Saturday, 12 December 2009

Twi-vent Calendar for 12th December: The Dilemma Edition

Afternoon ladies! 

Today's Twi-vent is a special edition, based on a Messenger interaction between myself and Mary yesterday (calling it a conversation might be taking it a bit too far...).

Anyway, we'll start with the door: Thanks to Random Acts of Rob's H00rnaments again!

And behind the door?

It's Dick!

So, this links us nicely!  As I was saying, myself and Mary were discussing what I have now named:

Dick-Pickings: Operation KLone <----- See what I did there? ;o)

Anyway, I think we're going to have to take Mrs.P up on her offer for the semen sample.  This picture raised our suspicions that we might have no alternative:

There does appear to be some lack of pubage here (and WTF, is that a denim mini-skirt?!!)

So in our Kellan research we found some rather nice pics, such as this:

And this:

And then Mary caught me switching rapidly between the two pics, about 10 times.  She knew straight away what my game was, and just typed 'Dirty'!

So, which is your fave?  Clean Kellan or dirty Kellan?

Btw, I was definitely favouring dirty, but then found this pic I didn't even know I had, in my Kellan folder:

Wet Kellan wins ;o).  Oh, and if this is how he looks in the shower, Jelena better get Dick warned that I'm on my way over.

(Clean & dirty pics taken from Kellan Lutz Online)


Anonymous said...

Serious lack of pubic hair...we need some fluids for "Operation KLone"

I can't believe we have a photo of Dick!!!!

I laughed my ass off, and I also flipped back and forth between photos, as per your suggestion...

17foreverlisa said...

I think I need to go the hospital. I fell over backwards in my chair after looking at those pictures and hit my head on the floor. Pretty sure I have a concussion. LOL!! Oh my.

As some of you know, I was supposed to go to a meet-and-greet with Kellan back in October, but he had to cancel and Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley) filled in instead (Take me to your leader.). One of the girls that went with me had that "nekked" picture of Kellan on her cell phone and was going to ask him to sign her phone while it was displayed on the screen. He has now rescheduled for January 23rd (woo hoo!!!!!), so I hope to get his reaction captured on camera. Doubt I will get close enough for a semen sample, but perhaps a pube hair isn't out of the question ;)

Great post, girls, as always!

17 forever

17foreverlisa said...

Damn it! I swear I will never be the first person to post, ever, because I take too long to type my comments!!!

17foreverlisa said...

@Mrs. P - That picture of Dick is from Kellan's appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show. I had sent the link to Jelena (found it on Kellan Lutz Online), who started this whole Dick Picking saga. He was bringing Kellan's dog out to him. Kellan's awfully close to that dog. Just sayin'.

TwiWeasel said...


Kellan nearly naked...can't...breathe! Kellan clean...sigh. Kellan dirty...groan...what is it about dirty that's sooooooo hot? Kellan in the shower...panty-splosion! *strangled groan* I gotta go.

Anonymous said...

@Lisa---great find!!!

TigerlilyRose said...

Think I am going to print those out and take them to bed with me tonight! *groan*moan*drool*sigh* Yawza!

Nekkid, dirty, clean, wet...I don't give a damn...that boy has got it goin' ON!

TwiWeasel said...

@ Tigerlily - you're back already? sure don't waste any time, do you? When I don't have the kids with me I try to drag it out as long as possible. *grin*

@ Mrs. P - Do you need any help collecting semen samples? It seems to me that this might be a case of where one is good, two is better...just sayin'.

Mary said...

Dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty boy!!!!!!!!!

TwiWeasel said...

Just checking to see if I made him hotter in my mind...nope! He's really that hot.

Anyhoo...I'm off to get ready for our Bank Christmas Party! I've already started drinking, so this should be fun, but not as fun as Stan's party, I'm sad to say. There will be no Mini E shenanegans...Mr. TW told me that if I got a Mini E, he would divorce me. I dithered for a while on that one, but in the end, decided that I'd prefer a real live man who knows what I like, to a small plastic figure.

Laters, Bitches!

TigerlilyRose said...

@TwiWeasel...OOOOH! I know what i am going to get you for your birthday NOW! Mr. TW can't bitch if I buy it for you and he doesn't need to see it, you can keep it in your desk drawer at work and take to the bathroom with you for mid-day naughty girl public diddling!*snicker*

Anonymous said...

Not to be a wet blanket, but I've heard that first pic of Kellan is a manip. The girls I work with love it anyway. tee hee

Gawd he is hot. Sometimes I will Kellan would get nearly as much press as Rob. Not that I mind seeing Rob everywhere, I just think Kellan is more my type. Now if I can convince him of that.

Jelena said...

GASP! Oh my god, I'm gone for one day and this is what I come back to! WOW! My jaw dropped when I saw that first photo.

And to answer - definitely dirty Kellan.

No worries Stan, I'll make sure Dick is aware that you're on your way.

Stan said...

LOL Jelena! Welcome back :o)

@ TwitardedMom, I get upset when pics turn out to be manips, but I actually don't care with that one, it's def not one of my faves, far too many veins ;o). Now if you'd told me one of the others was a manip... LOL

@ TwiWeasel, hope you had a good party! I wish I;d woken up with a hangover yesterday, it turned out to be a cold that's still with me. Pah! And you do need a mini-E, Tigerlily, you have to get her one ;o)

@ Lisa, can't stop laughing at the image of you plucking a Kellan pube at the meet & greet, ROFL!

@ Mrs P., glad you took my photo flipping advice, I feel it's the best way to check!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Well shaft me sideways (not done that, oh wait, yes I have...sorry) ladies, Kellan, what can I say, Imma big twi ho ho ho and decided that wet Kellan as well as Kellan in a mini skirt is manna from the the Twi God. I could do Kellan in a skirt, fuck if he wanted to wear fish nets and stilletoes I still wouldn't say no haha.
Looking at the pic of Dick, I still stand by my word, yeah, fuck it I'd do him to get at Kellan (skirt or no skirt)

@ Lisa I'm soooo jealous but if you were meeting Rob then I'd have to fly over, dispose of you, take your place and well attack him really, then blame it on you and go home, happy but maybe feeling a tad guilty lol, only a tad though.

I still love you Rob, Kellan is a passing fancy, so's that guy Luka in Serbia that Jelena told me about and you have no worries about Taylor darling...sigh

mattsgirl05 said...

SWEET MARY MOTHER OF ALL THAT'S HOLY!! I will take Kellan in anything that he wants to wear - skirt, full makeup, tutu, I don't give a shit!! And yes, if I had to close my eyes and get it over with Dick to get to Mr.Lutz, I would do it!

17foreverlisa said...

@mattsgirl05 - Yes, our sweet Mary is the mother of all that's holy ;)

17 forever