Saturday, 5 December 2009

Twi-vent Calendar for 5th December

Happy weekend Twi-HoHoHo's and welcome to the 5th door of your Edbrella Twi-vent calendar!

So what beautiful Twilight inspired Chrimbo item do we have adorning our door today?

Oooh, prurrrrty! 

But more importantly, is there anything prettier hiding behind the door today?

Let's find out!

Oooh!  It's 'straddle me' Rob!  Ok Sunshine, here I come *backs up to take a run*

20 days to go!!


Mama Cougar said...

Holy shit Stan-a-banana....You poor woman! I sometimes forget that not very whoreish Twiperv is blessed with an equally pervy, Twi-obsessed partner! (My Unicorn and I were planning to see NM for the 7th time together today, but we couldn't cram a showing in before he had to be at work....LOL, I said CRAM!)

Anywhooo....I read Mr. Stan's review and had to promptly shampoo the carpet beneath my Barcolounger.

Just an idea....when human cloning becomes available, I will be selling scrapings from my husband's cheek for $5K each.

Mama Cougar
The Cougar's Den

TwiNabler said...

"ok I come" Way too funny, I also can totally envision myself saying that! Mmmmmm....what a yummy picture!

Anonymous said...

I predict that "stradle me Rob" will be more popular than "tickle me Elmo". I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

That photo cracks me up each time I see have to picture the photographer standing over him when he/she took it...hilarious!

TwiWeasel said...

I'm taking a break to pop in here. Tree's up, the lights are on and it's just waiting for decorations. I'll wait till it's dark to take a picture, I think. More impressive that way. LOL

Anyhoo...I'm seeing some changes here...Mrs. P are you responsible? Very nice. (I should probably know this already, but honestly, it's still Stan's blog...She just put my name on here cuz she was desperate for a babysitter while she and her whole famn damily went trotting off to Wales.) I do find that I keep getting distracted by this lovely slideshow, though! Not that I'm complaining...

@ Stan - You know I love this whole photoshoot...I guess if I'm gonna complain, it'll be about him sitting on the END of the chaise...there's nowhere to put my knees while riding...

@ TwitardedMom - shall we write a group letter to Santa?

Dear Santa,
We here at Twi-sted Edbrella have been very good this year. Please bring us "Straddle me Rob," some silk scarves, several cans of Reddi-Whip and some chocolate. Oh, and time...lots and lots of time.
Happy Christmas to you and Mrs. Claus.
The Twi-sted Edbrella TwiHoHoHos

Jelena said...

Mmm, yummy, haven't seen that photo before.

sprtzmom1721 said...

@Stan - Looks like you made his hair stand up on end ;)

@Mrs. P - Smarty pants :p

17 Forever

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you all noticed the few changes I made around here!!! Just e-mail me if you want to add something or you hate something I added...

Stan said...

@ Mrs. P Thank you so much! I love the extra pretty! I owe you :o)

@ Mama Cougar, as soon as I start reading your comments I start to laugh, such a way with words! Mr Stan is actually much improved in his behaviour, we've had no poster-ripping or other incidents of vandalism in quite a while now! In the meantime though I'll start saving up ready for those cheek scrapings, just in case things don't improve further ;o)

@ TwiNabler - you're welcome!

@ TwitardedMom - 'Straddle Me Rob' as a Christmas gift to enjoy at home? Genius! Put me down for two!

@ Mrs.P, My guess is that the photographer was male, I defy any woman to stand over him like that and not go for the straddle.

@ TwiWeasel, it's not my blog woman, it's ours, I didn't just add you as a babysitter or I'd have taken you off again by now *snogs*. Love your letter to Santa and sorry about the knee-space fail on the chaise. I'm sure you can manage to shift him somewhere more comfortable...

@ Jelena, glad to be of educational purposes on the 'photographs that exist of Rob' front :o)

@ Lisa, yes I did (in my dreams!).

Oh, and a bit more self-promotion, Chapter 14 of NS&SS is up here

Stan said...

@ Mrs. P, it's all looking good to me! Emailed you my thanks anyway :o)

TigerlilyRose said...

@ TwiWeasel Love the letter *grin* LMAO reading it!

The changes are nice and I now have Straddle-Me Rob on my Christmas list! Last year I asked for a $500 vacuum and $250 diamond earrings...funny, I got the Vacuum--Mr.LilyRose is SO PRACTICAL. And Straddle-me Rob could be very practical...for me, anyway! *grin