Monday, 15 February 2010

Peen Extension

...Yep, don't worry, you haven't accidentally clicked on your junk email folder, I just wanted to announce an extension to the deadline for the Big Peen Off.

Thanks Rob, your eagerness to help is touching,  but I don't think the megaphone's necessary for this particular announcement.

If you missed the original post announcing it, you can find it here.

I've also decided on a prize - the winner will get a New Moon Sparkle Edward figure as soon as I can get my mitts on one.  It seemed apt ;o).

So, get crafting Ho's.  I've already had some fab entries and I want to see your!  Anything goes, as long as it resembles a peen and sparkles, it's eligible (no entries attached to real life men please, I don't want traumatising).

Email your entries to me at before Sunday 28th February.

Ok, how are well all today?  Have a good weekend?  Chat away in the comments as always :o)


Jelena @ Twiholic said...

I can't, I just can't. I'm sure as hell I wouldn't be able to hide this from MM, and finding me molding a sparkling penis might just be grounds for divorce.

Mary said...

Morning Stan and Jelly baby :)

I might have problems this week making a peen. It's half term and the kids are at home. I've promised Aaliyah we will do lots of baking but i'm thinking no to getting her to help with a peen! Might be a bit traumatic for a 6 year old methinks

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

I WANT ONE SO BADLY-I have already entered my um entry so fingers crossed XXXXXXXXXXXXX. I made mine at work when no one was there and hid/ate most of the evidence hence I felt sick from too much peen eating-no comments please ho's!!!!

Sneaked on as I'm helping out on reception-ugh, mixing with sick people I'm sure its not in my job description. I miss my office and my pics of the Precious around me to help soothe my nerves. Only got my mug to look at down here and fucking Stew-ped is wrapped round him-bleurgh!
Found out something the pic of what looks like a plush toy Edward is not a plush toy its called a Munny and you make them-arts and crafts again sigh and this guy made it for his wife. Lucky her to have an Edward-understanding hubby! Have emailed questions to him so I'll let you know but if you google Munny you can find out all about it!
Laters xxx

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

I just posted this on Jelly Babys blog, I was inspired by the Details photo shoot and spur of the moment as I am this came out of my head bwahahaha, I need a holiday...

A poem for Robert by his fan Nibbles (I made this up just now lol)

Oh Robert, you are so lush, I want to rub and spank your tush.
I'd love to run my hands through your hair
The stuff on your head as well as down there

I think I love you, I really do
My stomach in knots and all cos of you
I'd like to bend you over that bath tub
Grab your cock and give it a rub
I know there's been some speculation
about your dick and size in relation
But in my heart I know its true
You've got a huge motherfucker
and I just really wanna do you

Love Nibbles xx

Dangrdafne said...

@ Nibbles - thanks for the update on the cute Edward from your picture of Toys in the Attic. Also you are one creative woman! Love the poem.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

I lost my comment?

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

No its my stupid computer lol

@Dangrdafne-no worries chick, I aim to please and I was curious about the wee Edward too!

Stan said...

PMSL Nibbles! Nutter. ;o)

Becky said...

@Nibbles OMG, you are so funny. I had to hide in the toilet to read this as the kids keep trying to play with me ( the nerve of them!), but it was well worth it!! How do you come up with it all??

@Stan mmm... how do I make a sparkly peen without the 3 horrors noticing? Will have to make in bits and out them together later, lol!

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

I ditto Stan's comment. Nibbles, I am in awe how you never run out of energy and things to say. I cannot believe you made the peen while at work. PMSL!

Stan said...

Mary and Becky - I probably won't get chance with mine here too actually, I'm going to extend the deadline again to 28th :o)

StarlitViolets said...

Oh how I wish I could fashion a sparkly peen for you ladies. Especially considering that I'm still without a Mini-E. :( I just can't be that slick with a homeschooled 11 yr. old around.

Luckily, Mr. SV is not opposed to penis-shaped baked goods though. He always make at least one anatomy-shaped Christmas cookie every year: usually one peen and one vajayjay.

@Nibbles - As always, you make me laugh! Don't stop - EVER!

Becky said...

@Stan Yay! it will be peens galore after half term then!

TwiWeasel said...

Hiya Hos! I just sent my peen *giggle* to Stan!

@ Jelena - Same issue here...but I accidentally had some time to myself and voila! One sparkle peen!! Pix taken, in the trash it went and said pix are deleted off the camera! *whew* Don't want go get caught and laughed at like someone I know *cough*Tigerlilyrose*cough*

@ Mary - Slap some damn fondant together for shits sake! Sheesh! *rolls eyes*

@ Nibbles - It totes doesn't surprise me that you fucking made a sparkle peen at work. You are one crazy bitch, and I mean that in the nicest way possible!

@ Becky - Do it while you're hiding from your children in the bathroom!! LOL Peens galore! Bwahahahahaha!

@ StarlitViolets - Even if you think you're being really sneaky...the kids always seem to know that you're doing that you don't want them to see, right? Then you can't get them to just leave!! *shakes head in defeat* I know...I know.

Becky said...

@TwiWeasel If I spend anymore time in the loo they will think I have a problem!

Anonymous said...

Hello hos!!!!!!!!!! I'm HOME!!!!!! Thank you Nibbles for the lovely poem...I was able to read it while I was away and it make me pmsl!!!
I've missed you guys...I'm off to collect my thoughts and write a post! LATER!!!