Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hello ladies!

I'm probably here on my own, but I was online so thought I'd post.  I know we've done all the Merry Christmases and stuff so I won't drag that out :o)

I had the best Christmas present ever this morning when I got up and checked my story stats on  They looked like this! (Click to make them bigger).

Everything has gone ok here today.  Will has had the Playmobil Egyptians set, I already have my eye on the little camel-riding men, ready for the Egyptian vamps if Summit get their finger out next year and decide to make Breaking Dawn.

The in-laws made dinner.  I already had my mind on Elfward's jingle juice when she started making the brandy sauce, but when she dished it up and she'd also managed to make it jingle juice consistency.

The youngest is in bed now and he other two kids were playing nicely, but that brief peaceful spell seems to have passed.  Ho hum. 

I did manage to snap a Christmas portrait or two of FSE and Chimpsten in Rob corner earlier:

You're wearing a crown, a gold ribbon with a Rob card on it and you have a chimp perched on your shoulder and you dare to judge me?  Oh puhlease!

Ok, that's me done here for now, off to catch up on my fanfics!



Anonymous said...

Beautiful stats,Stan. The story was a huge success. It was an incredible story. I'm contemplating printing myself a copy!

Merry Christmas


TigerlilyRose said...

Congrats on the awesome Stats! All that work paid off big time as far as that goes! I thought it was a great read! Glad you had a nice Christmas.

TwiWeasel said...

I loved the story so much that I printed the whole thing out and have it in a nice little binder that from work. (You gals are rubbing off on me...)

It's snowing and blowing like a bitch today. Glad I don't have anywhere to go till Sunday!

Z Any Mouse said...

Merry Christmas all! I'm lovin' FSE and Chimpsten all dolled up for Christmas. Congrats on the success of your story!

17foreverlisa said...

Great stats, Stan! Who knew that your little gift to us would blow *wink, wink* up like that? We were driving home tonight after spending Christmas day with my side of the family when a college teammate of my son's who is back home in Puerto Rico for winter break called to wish us a Merry Christmas. It was obvious he was/had been drinking, but it was so sweet of him to call. After we were done taking turns talking to him and my son had hung up the cell phone, I said to my son and my husband, "Obviously, he's had a little too much jingle juice." They both laughed and my husband repeated the phrase in an 'I've never heard that before voice,' which made me laugh even harder ;)

Well, it's been a hectic couple of days but a wonderful Christmas. Hope everyone else's was as well. I've poured myself a glass of wine, am checking out my favorite blogs, hoping to read a little ff, and then calling it a night.



Anonymous said...

^^^^Hi Lisa---just had to be under you again, that's all. I have nothing to say.

Stan said...

ROFL Mrs P! Heading over to TwiBite now to see what you've got for me :o)

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Yay for the stats, Stan. You deserve it. You've been working so hard. LoL. I must apologize for not reading all the chapters of yet, I haven't had time. But you know I will.

Mwah to all you fantabulous ho's.

Stan said...

Hi Jelena! I caught up with The Canvas but had to print it out so haven't reviewed yet (I will though), really enjoyed it though, EPoV was interesting and not what I'd been expecting!

Next thing is to get NS&SS finished because I've had an idea for an E&B fic :o)

Forgot to mention yesterday's exchange of the day during Xmas dinner with the inlaws.

Father-in-law: "Ooh, we forgot to get the wine out!"
Mother-in-law: "Well we can't have any, we're on anti-biotics."

Fantastic hospitality, didn't even offer us an alternative. Am feeling quite bitter after hearing from my Mum what an enjoyable Christmas they had with the whole family. Pah.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Lmao at Stan in laws, nice, sound like my Mum to be honest. I susrvived Xmas day with her then headed up to my exes parents with my children and hubtard in tow. Honestly they are just like my own family, had a great time, came home rather pissed and full of food. Its criminal really. The variety of meat alone had. me thinking of the Wease's house.

Best part of the day was giving the hubtard a gift I had totally forgotten about, slipper socks that have bells on them! That's right so whenever he moves he jingles- Fucking priceless, I was pissing myself laughing and he's like whats so funny. Same when he asked for brandy sauce with his Xmas pudding. Oh Stan what have you done to us. Xmas will never be the same again.

I cannot believe you have a whole room with all those Rob pics up and a cardboard cut out, I would sooooooooooooooo be sleeping with the wolfydog (yes my dogs name is wolf but he is nearly 3 so it was before I got twitarded) if I had the gorgeous Rob on show like that. My husband gets jealous. Ha like Mr Pattinson is gonna turn up and say Sarah/Scarlett/Nibbleit/Nebilet take me now LMFAO-Oooooooooooooo I wish!!!!
Love ya's Merry Xmas xx

Stoney said...

Merry Mis Mis!

TigerlilyRose said...

LMAO @Nebilet--hubtard's jingling slippers! That is so classic! You will get a kick out of that one for a long while I suspect!

TwiWeasel said...

Evenin' Ladies! Had a nice day with my kids and my DH...due to the blowing/drifting snow Church is cancelled again tomorrow morning...remember, I live in a very rural is out in the country 15 miles from me! Anyhoo, I guess I'll survive sleeping in (again).

Better go get the wild indians something for supper...

PS...Nebilet - YOu crack my ass up!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Gah, I have to report something sad; my hubtard has lost his jingles already, one fell off yesterday about half hour after posting, never to be found again and the other fell off last night! He's no spring chicken though maybe he's not used to jingling all day lmfao, oh bless him. He was such a source of fucking amusement yesterday, to me anyway.

Ugh day after boxing day, thank fuck the snow has all gone, YAY!!! it's just damp and muddy out now; so we're going shopping. Yuk! I absolutely fucking hate shopping in Merry Hell. I bloody well won't be able to browse any Rob things in the shops as hubtard glowers at me and humpffs a lot and it will be CROWDED....I get crowd rage, trolley rage, finding parking space rage, fucking carrier bag rage and even for fucks sake, stoopid people who stop in fucking front of me for no goddamn pissing reason at all rage-deep breath. There's no fucking place like home, no fucking place like home...
I like to go in, get what I want and get out (bit like sex bwahahaha) unless its jewellry then I can stand and stare for hours-oooooo shiny. The kids all steer me away from shiny objects, to which I wail, I'm oooonly loooking. They call me the magpie now. I dunno can't a girl fucking look anymore? Hey maybe that's why I'm addicted to Rob, he's a beautiful shiny piece of jingle manmeat lmfao.

Ah well, then Monday we're going to "Bodies Revealed" which is a kinda art show that has all donated bodies, cut up/open and plasticised so you can look at their organs and junk. LOL, vampire's paradise, apparently its very fucking educational. I like gore and shit so I'll have fun, kids can't wait, my mother is disgusted (who fucking asked her to come anyway) (she's not coming, I couldn't cope with her, dead ppl yes, mother, no)
So I may not be on for a while, I keep trying to get on while hubtard at park with dog, he just doesn't understand my addiction pmsl. Right I'm gonna sew his remaining bell back on, hunny, bring your sack, er I mean sock hehe

17foreverlisa said...

@nibbleit - LMFAO! Lost jingle balls, shopping rage, and plasticised bodies!!


P.S.: And, yes, Rob is a shiny object that we can, do, and MUST look at. Screw the Robhaters. Well, let's not go that far, but you get what I mean ;)

TwiWeasel said...

@ - You need to so something relaxing before going shopping to ease the rage. I've found that a mind blowing orgasm can put you in a wonderful mood...just sayin'.

This is probably too late. Oh well, I'll just have to have the big O for myself. Laters!

TwiWeasel said...

@ LIsa - Screw the Robhaters? Going to do that just now. Bwahahahaha!