Thursday, 11 February 2010

Things beginning with 'Th' Thursday - Special Edition!


It's a special day, Ho's!  Yes, guess what I'm going to be talking about today????

Yep, that's right, I've got a young wolf in mind, he's totally gorgeous with dark hair and I've got this fab video to show you, I guarantee you'll all love it!

See?  How cute was that?! 

Ok, on with more pressing business about the young, dark-haired wolf you all thought I was talking about in the first place.  Today's 'Things beginning with 'Th' Thursday' this week is dedicated to...

THE Birthday!  Yes ladies, I can now make Mary perve at pics of Beacob without her having to worry about him not being an adult!  Yep, she's going to have to think of another reason not to perve - or just bloody well give in and share in my perviness with me.

So, I thought it only right that here at Edbrella Towers, we celebrate Beacob's birthday with him, so I threw him a party!  Unfortunately only myself and Edward could make it, but we still had a fab time :o)

Music to scroll by (Thank Nibbles for this one, apparently she's got her own lyrics for the occasion, God help us ;o) )

Beacob told me that he wanted a pirate look for his party...

Ooh, Edward had the same idea!  What's the chances?!

Hmm, looks like Edward brought a prezzy along, wonder what it could be?  Home manicure kit maybe? A scarf for his neck?
Careful opening it Beacob, you don't want to get a paper cut!

Aww, how thoughtful!  Some of Beacob's favourite snacks and a card making kit!  Edward obviously read the same fact about Beacob as I did that he likes to make his own cards!  Hmm, cheapskate or romantic? You decide Ho's ;o)

Woah! Careful of those crotches boys, don't forget you're combustible!

I'll huff &I'll puff...


Ok, time for a party game...

Hmm, nope, you're both really good at this musical statues, not sure I can call it, let's go again

Ooh, did Edward just m... no.  Shit.  Nope, still nothing.  One last try...

Oh, sod it.  C'mon Edward, let's just take him to The White Bull for his first legal pint.

So there you have it, Beacob's birthday party!  You can now enjoy the following :o)

Oh, alright, alright, stop flinching Lisa, have this one on me

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for fanficzombie's Friday Fun Five questions!


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

PMSFL-Oh man I so wanted to be there for his birthday and take him and Eddie to the pub. You know I'd have done it too, fuck it I have no shame plus I don't live in your village so who cares hehe.
Love, love, love the musical statues I think Beacob cheated though, I thought I saw him wobble slightly...
I have to admit Stan (as I have before) I'd not say no if he begged to give me one but I'd have to look away from his widdle um cheeks unless they were his arse ones of course!!

Teenage Kicks, one of my mostest favouritest songs ever in the world, I listen to it in the car and sing along really loud in the morning on way to work and I can face anything. I did change the chorus to celebrate Bea's birthday but now I have re written the lyrics. I think Feargul Sharkey would be proud of me (sniffles)

So happy birthday you big bad wolf (still not afraid of you)

Hit it Feargul....

Wolfy dreams so hard to beat
Everytime he lopes down the street
Another wolf in the neighbourhood
Wish he were Stan's he looks so good

Stan wants to hold him, wants to hold him tight
Get Taycob fleas right through the night

Stan's gonna call him on the telephone
Mono's gone?...cos she's all alone
She needs excitement and she needs it bad
Taycob's 6 packs the best she's had

Stan wants to touch him, shag him, hold him tight
Get Tay's leash on right through the night


Taycobs a dream so hard to beat
A wolfman peen so small and so neat
Another Vamp in the Forking hood
His sparkle wand so big and uncut

Stan wants to hold him, shag him, brush him right
Get Jacobs fleas right through the night....

Bwahahaha I thank you, thank you, bows to screaming hordes. I feel a Brit award coming on.

Happy Birthday oh fuzzy face (when he starts to shave that is) Hehehehe-luv ya Stan xx

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

lmao just remembered combustible crotches-fuck I know dem guys are hawt but flaming peens hehehehe

Jelena @ Twiholic said...


Big round of applause for everyone - Stan for being a brilliant motherfucker, Tay Tay for his 18th, Edward for his thoughtful gift, and Nibbles... well just for being Nibbles.

Stan, I fucking adore you. Please tell me you bought that cake, and not made it yourself. Oh, and this is the first time I'm seeing FSJ, and my, my, my, now I see why you keep him in the closet - with him in the room, it'd be hard to focus on anything else.

Gonna start on the vid tonight, love, btw. Just thought you wanted to know.

TJB said...

Oh, my goodness! That was HIlarious. I'm actually ashamed that I don't have a FSJ. This post has made my morning.

Stan said...

Thanks Ho's :o)

@Nibbles, I texted you but everyone else should know that I just read her comment while I was in the doctor's waiting room - big mistake! Thankfully he still believed I needed anti-depressants, maybe he mistook the tears of laughter for real tears? ;o)

ROFL, mad woman!

Stoney said...

OMG that was brilliant!
I loved the pirate theme. What I wouldn't give to be a sand-wenched between those two hotties.

I was so hoping for the manky nails close up...lmfao.

I am SO GLAD I'm not a perv anymore. I was getting a bit tired of the endless Dateline NBC and pedophile jokes. Suck it ladies he's legal now!

Becky said...

PMSL! Fab post, i can quite easily ogle Beacob without getting anywhere near his cutesy face,

@Nibbles love your lyrics, rofl! Esp. these ...

"Taycobs a dream so hard to beat
A wolfman peen so small and so neat
Another Vamp in the Forking hood
His sparkle wand so big and uncut"

No wonder Stan was crying!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

I feel so sick I've eaten too much sparkle peen...You KNOW you want to ask pmsl...

17foreverlisa said...

@Stan - I was braced for this post. I started preparing for it last night, actually, because I knew it was coming...and so were you (she said that). Thank you from the bottom of my wolfless heart for thinking of me and ending the post with a picture of my guy.

The birthday party is hysterical. What makes me laugh the hardest, though, is thinking of you setting each shot up, etc. I love it, and I love you. Mwah!

@Nibbles - Great song lyrics!

Off to look at the fuckhawt pics of Rob, again, in his Bel Ami period costume smoking a cigarette. I'm not going to get anything done today!!

Mary said...

ROFL I saw the party pics already but they still make me chuckle :)

I'm with Nibbles in admiration of Taycobs smoking hot bod, but put off by his cutsie little boy face. It's a dilemma. Still not comfortable looking at the peen pic Stan insists on showing me at every opportunity though! Shameless hussy ;)

Stan said...

Maybe we should send him the beard & tache & eye patch to wear at all his photoshotts to cover his cutie face, would that help do you think?

Anonymous said...


@Stan---you totally baked that cake, didn't sweetheart!!!
@Nibbles---LOVE your lyrics! PMSL!!!

OMG, Taylor's neck in that standup---Beacob---LOLOL!!!

You ladies know how to throw a great party.

Becky said...

@Stan Then we would just laugh at him!

Mary said...

Oh and I LOVE the pic of Rob!

TwiWeasel said...

Oh. Mah. Gawd. Mr. Pat-me-some and Tay-tor HOT...ala Jack Sparrow! (that's CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow) *Swoon*

Glad to see you bitches are back. You fucking left me hanging yesterday, you bunch of Twat Waffles.

@ Stan - Seriously...did you let Mr. Stan have any of that cake, or did you save it for the Cardboard Bon Bons?

@ Nibbles - How ya doin? Feeling ok? I see you're still as ever!

@ Mary - Guilt free last!

@ Lisa - "Bottom of my wolfless heart..." Bwahahahaha!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
17foreverlisa said...

@Nibbles - Are you speaking Chinese now. LMFAO!!!!!!!

@TwiWeasel - ;)

fanficzombie said...

NICE to know the Ho's aren't the only ones with combustible crotches around here! Woot!

Excellent party shots...those balloon configurations remind me of an unconventional party my friends once threw me...that may or may not come up during the FFF conversation tomorrow.....

Anonymous said...

PMSL!!!!!! Tell me what &%#$#$## SAID!!!! I love administrator deletes..

Twilight Mommy said...

Speaking of things that start with "th" I think those pics of Taylor can now officially make me go THUNK! Great job on the party hun! Love it :)

Dangrdafne said...

@ Stan - my Taycob buddy, I love this post. Happy Birthday Taylor! Looks like it was a fun party. Love the pirate theme lol

@ Nibbles - brilliant

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Right apparently there wrre issues with our fic not being finished so I've just sorted that out in my own inimitable way. Now I'm off to bugger about cooking tea-no peen cakes in sight and then play at getting the beach trip ready for saturday-A slackers work is never done-hence I may be a wee bit quiet tomorrow as I need to type like the wind or maybe even better!

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Yeah, I wanna know what that person said too. Hopefully you don't have the same problem as Twired sisters, with some Koran preaching fella. Not that I have anything against Koran or Islam, but this is certainly not the place for that stuff.

hahaha, VW ougmee - "Ogle me" says Taycob now.

TigerlilyRose said...

Oh Shit ROFPMSLMAO...yep that's right, think I got all the abbrev. in there this time.

thats all I have to say though.

Z Any Mouse said...

Since when did you allow Johnny Depp in your Rob Corner?

Stacked Like Sookie said...

@nibbles-yes we are bowing at you & your song lyrics PMSL!!!! You're a genious.
Happy birthday hairy ass, thankfully I have been able to oggle him legally for ages but now I don't feel quite so bad.
Anyone have any fic rec's with B E & J as a threesome? Can't find any & now I can read them guilt free!
w/v ingin! I kid you not. Who's a hot legal ingin boy now! (how racist was that?

StarlitViolets said...

WOW Stan! Again, I'm put to shame by your super creative forays into FSE/FSJ/Mini E/Chimpsten photo ops.

LOVE the pirate theme! I'd be a damsel in distress for Robward any day. Taycob just doesn't quite do it for me though. Sorry. I'm with Lisa on this one.

I'm glad though, that the puppy is now legally droolable for all the ladies who do anyway. :)

@Nibbles - HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! Those lyrics were FUCKAWESOME and had me laughing like an idiot. Thank you!