Sunday, 20 December 2009

Random Shit from the TwiWeasel Household...

Since this is what Mrs. P seems to think I look like...


And Lisa shared Edward humping the Weasel, I thought I'd share what my house looks like. Yeah, I's kinda a stretch for interesting blog fodder, but bear with me here. These are pictures in my living room.





BTW, Mr. TwiWeasel made that Hutch, and I did the pencil drawing to the left of it.

So that is my "dead animal room." Pretty exticing, no? Yeah, I know, not really.

What about this? What's that in the Christmas tree?

Hello, Taytor Tot...I can almost see your tiny nipples. May I brush my teeth on your abs?

And what is that lurking under my tree?

AnOther Man magazine that Stan paid waaaaay too much for, and then spent waaaaaaay too much to send it to me...but I love her for it! I was fucking giddy when it came in the mail. The girls at work made lots of fun of me that day, but I didn't mind...And the New Moon Special mag that I've hidden from Mr. TW...all wrapped up neatly in my daughters pink binket (that's what she calls it.)

OK, so that's all I have for my Random TwiWeasel shit...I'm off to go read me some Jingle Balls!

Oh, wait, one more thing...for those chicks out there who are wishing for more you go...

This picture was taken on the 8th of December, but it doesn't look much different today, except it's sunny.


Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Holy shit, you've got a lot of dead animals in your house. But don't worry, I ain't gonna call PETA on your ass, lol.

Oh, so gals exchanged land addresses too? Awesome!

The weather here is unbelievable. I love snow, but it hasn't stopped snowing since Monday!!! Can't wait to see how cold it is tomorrow when I leave for work.

So, I spent the day polishing chapter 4, and holy fuck, that took long. But I'm satisfied, and that the most important thing.

Since we have no reception on TV, because of the fucking snow, I will go on to read Jingle Balls before heading to bed, even though I really could've used some time off the computer. But, JB will make me laugh, and then it's all good... okay, I've officially started rambling, so it's definitely time to go. Later bitches. Oh, and, stop on over to Twibite tomorrow to check my answers, that is, if you care. :p

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Hey Twiwease-Loving the decor darling, you just gotta get a Tay Tay pelt on your bed for warmth lol.
That's a lotta fucking snow, the Brits pap themselves when we get like a tiny bit, the world as we know it ends and every fucker drives like the grandma outta Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I'm not a fan of snow, I like it hot baby! Wease you're gonna have to get a fur lined bikini if you're gonna walk around like that shooting yer gun and strutting yer stuff. Get some of them fluffy boots too. You'll look like half the lil darlings that trot around town on a saturday night-I kid you not.

Looking forward to the answers Jelly baby; I just sent mine to Mrs P lol

17foreverlisa said...

You've got me beat, hands down!! I suddenly feel better. I actually just showed the pics to my husband and he thought the room with the hutch was great, including the hutch. He's a carpenter by trade, so appreciates the work that went into it.

I have people coming over for supper, so I gotta go. Great post!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Hutch....and the crown moulding. Beautiful room!

We just got about a foot and a half of snow...woth snow drifts around 4 feet. My car was missing in the driveway!

My favorite animal? The turkey feather fan. LOL!!!

TwiWeasel said...

@ Jelena - PETA can't do a fucking thing anyway, they were all taken legally and ethically. And I thought I told you, 'round here PETA means "People Eating Tasty Animals." Yes, all three of those deer and both turkeys became our dinner.

@ Nebilet - I soooooooo want a TayTay pelt!! The Hubster went hunting for black bear, but he didn't get one. He really wanted to get one, especially after I told him that I wanted to fuck him on a bear skin rug!! Oh, and LOLOL at the fur bikini!!

@ Lisa - All of those animals are in my living room. My DH is also a carpenter...small world, eh? Have a nice supper!

@ Mrs. P - Thanks, I think the hutch is beautiful too. We've decided that we can never divorce because there will be a custody battle ove the hutch! Which Turkey fan did you like best? The one with the head or the other one...the one without a head is actually from a bearded hen and that's her beard on the board. I know, you're so totally impressed. *rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

@The wease---I'm gonna go with the headed was the first to catch my eye...LOL!

Stan said...

What the fuck's a hutch?

Jenny Jerkface said...

LOL! If ML walked into your house he would probably faint.

I think you and LatchKeyWife have a few things in common, that's all I'm saying... ;)

Nice drawing!

Anonymous said...

Um. I'm speechless. Not exactly my style, but looks like you are good at the whole hunting, stuffin & decorating thing.

At least you have style. I moved into a new house 10 years ago & still haven't decided how to decorate any of the rooms. My house is currently sporting the over-cluttered look.

TwiWeasel said...

@ Stan - Hutch = China Cabinet. In the last of the living room pictures, clear to the right.

@ JJ - Hey, nice to see you here! LOL @ ML fainting. Hmmm...Latchkey Wife, eh? Is that good or bad?

@ TwitardedMom - Oh, I have that whole overcluttered thing going on too. That's why you can't see the floor in any of the pix!!

KG said...

oh my gosh! I thought for a second you lived here in Nome AK with me. But then I scrolled down and saw the trees....yep definitely not Nome. LOL

Z Any Mouse said...

Oh Deer...

Jelena said...

@TwiWeasel - hey, it's not like I haven't tried deer, and it's not that I didn't like it, but I don't think I will want to eat it again. It's strange, I'm a very picky eater, yet I've eaten hoarse, while my husband, who's like in love with these animals, can't fucking stomach the thought.

17foreverlisa said...

Hi, girls!

@Jelena - We eat deer meat all the time. We use in spaghetti, taco meat, etc. Cannot tell the difference, and I'm a VERY picky eater. I don't like deer roast, though.

I only have a few minutes while we're on break from game night with my daughter's friends. I'm getting tired, though. Have to work tomorrow. About ready to call it a night.

Stan said...

Ok, I'm here and ready to leave a human comment, I was a little strung-out last night after struggling to get the kids to bed and then Harry woke up as I was finishing off Jingle Balls. I wish I found it as easy to rattle off 3000 words of Natural Satellites & Shooting Stars as I do that bell-tastic bollocks nonsense!

Aah, I thought it must have been the china cabinet, it sounded funny because a hutch is just what we keep rabbits & guinea pigs in here! I'm impressed though, looks like Mr TW did a good job (good drawing too!).
The dead animals aren't really my thing, I can understand why you'd have them when you've hunted them yourself. We've only had venison once and that was when we were walking the dog and she caught a deer and killed it. Not my favourite moment of all time, it was horrible, but I can laugh now when I think of Mr Stan and myself furtively dragging this bloody deer home across the field!
I love Taybait in your tree! And of course the binket made me smile like before!
We've woken up to more snow, nothing ike your pic, but like Nibbleit said before, we don't cope well with it over here. I've just had to go and forbid Mr Stan from going to work. Just wish we'd anticipated the milkman not getting through, would love a coffee but have no milk *sigh* xx

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

I meant I've eaten horse! I was just sipping my coffee when I wrote that comment. I woke up too early this morning, and couldn't go back to sleep.

OMG, Stan, PMSL at you dragging the deer. You've got some vicious animal there (the dog I mean).

I just read that Britanny Murphy died, and I couldn't fucking believe it. How can someone so young die of natural causes? Definitely a bad year for celebrities.

Mary said...

Stan beat me to the hutch thing *tut*
I have to say I love the idea of the Wease strutting around in a bikini toting a gun ;)

Stan said...

PMSL Jelena! The dog is a lurcher, so she is a hunting dog really, only she'd nver had more than a rabbit or pheasant before (or since thank God!).
I saw on Twitter that Brittany Murphy has a cardiac arrest due to anorexia, so sad.

@Mary, Mr Stan noticed that pic, very impressed he was too!

TigerlilyRose said...

@Stan we keep rabbits and guinea pigs in a hutch too...damned Americans and their grammar, using one word to mean more than one thing! For shame we are!

@TwiWeasel--I have nothing..seen your house in RL too many times, and used to the dead animals from childhood--you are looking hot in the bikini hunting gear...Mr TW won't be able to contain his weapon with that around!

Oh, and Mr TW wasn't home when you too those pics, huh? No way he would let you put that Rob and Taycob stuff near the tree!...LOL

@Jelena--Very sad about Brittany Murphy...
I grew up eating deer meat..not my fave, but can stand it...with lisa though, only the ground stuff, the roast tastes like ass...

Snarkier Than You said...

oh my goodness that's a lot of animal on your walls - lol! love the hutch - that's awesome that it's handmade by the Mr.! i used to like to fancy myself as kinda handy but i know my limits and "functional, pretty furniture" isn't within my abilities...

: )