Friday, 26 February 2010

The Cullen Boys Deliver Avon

Hey Ho's it's the weekend again and this weekend is my Avon weekend; yes I am a Ding Dong, an Avon lady but a not a very good one. Do I demonstrate um no, do I carry a back round like in Edward Scissorhands and show people make up, er no I don't. I shove a book through your door and collect it 2 weeks later. If you want something you can have it, if you don't it ain't no skin offa my nose lady pmsl

The cat never lies.....

Well seeing as I've been a bit under the weather my boys in the attic said they would help me out delivering, maybe demonstrating etc. Even Beacob said he would lend a paw bless him.

Woah Beacob, where's your brush and maybe some gel?

Much better...and you've been using the hair removal cream ooo and the self tan apparently

I asked Jaskper to extoll the virtues of hair volumising shampoo

Um, yeah I agree Jazz a little too much volumising there

An improvement Jasperpants but you need eye drops now, shampoo get in there babes?

Robert considerately offered to show me how the body oil doesn't mark the sheets or irritate my skin. Thank you darling.

Avon also do underarm deoderant...appreciated Kellan

Shower gel, need any help there love?

Even boxer shorts, belts and body camoglage make up if you really have to cover up that body Cam. I think you missed a bit let me apply more...(Not a Cullen but hot damn I love this picture)

Bless him he's knackered...where did Robert go?

ROB!!!! You look real purty and all but how many times have I told you to keep out of my make up bag...go wash it time I see

Gulp, so much better

So what you think lady would you buy if one of these came to your door. I'd be inviting them in for a demonstration or 2 I think pmsl. But if you were stranded somewhere would you have Kellan and his deoderant, Rob and his body oil & makeup, Jasperpants with his shampoo, Wolfy with fake tan and gel or Cam and his camoflage, pants & belt. As a representative I'd of course have to try it all hehe...

See on Monday for birthday celebrations.....have I mentioned that already bwahahaha, cards arriving in the post today so excited I'm pathetic lol


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Stupid blogger won't let me subscribe unless I say summat....people should really watch pineapple dance studios, so camp, enough mince for as shepherds pie darlings!!!

Stan said...

Hellooo! Tis me! I think Pineapple made me laugh enough to aid my recovery slightly.

Nibbles, fab post as ever, made me LOL. Not sure I can choose between those boys, might need extra demos too ;o)

TwiWeasel said...

Hello darlings!

@ Nibbles - I'd have never guessed you as a ding dong Avon lady! LOL I picture you more as a sex toy dealer...just sayin!

@ Stan - Are you recovered? I sincerely hope so, lady! My cold is getting better, but I'm getting tired of pissing my pants every time I have a coughing fit! LOL (I wish I was joking.)

Have a good weekend, all! I probs won't be back till Monday. Happy Early Birthday, Nibbles! {{{Birthday Hugs, and a smack on the ass}}}

PS...Pineapple, mince? I have no idea WTF you're talking about. Must be a brit thing!

Mary said...

@Nibbles fab post and pics :)

@The Wease, hello hun xxx

Becky said...

@Nibbles ooohh lovely post!!

That picture of Cam, OMG!, it is one of my fav's ever. Hang on, I need to go and have another look.....mmm that's better!!

Pineapple, rofl. Blondie (well highlights
) has me in stitches.

@stan are you being looked after? I hope so!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Pineapple is unreal lol, when he wrapped that scarf round his head cos of the cops. The lisp does me in, could he be anymore gay as Chandler Bing would say.

@Wease-Mincing is how gay guys walk lol Pineapple is a show over here about a dance studio

TwiWeasel said...

@ Mary - Hello's the fadge? *snicker*

@ Nibbles - OK, makes more sense now...kinda.

This is random but I gotta bitch: I still haven't received my friggin book!! GRrrrrr! I ordered it on the 19th and it said 4 to 7 days! Somebody can't fucking count!

OK, that's it for now. Gotta take care of the MiniWeasels...If I can get the youngest down for a nap & the older two engrossed in a movie, maybe I can read some FanFic! My fingers are crossed!


Mary said...

@The Wease the fadge is fine ta ;) Have a good weekend xxx

Dangrdafne said...

I definitely would need a demo of each item no doubt about that! Oh wait, do I hear my door bell????

Anonymous said...

WOO! Nice post Nibbles! Oiled up Rob on the sheets stopped the scrolling in it's tracks! I'm also loving the new twitter boxes on the sides. I was laughing to myself because Rob is the only one of the bunch holding out and not posing topless for us all to enjoy. His were all manips while the other boy's photos were real. DAMN YOU ROB! GET NAKED ALREADY!!!

Stan said...

Being looked after? Are you taking the piss? Well, I had to burst into tears this morning before he'd get his selfish arse out of bed and all day he's been trying to make me get up and do stuff, emding with helping him get the kids to bed. It's no lie that I put his pic up for question 5 on Jelena's FFF yesterday and then took it down again. Then he accuses me of being unloving. Well, what a bloody surprise eh? The only one who's looked after me today is my 5yr old (I'm unreasonable though cos he went to work when he had it).

Dangrdafne said...

Oh Stan - I feared that. I don't blame you for wanting to post his pic for the FFF question - I would have done it!! I wish I were there to kick him in his butt!! I am glad at least a Stanlet is there for you.

PS You are NOT unreasonable at all and you know it!

Stan said...

Thanks Dangrdafne, he even asked me to empty the potty when the youngest one went on it. FFS, I was having a relapse at the time too, I seem to feel better for a bit then bad again. Argh!

Mary said...

Oh poor Stan. I wish we lived close I'd have come and kicked his ass then looked after you. AND I'd have bought you homemade leek and potato soup!

Stan said...

Aww bless you! He's just come dowstairs and said he might go out so I called him a cunt. He then announced he's going for a bath instead. I told him I can't remember the last time we spent an evening together and he said it's cos I'm hardly a barrel of laughs to be with. Erm, wonder why? Great, he's come in and took the remote control now.

Mary said...

Oh that is cuntish behaviour. tell him to fuck off to the pub!

Stan said...

No because he won't come home til about 3 and then I'll never get him up in the morning.

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Oh, Stan, I am so sorry. You've no idea how I sympathize with you. Do you think you can talk to him about this stuff and how you're feeling? I think you guys need to reconnect. This is the perfect time to call your sister in law was it? on that babysitting card. He's probably just as unhappy as you are, but that doesn't excuse his selfish, unsympathetic behaviour towards you. I have to tell you, some 5 years ago or so, MM was treating me the same way. We fought extensively, and I cried an ocean during those months. It wasn't until I left him that he had embraced the possibility of change, and we were separated for a while, but we both worked hard at reconnecting, and we found even bigger love for one another. This was before we were married. I think we both wake up every day thankful that we are still together, because we both know how miserable we were and that we were so close to splitting forever.

I just wanted you to know that there is always hope. You both should do something, and salvage your love.

hugs sweetie

TwiWeasel said...

@ Stan - oh honey, I'm so sorry!! To be kicked while you're down sucks! But really, I agree with Jelena on this one! The two of you need some "alone together" time! No kids (and no Rob or Jacob)...just you and Mr. Stan. At first it may feel forced, but if you guys relax and remember the things you like about each other, who knows what'll happen? (((BIG HUGS)))

(Molly) Twinatic said...

I would like deodorant delivered personally by KLutz in that outfit please!

I wish they styled James more like Cam in real life, it would have been a million times hotter!

And while I lurve me some Jasper an Edward ... I like real RPattz pics (too bad he won't run round half nekkid as much as the rest of them) and I like to see J Actions smile :)

Z Any Mouse said...

Hi everybody, I'm catching up on being out all weekend w/the Mouse family. We rode roller coasters all day yesterday, and I'm walking a bit sideways today.

@Stan - Sorry to hear of your troubles, and I completely sympathize. Remember the whole "Mr. AM cancelled Christmas" ordeal? Yea, that was the last straw after a year of putting up with some awful shit. I demanded that we spend some time together once a week, even if just a couple hours and threatened him with marriage counseling if things didn't get better immediately. I knew that would get him because he's so fucking cheap. Anyway, it worked and everything's been dandy since. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and me :)