Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Twi-vent Calendar for 8th December

Goooooooooood morning Twi-HoHoHo's!!  How are we all today?

Today's door post is blatantly stolen lovingly copied from the blog of sprtzmom1721 over at 17 Forever. Head over there for more shots including animals, dead and alive ;o). PMSL, sorry, I don't intend any offence, it just amuses me, we just don't see it enough over here!  In fact I'm a little bit gutted now we didn't keep the mink we shot here last week, that would have looked fantastic with a mini-saddle and Chimpsten riding it...

So, here's Lisa's Twilight tree, my personal fave feature is the cup topper!  It also comes complete with Edward pumpkin, which I still think is fantastic, whatever the celebration!

And who's behind this beautiful sparkly door?

Yay!  It's the good doctor in a rare PFach shirtless shot!  Mmmmmmm!

Hope you like, Twi-Ho's!  17 days to go!


Mary said...

Oh lordy lordy PFach is looking mighty fine!

Jelena said...


Oh my, I think my vagina just started singing! That Jennie Garth is one lucky ho. :D

I don't fucking believe this. My VW is: gandi.
What a fucking mood killer.

Stan said...

ROFL at your VW Jelena!

Becky said...

OMFG! who knew he was hiding that under his doctors uniform! I think he has just become my fav twi-man. I am going to be looking at that all day .....sigh.....

sprtzmom1721 said...

@Stan - LMFAO! Imagine my surprise when I stopped in for today's Twi-vent Calender goodness and saw my New Moon/Burger King inspired tree! How perfect that it made the post with "17" days to go. Too fun(ny). And, no, I'm not offended at all. Don't have it in me, my dear. Of course, now that you mention the mink, I have to tell you that my husband has a stuffed one in his workshop that he had done when he was still in high school. It's perched on top of the extra fridge that chills the Bud Light. I shit you not!!

And holy hell where did you find that pic of PFach?! What movie is that from? It's/He's lickable in ig to say the least ;) Wait until STY & JJ see it.

It's snowing like a mother here in Illinois. There's a chance we will get 8-12 inches by tomorrow afternoon with widespread power outages expected, so don't be surprised if I'm MIA the next day or two. The drive into work was a bitch. FML!

17 Forever

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! Lisa's tree is an Advent door!!! You've made the big time, Lisa! AND a SHIRTLESS PFach pic!!!!! It's like you found Atlantis!!! Someone has some mad google abilities!!!

Z Any Mouse said...

Wow, topless PFach. I was beginning to think he never took his clothes off! Will Santa be putting him under Sprtzmom's tree Christmas morning?

TigerlilyRose said...

mmm...I think that picture could melt the 14 inches of snow here in Kansas! Glad hubs got the snow off the satellite for me so I could see it! He is SO fine! Definitely one of my faves *sigh*

Tigerlily's Tirade