Saturday, 13 February 2010

Toys in the Attic of the Damned....horny (have a day out)

Well hi diddly do dee ladies and ho's as you all well know I have an attic of the Damned....horny. This is where I go to play with my toys; animate and inanimate bwahahaha...

Dear birthday Santa, it's my birthday soon and I would really like a mini e and a stuffed E and a real one please. Thank you Amen...

Now not just the Precious, Klutz, the Doc & Jaksper live up there. I've been into my vampires for a long time and Twilight is not the only apple so to speak. I'm a fan of TrueBlood, Angel and recently VD (Vampire Diaries lol) so my toys reflect this...

Yeah, seen it before but its funny as fuck (whispers Dear birthday Santa it's my birthday soon and..)

Anyhoo the boys were getting a little restless and peaky looking so I thought a trip out was in order. Excited they were, (gone all yoda on yer asses) seeing as its getting a wee bit tight for room up there. I've shoe horned so many hotties in and if me, Z any mouse & TigerLilyRose are all in at once there's no room to even crack a whip!

Jeez TLR, you'll have someone's eye out with that!

So I asked them all to pack a beach bag so we could head to the beach, YAY!!!!!

Awww Nibbles you're so good to us! (He was really happy!)

Jason was just happy to get out of bed, Nah Nibbles, just happy to go to the beach with you"

Aww Jason, you're such a sweetie pie, no shackles for you tonight sunshine!

Jason for gawds sake stop waving the surf board around and put some speedos on

Angel was already up, out, at the beach and skinny dipping in a little pool he'd found. Angel has been a resident of the attic since its incarnation and the start of Buffy.

Angel um relaxing in his little pool, room for a small Nibbles darling?

Kellan, either do em up or take them off we're leaving!

No that is not more appropriate...sigh boys!

Peter!!! That is not the beach shower, this has got to stop! (I'm saying this for effect I like him nekkid really)

Little better Pete but leather trousers, please you're gonna have a crotch like a petri dish

Jackson, couldn't you hold it any longer also that does not constitute paddling!

Um ok Jaksper when you look at me that way you can do what you want.. (with me please, don't tell Mrs P)

Damon shows what excessive shagging can do for a 6 pack (ahem yum)

Z Anymouse, Me and TLR ready for the beach woo yeah!

(See I told you guys white bikini's are slimming, just suck it in a little more,whoo, yeah, God who am I kidding, let it out, let it out)

You beyatches, you left me, c'mon Nibs get it together and 1,2,3...suck!

Eric, I love Mr January, now don't make me pull that sheet off, time to get up!

He got up... damn

Rob was ready to roll, nice and clean, lemme check the sparkly peen
(Thanks to Vitamin r's stash of Rob pics)

Come on Rob, lets not be shy, take em off

Ooo didn't mean the trunks too chap (Sorry I couldn't resist this, I love you Robert!)

Huge Ackman, fancy seeing you here (Z, TLR, can I keep him pullllleeeeasssse)

Now here for your delectation & delight is a video our very own lovely Miss Honolulu Girl made for me showing all my boys/toys in all their glory.

As you know Missy HG has here own blog page called Truebloodtwilight and she is on the blogroll on the right side bar. Also just like Stan she is a fanfic writer and her fic Cinderella, a tale of lust is fucking mega! Please go read it!!!

Now I know this is a post of epic proportions as are most of my posts lol. I can't help it, so many pretty pictures to look at and show you I just can't stop myself lol. Now if someone could point me in the right direction so I can learn to splice pictures together and shit then we'd be cooking on gas folks.


Stan said...

Dear God, I really didn't need the old chocolate star-fish shot!

Gah, H is shouting at me, will be back when I can form semi-coherent thoughts in peace.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Hahaha, chocolate starfish, I couldn't resist it, I just get the feeling that he would do that sort of thing if he knew you bwahahaha. Gotta go fucking paint now and go to the ...gah,,,shops. Ugh hate shopping!

Becky said...

@Stan I know, its the bit of a man one should never see, lol!

@Nibbles, OMG those pictures were just amazing, esp PFach & Jackson. I have to take my youngest 2 to see Alvin & the Chipmunks 2 ( kill me now), but at least I can be thinking about those pics whilst I am in there!

I love that video, I will be watching it again as soon as I get home, I will need a pick me up!!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

hahaha, i hate alvin glad my 2 went without me lol

Becky said...

I am back, it was excruciating, lol! My hubs got to take our eldest to see Avatar, he owes me big time! I may collect tonight... mmm....

After looking at your post again in the car, I really like that one of pfach. If only i didn't have to scroll up past Rob's teatowel holder to get to it!! It has scarred me for life, lol!

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Nibbles! That manip of Rob and his ass! WTF? I can’t stop looking.

Stan said...

Becky - ROFL at tea towel holder!!!

HG, Good job with the vid :o)

Jenny Jerkface said...

I actually yelled a little when I saw the manip of rpattz's brown star. I think I need some eye bleach now...


I have to admit - Jacksper is seriously growing on me.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Pmsl @ everyone talking about Rob's tea towel holder, bless him. Now if he asked you do certain things to him, um would you? Bwahahaha, ain't called butthole surfing for nothing!

God I fookin hate paintin, nightmare! Have finished under coating nearly all the woodwork on hall, landing and stairs. Who knew I had so much wood lol. Seriously thought of selling up and buying a new build just to save on the painting. Only got this lot to finish then the dining room, 3 bedrooms and possibly the kitchen & bathroom-again. Wonder if the guys fancy helping an old (er) ho out and painting the house. I can just see them in dungarees and nothing else. Kellan would of course not have the top half of the dungarees on, Rob would have one strap on and one off, Doc would be nekkid underneath (have you noticed, he quite likes nekkid-I like nekkid...)
Jaksper would of course be splatting me with paint and saying let me help you with that Miss Nibbles ( I forgot to tell them I'm married) while I'm eye fucking rob, mouthing, come on 3 some, attic now!!!!!!

Becky said...

Butthole surfing, LMAO. Thats just eww!!

@Nibbles if you are busy in the attic with E & J can I have the Doc? I am developing an unhealthy interest in him! Its those pics of him with long hair, oozing sex!

Stan said...

Oh well, if nobod else wants Beacob, I'll take him ;o).

Oh, and there are def some things that I wouldn't even do for Rob. Soz bab.

17foreverlisa said...

I seriously had to wipe my eyes with a Kleenex from laughing so hard. Everything was going along quite swimmingly. I was leaning foward, getting as close to my screen as I could, and looking at all the boys getting ready for their day at the beach. And then . . . you know what picture I'm talking about . . . there it was . . . the old chocolate star-fish . . . the teatowel holder . . . the butthole surfer. I jumped back and had a sudden urge to get my toothbrush and brush my tongue. Oh, Nibbles. This is another classic post.

@Stan - Sadly, I don't think there's anything I wouldn't do for Rob.

Dangrdafne said...

I love the video!! It is just perfect for Nibbles and her Toys in the Attic.

I really like the pic of Jackson in the white button down.

That is my favorite pic of Angel!! mmmmm

1) The little book of Breaking Dawn that is in your first pic, where is that from? I saw people with those (the 4 books in tiny version) on small Christmas trees and wreaths during the Holidays. I want a set!!

2) What is that round headed Edward? He is so cute.

Z Any Mouse said...

@Nibbles - *wiping tears* I am laughing so hard I can barely type, you're making me backjspace every fun fuuckin letter. See what I mean? Snort! First I'm pleasantly surprised at your depiction of me with you and TLR. We have been working out some, haven't we. All that time in the attic is paying off. Yea, until we let it out. Back to reality, crao crap. (Still can't type) Then I'm happily scrolling down, loving all these vamps that I've been stalking for some years, to get to RPattz getting ready for a temperature check. Oh My Fuck, I fell out of my chair. I can't think strait anymore, and forgot what I was going to say. I'll just say Nibbles, you rock my world, and when people think I'm crazy because I have inappropriate laughter bubbling out of me, I'M BLAMING YOU!!!

I skipped out on FFF, but I have a good excuse. I spent quality time with 100 Monkeys, and they rocked.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

LOL glad you're enjoying it folks
@Dangrdafne-I stole the pic from google, not my house, I really want a mini e or a stuffed e so much.Its my bithday soon too, I WILL keep mentioning this as I do about Xmas, I yell birthdays and shit from the roof tops!

@Z any-yeah baby, we looking hawt as ever, its all the work out in the attic. Now we have huge ackman in there, I really need to extend but I couldn;t just leave him on the beach. please can I keep him, pleeeeeasee.

Oooo have done a psychic nibbles for valentines day tomorrow lol

Mary said...

Oh lord I'm beginning to quite fancy jacksper! How the hell did that happen? Love the pics except the hairy ass crack obv and the video is fab too. Nibs you rock ;)

17foreverlisa said... it wrong that I couldn't stop thinking about that damn pic and had to come back and look at it again to see if I saw what I think I saw? Um. Yes. To both questions.

And I got to thinking that I didn't comment on Honolulu Girl's video in my earlier comment. I had already used it in a post of mine with links back to her site and to yours, but since not everyone here will have seen that post (gasp!), I want to say for the record that I love the video! You rock, HG!

TigerlilyRose said...

Damn! Blogger ate my comment!

@Nibbles..PMSL We are a set of THREE MIGHTY FINE BIaTches! Seriously, Angel had been getting quite a work out from me (and Pete and Jackson have had plenty of turns too) and it is really paying off!!! AHHH, Angel...Pete...Jackson...Kellan...Rob...and now Hugh! Of course you can keep him! BUT you have to SHARE! no hogging him all to your horny little self!!!

Great Post..except the starfish...

@ZAny Mouse--The attic is getting full, but oh isn't it nice...It is my new FAVORITE Place!

twilightcupcake said...

This was the absolute best post. After the day of trekking in the rain I really needed to come home and just see photos of hot naked guys. Can't say it any other way. The fact that you include Angel in there was what did it for me. The original hot vampire in my book. Of course I have issues with the very large woman in the bikini but you made up for it with the others.
Completely shocked by the manip with the, what do you guys call it, chocolate starfish? I guess I just don't use euphemisms for that area but it sounds like an interesting one to me.
Except I actually like chocolate starfish that they sell at Xmas up here...

Z Any Mouse said...

@Nibbles - Hmmm, I do love me some Wolverine. Sharing is not in my nature, and it doesn't appeal to TLR, however we might be able to negotiate a little extra time for you because of this awesome post. Waddaya say, TigerLR? We can let Huge distract Nibbs, while we have our way with the other boy toys in the attic.

Stacked Like Sookie said...

I have dibs on Hugh-I saw him first! About 15 years ago on a TV show in Aus so I get to go first. Poor Rob, imagine everyone clawing at him!
I want a stuffed E! He's adorable. I've never seen them before. Dare say you can't get them here.
WTF with the chocolate starfish eeww...
Sorry but Kellan makes my gaydar go off every now & then, especially when he's wearing a little bit of leather and he shaves. Sorry but I'm just a little sus. He's very beautiful & I don't think theres any stuffing going on in that Calvin Klein ad.
Ditto for Jacksper & Dr Fuckinelli (being beautiful that is).
Isn't Tay Tay invited? He is 18 afterall. We can leave him for the younger ones (he's too close to my son's age for me).
@HG, yet another classic vid. You're a genious.
Hey @Nibbles, I'm one of those totally retarded people wo love painting. Shout me a ticket & I'll willingly come over & paint your house!

Stacked Like Sookie said...

Oh yeah Mr January *thud* *died*...after my fanny spontaniously combusted.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Hey Sooks Nipples I mean Nibbles here, I keep laughing whenever I think of that your husband has a lot to answer for!
I love Huge ever since Swordfish I think he is lush and Mr January well its always January in my head lol. I have Tay Tay included in something else I have in mind hehe. i know he is 18 but his widdle face I just can't do it, I feel evil and corruptive-ok that's fairly normal but more so with the Beacob!

My arms have fallen off painting, I'm typing with um other things haha, need the Ninja Decorator pronto pmsl...

@Cupcake honestly I don't mean no offense to larger ladies in bikini's more power to em got more guts than I have-That is supposed to represent me though hehe, TLR & Zany mouse are super hawt foxes!!

Right off to do romantic shit, like cooking, washing, ironing and painting but at least no mummy today YAY-I have a way difficult relationship with my mother and have a hangover today so can't cope with her lol. Later ladies xxx