Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Twi-vent calender for 15th December

Yay, I've wrapped my pressies. What a shitty job that is! Especially when you know how much you've spent and it all fits into a couple of bin bags!

so need one!
Todays door is.................................................

And the perve pic today ;)


I'd like to direct you over to Mrs P's lovely blog, where I've taken part in her challenge Check out Mrs P's challenge and lived to tell the tale :)


Becky said...

Morning! Can't believe you have done all your wrapping, thats impressive! i haven't even started, getting a little worried now ( chews fingers).
I need to just move away from the fanfic and get my arse into gear!

Rob looks so hot in that picture, i could just eat him. ...sigh....

Jelena said...

Why hello! I was starting to get worried.

I haven't even bought presents, but I have a week more than you guys, cause we give them on New Year's eve, not Christmas.

So, to answer yesterday's question: I only ask Santa that I get my paycheck BEFORE New year's - in this company you never know when it's coming. And when your bosses are your in-laws, it complicates the matter so, SO much.

Now, I was supposed to say what hubtard thought of NM, so this is as good a place as any.

This time it wasn't as noisy, but there were still some rude brats talking and laughing throughout the film. Well, basically, he didn't like it. Now he says he doesn't even like Twilight, and he did, like it. He says the wolf thing is cool, and he thinks KStew is an awesome actress - that she carries the film very well. But, as expected, he has no love for Robward. The actor he finds uncharismatic, and not very good, but I explained to him that in Twilight, he was totally performing Midnight Sun.

However, he likes Taycob, both as an actor, and physically he finds him so much better looking than Robward. He was totally in awe by how much the kid developed in one year.

But overall, he finds the whole story silly. He's like, it does nothing for him intellectually. Well, who mentioned the intellect? Duh! Anyhoo, he does like certain little moments in film, how they're done visually, like when Jake pulls Bella from the water and Edward's image dispurses in a form of black smoke; like Oct/Nov/Dec.

So yeah, major disappointment. We then went to a friend's house where I used all my skills to persuade him to let me have a minniE, but so far, all my attempts are in vain. Sigh.

17foreverlisa said...

@Mary - Oh, Rob, in his skinny tie and skinny jeans with that glorious hair and smile. Those were much simpler times back then, weren't they? *sigh*

@Jelena - Sorry to hear the hubtard was less than thrilled with New Moon and especially Robward. Maybe he'll come around when Remember Me comes out and we get Rob without the vampire makeup, including lipstick.

@All - I usually do my Christmas shopping a few days before the big day, so I'm right on schedule :)

Jelena said...

@Lisa - I think he was already intrigued when I told him Rob plays Salvador Dali. We are both exceptional lovers of art, Dali included. Have to make myself remember to download the movie. He may have a change of heart.

However, even though I told him last night everything that happens next in the books, he said that he will probably go see Eclipse with me. Phew. :D

17foreverlisa said...

@Jelena - I'm intrigued by Rob playing Salvador Dali, too, but it has nothing to do with a love for art ;) Although I do love Rob as Art in How To Be. LOL! And that's cool that he still wants to see Eclipse with you :)

Getting ready to head out for work. Catch you later!

Anonymous said...

@Mary---besides the recent Vanity Fait photo shoot where he is lying in bed clearly wanting me (and only me); this photo'shoop'might be my next favorite!

@Lisa---I think going now would just throw you off completely...and we don't want that!

@Jelena---Don't worry, I'm just pretty sure his opinion cements his status as a heterosexual male.

@All---the Badge looks FIERCE!!!

W/V--Ornestin--If Lena Horne and Kristen were dating

Stan said...

Hi Bitches! I'm here at last. Mr Stan has been hogging the 'puter all day to do work or something *tut* and I've been very productive by filling 5 bin bags with toys ready to take to the tip. Unfortunately Mr Stan hasn't moved any of the bags out of the house yet, as requested, which means if they're still there in about - ooh, half an hour, then the shit will be hitting the fan cos the kids will be getting home from school and start dragging it all out of the bags again.

Good pic Mary, Kellan's a bit clean though, he could do with a bit of a roll-around on the ground to muck him up a bit. No volunteers? Oh, ok then, I spose I could do it if I have to *sigh* ;o)

Oh, and I also might be looking for new pre-readers for my fic. I emailed a nice lemony chapter to Mary and The Wease last night, have I heard from either of them? Nope! I don't know, you share your lemons with these people and it's like they have lives that are more important or something! Honestly! ;o)

Mary said...

@Becky, morning, well evening now. I had no electricity this morning so was late posting, soz x

@Jelena Intelectually?? ermmmmm does he not know it's all about the perve factor? Men are so fucking dumb at times *tut*

@Lisa Rob certainly rocks the skinny look.

@Mrs P our blog is looking mighty fine with the addition of the badge

@Stan I have read your lemony chapter now. OMFG there's enough lemons in there to make a whole tart ;) Love it you saucy minx xxx

Where's the Wease today???????????

Stan said...

Awww, Will's front tooth came out! He looks so funny!

Glad you liked my lemons Mary, I was a bit worried I might have added some surreptitous Bullseye references without realising ;o)

TwiWeasel said...

Argh!! I'm here, but I haven't been able to leave a comment all day! My stupid computer is cockblocking me!! Grrrr!!!!!!!

@ Stan - I've gotten your chapter...plan to read over lunch.

I'd love to leave more, but I'm so freakin' busy at work right now!!

I miss you guys!

Becky said...

@Mary - i didnt realise it was gone 12 when i wrote 'morning', I wasn't being snarky, honest. i sounded like a right stroppy mare!

@Stan 'surreptitous Bullseye references' PMSL!
So, is all that lemony goodness in the next chapter?

Stan said...

@ The Wease Aww, sorry you're busy (((hugs))), missing you too, let's hope January is kinder and we can get back to business as usual.

@ Becky, I was just getting to the crucial lemony point and Mr Stan started calling me into the other room to look at Bullseye, it kind of kills the mood, I can tell you! It's chapter 20 that holds the lemony goodness!

TigerlilyRose said...


@Mary Congrats on the Twi-Bite Challenge! Excellent answers by the way. I particularly like the references to TwiWeasel's Dead Animal Decor! LMAO, the whole time!

@TwWeasel We miss you, too. This is the first comment I have posted but I lurked around all morning. Feeling anti-social, I guess. Cleaned my kitchen up this morning and worked on my blog. I have a sick baby boy so he is keeping me busy wiping his nose and massaging is mini-man-I-have-a-cold-I-am-helpless-and pathetic-ego.

@Stan, I agree...dirty that boy up!

<a href="http://tigerlilystirade.blogspot.com>Tigerlily's Tirade</a>

TigerlilyRose said...

Tigerlily's Tirade

OOPS forgot a " in my code. Not that any one cares....also I can't type today..I'm retarded...TwiWeasel, not TwWeasel, looks better.

17foreverlisa said...

@All - Work is kicking my ass today. Mrs. P was right, I should have just stayed home. Just popping in to say hi!

Stan said...

Hi TLR (soz, feeling lazy!). We're all snotty here too :o(, hope your baby is better soon.

Good news, Mr Stan is back at work tomorrow! Normal time-wasting service will be resumed!

Oh, I forgot, I left a printed copy of a chapter of Tropic of Virgo in the kitchen. I came back to find it pinned to the fridge with 'Dirty Girl' scrawled across it, he thought it was my story (mine's actually worse muahahahaaa!)

17foreverlisa said...

@Stan- LMFAO!

Becky said...

Tropic of Virgo? Not read that one, is it good?

TwiWeasel said...

@ Stan (aka Dirty Girl)- read your chap over lunch...SQUEEEEEEE! I'll do my best to get back to you tonight with my red comments.

@ All - *wail* All I want to do is spend some time doing what I want to do! (That would be blogging, duh.) Work is busy, home is busy...GRRRRRR!!!!! I feel a little better now.

Jello Twiholic said...

@All - sorry, bitches, for not being my usual chatty self these past few days, but RL stepped in and said "no blogging", or any other internet activity, for that matter.
I have missed you all.

We've had quite a snowfall in the past 24 hours. This is definitely starting to look like a sleepy hollow, well, hollow surrounded by mountains.

I am proud to have already read Stan's chapter 16. I hope the lemony chapter she sent for reading is to my liking. She knows what I mean, don't you stan?
I told her, that if she doesn't have Nahuel shag Nessie with passion and determination, I will feel the same way I did after the honeymoon in BD. :D

Anonymous said...

@Mary Holy shit...I can totally hear Hugh Grant saying "saucy Minx" but I can't place the fucking movie!!!!

Stan said...

@ Becky, yes, Tropic of Virgo is a good one :o)

@ TwiWeasel, I'm assuming the SQUEEEE was one of approval? I've not even read pver it again so I'm sure its full of stuff I can improve on, I intend on giving it another going over ;o), so if you want to wait with your red typing then that's ok :o).

@ Jelena, we've missed you too, RL can be a fucker at times. Jealous of your snow though, a white Christmas would be lovely.

As far as NS&SS goes, you'll have to wait and see! Btw, will you disown me if I don;t have them doing that? I just need to know...

Stan said...

@ Mrs P. is it Bridget Jones?

17foreverlisa said...

@Jelena/Jello - Sorry to hear about the internet boycott and the snow. Yuck to both! And I'm not sure I'm going to read any more of Stan's ff because I wrote a couple of chapter reviews and asked a question in one of them, but she continues to ignore me. *tear*

@All - I may be out of the loop tonight as well because my son is coming home from college with two Latin teammates who are flying out of our local airport in the morning to head back to Puerto Rico for winter break.

Jello Twiholic said...

@Stan - Of course I won't disown you. I guess I'm a mischiever, which is why I would like to see the two getting it on, but in reality, I would feel terrible for poor Jacob. I'm sure of one thing though - whatever you decide, it will be beautifully written and it will make total sense.

Yeah, I thought it was Bridget Jones too. *shrugs*

17foreverlisa said...

@Jelena/Jello - Will you please tell Stan (not talking to her either) that I will disown her if she does!

Stan said...

*tut* Just off to read my fic reviews again I guess *wanders off*

Jello Twiholic said...

@Lisa - I love snow. I'm so happy it's finally here, so don't you dare feel bad. :D

I'm off too - to watch Survivor, and now, with a knowledge that the hot youngster replied to me when I told him I dreamed of him, LoL.

Stan said...

Ok, I've told you before, I need nagging on these things! I do reply to all my reviews - eventually, sometimes it just takes a while :o).

So, I'll answer your questions here:
1. When is Taycob 18?
11th Feb. That would be 8 weeks on Thursday or 58 days today. Not that I'm counting of course *whistles nonchalantly*

2. Yes, chapter 6 is what would be called a lemony chapter ;o)

3. How do you say Nahuel's name?
No fucking idea, if I'm talking about him, not that this happens often, but I have discussed him with Mary, I always call him 'N', I'm guessing it's something like 'Na-ool', not based on anything though LOL.

Anything else? ;o)

Stan said...

@ Jelena, I didn't know that! Did you really tell him?!! PMSL!

Stan said...

@ Lisa, meant to say, about the removal lorry thing, I realised what happened, I mixed you up with Mrs. P who has her house for sale does she not? You must be morphing together in my head ;o).

It says a lot for my internet addiction that I didn;t even think it strange that you would be online as the removal men arrive to move you!

Mary said...

Oooooh I'm fucking fed up! Aaliyah has got a heavy cold, again, and tonight she's developed conjunctivitis! Her eye is really sticky and sore. The thing is, it's her nativity play tomorrow and she's gonna be standing there with a sore weepy eye! The school policy allows them to go. I wouldn't normally send her for a couple of days but it's the nativity grrrrrrrrr. I'll get her some drops in the morning and take her straight to school after. Screeeeaaammmmmmmm!!!

Becky said...

"saucy minx" is from Love Actually. he says to the pic of margaret thatcher on the wall.

Wish we had snow :(

Used to get it all the time when i was young, but we never get now i've moved down here. Its rubbish!

17foreverlisa said...

@Stan - I feel better now :) I'm sure you were thinking, "That's all she was fucking whining about?!" LOL! I really was curious, though, how you said Nahuel's name in your head. I may refer to him as N from here on out, too.

Loved your comment about me and Mrs. P morphing into one. I can't tell you how many times we're wandering around the same blogs at the same time posting right before or after one another. I wonder if anyone else thinks that.

@Mary - Oh, no. Poor Aaliyah. I'm sorry!

Okay you Twi-ho-hos. I'm leaving work now and heading home.


Anonymous said...

YES!!! It's Love Actually...one of my all time favorites...he says it to Margaret Thatcher (hmmm...must be something in the first name) Thank you Becky!

@Lisa---here I am again...right under you!!!
People are going to think we are actually one bi-polar Twi-freak who uses 2 different names

Jello Twiholic said...

@Stan - I befriended him on FB, and then wrote on his wall how I had a dream about him. And he replied. And you know what that crazy Nebilet did? She couldn't stop perving at him, so she wrote on his fan page how now he's got English fans, too. PMSL!

He's a cutie that one.

Stan said...

Well now you come to mention it... ;o)

TwiWeasel said...

Fucking Cockblocking blogger has shut me down twice now trying to leave this comment!!! GRRRR!!! (Hmm..I've said GRRR a lot today!)

Anyhoo...3rd times a charm, right? *fingers crossed*

@ Mrs. P - when I think of Margaret Thatcher "saucy minx" is not what comes to mind. I think "Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day! Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day!" (Austin Powers)

@ Lisa - I pronounce it Na-huel (rhymes with fuel) but when I'm writing back and forth with STan, it's also N.

@ Mary - Crap!! I'm so sorry! Our whole family got that last spring...I got it twice and couldn't wear my contacts for MONTHS!! Lots of handwashing and make sure to take clorox wipes (or whatever disinfectant you use) to all door knobs and light switches!

@ Becky & Jelena - Take some of my snow, please!! We had 14 inches of the shit last week and it's just sitting here, waiting for you!

sorry if I missed replying to someone else, but I only had a minute...back to work! :(

Becky said...

thank you @Stan for replying to my review, I leave loads and nobody EVER replies!

@Mary Conjunctivitis is a bitch, but the drops I got from the Chemist were fab, worked really quick (when my little monster eventually let me put them in!) . Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Stan said...

Aww, hope Aaliyah's eyes clear up soon, bless her.

@Lisa I reply to all of my reviews - eventually!

LOL at Nibbleit, Jelena. I laughed at her today, she texted and said she'd had to tidy her office because the radio fell off the filing cabinet onto her head! Bless her, she's gone to see David Gray tonight so hopefully should be nicely chilled out tomorrow :o)

Right, I'm off to bed in a mo, night night ho's xx

17foreverlisa said...

@Mrs. P - LOL! Now if only I could get Rob underneath me ;)

@Stan - Got your ff.net reply and sent one back to you. I'll try and behave look a good fangirl now :)

@TwiWeasel - Cockblocked again?!

@Nibbleit - Hope you're head's alright from the radio falling in it. Yikes!

Only have a few minutes to get my post up for today before my son and his teammates get here. Later, girlies!