Thursday, 10 December 2009

Twi_vent calender for 11th December and Who wants to play a game?

It's called *FFF* Friday Fun Five

Oh but first here's a fairy for the top of our tree

My daughter Aaliyah all fairified :)

Basically I'll ask you five fun questions on a friday (geddit) you answer them, and i'll pick someone to ask next weeks FFF questions :) You can just e mail me them and I'll post them here.

Ok my lovely Twi-HoHoHo's lets go

1. What is your favourite perfume?

2. What's your favourite comfort food?

3.If you could dress Rob in a fantasy outfit, what would it be?

4. Would you shag Dick for the chance of seeing KLutz coming out of the shower the next morning?

5. Ever had any bum loving? ;)

Now, you'll see I eased you in gently there with some nice friendly getting to know you questions. Then I've gone for the nosy bitch good stuff ;) You don't have to answer them (boring) obv if you feel uncomfortable. But remember, you're sat behind a computer screen and we have no idea who you really are , so go for it. fess up biatches.

think horny thoughts;)


Becky said...

Morning ladies.
Oh dear, looks like I might be first up, thats never good! Well, best set a good precedent, here goes....

1. Fav perfume - I just love perfume, so many favourites, but would probably pick 'Ange ou demon' by Givenchy. ( thinks thats how you spell it!)

2. def Cadburys Fruit & Nut choc.

3. I like him dressed like Jonny Dep in Pirates of the Caribbean. mmmmm......

4. No, would not shag Dick! Maybe a blow job though?

5. mmmm, possibly in my alcohol induced younger days. ( hangs head in shame )

Right thats me done, now you all have to answer!!

Becky said...

Forgot to mention Rob's pic, which is mighty fine. I could be tempted to resurrect Qu.5 with him maybe, (squirms a little in seat).

Stan said...

Wooo FFF! Beautiful fairy too Mary!

Ok, here we go

1. What is your favourite perfume?
Armani Mania (must hint to Mr Stan on this, have run out!)

2. What's your favourite comfort food?
That would be chocolate, pref Cadbury Giant Buttons. Yummers!

3.If you could dress Rob in a fantasy outfit, what would it be?
Well I once had a dream where he was dressed as a soldier, that wasn't bad....other than that I'd rather just have him undressed thanks.

4. Would you shag Dick for the chance of seeing KLutz coming out of the shower the next morning?
Hmm, not actually seen Dick yet, is it premature of me to say "Hell, yeah" without researching this? Oh, what the hell, it's got to be worth it, right?

5. Ever had any bum loving? ;)
Nope *clenches*. End of subject

Good ones Mary!

Mary said...

Morning all :)

@Becky yay for being the first brave Twi-HoHoHo to answer :)

@Stan loving the fact you'd shag Dick even though you've not seen him PMSL
Oh and Aaliyah wants to know when you're coming to sleep again

Stan said...

Aww, bless her! When I'm invited ;o)

Where's your answers then Mary?!

Jelena said...

Your daughter is adorable, Mary.

That Rob photo is a serious tongue teaser.

1. I really can't decide. Ok, let's go with DIOR Addict, although Poison is really nice too.

2. Nuttela

3. Spartan outfit from 300. :D

4. Er... no. I'd only shag if there was any prospect of me licking the drops off of KLutz.

5. Ahkm, yes.

P.S. I was gonna say the same thing as Stan. Mary, you need to post your own answers.

Mary said...

Ok here's mine lol

1. My fave perfume is Angel by Thierry Mulger. It smells divine, hence I smell divine ;)

2. Comfort food would be a good curry or sausage and mashed potato mmmmmmm

3. Rob dressed as a fireman obv! Can't you just see him in the tight little t shirt and braces combo all smokey looking and a bit grimy *drool*

4. Yeah it would be rude not to have a go. Anyway in my fantasy KLutz would hear me and Dick having fab sex and wander in to investigate the hot bitch making his mate scream in delight, he's then obv have to join in!

5. No real bum loving here. Mr Mary has tried a few times and the occasional slip happens that usually results in me threatening to rip his todger off if he *accidentaly* slips again


Mary said...

@Jelena Thank you :) She loves that pic of herself. Good choice of outfit btw. Easy access with the skirt thing, good thinking ;)

Jelena said...

@Mary - LoL. Exactly. It's almost like being naked, except that he is not. :D

And yeah, regarding that bum luving, I'm not really a fan, it only happened a few times because my husband has serious appreciation for my boutie.

Stan said...

I just can't picture Rob in any outfits for some reason. Now Kellan would make a VERY nice fireman....must get him an outfit ordered for post-cloning. I've been reading a fic that had Emmett dressed as Maverick from Top Gun for a costume party. Now that I'd like to see ;o)

Stan said...

PMSL @ the easy access skirt comment btw!

Jelena said...

@Stan - why do I feel like I've already seen a photo of Kellan as a fireman, somewhere... oh wait, I think I've seen him in a police uniform. Saxey!

Stan said...

*runs off to Google images*

Stan said...

Me and Mary haven't found that pic yet, but we're having fun looking... ;o)

Jelena said...

No. I just looked it over, there's the one photo where he's wearing something that seems like a police hat, but his torso is completely bare. Here, this one.

Btw, that Survivor Serbia hottie, just accepted my friend request on FB (but he's got like over 4000 "friends" so it's not really a biggie).

Mary said...

@jelena I've got that one saved ;) He really is quite delicious!

TwiWeasel said...

Good morning, Ladies! For some reason I couldn't sleep anymore and have decided to get up at the ass crack of dawn. Perhaps it was because I peeked at Mary's questions last night and have been itching to answer them. Or maybe it was because my daughter is coughing terribly. Either way, I'm up and I'm here...

My fave perfume is Heavenly by Victoria's Secret. Mr. TW says it makes my boobies smell heavenly, and that's why he buys it for me.

My fave comfort food...hmmm...real food would be Fried Chicken (yummy) but sweet food would be Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles.

Fantasy outfit...EASY...Black wife beater, ripped jeans with the top button unbuttoned, black Docs. (That outfit is courtasy of Mr. Horrible.) I would not shag Dick. Sorry, but not even in my fantasies will I shag a guy I've never even seen before.

Assuming by "bum loving" you mean in the ass and not just bad sex...yes. And me likey.

OK, biatches...that's it for now. I suppose since I'm up I better get ready so I'm not late (like I usually am.) I'll catch back up with you gals later!

TwiWeasel said...

@ Jelena - I just checked out that pic...and all I can say is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............

Jelena said...

@TwiWeasel - good morning darling. I'm surprised at your answer - you wouldn't even fantasize about having sex with a guy you've never seen before? Hm, interesting.

Okay, I know this really has nothing to do with Twilight, but I really thought this was a too good of a photo not to share with you.
The guy from my dream is the on top (if you're wondering what I'm talking about, read one of my last comments on the post below)

TwiWeasel said...

@ Jelena - You're surprised that I can't fantasize about sexing up a man I've never SEEN before...well, I'm very visual. I can fantasize about Rob and Kellan...and I do...a lot. Oh, and I checked out the older post and your Serbian Survivor guy is a Hottie McHottiepants.

Jello Twiholic said...

@TwiWeasel - and he's only 21.

You do? Do you fantasize about them when you're with Mr.Weasel? :D I did fantasize about Kellan, big time last night while I was humping Mr.Jello. I couldn't not, after everything.

TwiWeasel said...

*groan* Am I officially a cougar? Hmmm...maybe not. I do like older men, too. Robert Downy, Jr. is looking mighty fine these days. (Am I right, or am I right, Tigerlily?) And Harrison Ford would def be on "the list" if I had one. Love me some Indiana Jones!

@ Jelena - As far as fantasizing while I'm with Mr. TW...sometimes. Especially after I've read a particularly hot CW&IA. I think a lot of the turn on there is that Tattward is sooooooo different from Mr. TW. Different ends of the spectrum, really!


I guess I CAN fantasize about fuckig someone I've never seen!! Because in my mind, Tattward isn't the same as Twilight Edward or even Rob...although they are similar, there are small...and large...differences.

Hmmm...maybe I need to rethink my answer to number 5. *thinks a while* Meh, I still think it's no, if all I get to do is SEE Kellan. I might do something if you promise I'd get to give him (Kellan, not Dick) a blow job in the shower!

TwiWeasel said...

Hey, Chickas! I've just invited Twitardedmom over from Spooning in Forks to join in our game! You need to check out all the NEKKID MEN posted over there on her blog. She'd declared herself loyal to "Team Shirtless!" Mmmmmm, Baby. Me too.

Anonymous said...

OK---I'm a little more awake now, so brace yourselves lady...I'm taking these questions on....

1)Perfume----Eau de Patz
2)Comfort food ----Patz on a stick
3)fantasy outfit---his birthday suit, and not the one from New Moon
4)I would shag dick twice on sunday for that chance
5)Nope---exit only.

Good morning ladies!

Stan said...

Good morning Mrs. P! Good answers! PMSL!

ROFL Twi-Weasel at you having to rethink your morals ;o). Hope Twitarded Mom makes it over, will hop on over to her blog for a nosy :o)

Stan said...

BTW, take a look ...oooh, hang on! FSE has arrived! WOOOOOOT! Laterz bitches!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Stan said...

That's Mary's daughter! Three sons here :o)

I've unwrapped Edward. He's looking at me with disapproval, not sure I like it :oS lol

Stan said...

I was about to say, look at the counter at the bottom of the page, we've nearly hit 5000 visitors! Amazing, thanks everyone. Edward sends you all a disapproving look ;o)

Anonymous said...

Fuck nuts!!!! I just deleted my post because I realized the mistake I made---***running to get more coffee****

Let's try this again....

@Mary----That photo of your daughter should be a poster it is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

I hope that takes the asshole stamp off my forehead, for now, atleast

TigerlilyRose said...

Ok, Ladies, sorry it took me so long to arrive...damn kids think they need to eat, or something.

1. Amber Blackberry from Victoria Secret
2. Chocolate...Cadbury milk chocolate.
3. Tattward...definitely Tattward
4. I would...and I would have a raunchy threesome with Kellan too. Anyway you want boys! I'm a whore, deep down.
5. Yes, repeatedly. Yes, I like it.

I have made changes over at Tigerlily's Tirade. Some is still under construction and I have not posted yet today, but check it out sometime. Grrr...can't get my code to C&P:

TigerlilyRose said...

Well son of a bitch I had a really good comment too. But the electric co just knocked on the door and have to disconnect the power to fix something outside. So I will be MIA for like an hour. But then I have to go to ortho with the oldest kid...see you all after lunch.

Mary said...

@MrsP Thank you, what a lovely thing to say :)
grrrrrrrrr fucking kids need me
back later

Amers425 said...

1. What is your favourite perfume?
Lucky You or Juicy Couture

2. What's your favourite comfort food?
Spaghetti or Thai

3.If you could dress Rob in a fantasy outfit, what would it be?
Hmmmmmm...His birthday suit. ;-)

4. Would you shag Dick for the chance of seeing KLutz coming out of the shower the next morning?

5. Ever had any bum loving? ;)
Nope but doesn't mean I wouldn't give it up for a little RPatz, KLutz, or Jackson. LOL!

TwiWeasel said...

@ Becky - I went back and read the comments again, and I had forgotten to mention that I agree with you...I'd like to see RPattz dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow. *sigh* Now that would be something, savvy?

TwiWeasel said...


Quit fucking FSE and give us some pix! What about FSJ? You promised three-some pictures, remember?

Jelena said...

@TwiWeasel - Uh, how's the chapter going? :D

@Stan - has FSJ arrived? Where'd you put him?

Stan said...

@Amers425, welcome! Thanks for playing and am loving that you'd also shag Dick for a glimpse of KLtutz! Is your pic of you actually in Forks??! Will have a peek at your blog when I get a few more minutes :o).

@TwiWeasel, Chill woman! FSE is recovering from being punched in the face 4 times by Mr Stan (don't think he approves), however, the kids love him. I'm a little disappointed by the disapproval TBH and he's also made me jump about 6 times so far PMSL! Not got time for pics today, am off out tonight for a Christmas party meal with friends xx

Stan said...

Forgot to say, FSJ not being released until January now *tut*

Mary said...

Loving the answers, especially the bum luvin you dirty biatches ;)
My 12yr old son has just gone to the cinema with his girlfriend to see NM wooooohoooooooo :)
I'll text Stan and see what she's doing with we really want to know???????

Mary said...

Oh she's up there LOL

Becky said...

Hello ladies, just checking in before starting the dinner marathon for my 3 hooligans!

Love all the answers, I see a fair amount of you appreciating a little ass action! Its great how no-one has any shame about spilling details like that, lol!

@TwiWeasel - Can you imagine 3 way with Captain Jack & Captain Rob!

Got to go cook, back later.

Lisa @ 17 Forever said...

Clearly no one has missed me, but I’m going to play along anyway. *tear* Mary, your daughter is beautiful and that photo?! Oh my gosh. I’m going to have a little trouble answering my five questions with her sweet face watching over me, though.

Okay. I am going to answer the questions without reading anyone else’s comments yet. I don’t want to be swayed in another direction. Here goes.

1. What is your favourite perfume?
I only wear it on special occasions (weddings, funerals, holidays), but when I do, it’s Cinnabar by Estee Lauder – Nothing foofoo for me. I’m such a dude. Really. My son affectionately said to me one day a few years ago, “Mom. You’re such a dude.” At least I think it was affectionately. Too late to change me now anyway.

2. What’s your favourite comfort food?
Popcorn with LOTS of butter (or whatever artery clogging liquid it is that they squirt on there at the movie theater) – I love the smell of it, the taste of it, and if I’m eating it, then it means I’m watching a movie :) Followed by a box of Goobers as a chaser. Do they have Goobers across the pond?

3. If you could dress Rob in a fantasy outfit, what would it be?
Remember Bella’s “death” scene in the ballet studio? The one where the montage of images starts flashing across the screen? Totally just had a montage of Rob images flash across my brain. So many yummy possibilities here, but there’s really no contest for me. My fantasy (outfit) is already in print thanks to Vanity Fair. I even printed out a copy of it, placed it in one of those plastic frames with a magnet on the back so that I could put it up on the metal overhead door in my cubicle here at work; it’s literally a foot from my face as I sit here typing this, right next to the pictures of my two kids, my nieces, and my nephew (well, actually I had to scoot them over a little bit to make room). You mave have seen it. LOL! It’s the one with the white oxford shirt that’s slightly rumpled, partially buttoned, and half untucked; jeans that are hanging off his skinny ass; one shoe visible in his right hand; a stance that clearly indicates he’s sliding his bare foot into the other shoe just out of our view; the perfect length of jawporn scruff; the perfect length of fingerporn hair; the FME stare; and that damn f*ckhawt cigarette hanging from his slightly parted lips. (Wow. I’m going to need a moment.)

4. Would you shag Dick for the chance of seeing KLutz coming out of the shower the next morning?
Surprisingly, no. It may have something to do with the image of Dick Picking pube hairs out of KLutz’s plughole, though. Just sayin’.

5. Ever had any bum loving?
If you’re asking if I’ve ever loved a hobolicious man-child named Rob, then the answer is yes. If you’re asking what I think you’re asking, then the answer is yes.

*slinks away*

17 Forever

TwiWeasel said...

@ Amers425 - Welcome! Hope you're enjoying today's jack-assery!

@ Jelena - I sent it back to you yesterday afternoon...did you not get it? I can send it again when I go home for lunch.

@ Stan - Don't tell me to chill, Bitch. You do not want to get me angry...Bwahahaha!! Damn!! Mr. Stan must pack quite a punch to affect Edward that much!

@ Mary - The key is to relax...easier said than done sometimes. BTW...why on earth would you call your va-jay-jay tuppence?

@ Becky - WTF Woman!! I'm at work! You can't fucking give me an image like that and expect me to not to break down in a quivering mass of need...I'll take one (or a million) Captain Rob/Captain Jack Sammich please!!

TwiWeasel said...

Yay! Lisa came *snicker* to play!! I was wondering where you were, dah-ling...

Oh, and Lisa I mentioned earlier, I'm very visual...I would like to see this pic, just to make sure I've got the right one in my head. Yeah, that's it. Uh huh.

Stan said...

Quick question, do I pop Mini-E & my camera in my bag and risk the looks later when I inevitably get drunk and produce them both or pretend I'm not Twitarded for the evening?

Jello Twiholic said...

@TwiWeasel - OMG, so you did! I'm such a blind retard that I didn't even see the attachement in that email you sent, LoL. Sorry. I'll go to reading your notes right now. Thanks, you were quick.

@Lisa - actually, I was wondering where you were and what would your answer on number 5 be, not because I'm a perv (which I am), but because of that brief convo we had over bum luvin' a few days ago.

TwiWeasel said...

@ Stan - Take them, duh!!

@ Jelena - Oh had me worried!

@ Lisa - I love your answer(s) to #5!!

Stan said...

PMSL, last time I took mini-E out with this crowd there was a real tumbleweed moment! Muhahaaa!

TwiWeasel said...

Try it again, won't be such a shock this time...the good times can roll on a little faster this time!!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Oh for fucking fucks sake I just wrote this bloody bum fucking post and its disappeared. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary said...

@ Lisa, thank you. According to Mr mary, my dad, my brothers and my sons, she's never leaving the house so no chance of ever getting a boyfriend. Poor child, I dread the teenage years for her with them lot stalking her every move. Oh WTF are Goobers?

@ TwiWeasel *shrugs* it's a tuppence.Fact ;)

@ Stan you HAVE to take mini E, rude not to.

@ Becky now that's a threesome I'd like to be invited to!

@ Amers, welcome. You're now a Twi-HoHoHo

@ Jello Twiholic Hi, I don't think we've "spoken"

hope I've not missed anyone out xxx

Mary said...

LOL @ Nibbleit.........deep breathe and try again ;)

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Yes I'm back, you ho ho ho's, actually I never went away I'd try to read the blog but being so pissing busy at work I've only been able to dip in and out of FB and chat with Jelena (I soooo want to call you Jelly, Jelena) RL has kicked my fucking door down with a size 13 Dr Marten and shafted me severely. All these ill people take note-you cause me to have more paperwork-stop being ill now!!!!!!

Right on with the quiz/confession (jeez its been that long since I went to confession I'd spend the next 10 years on my knee's)

Favourite perfume-I have 2 one is Tova by er Tova and the other is JLO's Live

next fave comfort food-CHOCOLATE in any fucking form,shape as long as its large

next Rob, hmmm in clothes, no, nekkid with chocolate squirty cream on his nipples and bell en...ahem sorry (grinz)

next Who the fuck is Dick? But yeah fuck it I'd do it for Kellan, I mean you don't look at the mantle while you're stoking the fire huh? Unless it was Rob or Johnny or Cam or Angel or Rob or Gerard Butler or Johnny or Rob or that really lush bloke Jelena was on about the 19 year old with really horny body sorry where was I

Bum loving haha been there, done that, got the t shirt and the incontinence pads (I joke) its only my pelvic floor thats fucked literally lol. I did my time of bum loving lol but not with the hubtard (its all a matter of size hehe and I ain't having his in there noooo way)

So just to let you know at this time of Xmasness and good will, I love you lot I've made some good friends to share fun, frolics and laughs with, not in a lesbian way I'm strickly dickly ladies sorry to let anyone down ungently (lmfao) but I'd take a salami over a badly packed kebab anyday.

Right I'm off to watch underworld rise of the lycans now-see ya twi ho's I'll try not to leave it so long next time and for anyone who missed me I hope this makes up for it hehe-fuck yeah!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Oooo going back to an earlier post about Vamps- I love Brad in Interview, Stuart Townsednd in Queen of the Damned, David Borewhatsits as Angel, Wesley Snipes as Blade, Gary Oldman as Dracula. Its that bit where he says I have crossed oceans of time for you and I just go ooOOOOooo.

see I've always been into the vamps, age 10 i read Interview, I had an older brother and I got into all the Anne Rice stuff, got the films, read the original Dracula, got the film, got all the underworld films, all the good stuff. I may have told some of you this before but anyhoo when I was 10-11 I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up and I said a vampire. When asked why I said sleep all day, stay out all night and kill people I don't like. Good enough reason then and I stand by it today so Bite me lol, unfortunately school sent a letter home, mummy wasn't pleased haha.
Its probably why I became a goth, its all to do with romance if you look at it really, the vamps are all about the romance or sex (next best thing) so some might think I'm loud, brash even crude (well shit...) but I'm still about the romance, yup romance and some light bondage, thats me PMSL

Lisa @ 17 Forever said...

@Becky - #5: definitely blaming the alcohol, too

@Stan - #5: nope *clenches* LMF(A)O!

@Jelena - #3: Spartan? Rob? Spurtin maybe. LOL! #5 - Shhhhhh!

@Mary - #3: Fireman would work. #5: Can't imagine another comment being funnier as I finish reading.

BACK - Left for lunch; co-workers' birthdays

@Stan - You definitely have to take mini-E!!

@Twi-Weasel - #5 ;)

@Mrs. P - #5 LOL! (Mary, you really started something with this questions!)

@TigerlilyRose - Sorry you're missing out on the fun. I'll check your blog when I get home tonight. (Same with Spooning in Forks.)

Welome newbies! Sorry this is your first introduction to us Twi-ho-hos, but you might as well find out now what the neighborhood's like before you buy a house here ;)

@Nibbleit - You're life sounds like a ff. Just sayin'. LOL!

Not sure who else has posted by the time I close this screen.

You're a freaking genius, Mary. Friday Five will keep us coming back for more.

17 Forever

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Thanks Mary, I tried again and it worked!!!!! LOL

TwiWeasel said...

@ Nebilet - Wow! When you come back, it's with a vengence!! Missed your crazy ass! Don't stay away for so long!

Lisa @ 17 Forever said...

@All - Sorry for the typos. Typing fast and furiously.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

I'll try not, its freakin crazy at work and the Hobbit does fuck all and I was ill yesterday, part alcohol part stomach bug I think. I've drunk way more than I did wednesday and never been that ill before. But its mainly the Hobbits fault, fuckin big footed, big faced, squashed headed person, excuse of a man-grumble. Going to watch film now-grumble

Word verif-Veners-some guys are total veners.

PS-my life is like an FF-yanno maybe I should write one I know some REALLY crazy shit about myself PMSL

Jelena said...

@Mary - I'm Jello Twiholic. I have a separate email for all Twilight related stuff, so when I check it, I'm too lazy to sign out for when I post.

@Nebilet - Dick is that guy I told you about today - Kellan's assistant and roommate.

@TwiWeasel - I emailed you back on the comments. Did you see?

TigerlilyRose said...

@ all Son of a bitch I am back, and I have missed EVERYTHING! To top it off the damned Electric Co never even turn the fucking electricity off...fucknuts!

@Lisa...That is the very bestest picture of Rob EVER...reminds me of James Dean, who I am sooo in love with also. Fuckhawt cigarette in his mouth is right....Oh how I wish i still smoked...oh how I wish it wouldn't kill me...

Got to go work on my blog, check back shortly.

Lisa @ 17 Forever said...

I featured my fave pic of Rob on the mock magazine cover I did for the Twitards, Vol. 1 post.

If that link doesn't work, try viewing it in my Photobucket album:

Also, did you gals see the Billy Burke tweet from Dec. 9th?

"Those in the UK, looks like I'll be doing GMTV the 22nd and some other random stuff in the London area cuz we'll be there for the holidays."

17 Forever

word ver: actors - Funny you should mention that . . .

Jello Twiholic said...

@all - chapter 3 is uploaded! :D Thanks, Dani, once again. You da best (not that all of you don't rock too, but Dani actually "works" for me, lol)

Lisa @ 17 Forever said...

@Jello/Jelena - Give it up. Who's Dani? TwiWeasel?

Jelena said...

@Lisa - Yes. I thought you all knew that. Sorry.

Lisa @ 17 Forever said...

@Jelena - I didn't anyway. Twilove1 posted a comment over on my blog this afternoon saying how funny it was that we all have these names like we're in the Twilight Protection Program.

And my daughter's name is Danica, and I also thought we'd call her Dani, but it never stuck :)

Lisa @ 17 Forever said...

Damn it! I got wrong again. She said Twilight Witness Protection Program.

Jelena said...

@Lisa - LoL! I love that. Twilight Witness protection Program. Well, not me. Not you. Don't know if Mary's real name is Mary. Mine is Jelena (pronounced like Yelena).

Btw, been meaning to ask, how do you pronounce your daughter's name? We have the same name here in Serbia, Danica (pronounced Daaneetsa), and it's quite common.

Lisa @ 17 Forever said...

@Jelena - You are in Serbia??!! Holy crap. This Twilight thing is further reaching than I thought. That's awesome!

She is named after my husband's only brother, Dan. It's pronounced like Jessica or Erica -- Danica.

And I never would have pronounced your name with a Y as in yell. Guess that makes you Yello(w). LOL!

Okay. It's time for me to head home. Check back in a few.


Becky said...

Right, finished my chores, what did miss?

@lisa - Oohh just been drooling over your mock magazine cover, it took me a while before I could concentrate again! I just love him in black & white, yummy.

@nibbleit - Hi. Its been quiet these past two days on FB without your filthy mouth. I have missed it! Glad to see you are your usual smutty self.

@TwiWeasel - sorry for interrupting your working day with naughty pirate images, lol. Didn't think I should be suffering alone! Might have to indulge in a little Depp & Orlando later, just need to lose Mr B first!

Jelena said...

@Lisa - yep, like Yellow. Jello is a nickname I acquired over at my certifiable Lost forum. :D

Twilight mania is spread of the entire world. But I'm the craziest fan in Serbia I know, LoL.

I'm heading out too. Hubsters wants me to give him a haircut.

Mary said...

@jelena I'm actually Nikki :)

TigerlilyRose said...

Well shit, all out covers are blown! Nice to meet you all...I'm Lacey.

Mary said...

Evening Lacey :)

TigerlilyRose said...

Evening Nikki...;)

Jelena said...

Evening Lacey, Nikki. :D

@Mary - see, I had a hunch that was not your real name. Nikki is way better, btw, no offense to any Marys around here. hehe

Z Any Mouse said...

Wow, I'm really late to this party. That'll teach me to clean the fuckin' house for 2 1/2 hours! I'm going to answer the q's first, and then go back to see what y'all had to say.

1. Fav perfume? I haven't worn it in years. I used to like Red Door, but now I stick to body lotion by Bath & Body Works - Cool Citrus Basil. They've discontinued it, so I had to buy a shitload the last time it was available.

2. Comfort food? Didn't even have to think about this one - Margaritas, on the rocks!

3. Rob's fantasy outfit? I'd like to see him at the stove wearing my Twitarded apron, and nothing else, cooking me breakfast after a long night of the best sex I've ever had.

4. Would I shag Dick for Klutz? No. But I would for the chance of seeing Rob coming out of the shower.

5. Bum loving? Yep, once by some asshole who didn't have the class to warn me first. I like to keep my backdoor closed, but I'm open to pretty much everything else.

Lisa @ 17 Forever said...

Okay. I seriously need a scorecard here. Stan? Where the hell are ya when I need ya? Church again?!

Let's see if I got this right:

sprtzmom1721 = Lisa @ 17 Forever
Becky = Becky
Stan = Sheep
Mary = Nikki (Reed?)
Jelena = Yelena
(Jello Twiholic = Yello Twiholic)
TwiWeasel = Dani
TigerlilyRose = Lacey
Nebilet = Nibbleit = ff
Mrs. P = Margaret
Z Any Mouse = Zina

Ironicaly enough, my last name is Parker, so I technically I am Mrs. P also. Just sayin'.

Going to copy and paste this into a Word doc for future reference.

@Mary - So is your daughter the only girl in the family and, by chance, the youngest?

@TwiWeasel - Robert Downey, Jr. all day, every day. Can't wait to see Sherlock Holmes.

@Becky - I'm glad to hear someone else is a fan of the black and white like me :) This one's for you:

@Z Any Mouse - #3 Twitarded apron and nothing else. Classic! #5 These have just been the funniest ones all day :)

@Jelena - I just stopped over to Facebook to make sure I had spelled Z Any Mouse's name right and while I was there, I looked at your photos. Oh my gosh! The country, your family, your home, your traditions, your MEN -- they are all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing that with me. It gives me a whole new perspective on my new virtual friend in Serbia. But did I read your birthday cake candles right?! You're (gasp!) only 20?! Damn it you girls are making me feel old!!


TigerlilyRose said...

YAY! Now we are all busted...But Stan=Sheep, whatev...LMAO

@Twiweasel and Lisa...Robert Downey JR all day any day for me as well. You should definitely check out my post for today...He's lurking there somewhere...BWAHAHAHA

Good Night all our European Friends, I know you will be turning in soon, damn this time difference!

Becky said...

@lisa - thank you! I am off to bed now and will hopefully be dreaming of that one. Fingers crossed!!

Night girls. xx

Lisa @ 17 Forever said...

HOLD THE PHONE, LADIES! I was just over at TigerlilyRose's blog site (Tigerlily's Tirade and it blew my mind. Lacey, you've been holding out on us. It's stunning, as are the men on your Top Ten 40+ list. Yowza!

Run, don't walk, people to check it out.

@Becky - Sweet black & white dreams of Rob :)

@Stan - How long was mass tonight?

17 Forever

Stan said...

I'm here!! And it was a Christmas party night out tonight, not church lol!

Mini-E had a fab time, so glad I decided to take him, will post pics tomorrow :o)

Stan aka Gemma!

Lisa @ 17 Forever said...

@Stan - Gemma! I should have remembered that from Damn it! Oh well. It gave me the excuse I needed to say sheep again ;)

Hope the Christmas party was a success. Can't wait to see pictures. I'm actually going to call it an early bloggy night and watch a movie.



Mary said...

Morning all. Aaliyah is my only daughter and she'll be six in February. I have jack who's 12, and Jamie 17!! I'll be 38 on Dec 24th. Having a 17 year old makes me feel so old. He went out last night and I had to check his room when I woke up to make sure he was home!
Nice to know some real names, even though i'll promptly forget them again xxx

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Morning you lot, blah I still don't feel right and it can't be alcohol now lol. God I missed loads after I went.
My names Sarah alter ego is Scarlett I don't remember how that started, my friend Stacey aka Martini dragged that one up, something to do with lesbian Vampires I really have no clue I think Scarlett cos I always wear red lipstick and am quite er forward/brash/bold generally and the lesbian Vampire I think is when I had to pretend to be her girlfriend to fend of an amorous bloke she didn't want, vampire probably cos I wanted to be one oh my I can see where this fanfic stuff about my life is coming from. Actually if I wrote about it then it would be fan faction with names changed for the Twilight Witness Protection Programme PMSL.
I'm 42 (meh) and have 2 son's aged 13 (Jack) and 11 (Thomas/Tom).If anyone wants to find me on FB or email me my email address is yeah I know lilmisssunshine; its cos when I used to work real early after I had had my children I really was not a ray of sunshine. I do not do fucking mornings people, I barely function till shower and coffee have kicked in.

Ooo Mary (Nikki) I know my 13 year old has just started going out with friends and even though he is in a lot earlier than your 17 yr old I still get nervous till he is home. Not like when I was a kid lol I went on holiday to stay with friends in Newmarket on my own. I came home said ma I booked my coach ticket and I'm going to stay with Kim and off I went. Always been very independent haha, I used to disappear off weekends when I was 16 and ring my mum and say I'll be back Monday I'm stopping in Hull with friends. Well she had pretty much moved in with her BF then (gah) so I lived on my own a lot. I even had a stalker when I was 18 but thats a tale for another day. I feel like I'm overloading you with my mad life cos when I read it back I guess it does sound a bit fucked up. I blame bad parenting haha what I had anyway. Fuck it I'm getting melancholy, I better go play some Smashing Pumpkins haha later I'm taking kids to see Planet 51 and we're putting the tree up so maybe I'll take a pic and email it to Stan. See you guys later xx

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Oo oo @Mary again I was gonna call my daughter, er if I had one Aaliyah too, after the singer who was in Queen of the Damned? If it is how weird is that lol nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu-twilight zone music lol

Word verif-nonoche-Rob's eyes may say nonoche but my body says yes yes lol

17foreverlisa said...

@Mary - 17, 12, and 6. You are definitely getting to enjoy each stage of the game . . . at the same time :) I am SO jealous. I hate having an empty nest.


Mary said...

@Nibbleit that's who she's named after :) I loved her! A very talented and beautiful young lady.

@Lisa I know but there's definately no more for me now :(