't just me it happened to either. Becky was sat to my left, and Stan to my right, and there was a lot of whimpering, and groaning coming from them both. Nibbles was on the other side of Stan so I didn't hear her.

                                                                Smoking hot!

                                                   I rest my case                       

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Becky said...

Yes, I may have been whimpering just a little lol!

I always thought he was hot, but that Southern drawl just tipped me over the edge *sigh*... (especially when he was in uniform mmhmmm....)

Love the pics. I am scrolling back now!

Mary said...

Yep, It was definately the Southern drawl.

I've seen the odd pic that I thought he looked a bit of alright in, but OMG in Eclipse, he was lush!

Twired Jen said...

I so hope you get to see 100 Monkeys in concert one day. You think his voice sounds sexy on screen? Wait till you hear him sing/talk in person. That's how my Sister & I caught Jacksonitis. He ooooozes sex from his mouth & voice. Did you see the pics of him from the Last Airbender premiere in Tokyo? If not I posted some on my blog.

Soooo hot! Do me a favor. Go to YouTube and search for "100 Monkeys Junkie song Viper Room." He sings this song called Junkie and it is AMAZING. He sounds kinda like Elvis ;)

xo J

Stacked Like Sookie said...

Oh thank god @Mary, glad it's not just me. I've been slowly falling more for him lately but, then I saw that wig & thought, "Oh well, all over now" THEN I saw Eclipse-pass the sham-wow! I just wanna suck that bottom lip!
Funny you should say he sounds like Elvis @Twired Jen, a friend on Twitter said yesterday that it has been suggested that he play young Elvis in some new movie (?) How perfect would that be?

Anonymous said...

Jackson is a sneaky little bastard. I have said since day one that my jacksonitis came by getting hit by a truck. I've felt it subside at times, but then he always lures me back in!!