Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Tis I Psychic Nibbles (well it said it was the Scarlet lady but my other nickname is Scarlet so.. )

OOoooOOOoooo Psychic Nibbles is in the house....There I was gazing at the balls thinking of true love, happiness, flowers and CHOCOLATE of course, when suddenly the gloom lifted and there I saw a I drooled I mean gazed a while longer the visons kept shifting, changing (I smacked the ball on its side as you do when your vertical hold goes) when it set upon one...

(wipes dribble from picture, wipes mouth, um yum!)

The image shifted, Rob was comtemplating Valentines Day and what to give me

Rob, psst, Rob, it's not Easter yet...the wha? The bunnys telling you what to buy me. Um oookaaay...

Awwww hunny just what I wanted Robsession...

(Like I NEED to be anymore Robsessed than I am, actually like anyof us need to be more Robsessed)

Wait, there's more...Jaksper appears, wait I need to rub his balls, I mean the balls. He's high on hill like a lonely goat herd, yo de lay, yo de lay...hang on, that's not right, lemme at the balls again they need tenderly holding for the correct image...

Shit Stan's library book I must get it back to her...

Jaksper is giving me his smouldering look, the one one that makes me take my pants off.

"It is pertinent to what I wanna give you for Valentines Day Nibbles"

You know you only drop trow for me Nibbles (ahem, yes Rob)

OooOOoooo Kellan's face appears in my orbs, he says he wants to motorboat me...OOoooOOo. Oh Klutz darling, what can I do in return?

Mmmf, mm, a, mmy, ggarh (swallows) pardon?

Oh my I er had to give those balls a bit of um spit and polish couldn't see properly..

All at once I can see 2 visions crystal clear of what I really want for valentines

That's me on the bed...obviously (rolls eyes)

Hanky, panky, nothing like a little spanky (Yes please!)

Oh dear the balls are drained of energy, the visions are fading, I'm running out the door heading for my massage and spanky session....all you's ho's have a brilliant Valentines xx

Oh yes if any of you have a dilemma how ever big or small if you want to email me then Psychic Nibbles or Dr Nibbles will be happy to give her professional opinion...(professional opinion may differ from genuine professionals and does not replace proper medical or psychiatric care-pmsl but honestly if you REALLY have a problem don't look at me I'm already fifty shades lmao) All meant in fun of course!!! Email me with your agony aunt, psychic questions for a truly individual slant at


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Hello (echo, echo, echo)

Becky said...

PMSL!My hubs just happened to look over my shoulder as I scolled to "The Big Penis Book"! He muttered 'I bet its not real' and left me to it, lol!

Fab post. I love the "Bitch Please" look he has going!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Brill ain't it, I like the Robsession perfume too, very quiet today guess everyone is loved up lol.
Big penis book, my husband was looking over my shoulder while I was writing this and went humpf, mens crotches on there maybe I ought to check this blog out see what you're fucking way is he looking at what I put on here pmsl he doesn't need to know!!!!

Z Any Mouse said...

Dear Psychic Nibbles, here's my dilemma:

Tomorrow, hubtard wants to take me and the family on some surprise all-day excursion, won't divulge any info on it at all, and all I want to do is sit around reading blogs and fanfic, Details pictures, while ignoring the pile of laundry that needs my attention. Please help me with this quandry.


Z Any Mouse (Zany)

Z Any Mouse said...

Oops! I apologize, I should have sent an email to Psychic Nibbles instead of putting it in the comments. Hopefully, she will get the message.

Mary said...

Happy valentines day Ho's :) I'd like me a copy of the big penis book and some Robsession please. Love psychic Nibbles, such a classy Ho lol.
Mr Mary was making me breakfast in bed until I ruined it by getting up! Well I didn't know *tut* I've had some beautiful red roses ahhhh. Then we went shopping for a printer, how romantic!

Mary said...

Ermmm Psychotic (lol) Nibbles could you please ask Jacksper to stop looking at me like that. It's very confusing for me
ta x

Dangrdafne said...

My hubby does not celebrate Valentine's Day so I will spend it with all of my lovely Twitardia friends!

Love the Jacksper picture! And your Scarlet/psychic picture is awesome too :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

@Mary lol he is looking lush. had to steal my sons iPod to get on here GDR

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Happy v day everyone! Iove the psychic nibbles pic too
think I might use it on fb. The pics I get off some major twi hards
on fb some of the manips. They have pics I've never come across!

17foreverlisa said...

Happy Valentine's Day Twi-hos! My daughter just got here to do some laundry. I didn't hear her come in and, of course, she caught me staring at a screen with images of "Rob" giving a massage and a spanking. Great. Now I need to have the sex talk with my 24-year-old daughter. "Yes, daughter, your mother is having cyber sex with her bloggy besties on a daily basis." LOL!! Have a great day all :)


TigerlilyRose said...

Happy V Day. Psychotic Nibbles is fucking great! But if you are so psychic, Nibs, you would know that the short flog I used last on Pete is broken and I need you to pick up a new one, while I am giving all my V day love to Angel, Hugh and Jackson. I got them all just the way I want them and I can't trust them to stay that way while I am out. You can use it on Rob (looks like he will need some pay back) when you get back, I don't mind! Don't worry I will "pay" you back for the effort of the errand...PMSL

You are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics. Dreamy. Happy V Day

Stan said...

Hi Ho's. I woke up on Valentine's Day to an upset stomach. When I finally made it downstairs Mr Stan gave me a lecture on internet addiction and how I should seek help. He's such a romantic. Anyhow, I didn't get on the computer all day then yesterday - he thought because of his lecture but actually I just felt so rough I couldn't be bothered. He's back at work today so I reckon as long as I get some housework done he'll back off. School hols too here so kids are at home, housework should be a challenge!

Fab post Nibbles as ever. I may actually have checked it on my phone yesterday but can't comment from there. It cheered me up :o).

Becky said...

@Stan I find housework in the hols is pointless, they just follow round after you making it messy again! Thats my excuse anyway.