Monday, 1 February 2010

Nibbles Gets VD

Bwahahaha y'all thought I'd been a dirty ho dincha? Well you're wrong (ahem) I'm not talking about Venereal Disease I'm talking about the new series that is the Vampire Diaries that starts on 2.210 at 9pm on ITV2 in the UK.
Now I'm only looking into this cos I keep hearing whispers about this fucking Damon guy being a pretender to Edward's throne. I don't think so hunny naha, no fucking way!

So sista's let us check out the competition and tell me what you think at the end is it still our golden boy Rob or the imposter Ian...

Lets just remind ourselves of Edward

droooling at that happy trail; I'd hike into that valley any fucking day or night!

(Packing my torch and chap stick as I type I may be down there a while)

Ok so there we have my.. um our lovely Precious laid bare (not fucking bare enough for me though) for all to see. Where's this pretender then...

Um ok well he looks kinda like a gay cowboy here; so saddle up hoss and ride away

Rob 1, Ian/Damon 0

We all know how we love to drown in Mr Pattinsons eyes cos he has got the most beautiful eyes out there right?

Oh my um Mr Pattinson what did you want me to do again?

(hur hur, oh that?! ok, just unzip please)

Haha aw couldn't resist this one (thanks to Magenta)

(Gone to change panties brb)

I'm back, glance proof panties on for now just in case!

Soooooooooooo how does the newbie measure up?

Yeah... well ok he has got kinda hot eyes

Jelly baby is no doubt jumping up and down going Lost, Lost, yeah he was in Lost but he got killed shame lol

Scores on the boards Miss drop your Drawers Rob 2 Ian 1 (he has got piercing eyes, I'll give him that) He reminds me a bit of Rob Lowe in his younger days.

What ya think?

There's one more item we need to check out...jaw porn

eurgh um er the jaw, the lips, I'm gonna need a moment

Ok newbie bring it on

Lost, totally Lost and I don't mean the show. The boy doesn't do profile very often and I can see why; absotively no fucking competition!!

I did say that was it but just one more teensy reason why Rob is better than Ian

Picture says it all "my own personal brand of crack!!!2

Final scores Rob 20 billion, Ian 1

To be fair I tried to find a picture of Ian's ass but alas I could find none....found plenty manips (teehee) of his dick though if anyone wants the links mail me pmsl.

From my point of view there is no fucking competition whatsoever. Rob/Edward beats Ian/Damon hands down. Sure in the tv series he's a little naughty, lets loose a bit more than Edward but we love Edward for his angsty, emoness and I/We wouldn't have him any other way would we? Mmm well maybe like in The Office or his Personal Assistant or Beneath the Begonia's (damn you woman , finish it already) or the ultimate (squeeee) MOTU ward. Ugh I've died. I always thing of Fiddy, yanno Fiddy Cent lol cos he's fifty shades of fucked up and that lyric

"I'm trying to explain baby, the best way I can. I melt in your mouth boy not in your hand"

Yeah, yeah I know its girl when he sings it but its my fucking fantasy and I'm melting in his mouth...


Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Nibbles, you'll love Damon, separately, like you love Eric Northman. I promise you!

When I first started watching Vampire Diaries, I kept thinking how closely related the scenarios were to Twilight, then I got schooled by some commenter, that the Vampire Diaries are actually older, the SVM and Twilight. Okay, shit! I got my facts wrongs!

Anyway, in time of drought, do what you must do, to drink. So drink up Damon, because I PROMISE you, he tastes good!

Anonymous said...

Rob wins...hands down! Although, the eyes are disarming on the other guy...and he does remind me of Rob Lowe...

Stan said...

Ok, first I'd just like to thank Mrs.P for ensuring that, having checked whether Rob's freaky eye corners are present, I then move on to look for the droopy left lid (check to both of these in your eye pic Nibbles).

Is now also a good time to admit that dark hair and blue eyes are totally my thing? I mean, it doesn't matter what the man looks like, if he has that colouring combo then you can more or less guarantee I'll look twice. (Shame Mr Stan is a greeny brown eyed red-head eh?).

I think it's only fair to give the newbie a chance Nibs ;o). Looking forward to watching.

Becky said...

@Nibbles Nice post!! I had trouble concentrating with all those pics. Now I can't even remember what I was going to say, lol!

I am going to give VD a go tomorrow night, see what the fuss is all about!!

I love Rob, but I kinda like the 'gay cowboy' look too, I def wouldn't kick him out of bed! His eyes, oh man .....

Nice piccie of Rob Lowe, I love a bit of him too...

So, all in all what a hot fucking post!!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

LOL, I don't hate the guy....everything I say is tongue in mouth! I still love Rob the most though, he is the dogs nuts for me. Though Damon's eyes in that pic are rather come hither and shag me disarming and I always loved Rob Lowe back from St Elmo's Fire hehe. Ugh gotta go hubs on prowl and I need painkillers and lie down, catch you tomorrow guys. I have another one to work on yet.Whooo!
Maybe Rob will do a 3 way with Damon lol

Stacked Like Sookie said...

I'm with you Nibbles, the eyes are yum but, I dunno...Yeah he does have the Rob Lowe about him. I've only watched VD twice & the other brother creeps me out. Yuk but he just makes my skin crawl, not in a good way.
I can't stop looking at that pic of Rob with his hand in his pants. My fanny (yes fanny here is the same as there, the front of your bum)just spontaniously combusted!
Eric Northman is the only other vamp for me but like @HG said, in times of drought...
Oh yeah, a tongue pic of Rob always does me in too, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nibbles- you are starting off with a bang. When the title said you had VD, I thought it ment Verbal Diarreha. LOL

Loved Captain Hoodie. That's a classic.

Cullenary Curser said...

Wait...did you say something? I got distracted.

Awesome post Nibbles!

TigerlilyRose said...

LOL Nibs...You nailed this one. No competition whatsoever. Ian does have the eyes, but that is where it end! Great post!

Dangrdafne said...

@ TwitardedMom - I thought the same thing about the VD - LOL

Mmm those Ian eyes are pretty nice. I like Vampire Diaries and the two boys in it but I don't love it like I love the Twilight Series and all that goes with it.

ScottishRose1028 said...

LOL Yeah, Ian just doesn't match the pretty that is Rob, no contest!

And I read the "VD" books ... eh, they're okay, but "Twilight" is so much better, IMO. :-) Plus, there's lots of the pretty (Kellan, Jackson, Peter and of course, Rob) to share, hehehe.

17foreverlisa said...

It took me forever to click on the link and launch it, Nibbles. I was skeeered I might catch something ;) Little did I know it would be a Rob vs. Ian smackdown.

I'm sure HG can back me up on this one, but Ian gets the Rob Lowe comparison a lot, so I couldn't agree more with you on that one.

I hadn't planned on watching/liking the Vampire Diaries, but I got "sucked" in because I knew they were going to reference Twilight early on and I wanted to see what they were going to do. Then they got me. I like both males leads in it, and the female lead is wonderful. Love her voice. Ian is having a blast playing the bad vamp and it shows.

For the record, I think Ian is freaking hot, and I wouldn't shut the door in his face if he showed up on my doorstep. But...and you knew there would be one...he is not the cure for my Robsanity, and I'm not looking for one. Rob wins. Game over :)


Jelena said...

This is the first time I've heard of comparison between Ian and Rob Lowe, but I can see why people would go there.

Yes, Nibbles, I go Lost, Lost, Lost - because a) Season 6 premiers tonight, and b) because Rob is oddly connected to this show - you know, Emilie de Ravin.

Anyhoo, is it strange that I had a boyfriend who looked a lot like Ian. So that's two out of two. Boyfriend who looked like Rob, and boyfriend who looked like Ian.

Still, the two are not comparable. I thought Ian was damn cute in Lost, and those eyes are so disarming, and I would definitely not kick him out of bed, but I don't know about VD. Never seen it, never even heard of it up until recently.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Cheers everybody, loving this bloggy thing, my creative urges have an outlet now, good otherwise I think I'd explode lol.
I wouldn't kick Ian out of bed if he hopped in; he is actually in the attic......of the damned horny. I need to let those boys out for some air, maybe a trip to the beach or the park is in order hehe, I feel another post coming on

Mary said...

Ooh he has very pretty eyes!!
I'll be watching the Vamp diaries later x

Jayla said...

Unless Ian has a disarming British accent, Rob definitely wins.
TV what's TV? I spend all my free time reading fanfic- therefore I can't watch/dvr VD.