Saturday, 12 December 2009

Mini-E at the Christmas Party!

*Whispers* Morning ladies.  Well, it was a good party last night and Mini-E had an excellent time with my friends!  The DJ was appalling, but redeemed himself with an impromptu playing of 'Sex on Fire', which never fails to bring a smile to my face!

My friends seemed to love Mini-E once they'd finished laughing at me, I'd actually left him on the table and it was them who dragged him onto the dancefloor and set up most of the other pics.  There was even talk of him getting a formal invite next year LOL!

Anyway, without further ado, here's the pics from the evening...

Do you see his party hat?  My friend's husband actually made that for him!

I found this happening when I had a break from the dancefloor!

And then he joined us on it

Mini-E having a pint at the bar with Mr Stan!  Who'd have thought it?!

And after Mr Stan thought Mini-E deserved dipping head-first into his pint *tut*

Mini-E find some friends his own size to play with...


Before he moves onto my friend Dylanne

No idea what he said to her...

...but it seemed to work.  Such a smooth operator.

Time for a ciggie

Nothing like finishing the evening off with a nice juicy lemon ;o)

The Twi-vent calendar will be up later, as normal Twi-HoHoHo's!


Mary said...

It's far too early for me to laugh so hard. I've probably damaged something now.
He certainly looks as if he had a fab time. Nice to see Mr Stan propping the bar up with Mini E in a manly way PMSL.

StarlitViolets said...

HOLY CRAP!!! I love the adventures of Mini-E!

My hubs would've done the same thing with the straw. ;)

The one that made me almost pee was him grabbing that little lady's ass. He's a naughty boy! And then he moved on to your friend? What a manslut!

Stan said...

Thanks ladies, he certainly seemed to have a good time!

StarlitViolets, welcome :o). Why not pop into yesterday's post and have a go at answering Mary's questions? We're feeling all fond of our little community this week, we seemed to have gelled!

Jelena said...

Grrr! I had a comment, and then the blogger went all crazy on me!

Anyway, soooo enjoyed watching minniE have a splendid time.

And I too loved that grabbage photo. I must borrow it for my weekly grabass day back on the Lost forum. May I? :D

Stan said...

No probs Jelena, grab away!

Oh, and I just finally remembered to check out that video of Dick. I stand by my decision, yep, no biggy, I'd do that ;o).

Becky said...

Morning all!

@stan - looks like you had a great night! Your friends are fab, I think mine would have disowned me if I had done that. They def wouldnt have played with him! (obviously mine suck, lol).

I love the one of him lying with the fork between his legs, do you think it is to scale?

@fanficNibblet - you should def start writing!

Anonymous said...

Good morning ladies!!! (Well, it's 9:30 am here) Mini Edward had quite a good time last night! I can't believe how frisky he got with the Christmas Card...he's a bad boy.

17foreverlisa said...

It's NEVER too early to laugh this hard, Mary! Oh my God, Stan, these are hilarious!! I am SO glad you didn't leave Mini-E at home. I love all of the pictures, but my favorites are the one where we get to meet Mr. Stan (what a good sport!), the "ahem," and the one that let you finish the night and the post off with a nice juicy lemon. Classic!


Anonymous said...

Loved the party pics. I'm jealous that your Mr & the gang partied with Mini E. Wish my Mr was such a good sport.

TigerlilyRose said...

ROFPML! Stan those are the funiest thing I have seen in a while! Thanks for kicking off my day in a fabutastic way!

TwiWeasel said...

*Yawn* Good Morning, fellow Twi-Skanks! Sorry to have disappeared so abruptly yesterday. I tried to text Tigerlily to have her pass along my apologies, but for some reason my texting capabilities failed me...fucking phone. Work was the shits and then I had to take my oldest to the doc for her horrible cough. They think it's "reflux cough" as she's had it for a while and there seems to be no cause (like a cold or bronchitis.) I'll have to google that shit later.

Anyhoo...Stan, I told you your friends would warm up to him this time!! Is that you in the black with Mini E all up in your cleavage? That's where I'd keep him, if I had him. I have that same necklace, BTW!! I can't believe Mr. Stan is standing there with Mini E...does he know you posted that pic of him? Mr. TW would absofuckinglutely shit a purple twinkie if he knew I posted a pic of him (which I haven't...yet.)

Alrighty then to do laundry and then taxi kids around! I'll pop in again later!

Oh, one more thing...

@ Jelena - Awwwwww.....shucks. Thanks! I'm so glad you've given me the opportunity to "work" for you!

TwiWeasel said...

One more thing...

I just saw this about Taylor Lautner on the cover of Men's Health magazine and thought it was amusing.

TwiWeasel said...

Gah!! Why can't I just get everything done at once?!?!

@ Starlitviolets - Welcome to our den of sin! Do go back and check out the questions...don't be afraid. We don't bite...hard.

17foreverlisa said...

@TwiWeasel - My son subscribes to that magazine (well, actually I renew his subscription every year at Christmas). Pretty funny that someone noticed that the mag staffers were being lazy.