Friday, 12 February 2010

Friday Fun Five!

Hello Ho's!  Happy Friday!  What a week it's been.  The Rob drought was eased by wet Rob *sigh* and Beacob turned 18.  The week has ended on an even better note with a rare positive from real life - my 5yr old son's teacher has finally agreed that dyslexia is a possibility and said she's going to try and get somebody in to assess his reading and writing!  Although, obviously I'm not pleased that he might have dyslexia on top of all his physical problems, it's obvious to me that he's struggling and if we can either rule it out or confirm it he's going to be in a better position.

Anyway, enough of that, let's get on with the light-hearted crap that we really congregate here for.

Last week Nibbles the Notorious chose fanficzombie as the winner of Friday Fun Five, so here are her questions!  Answer in the comments as usual - please come and join in, even if you haven't before - and the winner comes up with next week's questions :o).

1. Estimate how much money you have spent on your Twilight obsession. (You may subtract how much you estimate you have saved on books since becoming a fanfic h00r if applicable).

This is a photo of a shop in my nearest town.  It's called 'Cougar Financial Rescue' and deals in debt management.  You'll notice it's now empty, through me bankrupting them with the extent of my cougar spending.  Not such a smart business idea, hey guys?

2. What was your most epic Halloween costume ever? When was the last time you dressed up?

3. How long were you a lurker?

Ever the optimist, I typed 'Edward Cullen Lurking' into Google images.  This was the first result.  Despite the obvious lack of lurking going on I think it will do nicely.

4. What is the best music concert you have ever been to and why?

OMG!  Mrs.P, he has your initial on his leg!

5. What is the most awkward or embarrassing situation you have ever been in with a significant other?

If Mr Stan and I had ever tried this, it would have been embarrassing.  FACT.

Come back tomorrow, I do believe that Nibbles is planning on taking the boys out of the attic for a trip to the beach!  Better bring spare undies ladies, I have a feeling we might be pissing the ones we'll be wearing with laughter!


Becky said...

Ok here goes...

1. I haven't really spent that much, hubs would go mad. I just have the books, calendar, DVD, CD, book mark and a few *ahem* magazines. Probably about £60 - £70? Oh, thats more than I thought!

2. I don't think I have ever dressed up for Halloween, its just not as big over here!

3. mmm I probably lurked for a month or so before haveing the guts to post a comment.

4. ooh thats a toughie! Probably Cold Play's Viva La Vida tour. I took my hubby as I surpise Xmas present and they were just fantastic! My second ( I know I am cheating but it was close) would have been Take That last Year, me & my friends had a huge Pink Limo to take us there and back, it was fab! The boys were amazing.

5. Probably with my bofriend in college. We were caught in the act by my room mate, who quickly left us to it. Unfortunately we were still at it when she came back ( we were young with stamina), needless to say she wasn't impressed!

Becky said...

Meant to say, great questions! It must be getting harder and harder to think of some diff ones!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

I'm answering these now even though I said I wouldn't cos of work pressure-fucking gestapo but the hubs has turned into a twat overnight and I'm not talking to him today (at the moment)so making myself sick eating chocolate instead-it is a cure all!! Er except for sickness...hmmm

Great questions indeed FFZ and I agree with Becks it is quite hard to think of something innovative and original to ask hence I turned to sex-always works for me! Anyhoo...

1)Money spent-nowhere near as much as Stan I'm betting, hope Mr Stan doesn't see this when you put your answers up chick lol-Mmmm prob about £90 all in oh, thinking around about £100 for sure. If it were hours then God knows and he ain't telling!

2)Last time I dressed up for halloween I was a...............vampire.This was year before last for a party. I had a great dress & wig & teeth lol. The most epic was when I worked in a bar and myself and 2 others went as punk witches. I wore a mini skirt and top made out of black plastic. The top was a band that covered my boobs thats all, I was skinny then. I had on fishnet stockings, suspenders, stilletoe heels. My hair was pretty much how I usually had it then anyway which was back combed to fuck and stuck out everywhere, it was green at the time and I sprayed it silver with coloured hairspray and left my makeup similar to normal-goth/punk but wore silver lippy instead of black. We had a great night, lots of tips and my top got ripped off by a squaddie, luckily we had plastic bin liners in the kitchen and I made a new one pmsl... those were the days. I did also do Marilyn Monroe and sexy Mrs Claus oh and a saloon girl and pj party at the bar too. Fuck I dressed up a lot then!

3)I was NEVER a lurker, I dove right in, joined and commented my heart out straight away-Faint hearted I'm fucking well not!

4)Shit, I used to review bands for a couple of fanzines so have seen many, many including Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden when they were wee little start me ups. I also had the honour of meeting a few guys and went to a back stage party of Soundgardens where I upset Kim Thayall cos i was way drunk. I took my 13 yr old son to see Green Day last year. They were amazing, it has got to be one of if not the greatest gigs I've been to. The atmousphere was brilliant, my son loved it, the band were outstanding and played for nearly 3 hours which is rare these days and they ended with Billie-Jo onstage on his own doing an acoustic version of Good Riddance (time of your life) one of my all time faves-hoping to take him to see Foo Fighters, Korn & Linkin Park too before I get to old and embarrass him (more)

5)So many to choose brother walking in on me shagging, my bf's mum walking in on me bj-ing said bf, caught by strange man in woods giving bj (to bf). Caught by bf's brother in bed shagging, throwing up on bf having very drunk sex, farting whilst cumming (so funny)um saying someone elses name (ooo not good), pulling out a vibrator and bf getting really huffy, asking one bf during 1st & last time sex "is it in yet". Yup lotsa bad moments haha but oh god remembered another caught by boss shagging in toilets at work once...I regret nothing and enjoyed everything except the really small dick encounter (shivers)

Done, right back to work, yeah yeah they'll be goose stepping through here shortly. Hope hubs stops pissing me off otherwise no sex!

TigerlilyRose said...

Good and amazingly clean questions )for this bunch...LOL)

1. Less than 100 USD. My obsession is like a porn addicts, you have home, on your computer when no one is looking...

2. Pregnant Nun...Mr Lilyrose was a Horny priest with a Hard-on. We won a best costume contest that year. We don't dress up much though.

3. Long enough to read the first post and comment. So technically never.

4. Best Music concert ever...hmmm...tough one, John Mellencamp in 2005 or Bret Michaels Band 2009...can't choose, pick one of those and say that is my answer...LOL

5. When my husband and I started dating. One of the earlier nights out, he invited me to go play cards with some friends of his. Cool, right, intro to the friends. But when we got there, my ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend/ex-wife/live-in-who-he-dumped-me-to-go-back-to-and-I-later-figured-out-he-used-me-to-get-back was there. (That is his long name, I call him Dipshit for short.) Turns out they had been invited to play cards too. Fortunately, it was just Dipshit I couldn't stand, the ex-wife/live-in and I got along fine...LOL...I told hubs it was fine and spent some of the evening calling Dipshit names during the game. He cheats on cards too. Its a running theme in his life. BTW, ex-wife/live-in left him again recently...LMAO, but not before they had ANOTHER Kid! Doubt he's paying for that one either...sheesh!

@Stan...YAY on a teacher finally agreeing with you. That will be a big help for your son! Dyslexia is a learning disability that can be overcome with great success when diagnosed!

TigerlilyRose said...

@Nibbles...While I am considered the wild one of almost all my friends, you make me look bland, boring, and totally pure...LMAO..that is saying something! Maybe it just says I have really boring friends...HEEHEE...but I love each and everyone dearly..MWAH!

Becky said...

OMG Nibbles, you made me choke on my bacon sandwich!! ..

"farting whilst cumming.." ROFL That has to be my favourite comment of yours ever, I am still giggling. I have often think that will happen to me, but thankfully I have have managed to clench, lol! It still makes me laugh at the most inappropriate time just thinking about doing it though.

I have also had a "is it in" moment. Much like you it only happened once, lol!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Sorry Stan, meant to say good news about your son, hopefully he will get some help now. My mates daughter has dyslexia and is doing really well now she has got help!!

Becky said...

@TLR She makes me feel like that too, lol!

@Nibbles, you should write your memoires, imagine what a good read it would be!!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning!!! (Stan...I had my son tested as well, was so happy to have him tested, ... it's a big deal when they agree to do it!)

Oh yeah--how awesome is it that Jackson has my Initial on his leg??? VERY!!!!!

OK...on to the show.
1)OK...I may have run a contest and maybe I have bought the books and movies both on DVD and about $200. Not too bad.

2)I was a Geenie, like "I dream of geenie"..actually showed some skin in that costume...good ol' days.

3)I lurked for about a month, but once I commented I became I blogger like within a week.

4)Best concert ever was AEROSMITH!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!! Jones Beach, with my sister...they sounded awesome.

5)My husband and I were caught having sex more times than I can the firehouse, in his room, in the car, in my own livingroom...ah yes, good memories.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

@TLR-you are definately not boring or bland, recently someone said to me what happened to the wild child and I said I had to grow up (sorta) and stop drinking (sorta ahem)I have had some pretty wild and funky times thats for sure and if I told you them all we would be here forever and no one would believe I've done so much but fuck me I have filled every moment of my life with something or other. I never stopped, I never laid down and quit. Must admit its catching up a bit now lol, hence trips to hospital and will be going in soon for an op or 2 (one minor procedure) but I'm still there kicking up the leaves and shouting boo at people pmsl. I'm gonna go visit Stan soon and really get her to do some embarrassing stuff as I said I don't live there so fuck it hehe.


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

ps love you Stanley hehehehehe

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

@Mrs P-I lurve Aerosmith, I totally drooled over Steven Tyler and have seen them twice absolutely amazing-Never met them though humpf

Stan said...

Fucking hell. I'd better put a warning sign up in the village.

Anonymous said...

BTW---while I was staring at my initial on Jackson's leg and getting ready to "right click save" I noticed the BULGE in his pants. Holy shit...he's hung too?!?!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous you hos get to hang out...wish I was there.

Stan...did you get my penis craft? LMAO!!

Stan said...

Ok, here's my answers:

1. How much have you spent?
I had a quick add up and think about £350. This isn't bad at all - Mary will tell you that my last obsession was pushchairs, that one ran into the thousands (couldn't afford that one now!).

2. Halloween costume?
Like Becky said, Halloween isn't really big here, more now than when I was little, but still. Don't think I've ever dressed up for it/ The last time I dressed up would be as Beacob for mine and Mary's New Moon convention ;o)

3. How long did you lurk for?
Well seeing as I set the blog up...LOL

4. Best concert?
Oasis at Heaton Park in Manchester last year. I went with Mr Stan and the organisation for disabled people was appalling. Anyway, it was still amazing and I'd have gone through the hassle again for it. Oh, and we got our money back because of the power cut (yep, soz Noel but I am a cheeky cunt and I need it more than you ;o) ).

5. Most embarrassing moment.
Bloody hell, some of you lot are really rubbish with getting caught, I don't think I ever have been. A couple from when I first started seeing Mr Stan are when he told me I'd changed into my PJs in front of him the first night we met (I'd had a little bit to drink ;o)) and also when we hadn't been together long when he informed me that I fart in my sleep, I was mortified. Oh, and giving him genital warts wasn't my proudest moment either PMSL!

Thanks FFZ for the questions!

Stan said...

@ Mrs.P, yes I did thanks! Fab LOL! Been busy this morning, took H for his first haircut and he's turned into a clone of my eldest at 2. I'm a little freaked out!

That reminds me, I forgot the reminder in the post. People, get your sparkle peens made and sent to me asap. I have two entries so far and need more!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Mrs P you doubt the power of psychic Nibbles, I said he was above average!!!!

Anonymous said...

YES NIBBLES!!!! I you are right!!! My apologies...LMAO!!!!!

fanficzombie said...

Hey ladies...glad you are enjoying the questions..and remember, they are only as clean as your answers.

1. Estimate how much money you have spent on your Twilight obsession. (You may subtract how much you estimate you have saved on books since becoming a fanfic h00r if applicable).

Wow..I may have set myself up for ridicule here. The only thing I have bought is a Twitarded shirt, and that is really it. I used to spend on average $25 a month on books, but have bought maybe 4 books since I found fanfic, so I am definitely ahead.

2. What was your most epic Halloween costume ever? When was the last time you dressed up?

Definitely Tippi Hedrin from The Birds. I found an old Jacki O style suit like Tippi wore in the movie at a thrift store, dyed it green and stitched probably 20 stuffed bloody birds onto it. Did up the coifed wig and had a HUGE crow attached like it was dive bombing my head. It was pretty insane.

3. How long were you a lurker?

Ugh. A while. I first found and from there hit a link to Twitarded. I lurked there for probably three weeks before I couldn't keep my trap shut any longer.

4. What is the best music concert you have ever been to and why?

Definitely Bauhaus, simply because when I discovered them and became a fan they had already broken up. So I thought I would never get to see them live. Fortunately, I didn't account for the "Oh shit, we're broke" reunion tour...or the one after that....or the one after that.

5. What is the most awkward or embarrassing situation you have ever been in with a significant other?

Ok, this is a little long but I kinda have to set up the story. Mr. Zombie and I met when I was 20 and started dating when I was 27. Unbeknownst to him, about a month before we started dating I had decided to get a boob job. That's right, did I stutter??? I mean really, we are all WAY past the TMI point, right? And here is my standard disclaimer..I went from zero to a B cup,that is it! (Just wanted my fair share is all, I'm not greedy ;p)

Anyhoo, this is a pretty funny story so totally worth full disclosure...TRUST. So, I had previously arranged to stay at my parent's house to recoup post op since none of my friends could do it (and stepmommy had had a facelift or four). So then Mr. Zombie and I started dating and I needed a ride up to my parent's the night before my surgery. My parents are a bit snobby upper class, Mr. Z back in those days was still swinging a hammer for a living and still had his long hair... yeah, NOT the best grounds for a good first impression to begin with.

So, to sum up, my husband met my parents for the first time the night he dropped me off for my boob job. Oh to have been a fly on that wall. Oh wait, I was there. It was SO FREAKIN AWKWARD. Knife cutting tension: check. Crickets: check. Wanting to crawl in a hole and die: check.

But here is the best part, really. It is SO freaking funny to hear Mr. Z tell the story nowadays: "Nice to meetcha, here's your daughter, I'll pick her up when she has titties." Cheeky bastard! LOL!

fanficzombie said...

@Stan: glad to hear you may be getting a step closer to diagosis which will lead to help. We waited 8 long months for Ian from the time Autism was suspected until diagnosed..and you can't do shit without a diagnosis. But once we had it *cue angels singing* Early intervention is key to all. So happy to hear you have that on track.

Stan said...

@ ffz, thanks, it just all seems unfair that it gets heaped on one child, he's got his CMT, he wears glasses and now this, so much ti cope withm bless him :o(

fanficzombie said...

Strong mommies make for strong kids..

Stoney said...

1. As of right now not a whole whole lot. More than what my husband would find appropriate if you add in $ spent on blog brainstorming lunches and the time we got the car so muddy after the Charlie Swan photo shoot that we had to have it proffessionally cleaned inside and out...or the exsessive amounts of alcohol purchased for "research". Not to mention this upcoming Fffffoooorrrkkkkssss trip...

Ok here are a few favorites:
Paulie Jr. from Orange County Choppers...that was a fun night b/c I was in drag. That night was so jacked up. There was a dildo getting passed around (its in almost all of my pictures like "where's waldo"), I think I made out with Nabs...the cops came...
A group of us dressed up like the Reject Care Bears (Stripper Bear, Goth Bear, Get Lucky Bear, Ghetto Fabulous Bear...) I have some AMAZING pictures that are also quite naughty. I was Goth Bear.
Last year I was Flo from the progressive commercials. I already have kind of a throw back retro look so it was perfect for me. The bar we went to was soooo packed it was a blast.

3. I lurked around for quite a while. I'm like the creepy naked guy in the bushes waiting to pounce. No, really I was just too lazy to comment on anything and I knew once I started there was no going back...kind of like meth.

4. many good concerts. One summer we followed TOOL around to five different cities. Me -the only girl- with 5 other guys in a mini van. Probably one of the best summers of my life. The wacky debauchery paired with the most incredible music I've ever heard...mind blowing.
Sigur Ros is probably a close close close second. The things Jonesy can do with his voice...absolute genius.
For most memorable...Tom Petty summer of 2004. How I love that man and his fans. "Let's roll another joint..."

5. Oh boy...I was dating a college football player for a while and the floor of his dorm was ALL guys from the team and one day I was in his dorm and he forgot to lock the door and we were going at it on his desk and the door flung open and about 10 of them were standing there gawking and refusing to close the door. MORTIFYING.
I also got caught giving a blowie to my first boyfriend in the parking lot of the ice rink (I was a figure skater...I know that is probably the more embarassing factoid).

TigerlilyRose said...

@stan What is CMT? and WTF is a pushchair...LMAO? Oh and I must have missed the sparkle peen contest post, was that when I was down last week? I'll go back and look for that, I am CRAFTY!

@MrsP I can't believe you doubted the Great Nibbles...PMSL! I bet Jackson is the biggest! Maybe PFach is, but I am betting on one of those two being the most HUNG in that foursome. (I won't count Billy Burke, but he's prob got a good-un too!)

@Nibbles...Hope the surgeries are nothing serious! Good Luck!

@FFzombie...Autism is the shits, but if you get early diagnosis it makes all the difference in the world. You are right though, can't do SHIT without a diagnosis. My friend is a teacher and her son needs disability testing for ADD or dyslexia, but because she is a teacher she has to fill out twice the forms (guess they are afraid she is trying to get away with something..phumf!) Benn two years worth of paper work, still no test. He turns 11 this summer, time is slipping away from them and they can't get him any help. It sucks!

TigerlilyRose said...

@Stan...OK, just found and read the Peen off post and after I changed my undies from PMSL at all the comments (Nibbles strikes again) I feel I must partake in this adventure! I know what I am doing while the kids are off at Grammies today...LMAO...ok, gotta plan!

Still giggling at images of sparkly peens falling through the mail slots...LOL

Becky said...

@TLR a pushchair rofl. What you push babies/toddlers in! Do you call them strollers|

Anonymous said...

@Becky---OOH!!! That's what that is...I had images of Stan collecting office furniture or something. Yes we call them strollers, or carriages.

Mary said...

1. Don't think i've spent much at all. The books, dvd, posters and a few other bits and bobs

2. Halloween, we don't really do here *shrugs*

3. Lurked! With Stan on my back ppfftttttttt I don't think so ;)

4. Hands down it has to be Bobby Brown *swoon* He was soooo good, I screamed a lot, I jumped the barriers and touched him, it was fab.

5. I've given serious thought to sharing this with you fellow Ho's and i've decided to go for it, though I may delete it later! It's long but got to be worth the read ;)

I've been with mr Mary for 20 years now and I didn't think there was anything I could possibly do to embarass myself in front of him after all these years. Bearing in mind he's seen me giving birth and shitting at the same time. He's seen me covered in my own puke, I've covered him in puke, so you can see it's pretty much been covered. So I thought!
A couple of months ago we were doing the dirty and I have to say I was really enjoying myself, i'd had a couple of glasses of wine and Mr Mary was on form with his tongue *cough* I did get a bit of tummy cramp and prayed I didn't fart whilst he was down there, and I managed to keep it in, yay me. When we'd finished he went to the bathroom first to clean up and shouted back into me to check the state of the bed....oh god cringe....because I must have got my period! Cue lots of teeth cleaning and mouthwash for Mr Mary. Very embarassing but on the positive side, it's a good job he's not a vamp or i'd be fucking dead!!!

Good q's FFZ x

Stan said...

*tut* fancy not knowing what a pushchair is!

Mr Stan (and his dad) and Will, our eldest, have a neuromuscular condition called Charcot Marie Tooth Disease (nothing to do with teeth), or CMT. I won't go into it here, but if you want to find out more you can visit

Stan said...

Ok, so the link doesn't work, you'll have to type it out!

fanficzombie said...

@Tigerlillyrose...that is so heartbreaking to hear stories like that. Medical insurance is a joke with things of this nature, you may as well not even have it. Our year wait was agonizing, but we know we are lucky that is all it was. And now, just having had less than two years of programs/schooling, we know in our hearts Ian someday will lead a relatively normal independant life. He has a ways to go yet but he will get there. We certainly couldn't be sure of that two years ago. I will send positive thoughts for your friend.

Becky said...

@Mary, thanks for sharing, lol! I hope it didn't put him off.

twilightcupcake said...

Holy f*ck - blogger just lost my answers and I have to type them again. Serves me right for being so bloody verbose

1) All in all about $2000 - including trip to Forks 500, stuff from Forks 200, autographed Stephenie Meyer twilight book and autographed framed photo from Rob and Kristen with cells 600, twilight party 5 course dinner with favours and buying a cricut to make invites 500, 4 barbie dolls, misc magazines and other stuff including a movie script. Yikes, totally worth working as a doctor to pay for all this stuff. Not counting my June Volterra trip because we were going to Italy anyways

2)Best costume - Winnie the Pooh childs x-large costume I wore for many years. When pregnant looked awesome and it was so warm and fuzzy for Canada winters. Plus I had a Disney honey pot costume for the babies. Sniff sniff kids are grown up now...sigh
Best adult costume was an egyptian princess - I look fierce with wicked eyeliner and gold/white satin

3)Lurking from May 09 until my first blog response Jan 2/2010. Started a blog right away and all is lost after. Now permanently glued to my screen.

4)Don't laugh. I love me some Celine Dion. I am a cheesy girly music lover through and through. I could also say Tiffany and New Kids on the Block or even U2 but Celine was the best singer hands down. I mean it, don't laugh.

5)Most embarrassing? I'm glad you said "a significant other" b/c Mr. TC and I have always been boring for the last 15 years. He's not the biggest on PDA so I'm glad I got that shit out when I was younger.
age 15 - sitting in a stairwell of a bus station with b/f of the moment's hand down my pants fingering me and then having this older couple, obviously on their way to the opera or something, coming down the stairs, jaws drop open and then having them step OVER us while his hand was still inside me. LMAO after.
Also, with another b/f making out in the washroom at a party for so long that we didn't notice when everyone from the party (all 20 people) went outside the house to sing "happy birthday" to us through the window. Apparently someone had wanted to pee for a long time but we didn't hear them knocking. Whoops. I think Mr. TC was one of the singers. Yes, there is a lot of inbreeding in my friends up here. You have no idea. That b/f got married to my bff and Mr. TC was a groomsman and I was a wedding planner and spoke at the wedding. Twisted...

17foreverlisa said...

Morning Twi-hos! As always, answering without reading everyone else's answers. You guys are going to hate me (even more) because I could not figure out a way to condense my answers. So I apologize up front for the length of this comment! It's so long that I have to split it into parts to meet the blogger character requirement.

And before I forget, that's great news, Stan, that your son is going to get tested. Keep fighting for his rights!!

1. Estimate how much money you have spent on your Twilight obsession. (You may subtract how much you estimate you have saved on books since becoming a fanfic h00r if applicable).

- Twilight DVDs (I have four versions; I gave one as a convert gift) 125
- Twilight and New Moon Soundtrack CDs 35
- Pocket Edward 20
- Magazines (store/ebay) 300
- Books (two original sets, two paperback [one to read and one for a keepsake]; first two pocket-sized paperbacks; audiobook series; three original Twilight books given as convert gifts) 150
- Blog design 50
- Robsessed long-sleeved t-shirt and Cullen Baseball, Forks WA, sweatshirt 70
- Twilight, New Moon, and Bandslam (to see NM trailer - twice) movies and concessions 200
- Calendars/Posters 50
- Twilight Scene It DVD Game 25
- Misc (bookmarks, adhesive bandages, candy, Burger King meal for NM postcards used on Xmas tree) 50
- iPod Touch, accessories, and iTunes bought specifically for my Robporn (pictures of Rob; Rob’s music, Kings of Leon, Bobby Long, and Marcus Foster; Twilight Saga audiobooks; Twilight movie, movie trailers, and interviews; New Moon movie trailers and interviews; Twigasm and Patty Cast Podcasts; Twilight Scene It Game app; Peter Facinelli and Billy Burke apps; Robsessed movie [I just recently caved!], ff, etc.) 300
- Ringtones on cell phone (Supermassive Black Hole - main; Spotlight; Bella’s Lullaby, etc.) 15
- U.S. Cellular USB modem and wireless router (for blogging and access to iPod Touch when power is out) 150
- Other Rob DVDs (The Haunted Airman, How To Be, Little Ashes) 50
- Other Rob-related books (Bel Ami, Water for Elephants) 20
- Borrowed guitar (replaced strings and had cleaned/oiled) 35
- Online guitar lessons (so I can learn Never Think, etc.) 15/month
- Trip to Forks - (estimate) 600
- Twitarded and TwiBite t-shirts (ordered) 50

Holy shit, fanficzombie! Why did you make me say it “out loud”?! I’ve spent roughly $ date.

17foreverlisa said...


2. What was your most epic Halloween costume ever? When was the last time you dressed up?
In 6th grade, my mom sewed a costume for me that I helped design. The material was gold metallic (still remember how scratchy it was). It was a one-piece outfit that zipped up the back, had long sleeves, and ended in pretty short shorts for 6th grade. She used the same material to cover a headband and added antennae to it. She also let me wear a pair of her go-go boots. I thought I was the hottest alien chick EVEH! LOL!

The last time I dressed up was four years ago, and I was a witch. Very original, I know, but I was under duress to attend this party hosted by a very close friend. She and her husband have one every year, but I haven’t been back since. I hate dressing up for Halloween. Luckily, so does my husband.

3. How long were you a lurker?
One month lurking the internet and following Twitarded; another month actively blogging before starting my own blog

4. What is the best music concert you have ever been to and why?
Aerosmith (the first time) - Had a mini orgasm when the venue lights went down and Steven Tyler started singing, silouetted behind a huge white canvas; had the big O when they started singing “Janie’s Got a Gun,” and cried when it was over.

17foreverlisa said...

5. What is the most awkward or embarrassing situation you have ever been in with a significant other?
The first year we were married, we rented an apartment from my husband’s parents. It was very tiny and we even stored a few things like bread in the oven. One night I was getting ready for bed in the bathroom off of our bedroom (my husband was already in bed), and I flung my underwear at him. He wasn’t looking, so it caught him off guard. He reacted by grabbing them and throwing them off the bed. Since he was laying down, they went straight up in the air and landed on the chandelier light fixture (the building used to be a bank and is on the historical registry; the one-bedroom apartment was upstairs and, at the time, the small-town public library was downstairs - I kid you not!). Well, my husband didn’t want to get out of bed and I couldn’t reach it, so there it stayed. The next morning, we were getting ready for work and we started smelling something burning and frantically ran around the apartment checking the oven (thinking we were melting the bread wrapper - again), my curling iron, etc., etc. In a panic, we called his dad (their house was literally three minutes away) who hurried over. He came upstairs and walked through the kitchen, living room, and then our bedroom. He came back out of the bedroom, looked at the two of us standing there, our eyes wide, turned, and sheepishly pointed up to the chandelier. With a straight face, he said, “I think that’s your problem,” and walked past us and out of the apartment. When we had turned on the light, the exposed lightbulbs on the chandelier had gotten hot and my God damn underwear were smoking! Let me tell you, I have NEVER lived that one down. Good thing it happened when I was 18. At almost 48, the size of my underwear now would burned the whole building down. Just sayin’.

Mary said...

@Becky nothing puts him off;)

Mary said...

@17foreverlisa the underwear I wore @ 18 wouldn't go past my calfs now!

Dangrdafne said...

Another crazy day at work and 39 comments already??!! I will try to answer later. Yikes!

TigerlilyRose said...

@all Brits in audience...yes we call them strollers here. LOL

@Lisa, I think you have the best embarrassing moment so far...

@Stan...I will check the link on your sons ailment. Thanks.

@FFZombie..Thanks for the thoughts. Nathan is such a sweet boy, but he has a terrible time staying focused and concentrating for periods of time. He is smart and sensitive and sweet, but without the diagnosis he can't get an IEP at school.

TwiWeasel said...

OK Girls. Here are my answers. I'll come back in a bit to read everyone elses.

1. How much money have I spent? Hmmm...other than purchasing the books (actually only the last three, my daughter bought the first one and I just sort of latched onto it) and movie tickets...I haven't spent much! There were a couple of magazines, and then the postage to send Riley and Victoria to Stan. I bought a Twitarded t-shirt that was printed so horribly that I returned it, so I can't count that as money spent. You know, I think if you factor in all the fan fic I read, I should be making money!! Where's my fucking check?!

2. Epic Halloween costume? Well, I semi dress up every year for my job, but I work at the bank so that usually consists of a set of black cat ears and a tail and some drawn on whiskers. Yeah, I know. Real creative. The last time I really dressed up, I went as a punk rocker with make up so thick and hair so big I was unrecognizable. Unfortunately, I was like 13.

3. I lurked for a month or so over on Twitarded before ever making a comment. Then I kept it at annonymous for a few more weeks. After that, TwiWeasel made her first appearance. Then I met Stan and we began exchanging fave pix...ahhhh...that lip bitey pic is still a favorite!

4. The best concert I've ever gone to was Def Leppard! They were so loud and totally awesome!! I think part of what made it the best concert ever was that my Aunt (actually she was my step-aunt, but whatever) was mad at her husband and was just going to go to the concert without him. I piped up and said "well, I'll go with you." She looked at me for a second and then said, "Well, go get ready then." It was totally unexpected!! (I also think some of my enjoyment of the show was perhaps due to whatever the folks behind us were smoking!!)

5. Having been together with Mr. TwiWeasel for 18 years (nearly 13 of them have been married) we've had lots of embarrasing/awkward situations...our entire first date...the first time we ran into the boyfriend I dumped for him...when he first told me he wanted to make love to me and I burst out crying...when I told him I had drunkenly kissed another birth...the first sex after giving birth...the first time using a vibrator in front of him...

StarlitViolets said...

1. Twilight Dollars Spent:

Actually, every Twilight-related purchase has been a gift from Mr. SV. No shit! Except for the first book purchase, which was together, but technically he paid. So yeah - all books, even my coveted special editions, movie tickets, DVDs, magazines, etc. have all been bought by the hubs, cuz he fucking ROCKS!

Oh yeah - and he's taking me to FFFFFOOOOORRRRRKKKKSSSSS!!!!!!

2. Best costume/Dressed up Last:

My two best costumes were a kick-ass blue butterfly, complete with a blue wig and HUGE wings. And the second was probably the hubs' fave - a naughty school girl. I wore a VERY short plaid skirt with ruffle-bottom panties, knee socks, and pigtails. I let him spank me all night - and got spanked by a few others, but he didn't mind.

The last time I dressed up was probably at least 5 years ago.

3. Lurker:

I was a lurker in the Twi-bloggysphere for at least a few months, but now nobody can get me to shut the hell up.

4. Best Concert

Hmm... Does seeing and wanting to murder Hannah Montana count? Seriously - about 4 yrs. ago. UGH! I've never been so happy that a phase of my daughter's was over.

The BEST is a lot tougher. Okay - since I can't decide on the best, I'll give you ladies a confession: My FIRST concert was when I was 8 years old, and I saw.... Huey Lewis and the News. Commence giggling. It's not something I admit often, but there it is.

5. Awkward Sitchiation w/ SO:

One Christmas, Mr. SV and I decided to sneak off to a small guest room in his parents' house. We were "taking a nap" and spooning under the covers. Well - it mid-penetration, we received a visit from a sister-in-law and pretended to be very sleepy, but answered her questions. Not 3 minutes later, we got a knock from his mom - damn! More questions, but zero suspicion. Then - a 5 year old niece decided to see where we were. At that point we just pretended to be asleep. We did finally finish though. HA!

Well - my answers certainly weren't as funny as last week's - but there you go! Now off to read what all my favorite cuntbiscuits have answered.

StarlitViolets said...

@Stan - Congratulations on the assessment approval! May this be the first step to finding a solution. Hope is infectious, so if I breathe on you, maybe you'll catch some. I leiu of that, seeing that we're thousands of miles away, know that I'm rooting for your family - big time!

Dangrdafne said...

1. Cost of Twilight: as the commercial goes,
Books (many variations including an Italian New Moon), DVDs/movie theater showings, miniE, Comic Con crowns/poster/cards, Soundtracks/scores = $200

trip to Italy to follow book and movie = $1500

finding Twitardia and all the awesome Twitards in it = priceless

2. Epic personal Halloween costume - Reindeer with fake white fur for a belly and around my wrists and ankles on brown pants and brown turtleneck. Then black books and black gloves and antlers. The topper, a white beard tied to my pant belt loop and hanging out the back as a tail. Very cute.

Epic work Halloween costume - our Quality department dressed as Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs - AWESOME! We won the contest too.

Last time I dressed up = 3 years ago.

3. I don't remember how long I was a lurker. I know my first comment was at Twitarded.

4. Best concert = Saw Johnny Mathis (my ultimate fave of all time) front row in Tropicana casino in Atlantic City 4 years ago - show was taped for PBS, have a copy and you can see me and Dangrmomma on it. I got to shake his hand at the end of the show and thank him for his music. Most star struck ever (except for when Tony Bennett walked past Dangrmomma and I and I said "thank you for being here" and he turned and said thank you back to me - I thought my mom was going to faint).

As for a rock shows - U2 last October with Muse opening for them. My first concert ever Billy Joel and him calling me and my sister over to his bus window to thumbs up the musical shirts we had on for the concert.

5. I've got nothing for this one. Welcome to my boring marriage. Sorry. My word verification is appropriate for this items = bumenr

Banshee713 said...

1. I think it's around 150 euros, but I suck at maths so I'm not gonna work it out. It's just my much abused paperbacks, my special edition books, the dvd, Mini-Edward and the movie companions.

2. I tend to go for gothic-style costumes because of my black hair, pale skin and permanent dark circles. I've been a vampire several times (even before my Twi-obsession), and I think I was a zombie a few years ago. My favorite was the Bride of Frankenstein - I painted stitches all over and pinned white extensions into my hair for the streaks.
Last time I dressed up was the year before last, as a ghoul, with lots of black eye make-up and that gross spider-web material.

3. I was only a lurker for a few days, then I couldn't not chime in. And now you all get to hear me bitch and moan all the time.

4. The last concert I went to see was Muse in November and they were AWESOME!!! But even though I prefer Muse's music, I actually had more fun at the Green Day concert I was at a couple of weeks before. I've gotta agree with Nibbles, they were amazing, the atmosphere was incredible, and they were just so much more personal, even though it was the same venue. And Billie Joe mooned us. All in all, a great night.

Oh and when I was 18, I saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers at Slane, supported by the Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age. That was pretty awesome too.

5. I got nothin'. What can I say? I'm boring as fuck.

@Stan: Congrats on the exam. Dyslexia's a bitch, but catching it early makes all the difference. I went to school with a couple of dyslexics. One was caught early and she did pretty well (she's a nurse now). The other wasn't so lucky and he just kind of coasted.