Sunday, 20 December 2009

Finally, Jingle Balls Chapter 3!

Sorry for the delay on this ladies, it's the weekend which means I have hyper children and a moaning husband to contend with. I made a promise of an update a day though so have rattled this one off for you now, hope you enjoy it, it wasn't what I was planning, sometimes you just have to go where the lemon takes you I feel ;o)

Jingle Balls Chapter 3

Could you please try to control your jingling, this is a library!


17foreverlisa said...

@Stan - I'm finally back home from a lovely late lunch with my parents and nieces, a lovely Christmas music program put on by my parents' church, and now I see I have a lovely new chapter of Jingle Balls to read tonight. Yay!

I absolutely LOVE that picture of (ha ha, I typed Rub first!!!) Rob, even used it on the Remember Me countdown widget I created for my blog, but now I'll never look at it quite the same way . . . jingling in the library. You are TOO funny!



Anonymous said...

^^^^^Hello Lisa! I'm bad..I haven't read Chapter 2 yet. I'm going to read both now and review on Love the Rob photo...he looks so natural in it. I wonder if it would hurt if I slammed his head against the book racks...when i mount his ass.

Anonymous said...

OK---just read 2 & 3, and I'm off to attack Mr.P. If I get knocked up with baby #4, I'm naming it Stan...or Gemma...depending on the gender, ofcourse

Stan said...

Hi you two! Lisa, glad you had a good Saturday :o)

Mrs.P, glad you enjoyed! (I trust Mr.P did too? ;o) ) I really had intended to have a bit of a storyline in Jingle Balls before I started it, but what the hell, it's had 778 hits in 3 days so what the people want, I'll give them (it's obviously just lemons lol!).

Quick question, did you leave a review? It doesn't matter if not but I've not had a single review alert email, someone was saying that was playing up and it won't even let me in to look at the reviews directly. Cockblocking bastards.

Stan said...

It's ok, panic over, I got in! Thanks for the love!