Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Twi-vent Calendar for 22nd December

Morning Ho's.  So, I think I've been listening to too many Christmas carols, as today I'm inspired to begin with a prayer.

*clears throat*

Our Robert
Who art in hiding
Hallowed be thy jaw
I will be done
On earth, when you send me to heaven
Give us this day our daily pics
And forgive us our lustings
As we forgive those who lust alongside us
And lead us into temptation
But deliver us from fangirling
For thine is the sex hair
The V and the happy trail
Forever and Ever

Our Man

I also want to say congratulations to Jelena for getting her fuckhawt fic The Canvas, validated for Twilighted!  It can be a tough site to get onto so well done Jelena *applauds*.  You can find The Canvas at Twilighted here:

The Canvas

Ok, let's see what today's calendar has for us.

Today's door pic is...

Yep, apparently Elfward even has canine fans! 

So, what's behind this delight?

Wooo! It's a double KLutz-fest!  Mmmmmmmm.

3 days to go!

Ooh, and if you've not checked out Twitarded today, you have to.  Bloody hilarious, I got cramp from laughing at it!


Becky said...

Yay! I might be first!! PMSL at Rob's prayer and even more at the dog!! You are def on a roll today!!
As for Kellan's pics, OMG, how hot is he! Just delicious!

Stan said...

Thanks Becky, you were too quick lol, I've just edited because as soon as I cliked post I remembered something important I wanted to mention! Now get back up there and re-read ;o)

Stan said...

And apparently I can't spell 'clicked' today either.

Becky said...

@Jelena congrats on the story!

I am now on my way over to twitarded as instructed!

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Stan, really, could you be any more hilarious! The prayer had me cracking up, but the dog had me rolling on the floor! Pure genius!

Thank you for pimping me once again. I am thrilled to be on Twilighted.

I already did the Twitarded tour earlier today. I just couldn't fucking believe it.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Fucking hell, its the dogs bollocks LMAO, that's how my doggy doodles lies down bless him.
Love the Rob's prayer, excellent work Mts Stan, you get better and better. Congrats to the Jelly baby too, well done chick!!!!

Ok back to work, bah fucking humbug!!!

Mary said...

Loving the prayer, pure brilliance :)

Sorry for not being around much, i've had loads to do!


Z Any Mouse said...

LOL at the dog! But Stan, can you do that with a sheep? It would really warm my heart.

TigerlilyRose said...

Hello all--just bopped in to see what was happening with all my bloggy babes. Have loads to do today, a winter storm is on the way and have to get laundry done and all to be prepared for electric outage and get animals settled and warm and all. Plus had to deliver Christmas presents in town and get groceries, etc, etc,etc.

@Jelena--CONGRATS!on Twilighted! Fabulous job, I did get your first chappy almost read...gonna print the rest off for bedtime *snicker* reading...You are a very talented writer.

@Stan--The dog pic is hilarious. On my way to twitarded as soon as I post here. The Rob prayer was pretty good too.
Loving Jingle Balls...don't know when you are finding the time, but I can see you are a kindred spirit who loves to write..and you are very good at it too.

Have a nice afternoon/evening all, much love


17foreverlisa said...

HOW DID I MISS THIS POST??!! I'm still stuck at work because of a project that has to go to the printer before holiday shut down. I was starting to reply to Mary's post, was scrolling down to skim through the comments, went too far, and saw a dog laying on the floor with Jingle Balls. Oh, Stan, that's brilliant, and your poem is amazing! It is SO going to get a shout out on my blog later tonight when I finally get home and work on my post. LOVE IT and LOVE YOU!

@Z Any Mouse - A sheep - lol! That would be priceless knowing our Stan the way we (think) we do ;)

@Jelena - CONGRATS!!! I have no idea what getting accepted by Twilighted means, but it sounds bloody marvelous. Someone fill me in. And you already know I'm a big fan.

*waving hello at everyone else*


17foreverlisa said...

@Damn it, Stan! I just got my Jingle Balls Ch. 6 alert. Must finish working. Must finish working. Gah!

Stan said...

PMSL Lisa!

Ok, www.twilighted.net is a fic site, but they can be really particular over what they accept, they refuse you for technical stuff like grammar and punctuation even. Getting validated is an exciting thing!

The dog on here was just a random online pic, I don't have jingle balls at my disposal for photo opp's unfortunately.

LOL about the sheep, I took the dog a walk earlier and there were a load loose in the lane, totally made me think of you Lisa, I may even have taken a photo.

Ok, going to go and nudge the bloody cat, it's snoring! xx

Z Any Mouse said...

@17foreverlisa - Work is highly overrated.