Monday, 14 December 2009

Twi-Vent calender for 14th december

Festive greetings Twi-HoHoHo's

I'm almost done with the purchasing of gifts I really can't afford woooooooooooohooooooooooooo ;)

Here's todays piccie for the advent door

I need one!

And here's todays drooltastic pic

If only PFach was on there :(


Sooo apart from the obv Twilight men you'd like to find in your stocking this year, what have you asked Santa for?

And the winner of FFF is.................TigerlilyRose for her complete honesty about lovin some bum action ;)
5. Yes, repeatedly. Yes, I like it.                                                                           


Stan said...

Yay! Good one Mary, I've also just been out to buy gifts I can't afford, with a 2yr old boy who hates to shop! A more enjoyable morning I just can't imagine ;o). Thank God the out-laws were in next door because Mr Stan had gone out and locked me out. Wish he'd hurry up and get back to pissing work, it's like having Scrooge at home. Oh, and he's still holding mini-Edward and Jake hostage. I'm just not mentioning them, it'll give him less satisfaction than begging.

So, I have no idea what Scrooge is getting me, I'm guessing nothing seeing as he keeps droning on about how poor we are *yawn*. The thing I'm looking forward to the most is my digital photo frame from my Mum, I'm going to be filling that baby with lots of sexy Twi-goodness. Muahahahaa!

Oh joy, Scrooge is home. Better go xx

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

LMFAO@Stan going on about Mr Stan, I too am married to a scrooge, we were arguing about the chocolates on the tree, he said they're ornaments and you're not supposed to eat them till you take the tree down I said fuck off, we can eat them when we want. It kinda went on this way with repeated fuck off's and bollockses flying from me to him. We love each other honest haha.
I can't wait to see Mr Stan's face when he see's a photoframe full of ever changing Twi lovlies, I would love to see that expression, probably the same as my husbands would be if I did it.
I appear to be acquiring a naughty copy of a certain film we all raved about recently, it's only to tide me over till I buy the real one when it comes out so I'm not taking away from anyone and I sooooooooooooo neeeeeeed it and the film. The hubtard will be moaning but he can go in the other room!!!
I still have to finish my Xmas shopping too and am trying to avoid taking children with me cos unless its a gadget, sweet shop or food emporium of some kind they don't want to know.
I may have to visit Hell this week on an evening expedition (Hell is a shopping cantre/mall near where I live, its actually Merry Hill but I've worked there and its not fucking Merry believe me)
Anyhoo Twi Ho's back to the grind (ing on Rob-drool, I soooo wish, I've been good Santa, I've been fairly good, ok I've been reasonably well behaved, oh fuck it, ok I've been a really bad girl but I give a good bj so how about it Santa, give me Rob and I'll give you something heh heh, whatdyasay?)

TigerlilyRose said...

LMAO Nebliet! Apparently since I won the FFF, I have been really fucking naughty, too! Since I like bum loving on occasion, I think I should get everything I want too!

@Stan--Tell scrooge to go fuck himself and get the tree out yourself, you have kids! Somedays hubtards are such a pain in the ass, it is a wonder we put up with them. LOL

TigerlilyRose said...

Oh, I forgot...I asked for good oral sex and a new car...neither of which I am likely to get.

We are completely remodeling an old house we moved to our farm, so we can quit being trailer trash, so I guess I can say I got a house for Christmas.

Z Any Mouse said...

What was in the water when we all got married? I am married to a scrooge also, but I call him the Grinch (that stole Christmas). Same story about how broke we are, yadda, yadda, yadda. Two weeks ago, without any previous discussion with me, he tells the kids at dinner that we are not having Christmas! I was so pissed!!! I mean, I have a 10 year-old who still believes in Santa, or at least pretends like she does, and Christmas isn't all about the presents you asshole! Can you tell, I'm still fuming over this? Anyway, we WILL have a Christmas with or without him. Hmph!

TigerlilyRose said...

@ Z Any Mouse--I would have flipped my shit out on him! My hubs fortunately isn't quite all that bad. He is complaining about how we are going to run out of money on our house project, but he didn't complain about Christmas shopping too much.

Tigerlily's Tirade

Mary said...

Evening all.
I must be lucky that Mr Mary is in no way a Scrooge. Quite the opposite in fact. I've had some fantastic pressies over the years. He even bought me a brand new car a few years ago. Times have now changed due to serious lack of finances so it's me that has to reign in the spending. Unfortunately :(

I'm going to be absent tomorrow morning I'm afraid. We'll have no electricity between 9-12. Cockblocking fuckers, I was planning on some serious fan fic reading grrrrrrrrrrrr. Stan did suggest I print some off but I've decided to be very grown up and do some pressie wrapping instead *buffs halo*


TwiWeasel said...

Good Afternoon, Ladies! Today has been a bitch on wheels at work, so I haven't had a chance to pop in here till now...I'm home for lunch. Christmas season is a very busy one at the bank...everyday people go "Oh Fuck! It's almost Christmas!" and they come in for cash (if they have it) or a loan (if they don't)...pretty sad, really.

@ Stan - Mr. Stan is holding the boys hostage? Did I miss something? He hasn't scratched them again, has he?

@ Nebilet - Love how you bargain with Santa...I do the same with Mr. TW!!

@ Tigerlily - Congrats, Pie! *snicker* Good luck with the new car...maybe you just need to point out how fucked his life would be if something happened to you due to your old POS car. And if you don't get the good oral...there's always peanut butter and the dog...just sayin'.

@ Z Any Mouse - I would fucking kill my husband if he pulled a stunt like that...luckily though, he's not a Scrooge (or a dumbass) so we won't have to go there.

@ Mary - how very grown up of you...although the idea of you with a halo is...well....Bwahahahahaha!!!

Z Any Mouse said...

@TwiWeasel - Ya, I was so mad I was about to kill him, have him stuffed, and put him next to that deer on your wall. Luckily, I have an amazing amount of control (like Edward, I would make an excellent vampire), and he is still with us. I'm doing my best to get him into the Christmas spirit.

Stan said...

@ Z Any Mouse, my sympathies, I hate tight men grrrr. We've still got no decorations up because MrStan refuses to get the tree out before I've tidied some stuff away that I've not had time to do yet *tut*

Becky said...

No tree stan! Thats outrageous, give him a slap!
I think my hubby, while not exactly a scrooge, doesn't understand how expensive Christmas is. He told me to put all the presents on my credit card, which I was only too happy to oblige, then nearly hit the roof when I showed him the bill! ( I may have included a few 'ahem' essentials for me aswell. But it would have been rude not to!)
He, as with other men I am sure has not had to do any of the shopping and has no idea what presents 'we' have got for the kids!
So I say I am entitled to a few treats after braving the christmas crowds.

Anonymous said...

The Twi-sted Edbrella TwiBite Challenge will post in about 3 hours!!!!!!

17foreverlisa said...

I'm going to say it again. I HATE THIS TIME DIFFERENCE! I'm just settling in to blog and most of you Twi-ho-hos are in bed :(

@Mary - That drooltastic pic is from one of my favorite photos shoots from VMan magazine. All of the pics for my blog (banner, button, profile pic, etc.) are from that photo shoot!!

@TigerlilyRose - LOL!!!!! Hope the prize for wining FFF is asstastic ;) With your split personality of lovely poem writing and bum loving, you are a ff writer in the making. Actually, I'm going to add that to my Christmas wish list.

@Nibbleit - Sexual favors for Santa in return for Rob. Brilliant! Or should I say bloody brilliant!

Sorry to hear about all of the Scrooge husbands out there. I can't complain about mine this year because he's been such a good sport about all things revolving around my Robsession, including my New Moon inspired Christmas tree. So I definitely have to cut him slack.

*sigh* Still hating the time difference. Night.


17foreverlisa said...

@Mrs. P - Ha! Why am I not surprised that we are both over here at the same time :)